Ilyasi Masjid

You can not take your eyes off it because of its beautiful white glittering glorious architecture and imposing structure. Ilyasi Mosque is covered with an ivory-white design. It consists of historical background, and it is enormous. This Masjid is famous among locals because of the most popular pakoras shops around the Mosque.

 Suppose you are a person who loves to know about the history of Pakistan and wants to explore more about it. Then it would help if you visited this place. It has a lot more attractions which are briefly discussed in this blog.

All About Ilyasi Masjid

Ilyasi Mosque is located in Abbottabad District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. It is the largest and oldest Mosque in Abbottabad. Ilyasi Mosque Abbottabad was built before the partition in 1932 at the foot of a mountain and stands over 1250 meters above sea level. It is the most famous Mosque due to its beautiful architecture, sense of serenity and tranquility, massive construction, and outstanding white façade.

The Mosque is open from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM every day of the week. Ilyasi Mosque Abbottabad was constructed over a stream of water that still runs underneath it. This Masjid amazed everyone visiting it; you will experience a fantastic atmosphere.

Ilyasi Masjid Abbottabad Attractions, Architecture, Timings, and Location

Ilyasi Masjid Abbottabad is located on Ilyasi Masjid Hill, 5 kilometers from Murree Road and 6.5 kilometers from Abbottabad’s main Bazar. There exists a fountain in Ilyasi Mosque; the water of this fountain is used in the Mosque. This fountain is a gift to Abbottabad from God. When you plan to visit Ilyasi Masjid, you can also enjoy hiking at the Ilyasi Mosque hill. It is a perfect picnic spot to enjoy quality time with your family.

The architecture of Ilyasi Masjid incorporates Islamic, British, and Sikh architectural influences. It is the most remarkable example of Islamic architecture in all of Pakistan. Ilyasi Mosque Abbottabad is open to the general public from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM every day of the week. It represents the history of Pakistan as this Mosque was founded in 1932 before partition.

History of Ilyasi Mosque

Abbottabad was founded in 1853 and is named after the first British Deputy Commissioner of the region, James Abbott. Ilyasi Mosque is a majestic mosque spread over five canals at the foot of the hill, which provides a complete view of the city of Abbottabad. The extraordinary feature of Ilyasi Mosque Abbottabad is the tall minaret. Adjacent domes and narrow staircases in the Mosque lead to water pools with a vast open courtyard. The construction of the Masjid started in 1927 and was completed in 1932.

The Architecture of Ilyasi Mosque

Ilyasi Mosque Abbottabad is created to view Pakistan’s historical period or old days. The inside of the Masjid Ilyasi is well decorated, and there you can find Quranic verses well written on the wall of the Mosque. You will love every bit of your time spent here.

On the right of Ilyasi Mosque is a madrasa (school); on the left is a generous prayer hall. A row of small domes on the rooftop also balances the elevation of the Masjid’s front. Ilyasi Mosque walls are decorated with verses from the Quran and devotional Persian couplets of reverence for the Divine. The building shines brightly through the side columns of the building’s geometric cement mesh, which gives the Mosque a divine and mystical feel.

Which is the Best Time to Visit Ilyasi Masjid?

People from different parts of Pakistan come here in the summer to experience this historical Mosque. It will help if you visit Ilaysi Masjid in summer because the weather will be pleasant, and you can have a great time there.

Attraction at Ilyasi Masjid

Ilyasi Mosque is famous due to many reasons. Still, it attracts an audience because of a particular thing, spicy pakoras, a special gift of this area to the people visiting the place. The overall building covered with white ivory is also a great attraction to everyone. The colorful and bustling bazaar around the Mosque is a testament to this spirit. At times, this place becomes unique due to its historical features, and also, the location makes it stand out and, in some cases, creates an emotional association.

Facilities at Ilyasi Masjid

Ilyasi Masjid is filled with many attractive things that everyone is amazed by after knowing more about this Mosque. This Masjid facilitates everyone but especially children, located in the area. Ilyasi Mosque Abbottabad consists of a Madrassa or school for the children to learn in a good atmosphere.

