• Places to Visit in Abbottabad

Places to Visit in Abbottabad

By now, you’ve heard of Abbottabad, the city in Pakistan where Osama Bin Laden was found by U.S. military personnel. If you want to visit the raid site, that’s fine! But if you don’t, there are plenty of great reasons to visit Abbottabad, such as Galiyat and Dunga Gali.

Here are the 45 Best Places to Visit in Abbottabad, Pakistan 2022, and What to Do When You’re There!

Abbot Hill Sherwan

Situated 12km from the city center is a striking sight of towering mountains, making for the perfect day excursion for those seeking peace and serenity. This hilltop offers panoramic views of the valley below. You can spot the old Buddhist settlements around Hadda on clear days and even distant glimpses of Kaghan Valley’s snow-capped peaks.


Abbott Museum

Abbott is one of the oldest museums located in the city of Abbottabad. The British established this museum during the era of the British Raj, and it was opened as Abbottabad Museum in 1957. The structure has an octagonal courtyard with open sides and a fountain on one side. Some exhibits include a mask made from buffalo skin, primitive musical instruments, farming tools, and weapons like clubs and spears.

Abbottabad Chairlift

Want to explore the snow-capped mountains of Northern Pakistan? The more adventurous might like to go on a guided tour of Landi Kotal, with its challenging and unique natural terrain. But for those who want a calmer holiday in picturesque surroundings, there are many beautiful places to visit in Abbottabad – one such place is the Abbottabad chairlift, all at a safe altitude.

Abbottabad Chairlift

Abbottabad Cricket Stadium

Abbottabad Cricket Stadium is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Abbottabad, as it’s a well-maintained arena that has hosted national cricket matches. This stadium has also been used for other sports, musical events, and art performances. The stadium was initially built in 2003, and the City District Government of Abbottabad maintains it today. It can hold up to 4000 people at a time.

Ayubia Moto Tunnel ( Ayubia Tunnel).

Located on the Islamabad-Chaklala Motorway, the Ayubia Moto Tunnel is one of Pakistan’s longest tunnels, with a total length of nearly three kilometers. It forms part of an expressway that connects Islamabad with Rawalpindi via the Islamabad-Lahore Motorway.

For those who prefer views from above, there are also two pedestrian footbridges on either side of the Ayubia Moto Tunnel, which allow visitors to walk across without having to go down and up again.

Ayubia National Park (Lalazar Wildlife Park)

Ayubia National Park, one of the most beautiful National Parks in the country, is home to a variety of wildlife, including deer, rabbits, and leopards. Lalazar Wildlife Park- is a brilliant choice for families with children; it’s set deep in hilly terrain where you can enjoy pleasant drives and walks around the park. If you’re looking for beautiful places to visit in Abbottabad- this is it!

Ayubia National Park

Bara Gali at Abbottabad

Bara Gali is a small village about one hour away from Abbottabad. One must go on foot to get there and climb up a large hill before reaching the village. The walks through orchards and views of farms can be seen from this vantage point. The last few meters uphill are pretty steep, so caution is advised.

Changla Gali

Are you ready for a once-in-a-lifetime experience? This is the peak of every hiker’s expedition and undoubtedly a spot on every traveler’s bucket list. Changla Gali sitting at around 2804 meters, is one of the high spots in Pakistan. The views are literally out of this world! The closest village on the trail is Shamshal Village which has a few guest houses and cafes with excellent food.

Church Park Nathia Gali

The Church Park Nathia Gali is a fantastic tourist destination if you’re visiting Abbottabad. It’s situated on the Nathia Gali mountainside and offers breathtaking views of the valleys below. The park has a lot of amenities that make it perfect for picnics, including tables with umbrellas and some covered seating areas. You can also play games like badminton or cricket in their large open spaces.

Church Park Nathia Gali

Company Bagh Abbottabad

The Bagh offers multiple activities for guests of all ages, from horseback riding and tours of the grounds to morning picnics in the serene rose garden. With many beautiful places to visit in Abbottabad, it’s difficult not to have a memorable experience here. Whether you’re exploring on your own or with a group guided tour, something is waiting for you at every turn. Company Bagh is a place worth visiting for families with small children. 

Dagri Naka / Dagri Bangla

Dagri Naka is where the remains of Babur and Hamida Begum (his wife) are buried. It is on the foothills of the Baghsar mountains at an elevation of around 2720 meters. Earlier, it was called ‘Bagh-e-Abu’-i-Zafar.’ It became known as Dagri Naka because it was adjacent to a village called ‘Dagri.’ Various places in and around this location have been significant for the Mughal period.

