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Guest Posts

We at travel trails encourage you to use our Site to increase your reputation and traffic to your website so that we can grow collaboratively.

Guest Post Topic

The guest post should be purely related to the travel niche. If you have written a lot and have your blogging site, then you could share the link of your blogging site for us to have a strong reference.

If you are already a social media influencer in the travel and tourism sector, we could consider a mutually beneficial relationship.

Word Limit

We expect your blog to be 1500 plus words. Bigger blogs would be, of course, an advantage. 


We only prefer plain English content with no grammar or spelling mistakes and, of course, no plagiarism. Please refer to our copyright page for more information.

Your language shall respect all people, animals, traditions, cultures, and religions. It will be sensitive to children. It shall not have any political message. Your guest post shall not have to troll or insulting to any competitor. You shall not use your guest post to vent your frustrations or anger because of a bad experience you may have had. 

Terms and conditions

Please refer to our terms and conditions page.


If your content has images, then these images should be clicked by you, or they should be stock free. The ideal image size should not be more than 800 X 150. 


You may also share your vlogs. However, our rule forebodes you from using non-copyright vlogs.


We would advise you to please remember that to publish or not is entirely our prerogative. We would not publish your blog or write-up if

  1. There is too much post-editing required on your material
  2. If the write-up is uninspiring
  3. If it is not aligned with our ongoing campaigns/ promotions or focus areas

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