How to Reach Ilyasi Masjid?

Ilyasi Masjid Abbottabad is famous among many people, and to reach this Mosque, one should take a long winding road along the boundary of Kakul Academy. The route towards Ilaysi Masjid is well-maintained, so you can easily travel with your transport.

How much is the Distance of Ilyasi Mosque from Islamabad?

The distance of Ilyasi Mosque Abbottabad from Islamabad is 140 kilometers and almost 2 hours of drive. If you want to visit this Mosque, try to reach earlier here to experience a beautiful view of this Mosque.

Location of Ilyasi Mosque Abbottabad

Ilyasi Masjid is located in Abbottabad, and the address of the Masjid is 57C5+CHR, Nawan Shehr Town, Abbottabad Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Spring Water under Ilyasi Masjid

The Masjid of Ilyasi is built over a natural stream of water that comes down from the above hill. The refreshing, freezing, and glacial water gush out from two ponds at the Mosque’s front section. It gives a beautiful view as the water flows down the hill.

Beautiful Water Ponds

Ilyasi Mosque Abbottabad consists of two water ponds where the water flows throughout the year. The water is cold because it comes directly from the hills. Also, it is coming naturally; therefore, everyone visits this.

Spacious Prayer Hall

When you enter the beautiful Masjid, you can see many things in a good and proper manner. There is also a spacious prayer hall, which looks like an old construction but is simultaneously so beautiful and huge.

Madrassa (School)

Ilyasi Mosque has everything to engage visitors. It has a Madrassa with well-qualified and professional teachers. They teach a lot of children who are located near this Mosque.

Beautiful Entrance Water Foundation

As you enter the beautiful Ilyasi Masjid, your eyes will automatically be stuck on a fantastic water fountain as high as a hill. The view of the water foundation could be the most breathtaking view from this Mosque.

Carving of Quranic Verses

The white building of Ilyasi Masjid Abbottabad is covered with Quranic verses. The way they are written on the walls of the Masjid gives a unique and fantastic view.

Couplets on Walls

Ilyasi Masjid has details of Quranic Verses, and Persian Couplets of reverence to the Divine embellished the walls of the Mosque. You will have a wonderful experience there.

Shopping Market

The Masjid is accomplished with shopping markets. These markets consist of many historical things you can buy and make as decoration pieces for your house. Such articles are made with marble; you can also find many handmade items there. Unlimited clothes, shoes, bags, and other things are also available, which will remind you of the old time.

Restaurants and Pakora Shops

Ilyasi Masjid Abbottabad is also famous for the pakoras shops around the Mosque. These shops claim to be the oldest and most authentic pakora sellers. Pakoras are renowned among the people of Abbottabad, and they love the taste of these pakoras near Ilyasi Masjid.

The locals of Abbottabad opened the first pakora shop in 1956, and from that day, it became the most popular version of savory among visitors and locals. Besides these pakoras shops, many restaurants sell different cuisines; the taste is up to the mark.


The beautiful white building is named Ilyasi Masjid Abbottabad. This Masjid is one of the oldest and largest in Abbottabad, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Ilyasi Masjid is famous among the people of Abbottabad because of its structure and design. It also consists of a fountain that is as tall as a hill. The Mosque arises religious feelings among the visitors. It is a place worth visiting for everyone. If you are ever in Abbottabad, you must plan a visit to Ilyasi Masjid.


Why is Ilyasi Masjid Famous?

Ilyasi Masjid Abbottabad has many things due to which it is famous, among others, but the most prominent thing is the pakoras shops which are located around the Mosque.

Who built Ilyasi Masjid?

The Mosque was built around 1927-1932 before partition. Some Christians wanted to make a church here, but the local population confined the plan and built the Ilyasi Mosque.

How old is Ilyasi Masjid?

As the Ilyasi Masjid Abbottabad was built in 1932, it is almost 90 years old, spreading over five canals.