Abbottabad Chairlift

Abbottabad Chairlift offers one of the most breathtaking views of the area. The aerial tramway seems old-fashioned, but it has been around since 2014 and has proven safe and reliable. Look no further than the Abbottabad Chairlift if you want an exciting way to get from one point to another within the Abbottabad area! Here’s everything you need to know about the ride and how it works.

Abbottabad Chairlift Attractions, Ticket, Timings & Locations

The Chairlift is a leisure attraction in Abbottabad, the capital city of the Hazara region, famous for its beauty. This Chairlift provides a panoramic view of scenic mountains, gorgeous valleys, and serene meadows.

Since its inauguration on 2 October 2014, this Chairlift has become one of the favorite spots for visitors and residents to relax and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. The Chairlift allows experiencing mountain adventure from a bird’s eye view. It operates daily from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Weather at Abbottabad Chairlift

The elevation at the Abbottabad Chairlift sits at approximately 6000 feet, with a climate similar to places like Scotland and Afghanistan. Clear, sunny days are standard throughout most of the year, but there are occasional snowfalls during winter.

However, this higher altitude results in more precipitation than in other areas. Snow may stick around for as long as three months each year.

When is the Best Time to Visit Abbottabad Chairlift?

The winter months, from December to February, are a great time to visit. This is when there are fewer crowds, and you’ll be able to experience snow-covered chairlifts and skiing slopes. However, visiting from April to June during the summer is best if you want a warmer and humid climate. That way, you can take advantage of various hiking trails and lounge around on the grounds’ many swimming pools!

Recommended Gears

You must follow these simple steps to ensure your safety on the Abbottabad chairlift. 

1. First, make sure you are wearing your seatbelt for an easy way to protect yourself from falls and accidents. 

2. Next, it is recommended that everyone who rides up or down should go with a partner and that they always hold onto a handle.

3.   Lastly, don’t hesitate to ask someone nearby for help if you have doubts about your safety while riding this Chairlift.

Hiking Shoes

The Chairlift is about 5km long and can take up to two people per cabin. The ride is not for those prone to motion sickness as it’s bumpy and tiring to the body. It takes about 20 minutes to get from one side of the valley to the other. Those who take this trip should also have a hiking stick and plenty of water!

Hiking shoes are recommended because they grip better on the ground than sneakers. To ensure your footing is secure, try walking with your toes pointing outwards to have more surface area to balance yourself. To keep your back straight, arch your lower back as you walk downhill by tightening your stomach muscles.

Warm Clothes

Warm clothes for all-weather, year-round protection can come from 100% wool garments, ideal for cold and wet conditions. Wool fiber is naturally water-repellent, warm, breathable, and insulates even when wet during the Abbottabad chairlift.  

Sunglasses & Hat in Summer

Weather can be a barrier to going outside in Abbottabad, and many stay indoors. Staying active is essential, though, and so is sun protection. Sunglasses and hats are a good option because they’re fashionable and keep you cool while providing some coverage from the sun.  

Camping Essentials

If you’re coming to climb, it’s a good idea to bring a good pair of gloves. And don’t forget your helmet. For those staying overnight on the mountain and wanting to cook at altitude, a tent stove and gas cylinder will be necessary for boiling water or cooking food. You can also take advantage of the campfire ring.

Attractions at Abbottabad Chairlift

At Abbottabad, one can ride the Chairlift during the warmer days to enjoy the gorgeous views of gardens, parks, and buildings. Adventure seekers may also enjoy hiking and cycling around Abbottabad for a more hands-on experience. The Chairlift also offers excellent city views worth experiencing if you’re visiting Abbottabad. See the incredible sights of Abbottabad with family and friends today!

Longest Chairlift Ride in Pakistan

The Abbottabad chairlift is one of Pakistan’s longest and largest chair lifts in Abbottabad. Its height is 6000 feet above sea level. The entire duration of the Abbottabad chairlift is about 5 kilometers.

Serene Atmosphere

The serene atmosphere at the Abbottabad chairlift in Northern Pakistan will make you forget all your worries. Since it was erected, this Chairlift is also a landmark attraction for visitors to Abbottabad. You can enjoy a majestic view of the Karakoram mountains while looking at the beautiful greenery below and one another. The mountainous views are something to behold and will calm your mind and soothe your heart.

Green Mountains

The Green Mountains are at the top of the Chairlift and offer a stunning view. The mountains you see from here have been deemed a site for a ski resort, but it has not yet been constructed.


The Abbottabad Chairlift offers a serene and breathtaking view of the beautiful canvas of the city. It begins in the Township near Nawashehr in Abbottabad and stretches until Bagh. Experience the thrill of flying, defying gravity, and enjoying the outdoors with the brand-new zipline at Abbottabad! 

