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Write for Us

To rapidly expand our ecosystem, we invite professional travel writers who can do location/activity-specific blogs for our expanding eyes. If you have been bitten by a travel bug and have been to some exciting places, done some interesting things, met some interesting people, and you want to share all these experiences in a fun-filled manner, we would be glad to accept your write-up.

Listed below are a few of our requirements:

  1. Your write-up must be original 
  2. It should be as detailed as possible
  3. You MUST get it vetted through a grammar/spelling app
  4. It must be specific to the point of interest of a destination/ specific attraction, or a particular activity
  5. You need to take ownership of its content and any copyright infringement
  6. It should be sensitive to destinations’ culture, traditions, and religious beliefs

It would help if you wrote your blog in as much detail as possible, and it should include these basic things:

  • Why should someone visit the place?
  • What is the place?
  • How to visit the place?
  • What is the best time to visit?
  • What activities could one undertake?
  • Dos and Don’ts about the place
  • Climatic conditions and brief about weather report 
  • Currency of use and acceptance
  • Requirements related to visa etc.

If you have in-depth knowledge about the cultures, traditions, and interesting bur hidden facts tec, then you would fit the bill as a writer for us.

You may write a mail to us at info@travelertrails.com specifying the following:

  1. Point of attraction
  2. Name of destination
  3. Purpose of writing the blog
  4. Style of writing (travel story, Promotional material, or a blog)