• Places to Visit in Mansehra

Places to Visit in Mansehra

Mansehra is a district located in the NWFP province of Pakistan. It is among the top 10 largest cities in the province. It has been an eye-catching spot for tourists worldwide over the years. This city has unique cultural and social places to visit. Tourists worldwide have a desire once to see this enchanting diverse place. Its unique places are among the top-visited tourist spots in the world.


This is the 71st city in Pakistan and the 7th largest in the KPK province. It is located in the northeastern area of the province. It got its name from its founder Sardar Maha Singh Mirpuri of the Khalsa Empire.

Mansehra Weather

Due to its altitude, it has only two seasons over the year. It gets summer from Apr-sept and winter from Oct-March. Its weather is primarily cold over the year, which is an attractive factor for tourists from the rest of the warm cities of the country and hot foreign countries. It has low and moderate low temperatures ranging from 25-36 degrees even in its warmest month of June. The city gets its rainfall from August onwards throughout the winter.


History of Mansehra

Mansehra is one of the most diversely-ruled cities in the country. It has come under the rule of different dynasties at different times. From the Maurya dynasty of ancient India to the end of the British period, it had come under the influence of several periods, including Hindu Shahi rule, Ghaznavids, Ghurids, Delhi Sultanate, Mughals, Durrani, Marathas, and Sikhs. Every ruler gave the city importance in their times.

When Should You Travel to Mansehra?

Visiting Mansehra at the right time is a total pleasure and adventure. During that time you’ll enjoy most of its places as you wish. Ideally, the time to visit this city is from March to November. During that period, most people come across the country from Punjab and Sindh due to hot weather conditions. It is also the ideal time for foreigners to come. However, due to enormous cold conditions from December to February, you won’t be able to do so. Hence, keeping the right time in mind is necessary.

Amenities for Tourists in Mansehra

Pakistan, a 3rd world country, tries to make its visitors comfortable and problem-free during an adventure. Being a highly visited place, hundreds of hotels and resthouses are made for tourists in Mansehra. The rates of hotels are dependent upon their quality. Medical facilities are also improved day by day to sort out any emergency. However, the facilities provided still need to be improved. Provisional and National governments are trying to make it tourist-friendly, yet you can enjoy it reasonably.


40 Best Places to Visit in Mansehra, Pakistan

Mansehra is one of the most historical and noble places in Asia and even the world for tourists. At first sight, its outclass beauty, lovely weather, beautiful lakes, and mountains are in visitors’ hearts. Its unique history is also a mystery for historians to visit and research. There are many adorable places, each of which is important to the area’s beauty. Each has individual significance as well for visitors.

Highly visited spots of the district are enlisted down.

Saif ul Malook Lake

It is a lake covered by mountains located in northern Kaghan valley near the city of Naran. It has an altitude of about 3,224 meters above sea level. The lake has a depth of 34m. The lake got its name from a fictional Egyptian fairy tale in which a king loved a woman and came to meet her at the lake. The ideal weather condition for visiting the lake is usually in summer. However, the routes are cut off in winter by heavy land sliding in the area. The whole lake and its view is pure beauty for tourism lovers. The view of the lake shows its covering inside mountains with their tops covered with snow, enhancing this heavenly place’s beauty.

Ansoo Lake

The word Anso is an Urdu word for tear, which shows the shape of a lake. It is a pear-shaped lake in the Kaghan valley of the Mansehra district of KPK province. The lake has an elevation of almost 4,245 meters from the sea level. It is near the Malika Parbat, the highest mountain in Kaghan valley. Travelers are highly attracted to the unique beauty of the lake, and it is one of the most tourist-visited spots in the area.

Ansoo Lake

Sharan Forest

Sharan forest is an immense, dense forest located in the Kaghan Valley. The forest is now entirely under consideration for tourism only. The area is also famous for its beautiful campsites and huts for tourists. This region is gorgeous due to its old wild trees and fruits. This region is a must-visit when enjoying the beauty of the Mansehra district.

Siri Paye at Mansehra 

It is a lake in Paye meadows near the Shogran, in the Kaghan valley of this district in KPK. The name of the lake comes from the Hindko, meaning the region with high altitude as it is almost 2900m above sea level. The lake is attractive and has beautiful views to convince the visitors. This place must be visited to explore the hidden beauty of the area.