Donga Gali at Abbottabad

Donga Gali is one of the most beautiful places in Abbottabad. Considered one of the most exclusive places to visit, Donga Gali provides guests with natural serenity and views that can’t be found anywhere else. Donga Gali is located near a gorgeous waterfall just outside Abbottabad, giving guests an experience like no other. There are also plenty of activities for children, including animal interactions and excursions around the area looking for local wildlife.

Flora Complex and Amusement City

If you’re looking for some of the most beautiful places in Abbottabad, we recommend visiting Flora Complex and Amusement City. As one of the most famous attraction destinations in the city, this park has something for everyone. There’s a miniature town where you can find tiny houses, shops, and street entertainers. Kids will have fun riding at this amusement center and getting up close with animals like birds and monkeys at the petting zoo!

Gilyat at Abbottabad

Abbottabad is one of the most beautiful and natural places in Pakistan. It is situated in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains. It has pleasant weather. It’s always enjoyable and rarely becomes very hot or very cold. The people living there are mostly Pashtuns, but many ethnic minorities like Hazara have settled there for decades. Its regions are categorized as Gilyat. Each Gali has numerous tourist spots and attractions. These Gilyat are the hub of tourism in the city. 


Governor House Nathia Gali

One of the best things to do is visit Governor House Nathia Gali. This is a beautiful place and has lots of amazing views. A great attraction for tourists as well! Many people come here and enjoy spending time with family and friends or on their own. 

This site offers lots of enjoyment for those who love nature. Plus, it’s gorgeous places and forests full of plants and animals that most people don’t see daily, making it a fantastic experience for those looking for new adventures!

Green Spot Nathia Gali

Located approximately 77km from Islamabad, the Nathia Gali is a scenic place within the Hazara district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The area consists of lofty peaks and steep valleys and is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Abbottabad. This entire area consists of forests that provide scenic views. With an abundance of fruit-bearing trees, this is a prime location for recreation, including walking and climbing. Moreover, it offers excellent camping sites that are nestled amongst tall hills.

Green Spot Nathia Gali

Harnoi Amusement Park

It is the only park of its kind in the whole of Pakistan. This makes it difficult for children and parents alike to find such an amusement park. But what it lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for its quality. Harnoi Amusement Park is one of the most beautiful places you will ever see.

The rides are first class, many of which are unique even by international standards. Whether you have a small child, this place will get your adrenaline flowing as you take on some of the steepest slopes available anywhere. It has many interactive game booths where your kids can compete against each other and make a few friends along the way too!

Ilyasi Mosque at Abbottabad

Ilyasi Mosque is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Abbottabad. This mosque is usually used for large gatherings and has a host of architecture, making it enjoyable. The beautiful serenity welcomes every visitor to this location emanates from. Visitors also enjoy this spot’s stunning view, making it a must-visit place.

Ilyasi Mosque stands out as one of the oldest Islamic monuments of its kind that are still operational today. According to historians, Ilyasi Masjid is at least 80 years old! Visiting this place can give you a unique insight into the Pakistani Islamic culture and tradition that remains strong today. A must-visit if you’re looking for beauty and peace!

Hierarchy Gaming Lounge

Located at 112 18th Road, AJ Market Square (above Punjab National Bank), this modern gaming lounge provides an excellent gaming experience for its visitors. Here, you can relax and enjoy your game of choice while eating and drinking food from the in-house restaurant. This is one of the best places to visit in Abbottabad with friends because you can access over 100 games.

Moreover, this place also has VR games available on-site, as well as four computer terminals. Those looking for a hardcore gaming experience should not come here because it does not cater to these needs. Additionally, there are no consoles or mobile devices supported by the company, so console players should stay away from this place.

Harnoi Lake

Harnoi Lake is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Abbottabad. Situated near Ibrahimzai Village, this lake is a family-friendly place to spend some time outdoors. Harnoi Lake has ample space for people who love boating and fishing. More adventurous people can hike up the small hill with outstanding views of Harnoi Lake.

Harnoi Lake

The water here is apparent, and you will see a variety of fish swimming below your feet and even turtles lazily surfacing near the shoreline. Fishermen find it easier than ever before to hook fish with such clarity. 

Jalal Baba Auditorium at Abbottabad

One of the most prominent structures in the city is the Jalal Baba Auditorium. This auditorium is built on a platform that provides visitors with an excellent view of the nearby Mardan Valley. It was constructed for 2 million rupees and inaugurated by President Muhammad Ayub Khan on January 1st, 1962. Today it serves as a venue for many significant cultural events, such as concerts and theater productions.