Paradise Resort hosts Pakistan’s first zipline with adventure bridge, allowing you to zip through the treetops as you ride our two zip lines, including the spiral tower ladder, and navigate the 46-foot long bridge; the adventure rope sky bridge towers over the forest floor. Fly with a zipline to fulfill that recurring flying dream.

Many Swings for Children

There is no greater joy than a child swinging high and free, defying gravity, and experiencing complete freedom. It’s an experience that will last them a lifetime. That’s why providing kids with opportunities to experience this joy through innovative leisure attractions is essential. After all, those who learn to play well together often grow up together. And there is no better place to make this happen than on Pakistan’s largest Chairlift at Abbottabad!

Things to Do at Abbottabad Chairlift

Whether you’re a seasoned skier or just learning, there are plenty of activities to enjoy at Abbottabad. The cool mountain air and natural beauty are just some perks that await you at Abbottabad Chairlift. With several stops at different scenic points, this Chairlift is one fun ride you won’t miss. Pack some lunch as you enjoy a day outdoors with friends or family, or feel free to try out the restaurant here for delicious homemade Pakistani food!


The Abbottabad chairlift is an outdoor trekking site. It is 6000 meters and has scenic surroundings with a view of lush forests and green valleys below. The major attraction of this hike is the meadows covered with wildflowers in summer, which provides a stunning contrast to their golden brown foliage during summer and their white blanket during snowfall. These fields can be seen up close as one climbs to the summit.


If you love outdoor activities and visiting an area with many forests, this place is for you. The Abbottabad chairlift is a thing to consider if you love fresh air and camping and want to be away from it all. It’s also ideal for those who enjoy close contact with nature without needing anything except what’s at hand.


The scenery from the Chairlift can make for some great photos. It’s often scenic, with many trees, mountain views, and lakes. These are not just trees but very tall coniferous pine trees called deodars. This may be why it is still so important to protect them today.

How to reach Abbottabad Chairlift?

While it is impossible to reach the Abbottabad Chairlift by car, it is possible to get to the destination by train at the railway station and then take a bus or car from there. The boarding point for reaching the Chairlift is Abbottabad railway station which falls on the Karachi-Peshawar railway line.

From Railway Station, one can get a shuttle service that will take them to the nearby Karakoram Highway and then go along to reach their destination. You can also use public buses or taxis from Islamabad or Rawalpindi to reach your destination.

Facilities at Abbottabad Chairlift

The Abbottabad chairlift gives you access to sights not easily accessible on foot or through vehicles – except for those who have decided to conquer it! There are a few facilities nearby the Chairlift. 

Paradise Resort

The Paradise Resort at Abbottabad chairlift has become a tourist attraction for individuals visiting Pakistan. The resort offers skiing, snowboarding, and a breathtaking view. It is open to locals and foreigners and provides accommodations for skiers, snowboarders, their families, and friends.

Tuck Shop

The Tuck Shop is a small eating space situated near the Abbottabad chairlift. It serves local Pakistani dishes and is one of my favorite places to eat. 


Car parking is at an extremely high price. Cars can only be parked for up to an hour or so. The price for parking a vehicle is between Rs.150-Rs.450, depending on whether you want to stay for just one hour or two hours. 

How Much is the Distance to Reach Abbottabad Chairlift from Islamabad?

The total distance from Islamabad to Abbottabad is about 130km, and driving this route takes 2 hours and 10 minutes. The time taken to reach Abbottabad would increase or decrease depending on various factors such as weather, traffic, and population density along the way.

Ticket Price of Abbottabad Chairlift: In 2022, the Abbottabad chairlift ticket price was Rs.350. From Monday to Sunday, the hours are 9;00 AM to 6:00 PM; however, on Friday, they are 2:30 PM to 6:00 PM.

Location of Abbottabad Chairlift

Abbottabad Chairlift is found in the beautiful city of Abbottabad, Pakistan. Abbottabad is known for its high-quality educational institutions and great weather. Abbottabad Chairlift is located on Ilyasi masjid road, Nawansher, Abbottabad. You can search the Abbottabad Chairlift website to find more information. The coordinates are: latitude is 73.257996, & Longitude: 34.1721289


Can Children also take a ride on Abbottabad Chairlift?

Children can take the Chairlift, but some tips should be given. Before just putting your child on the Chairlift, tell them how it works and what to expect. Also, make sure they know how to use the lift correctly. 

Is it safe to take a ride on Abbottabad Chairlift?

The Abbottabad Chairlift is safe for adults and children as long as the appropriate safety guidelines are followed.


The most significant chair lift in Pakistan, the Abbottabad Chairlift, provides a tranquil and fantastic perspective over the city’s stunning landscape. If you’re in Abbottabad, riding the Chairlift is worthwhile because it allows for spectacular city views. One of Pakistan’s most thrilling sites is the Chairlift, a terrific vacation spot. If you want to enjoy Abbottabad’s wonders, go no further than the Chairlift.