Pyala Lake

Pyala Lake is a round shaped located in the Jharkhand area of Kaghan valley in the district of Mansehra. Lake is situated at an altitude of about 3,410 meters. Lake is almost 30-40 km away from Naran. The lake is an absolute beauty for visitors. It is one of the main visiting spots in the whole district.

Pyala Lake

Kaghan Valley

Kaghan valley is an alpine valley located in the Mansehra district of KPK. The valley is famous for its altitude range and visiting places between those ranges. Its elevation ranges from 650 meters to 4200 meters tall Babusar Pass. The valley has a length of 155 kilometers enclosing regions of beautiful landscapes. The river passing through the valley is Kunhar. The valley can be accessed through roads to Balakot and then to Mansehra. The valley has high importance for tourists across the globe. Its routes are most often open for tourists during summer. In winter, roads are closed due to heavy land sliding.

Shogran at Mansehra

Shogran is a hilltop-based station on the plateau of Kaghan valley. It is like an ideally located rest house open for tourists only during summer. It is somewhere about 34km away from Balakot. Shogran gets its high audience only during summer due to moderate weather conditions in the valley, allowing most tourists. However, it is also open to government officials and other persons in winter. Therefore, it is an important place to visit and explore the beauty of Kaghan valley.


Balakot is located on the right bank of the Kunar river. It is a popular tourist spot in the region. The town was once poorly damaged by the earthquake in 2005 but was rebuilt with international assistance to make it tourist friendly. Balakot city has come under the rule of different empires in the past. Hence, it has diverse historical aspects. The town is also famous for its climatic conditions. It has the highest amount of rainfall from monsoons to winter. This region mainly has people of Hindko-Aryan origin. This small town is a must to visit as it has most of the district’s beauty.



Kiwai is a UC (union council) located on the way to Kaghan valley in the district. It serves as a route to connect the valley with the rest of the country. Kiwai is also famous for its landscapes. Its waterfalls and lakes are must visit. It also has many hotels to stay on with the best services.

Tanda at Mansehra

Tanda is a small village located in the district of Mansehra of KPK. It has an elevation of about 1050m above sea level. Tanda is also the administrative part of the whole UC. The region has most of its population of the Swati tribe. This place serves as the startling beauty of the entire district.


Paras is a city located in the Mansehra district of KPK. The city is almost 120km away from the national capital Islamabad. Paras is famous for its touring places, including Manshi Top, Siri Lake, Paye Lake, and other spots. It is one of the most loved areas for tourists in the region.


Shinkiari is a union council located in the Mansehra district of KPK. The area has most of its population of Swati Pashtuns Gujjar tribes. The languages spoken in the region are mostly Pashto and Hindko. This area is especially famous for its naturally purified water and tea gardens. The region lies at an altitude of almost 1020 meters. Apart from tea gardens, as the region is flat-landed and famous for its gardens of tobacco, vegetables, sugarcane, etc., the region was among the other earthquake victimized regions of the area in 2005. Its significant portions were rebuilt in the custody of the regional government. It also has a British rest house rebuilt after the earthquake. The whole region is considered the best place to stay and proceed further to other visiting areas.


Dhodial at Mansehra

Dhodial is a town and UC located nearby Shinkiari in the Mansehra district. Dhodial is located in the Hazara area of the district and has an altitude of approximately 3270 feet. The whole region is famous for its excellent cultivated fields of vegetables and tobacco. River Siren flows across the town. The region is also renowned for pheasant farms. This region has Asia’s largest pheasant farms. The variety of pheasants is also fantastic in the region. The population living in the area has vital importance for the preservation of pheasants to make the beauty of the region immortal. Heavy earthquakes also hit the region in 2005. It was rebuilt under the authoritarian government to make it tourist friendly. It is a must-place when you are on a visit to northern areas.


Oghi is a town situated in Agror valley of Mansehra district in Kpk. It is also a tehsil with district administrative headquarters. The region has highly diverse spoken languages, including Hindko, Gojri, Pashto, and Urdu. The part is famous for its greenery, dense forest, and unending Mountain ranges. The locals of the area are also renowned for their hospitality.