Karlan Waterfall

Abbottabad’s most famous waterfall is located just outside the city. The place is popular with all locals and visitors as it offers an open green space for families to picnic. But visitors can enjoy more than just the waterfall. Many picnic areas spread out along the gorge offer delicious local cuisine and fresh fruit that you can only find locally.

There are beautiful views of Hari Parbat (a prominent mountain) from the spots along the gorge where water is at different times of the year. Still, if you keep walking down towards town, many retail shops are selling some handcrafted local crafts like ceramics, which they make here on site, or woodwork that they make out of walnut tree wood which has a distinctive rich mahogany color.

Kala Pani at Abbottabad

Kala Pani is a village 12 kilometers from Abbottabad. Visitors can explore paths that wind through an extensive array of flowers, trees, and waterfalls. Food vendors sell snacks like chaat, ice cream, and corn on the cob, so you can enjoy them at leisure as you stroll along the pathways. Those who want the real essence of the mountain towns should visit Kala Pani

Khaira Gali

Khaira Gali is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Abbottabad. A four-hour jeep ride from Islamabad can reach the place. Khaira Gali was once known as the city of Pirs and existed for over 500 years before it was washed away due to a flash flood. Located on top of the Shandor hill, Khaira Gali offers a spectacular view of the Potohar region and still contains over 100 breathtaking Kashmiri houses.

Khaira Gali


Khanspur is a serene attraction and an excellent place for picnics. Along the way, some monuments were designed and built during the British Raj in the 1890s. Several ruins from past civilizations exist here with names like Quilla Kohna temple and a mosque called Musa Ka Musalla, which is a spot for praying towards Mecca.

The place offers hiking trails and camping grounds where visitors can sleep under the stars. Visitors will also find plenty of wildlife, including deer and monkeys, along the way, so be sure to look out for them!

Ladies and Children Park

Enjoying a day out with the kids at Ladies and Children Park is an enriching experience for them and a relaxing one for parents. Not only is there an ample open space where they can play soccer or cricket, but there are also playgrounds and swings.

Further adding to the experience, adjacent to the park is Abbottabad’s municipal park, which includes acres of gardens filled with beautiful flowers, lakes, and green space. So if you’re looking for more reasons to visit this beautiful part of Pakistan, look no further than some of these famous attractions that make it so worthwhile.

Lady Garden Public Park

The Lady Garden Public Park is an oasis in the middle of the city. Located near Islamabad Highway and Shakarparian Hill, it has several entry points depending on where you live. Visitors can find an artificial waterfall with a fountain at the end and flowers lining the walls. The park has many colorful trees, plants, picnic benches, and swings to entertain kids of all ages.

A large field outside is perfect for playing sports or having picnics, and tents are available for rent. The area around the park also houses a gym for those who prefer exercise without proper equipment, rows of zari-imported trees, and water streams that lead to a pond shaded by lots of natural beauty; this public garden does have something for everyone!

Miranjani Top

Abbottabad is a small city located at the foot of the Himalayas, while on the other side, there is the mighty Indus. The climate here is perfect for being outdoors – so many beautiful places to visit and things to do! One top location is Miranjani top, the highest mountain in the Gilyat region. Its elevation is 2992 meters. It is situated in Ayubia National Park. It is around 4.7 kilometers trek with a net elevation of 600 meters. For adventure-loving travelers, this would be the must-see place.

Miranjani Top

Molana Ishaq Khan Library Abbottabad

Abbottabad is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan. Nestled among green mountains, rich culture, and a refreshingly laid-back atmosphere, it’s no wonder why people from all over the world visit this gem of a city. To help you plan your stay in the fantastic city of Abbottabad, we have compiled a list of our favorite attractions worth visiting!

First up on our list is Molana Ishaq Khan Library – one of the oldest libraries in Pakistan. The library was established during British colonial rule and has always been an incredible resource for knowledge and education.

Mushkpuri Top

Abbottabad is a picturesque, highly peaceful, and lovely city in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, with everything one could want to see and do. Whether it be natural beauty or bustling street life, everything can be seen while touring through this captivating city.

One of the key attractions in the area is Mushkpuri top, elevated at 2800 meters (9200 feet), situated in the area of Ayubia National Park, the second-highest mountain peak in the Gilyat region. A bird sanctuary nearby was established with the help of the European Union. 

