Lady Garden Public Park

Cantonment Public Park (aka Lady Garden) is a beautiful oasis in the middle of Abbottabad. There are flowers, gorgeous green grass, and ancient trees galore – this has got to be one of the best parks! There’s something for everyone visiting—from a vast playground with swings, slides, tunnels, and plenty more; to a dedicated area just for families; or an outdoor gym perfect for working out. Just wandering through the park grounds is friendly enough, with landscaped walking paths and benches among flower beds, but there’s even more cool stuff inside too. And if those gardens weren’t enough to make you stop by, then take note that they’ve got carvings of Major Abbott’s farewell poem etched onto one huge stone under one majestic cedar tree on display here, too, visitors, both local and tourist alike flock over year-round.

Lady Garden Public Park Abbottabad Attractions, Entry Ticket, Timings & Locations

Lady Garden public park is one of the most cherished parks with uniqueness and charm. There are many unique attractions, games, and adventures for children. Lady Garden Park also provides safe and secure areas for children to play and have fun. The entry fee varies when you are visiting the park. You may also enjoy a drink, a packet of chips, biscuits, or sweetmeat from the snack bar. It opens daily from 8 am to 6 pm.

History of Lady Garden Public Park

The Lady Garden Park – originally Ladies’ Garden – is a public park in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The park was established soon after the foundation of Abbottabad town (January 1853) by Major James Abbott. Unlike the East India Company Bagh, launched earlier than this one in the main bazaar and open to all ethnicities, the lady garden was exclusively for European or White ladies and families. It lay within military cantonments, opposite St Luke’s Church, on an area carved out of it. Trees and flowers imported from England had also been planted here with time though both regions were now independent; they began permitting everyone access without restrictions.

Attractions Offered By Lady Garden Public Park

A Lady Garden Public Park would help integrate the global community by highlighting the diverse cultures that make up Abbottabad, Pakistan. This new public park could offer attractions and activities to showcase this diversity and a space for families to visit together. It has a public open space with lawns and walks – but there’s also an area dedicated to families, where children can play on swings, slides, see-saws, and other equipment. Benches and snacks are nearby, too – perfect for keeping everyone happy! And you can’t miss the monumental carving commemorating it all: ‘The Farewell Poem’ written by Major (the town’s founder) himself. This piece of history welcomes many tourists who want to pay their respects and take photos of themselves reading or standing beside it.

Separate Section for Women & Children

Lady Garden Public Park is a park for kids and a place to grow and be proud of. It is a safe space that offers beauty and independence to women in the local community. Lady Garden Parks allow women to work, relax, make friends, find support and explore their identities outside their homes’ constraints.

Jogging Track at Lady Public Garden Park

It’s a slow but beautiful way to burn some calories and stay on top of your weight while simultaneously being surrounded by the tranquillity of nature. All it takes is a light jog (or even just walking) daily for a few miles. Studies have shown that as little as 2 miles of jogging per week can have substantial health benefits. By starting with small increments, it’s easy to work your way up to being able to run 5 or 10 miles without needing any special equipment or an exercise routine.

Open Air Gym

This proposal is for an open-air gym designed to meet the needs of active and busy urban women who live a predominantly sedentary lifestyle or have no access to gyms. The design focuses on including home-based exercise methods. The park has also been designed as an open-air gym with six exercise stations. There is equipment for toning and stretching exercises, but there is also space to practice skipping or jumping rope if you’re short on time or need something different to do

Public Library

A traditional public library does not exist at Lady Garden Public Park in Abbottabad. However, a self-developed Children’s Library provides reading materials for children and adults to borrow. There are also toys and games for people of all ages to enjoy with the families and friends they visit the park with. The tradition at this public park is that all entertainment activities, such as skating, golfing, and cooking classes, are free for everyone!

Water Fountain at Lady Public Garden Park

Imagine yourself sipping your iced coffee on a lovely Sunday morning at Lady Garden Park when you suddenly hear the satisfying sound of cascading water. You spot a sparkling silver fountain in the distance and hurry over, mesmerized by its beauty, for a closer look. A silver fountain, surrounded by greenery and flowers, welcomes you to Lady Garden Park.

Horse & Camel Riding

At Lady Garden, you can ride horseback and camel or rent a pedal boat. Plus, the staff will let you take your pet with you. After taking advantage of all the activities at this outstanding public park, we hope that guests can be relaxed and ready for an evening of dinner at one different restaurant.

Kids Play Area

We have a particular area for kids here at Lady Garden, where they can run around, climb on structures, ride their bikes or scooters, or play in the sand. This area has several picnic tables where parents can sit and watch their children play.

Swings and Rides for Children

Global family park lady garden is an upcoming theme park in Pakistan that aims to be an inclusive playground for children of all abilities. This new, amusement-rich playground will be open year-round and promises a host of attractions for the whole family’s enjoyment.

Swinging Cradles at Lady Public Garden Park

If you’re looking for a place for the whole family, look no further than Lady Garden. The park has beautiful trees and excellent swings where kids can fly as high as they want. There are also other great amenities like sprinklers and a play area just in case a bit of pent-up energy needs to be released. Lastly, they also have lush lawns with plenty of benches perfect for relaxing in the shade or reading a book.

See Saws

Saws at Lady Garden public park can be a place for residents of all ages to relax, unwind, and have fun. Spend time with family or friends in this global family park. They offer games for all ages and food perfect for the hungry tummies of young children. Feel free to stop by for a visit or explore the maze if you are feeling daring.