Dadar is a small town in Siran Valley of Mansehra district KPK Pakistan. The place has an altitude of 1200 meters from sea level. Dadar was unexplored after the independence; however, the site got its publicity with the help of social media. The region is famous worldwide for the TB sanatorium, built by British Army officials in 1936. Tourists get amazed when they view how the British built the hospital. It is also among the largest hospitals in Asia today. The region is also famous for its significant amount of rainfall. It is a must place to visit in the whole district.


Kiwai Waterfall at Mansehra

Kiwai is a beautiful village on the way to Kaghan Valley. The valley can also be reached from the side of Shogran. Kiwai is also famous for its restaurants and rest houses to stay and proceed to rest of places. The waterfall has a depth of almost half feet at the restaurant. The weather must be checked before visiting the area to avoid harsh conditions. The waterfall must be visited to see the greenery covered with highly satisfying water.

Garhi Habibullah

Garhi Habibullah is a town and UC located in the Mansehra district of KPK. The city got its name from former provincial chief minister Habibullah Khan. Before that, it was known by the name of its old Swati ruler from the 17th century Saadat; hence was called Garhi Sadaat khan. The region is famous for its dams, rivers, and linkage towards Kashmir (the heaven on earth). This place is a must-visit for landscape lovers. The whole region freshens visitors’ minds with its astonishing beauty.

Makra Peak

The Makra peak in the Hazara region of the northern Himalayas. The area has a considerable altitude of about 3800 meters above sea level. The peak got its name from the local language word Makra which means spider, as the range of mountains looks like a spider and its web. The rainfall at the height falls to River Kunhar. This mesmerizing location is about 200km away from the national capital Islamabad. The region is only open for tourists in summer, as the routes are closed in winter by heavy snowfall and land sliding.

Makra Peak

Mansehra Bazar

It is a market located on Abbottabad road in Mansehra city in KPK. The market is quite exciting and ideally located for tourists and locals. Just like other markets, it has all the necessary stuff. It is also best for tourists to buy hiking materials, including camps, lanterns, and other relevant things to make the tour full of adventure. It must be visited to fulfill the requirements of the tour.

Siran Valley

Its name is driven from the river flowing nearby, The Siran River. Its old name was from the village nearer Bhogarmang. It is one of the most beautiful places in Pakistan. Valley is famous for its wandering landscapes, meadows, and hilltops. It was also a victim of the 2005 earthquake and was rebuilt to promote tourism in the country.

Siran Valley

Manshi Top at Mansehra

Manshi top is the highest point of the Sheran forest in KPK. It is among the most beautiful places in the region. When going through its way, the mesmerizing meadows, birds chanting, and trees buzzing amazes visitors. The shoring sound of waterfalls and wilderness enhances the place’s beauty further. This place is recommended to visit with proper equipment to avoid any problems.


Baffa is a small town in the Pakhal valley. It is a union Council and is the capital of tehsil Baffa Pakhal. It is located on the eastern side of the Siran River. It can be reached through the Karakoram highway as it is only 15 km away from Mansehra city. Baffa is located on the northern side of Pakkhli plain, the valley between Pakistan and China. It has various places for tourist attractions that include both historical and adventure areas. It has shrines and mausoleums of Nanga Baba and Dewan Raja Baba for tourists. It is also famous for its special dessert, ‘Khoa or Baffa,’ which is loved across the country. It is a must to visit Baffa when coming to this area.


Battal is a town and a union council of the Mansehra district in KPK. It has an elevation of about 2,705 meters from sea level. The region is mainly famous in the district for its cultivated lands; most people are agriculture-related. Hence, the primary source of income is agriculture for its people. The region has a population of Swati tribes and Gujjar tribes. Languages spoken in the area are Hindko, Urdu, and Pashto. It is worth visiting to get a closer flavor of the local hospitality. 


Darband at Mansehra

Darband is a sub-tehsil in this district. It is a small town located nearby to the Tarbela Dam. At the point of Darband, the Indus constricts into a reservoir of Dam. Adventurers use the Lake near Darband to go through the cities of Swabi and Haripur by water instead of the Karakoram Highway. This region still needs to get a high level of tourist attraction. However, it is also among the most beautiful places in the district.