Namli Maira Waterfall

The Namli Maira Waterfall is one of the most popular tourist spots in Abbottabad, Pakistan. It is situated between the mountains of Parachinar and Shamsi (northernmost area) of Kamran Valley at an altitude of 7093ft above sea level. With its green surroundings, the water cascade at Namli Maira looks like an attraction from an animated movie or a painting to many tourists.

Nathia Gali

Nathia Gali is a small hill station located 12 kilometers from the outskirts of Islamabad. It’s one of the most beautiful places to visit in Abbottabad, and there are plenty of things to do. If you’re looking for an escape from the city, this spot is worth visiting. From snow-covered mountains and sprawling grasslands to grazing cows and roadside tea stalls–Nathia Gali has it all.

Nathia Gali

The tranquil mountain air, diverse landscape, and spectacular view make this hill station well worth exploring. This guide will cover everything you need to know about visiting Nathia Gali with friends or family–from what kind of accommodation suits your needs best to transportation options available for getting around town.

Old Lockhart House

The Old Lockhart House is a tourist attraction because it is where Harriet Emily Sainty, The Female Agony Columnist, spent her childhood. The house was built by Irish settlers who sailed to India during the potato famine of 1845. It is a Victorian-style two-story building with twenty rooms ranging from bedrooms to kitchens to drawing rooms.

The walls are lined with beautiful woodwork, and many rooms have elaborate window decorations. On each floor are three flights of stairs with ornate railings and spindles leading up to the attics on each side of the building.

Paradise Point Nathia Gali

Abbottabad is a beautiful city to visit. Beautiful Places to visit in Abbottabad include Paradise Point Nathia Gali, a famous tourist spot with scenic views of rivers and forests.

Paradise Point

You can participate in several outdoor activities at the point, such as canoeing and hiking or exploring Nathia Gali town. Things to do in Abbottabad are endless! For example, you can visit Mela Ground, Garden Valley View Park, or Fairy Meadows ski resort.

Piffers Golf Club

Piffers Golf Club is considered one of Pakistan’s most scenic golf courses. Its location atop a rugged plateau gives it unmatched views of Abbottabad and the surrounding region.

In addition to being renowned for its picturesque landscape, Piffers Golf Club has some of the best courses and facilities in Pakistan. The system is maintained by four full-time professionals who ensure players enjoy each hole with meticulous attention to detail.

Plaza Park Nathia Gali

If you are looking for a place to escape the city but want to see a few tourist attractions, you should visit Plaza Park Nathia Gali. It is an older hotel with impressive things to do and see nearby. There are mountains, lakes, and other tourist spots nearby if you want to explore more of the region.

The scenery here is breathtaking, and the accommodations are very comfortable. If it is your first time visiting Abbottabad, stay here to experience it all!

Pipeline Track Ayubia

This is around 4 kilometers walk track along a pipeline. This Ayubia pipeline track was laid in 1930 to supply water to nearby areas of Murree. It follows the track from Donga Gali to Ayubia. It is an easy walk track of 40-50 minutes, having an altitude of 8200 feet. It is considered a short walking track, so almost people with good health enjoy it. The scenery is excellent around it. One may capture the views of a few animals, including monkeys, crows, and lizards. Remember to take your camera with you. 

Sajikot Waterfall

The beautiful Sajikot Waterfall is an excellent place to start your trip. It is 40 kilometers away from Abbottabad. You can take an easy, picturesque hike or a more challenging hike of about 2-3 hours and 7 kilometers for a nice view of the mountains. The trail will lead you through the mountains with greenery, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see monkeys!

Sajikot Waterfall

This can be done during monsoon season or any other year. Two restaurants near the waterfall serve traditional Pakistan dishes, refreshing drinks, and fresh juice. After having your fill at this idyllic location, why not head over to see some other attractions in Abbottabad?

Samundar Katha Lake

Located just over 30 kilometers away from the city, at the end of Kamakura Road, is Samundar Katha Lake. One of the most beautiful places to visit in Abbottabad, this site provides its visitors with a serene ambiance that reflects an elegant aura.

The calm waters and clean air is sure to rejuvenate anyone who visits. Whether you want to take a walk along the serene banks or stop by for lunch by one of the many vendors located around the lake, there is no denying that this place has something for everyone!

Shimla Hill/ Shimla Peak

Shimla Hill is a large natural hill that overlooks the city of Abbottabad. For those who would like to visit this site, it takes about 15 minutes by car to reach Shimla Hill. The area has many ancient temples, such as the Bhuriwala temple and Mandir.