There are several slides at the park, including open-ride ones. These are the typical, everyday slides we are all accustomed to seeing. The rider is seated in a channel, and weightlessness pulls them to the ground. Also, there are roller slides, which address the issue of getting stuck midway down a slide. Instead of a single metal sheet, the sliding surface comprises rows of rollers. The playground’s Adventure Play area has longer ones, while the Junior Play area has shorter ones.


Around this time of year, people need to spend some time outside. That is why Lady Garden Park provides a Global Family Park experience for families in the area. With old-fashioned games like checkers, marbles, and chess boards, kids will have a lot of opportunities to play with others or themselves in this vast open space.

Pirates Boat Ride at Lady Public Garden Parke

Welcome to Lady Garden! It is a small but lively theme park just waiting for visitors from all over the world. No matter your ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, or gender, we welcome you with open arms! Riding on the Pirates Boat Ride is the best way to understand what it’s like here. Our pirate ship will take you on a magical adventure around the gardens.

Boating for Kids

Take a short boat ride with your kids at Lady Garden public park to learn about the importance of water conservation. Ride in an eco-friendly boat, and collect and return animals that come up on the oars. Next, visit the education center, where you’ll be introduced to life-saving equipment for people working near or in water and how to use it! Afterward, relax on a bench overlooking the vast environment for some Global family park lady garden time before returning home.

Facilities at Lady Garden Public Park

The many facilities at Lady Garden Park are designed for people of all ages. You can find playgrounds, soccer fields, jogging, bike paths, shaded picnic areas with BBQ stands, and street vendors for fresh produce. 

Prayer Area 

The Prayer Area at Lady Garden Public Park is open during opening hours, 365 days a year. It includes prayer rugs, available free of charge. The park provides Islamic prayer mats and Christian Bible verses on the walls. Here you will find serenity and peace in a setting that embraces all faith traditions.


There is free parking in Lady Garden park. Handicap-accessible cars can also be parked in that lot. When you enter Lady Garden, Public Park, you’ll be directed either left or right depending on your needs; the left side is more geared towards families, while the right provides a tranquil environment with trees and benches. The Lady Garden Gift Shop is near the entrance, beside restroom facilities, a water fountain, and a concessions stand.

Multiple Food Stalls

The Global Family Park at Lady Gardens has several food stalls where tourists can enjoy a traditional curry. And for those traveling with children, the Kid’s Corner offers more time for games and crafts. Playgrounds, pavilions, picnic tables, terraces, jogging trails, and many other amenities are available. Visit us today!

Beautiful Sitting Pergolas

Now that the weather is warmer, Lady Garden looks forward to welcoming everyone worldwide. After a long day of shopping or sightseeing, many people like to unwind with a coffee at one of our several sitting pergolas. Or you can bring your favorite book and have a peaceful time reading or just thinking. With so many options for seating, you’ll be able to find one that suits your mood!

Lightening Arrangements at Night 

The park is full of family-friendly features, including a splash pad for the youngest members of the family and jungle gyms for older kids. It also boasts playgrounds with slides and a sandpit where children can play independently or alongside mom or dad. In addition, there are bench swings and lighting arrangements at night in case families feel like staying late.

How to reach Lady Garden, Public Park?

Located on a 12-acre site near North Cantonment Elementary School, the park features a spacious pavilion, ample parking, and Bring Your Own Grills picnic tables. A playground with an interactive splash pad allows kids to play in natural spring water. On Sundays during the summer months, you can enjoy free live entertainment at lunchtime in addition to coffee and fresh fruit drinks. Guests are welcome to bring their dogs on a leash during non-entertainment hours.

Lady Garden Public Park Ticket Price

The Lady Garden park hotel ticket price varies. The last price observed is from 100 to 150 rupees. This includes all-day admission, parking, entertainment, and giveaways. The value can’t be beaten, considering the park offers plenty of attractions for children and adults alike.

Lady Garden Public Park Timings

Lady Garden Public Park, on Cantonment Street just north of Lee in Cantonment, is a family park with swings, picnic tables, and restrooms. Open from 8 am until 6 pm, the park opens at sunrise every day and has lights to keep kids playing well into dusk.

Location of Lady Garden Public Park

Located in Cantonment, FL, Cantonment Public Park in Abbottabad, Pakistan, is perfect for family outings. Tucked away in a quiet residential neighborhood, this park offers plenty of shady trees to explore and lots of things to see and do. The park’s centerpiece is a several ft octagonal gazebo surrounded by beautiful flowers and well-manicured plants. You will find more than just a focal point–a restroom and picnic tables.


How big is Lady Garden Park?

Lady Garden is a global family park at Cantonment Public Park (aka Lady Garden). This park provides ample room for multiple play areas and opportunities for different types of physical activity. The kids will find plenty of fun attractions like playgrounds, a wading pool, a train, and a maze with in-ground tunnels, swings, and other kid favorites.

Is the Park only for Ladies?

Officials said that teenagers flocked to the Lady Garden Playland in Abbottabad with school out for summer vacation. These teens especially loved one attraction there which was an old locomotive. As detailed before, Cantonment Public Park of Abbottabad – formerly known as Lady Garden – was transformed into a family-friendly park by its local authorities about four months ago.


This public park is a perfect example of women’s empowerment that needs to be replicated worldwide. Women are treated as objects to the male population, so they need to have a place where they can come and find comfort and peace.