Musa Ka Musala

It is a mountain peak having an elevation of 4100 meters. It is located at ending of Kaghan valley and Siran in the Himalayas. According to locals, the place got its name from the name of a shepherd Musa who used to visit the hilltop for worship purposes. It is an important place to visit to enjoy stunning landscapes.

Musa Ka Musala


Peeran is the most extensive UC in the Mansehra district from population and area perspectives. The region lies on an elevation of approximately 2,000 meters. It got its name from its prominent leader of the past, Syed Sultan Mohammad Shah Jee Baba, who got the whole region as a war victory gift. He named the area Peeran. Its people have agriculture and dairy farms as the primary source of income. Hindko is the region’s primary language, while Pashto and Urdu are also understood and spoken. Peeran is famous for its historical places, religious sites, and festivals. Recently, the government has been trying to increase tourist attraction by building rest houses and tourist spots in the area.


Jabori is a mountain-covered small-sized village in the Mansehra district of KPK. Jabori is also famous for passing the Siran River from its center. This region has mainly the population of Syed, Swati, and Gujrati types live there. It has gone through several problems in the past. It was hit by floods in 1992 and an earthquake in 2005. The entire region was rebuilt to encourage tourism. However, it still needs proper healthcare facilities and needs better hostels. It is still a good place for tourists to explore.

Mahandri at Mansehra

Mahandri is a village in the Kaghan valley. It has an elevation of around 1637 meters. The village is somewhere about 81km away from Mansehra. The road passing by Mahandri is referred to as a national highway. The village has high importance in the sight of tourists because of the looks it serves. All the famous visiting spots can be accessed through Mahandri. These spots include Sehkundi Mountain, Dohar road, and the famous Ansoo Lake.

Manoor Valley

It is a small sized valley in this district. The valley occupies an area of almost 14 km having about 15 villages. It has a population of about 30 thousand people. The valley can be accessed through Mansehra Jaikand road, mostly on foot. The valley has poor infrastructure and lacks modern-day tourist facilities, yet it has the best views and eye-catching landscapes. The locals of the area mostly use donkeys for transport purposes. A little consideration from the government’s side can turn this place into the peace of heaven. It can generate a considerable amount of revenue for the country.

Jaba Village

Jaba village is a scenic place located 20 km away from the city. The village is famous for its iconic weather and beauty scenes. The locals of the village are also exceptionally hospitable to tourists. People across the country come to visit the village in summer for adventure. It is the nearest natural spot to the city. Therefore, Jaba village must be visited along with other places in the district.

Jaba Village

Murad Pur at Mansehra

Murad Pur is a village in UC Malik Pur of Mansehra district KPK. The major languages spoken in the area are Hindko and Gujarati. Murad Pur is mainly famous for its shops and rest houses. The village has mesmerizing beauty in its greenery and hilltops. It is a must-visit when coming to the area.


Bajna is a small town located on Shinkiar-Bajna road. The village has almost an elevation of 950 meters. It is 20 km away from the city. The area is famous for the beauty of its cultivated area, having fields of potatoes, turnips, and other seasonal vegetables. A small river also flows by the village side known as Darya-e-Siran. The traditional Jirga system solves the matters in the region. The region got its increased number of transportation from CPEC road. Bajna is a beautiful tourist place to view the beauty of the district. Hence, it must be visited when visiting the rest of the district.


Bhogarmang Valley

Bhogarmang is a hidden valley located almost 50 km away from Mansehra city. It can be accessed from Islamabad through the Hazara highway and the CPEC route. It can also be reached through the Karakoram Highway. The primary language spoken in the region is Hindko. The region is famous for its traditional Rice types. Other Famous Places in Bhogarmang are Jabori, Sachaan, Nawazabad, Domail, and others. For staying in Bhogarmang, the rest houses are located at the point of Dadar. Therefore, the valley must be visited to explore the hidden beauty of the district.

Datta at Mansehra

Datta is a small town and UC of Mansehra district in KPK. Other villages from all four sides surround it. The most spoken language of Datta is Hindko. It is the most peaceful place in the district. It is famous for its beautiful waterfalls and astonishing landscape views. It must be visited when coming to Mansehra.