Shimla Hill

One of the most beautiful things you can do when visiting Shimla hill is go for a walk around the place with your loved ones. If you are interested in other things that one can do at Shimla hill, I recommend having some ice cream nearby or having some Kashmiri tea.

Shimla Pahari Park at Abbottabad

Shimla Pahari Park is one of Abbottabad’s most beautiful places to visit. Shimla Pahari Park is an ideal location for picnics and outdoor activities, with a breathtaking view of the mountains. Home to lush green grasses, beautifully maintained flowerbeds, and flowering trees, this picturesque place will amaze you with its scenic beauty.

There are also swings for children that make it perfect for families with small children. The entry fee for visitors to Shimla Pahari Park is very reasonable; only 15 rupees!

St. Luke’s Church

Abbottabad is a small, picturesque city located in the North-Eastern region of Pakistan. St. Luke’s Church and its beautiful gardens are worth a visit, as are the Bhit Shah Hills, which are popular with locals for picnics and hiking. Be sure to spend an evening at Hyderi Dal Mill Restaurant while you’re there; they serve delicious kebabs and other Pakistani dishes.

Another recommended activity is shopping at Airport Shopping Mall, where you can buy everything from clothes to gold jewelry. And it’s right by the airport! You should try taking one of those rickshaws for the experience!

St. Matthew’s Church at Abbottabad

Whether you’re from this area or simply visiting, these spots are worth checking out! Number one on the list is St. Matthew’s Church, located on the city’s main road about 1km west of the military cantonment. It is a small and beautiful church. It is a very well-maintained place which was built in 1914.

Thandiani Resort Abbottabad

Situated atop a mountain overlooking the picturesque Swat Valley, the Thandiani Resort is the most iconic venue in Abbottabad. This hotel is ideal for conferences, banquets, and romantic getaways. They offer a variety of luxury rooms with views that provide exquisite vistas of not only the mountains and scenic valleys below but also important landmarks like Takht-e-Bhai, which dates back to three thousand years ago.

Zulfi Abshar Nathia Gali at Abbottabad

Zulfi Abshar Nathia Gali is one of the best places in Abbottabad. The valley is a scenic spot and a popular tourist destination. It is an ideal spot for hiking and trekking through the many trails that can be found there.

Visitors will find waterfalls, campsites, rivers, streams, and a wide variety of flora along the way. People visiting Zulfi Abshar Nathia Gali can also explore natural caves and artificial monuments dating back over 700 years ago. No trip to Pakistan is complete without a stop at this beautiful valley!


What is your favorite thing in Abbottabad?

There are many beautiful places to visit in Abbottabad, Pakistan. This includes an old Mughal garden, the Shalimar Bagh, filled with water fountains, manicured lawns, and rock formations. Another popular spot is the 16th-century Akbar Mausoleum. In addition to these attractions, there are many more places for visitors to explore in this ancient city.

Is Abbottabad a hilly area or a plain area?

Abbottabad is a hill station of the Hazara Division, located at an altitude of 1,000 meters in the foothills of the western Himalayas. It has been described as one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan. 

Is Abbottabad worth visiting?

Abbottabad is worth visiting for its beautiful natural surroundings, cultural heritage, and rich traditions. Not only will you find stunning views and activities while visiting the mountainous region of Pakistan, but also cultural centers where you can experience the culture firsthand.

What are the best things to do in Abbottabad?

1. Ayubia National Park- if you have time during your vacation, there are better ways to explore the wilderness and see some great animals than visiting this park.

2. Hazarber Stone Circles-these stone circles show how people lived in these lands over 1,000 years ago.

3. Paari Dam – take a walk around this old but beautifully designed dam that is well worth a visit on a Sunday afternoon

4. The Kabal Art Gallery-this gallery is best known for housing Afghanistan’s first monumental painting that took three years to complete

5. Shan Shrine- a beautiful shrine dedicated to Sheikh Hamza Yusufi and Imam Ali ibn Husain.

What are the best parks in Abbottabad?

Ans. Abbottabad is known for its beautiful natural beauty, so we can’t emphasize the importance of visiting a park. For those who are up for an adventure, explore the new Botanical Garden with your friends or spend the day at Jubilee Park. For those looking for something a little tamer, Khan Plaza is perfect for families or stroll through Warsak Road’s Quaid-e-Azam Gardens.


Abbottabad is one of the most picturesque places in Pakistan. It has a serene, peaceful environment that welcomes visitors with its beauty, so if you are looking for a break from the hustle and bustle of life in a big city, head on to this enchanting land and spend some time in its breathtaking surroundings.