Global Family Park

It is a family park located at Mansehra bypass. It is one of the best places in the region to stay and enjoy with family. Park is also famous for its facilities. It has beautiful kid enjoyment swings, ladies’ prayer halls, and good quality food at the end of the day. Park must be visited when traveling towards other tourist spots in the area.

Bher Kund

Bher Kund is a UC and a village in the district. It comes in between the cities of Mansehra and Oghi. The village is 7 km from the city and can be accessed through the Oghi road. The nearest river to the city is the famous Siran River. Bher Kund has a population of almost 10 thousand residents. The area has many villages to visit on. It is famous for serving its beautiful views. This place must be visited to know more about the district.


Phulra is a UC in the Mansehra district of KPK. Back in the British days, it was ruled by the Tanoli tribe. It has an altitude of about 965 meters. Like other parts of the district, Phulra is also famous for its cultivated land, which grows the beauty of nature. The state of Phulra covers an area of approximately 85-95 square kilometers. This area is also a must-visit to visualize the exquisite beauty preserved in the district.

Shiva Temple at Mansehra

Shiva Temple is a Hindu temple situated in the Chitti Gatti area, almost 15 km from Mansehra. It is one of the oldest temples having proper existence. Temple is believed to have a 1000-2000-year-old origin. People related to the Hindu religion across the world come to the temple’s annual festival known as Shivarathri. The temple had all sorts of stuff to carry on religious rituals. After partition temple was sealed and was inaccessible to the Hindu people. 2008 afterward, the temple was again opened, and some of its reconstruction was done. Nowadays, it has complete access to its people.

Lassan Nawab

It is a city located in a valley almost 32 km away from Mansehra city. It also serves as one of its UCS. It has an elevation of about 837 meters. The primary language spoken there is Hindko. However, Pashto and Urdu are also spoken. The local population is mainly of Tanoli and Ghilji tribes. Lassan Nawab also plays its part in enhancing the beauty of the whole district. It recommends for tourists visit and explores it.

Mundi Mansehra

Mundi is a beautiful village located in Siran valley. Jabori can reach the area in half an hour. The area is famous for its preserved wildlife and its diversity. Mundi meadows are one of the finest places for tourists with families to have a campsite. The major river flowing nearby Mundi is the Siran River. Mundi having its best pine forests and glimpses of nature is fantastic. However, having such pure beauty, it still needed the proper infrastructure to serve its visitors. It has only 4×4 car routes till the actual point. Having all that difficulties, it is still reachable to explore and make tourists directed towards it.


What is special in Mansehra?

The city is one of the country’s largest and most diverse tourist areas. Mansehra has specialties from its name to its places. It has the most visited sites like Shiva Temple, Ansu Lake, Saif ul Malook Lake, Siran valley, Jabori, etc.

Why is Mansehra famous?

It is famous worldwide for its mesmerizing beauty, beautiful lakes, impressive waterfalls, and astonishing landscapes are loved by tourists worldwide.

What is your favorite thing about Mansehra?

Mansehra has got many famous things. Some of them are the ancient Ashoka rocks, the old Shiva Temple, Ansu Lake, and many more.

Why is Mansehra called Mansehra?

The region got its name from the name of its ruler of the Sikh dynasty, Raja Mahan Singh Mirpuri. The rulers changed after the Sikh dynasty, but their names remained the same today.

Who founded Mansehra?

Mansehra was founded by one of its prominent past rulers, Mahan Singh Mirpuri, who belongs to the Sikh dynasty. The town’s name is retained from that time in honor of its ruler.


Mansehra’s historical and cultural diversity is the most loved tourist spot in Asia and globally. The district is blessed with all kinds of gifts from nature that makes it look heavenly. It has beautiful meadows, lakes, mountain tops, wildlife varieties, and dense forests, making it eye-catching for tourists. The explorers come a long way to enjoy the perfect natural beauty with their friends and family, especially in summer. Promoting the country’s tourism, both national and provisional governments are trying their best to facilitate tourists. They are trying to make it more accessible and rustle-free for many tourists by building more roads and rest houses. However, still, some of its places are inaccessible and undiscovered. However, with the help of social media, people are trying to explore it to a more significant extent. It is an absolute pleasure to visit Mansehra once to visualize what nature has kept enclosed in this region for the people.