Makra Peak

An area of exceptional natural beauty, The Makra Peak in Shogran Valley can be found in the Mansehra Division of the Hazara Region in the north of Pakistan. It is optional to have any specific climbing expertise or experience to scale Makra because it is a short peak with a modest degree of difficulty in terms of trekking. Makra Peak weather is usually chilly throughout the year.

Makra Peak, Pakistan, is in the region of the Himalayan mountains. The height is 3,885 meters (12,746 feet) and can be found in the Tehsil Balakot in the Mansehra Division. The term for the spider in Urdu is Makra, which comes from the Persian language. According to the stories told by the locals, they gave it the name Makra Peak because the snow structure atop the peak looks like the body of a spider.


The Makra Peak weather and climate are consistently chilly throughout the year. The temperature even stays in the cool to mild range throughout the summer. However, in winter, the temperature gets freezing.

Makra Peak


The (spider peak) Makra Peak Pakistan is Located in the Mansehra District of the Hazara area of the Himalayan mountains in northern Pakistan. Throughout the Makra Peak route, the hills are with breathtaking views.

Makra Peak Height

It takes four to eight hours to reach the summit of Makra Peak trek in Shogran Valley from the base camp at Siri Paye Meadows. The Makra Peak Pakistan height is 3,885 meters (12,746 feet). The Makra Peak height is cold all year because of its altitude.

Activities on Makra Choti

Travelers can enjoy many activities at Makra Choti. The peak offers much physical fun and healthy activities such as hiking, trekking, climbing, camping, etc. Let’s have a look at them.

Makra Peak

Hiking and Trekking

If you wish to use something other than a backpack for the hiking phase of your journey to the top, you will need to hire jeeps, horses, or ponies for your trek. Backpacking is not a favorable option for hiking at Makra Peak trek.

The driver will take you to the Siri Paye scenic overlook if you rent a jeep. In the future, trekkers should begin their adventures with the assistance of ponies or horses. Whereas for hiking, you will be able to enjoy the majority of the Makra Peak route.


The journey typically takes around four hours. However, that time might vary greatly depending on the fitness level of the trekker. However, there are several safety measures and tourist guides that should be followed: Although Makra (spider peak) is a short peak to scale, it is strongly recommended that climbers refrain from attempting the ascent if the weather is poor. Climbing the mountain is hazardous, especially when the weather is inclement or foggy.


You can also spend time camping at spider peak. Even though it heavily depends on the weather conditions, the view ultimately convinces you to set up camp.

Makra Peak

Places to Visit nearby Makra Peak

When you visit Makra Choti, you can visit many other beautiful nearby places. This is because, along with spider peak, many other places are connected with Makra Peak. Let’s peek into the areas.

Kaghan Valley

The Kaghan Valley can be found in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region, specifically in the Mansehra District. The mountains, glaciers, streams, rivers, and waterfalls that make up this beauty are yet to be explored. Spending a few days in Kaghan can be a richly rewarding experience for the reasons stated above. During the warmer months, Kaghan reaches its peak excellence (May to September). The highest temperature in May is 11 degrees Celsius, while the lowest is 3 degrees Celsius.

Makra Peak

Shogran Valley

A hill station known as Shogran can be found in the Kaghan Valley in northern Pakistan at an elevation of 7,749 feet (or 2,362 meters) above mean sea level. The plateau on which it sits is covered in lush vegetation. The town of Shogran can be reached at a distance of 34 kilometers from Balakot. The folks that live there are welcoming and calm. During the summer months, access can be gained. It is a popular destination for explorers as well as families. Shogran is only open to tourists during the summer months, specifically June through August, the peak season during which the weather is typically favorable. The highest temperature during the daytime is 20 degrees Celsius, and the lowest temperature during the night is 3 degrees Celsius.


Siri Meadow needs to be at the top of the list while considering the many attractions. They can be found at an additional altitude of 2,895 meters above sea level. The undulations and rises of the verdant hillside distinguish the meadows. A few horses decked out in bright saddles and tussles can be seen here and there at various locations. From Siri, it is easy to make out the Makra Choti in the distance.


The word “Paye” can be traced back to the Hindko language, which describes “a land that meets up high.” When you get there, you can lie down on some soft grass and gaze at the beautiful sky while eating an apple or sitting by the Siri Paye Lake, which adds to the area’s natural beauty. From the Paye meadow, Makra Peak is easily discernible in the distance.

Makra Peak Summit

Makra top is a mountaintop of scenic beauty found in northern Pakistan’s Mansehra district, which lies in the Hazara area. On Naran Road, the highest point of Makra Peak summit is 3,885 meters, about 200 km from Islamabad.

Islamabad to Makra Peak Distance

The Makra Choti is approximately 125 miles (200 kilometers) from Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan.

How to Reach Makra Peak? 

On Kaghan Road, Kiwai is approximately 62 kilometers (38 miles) from the city of Mansehra. One route, about 7 kilometers, leads upward from Kiwai to Shogran. It is a well-known vacation destination and features a selection of hotels and motels for guests. If you want to avoid carrying your rucksack throughout the journey, you can hire a jeep, horses, or ponies from Shogran. A jeep can transport you up to Siri. The foot trip continues onward after departing from Siri. If you choose, you also can hire horses or ponies to accompany you on the last portion of the hike up to Makra Peak’s base camp. The walk takes approximately four hours, give or take, based on the fitness level of the trekker.

The second approach, the Makra Peak route, begins in Muzaffarabad, the capital city of Azad Jammu Kashmir, and travels over 35 kilometers to the base camp of Makra, known as Bheri. The hike from Bheri to the Makra Peak summit takes approximately five to six hours.

Makra Peak Facts

  • According to the stories told by the locals, they gave it the name Makra Choti since the snow structure over the peak looks like the body of a spider.
  • From the highest point of Makra Peak, one can see several other well-known mountains, including Malika Parbat, Chambre, Musa Ka Musalla, and Shangri.
  • During the summer, the mountain peaks naturally dispersed all the surrounding colors.
  • On one side of Makra Top, visitors may take in the stunning scenery of the Kaghan Valley, and on the other, they can gaze out over the enchanting landscape of Kashmir.


Can we reach Makra Peak by bike?

It is not recommended to reach Makra Peak, Pakistan, by bike.

Can families visit Makra Peak?

Yes, families can visit Makara Peak, but because the journey involves hiking and trekking, it may be challenging for younger children or older individuals.

Which Season is best to hike on Makra Peak?

During the winter months (December through March), hiking on the Makra can be challenging due to snow and the steepness of the mountain slopes. However, during the summer, hikers with less experience but overall muscular conditioning can easily reach the peak.


It is optional to have any specific climbing expertise or experience to scale Makra because it is a short peak with a modest degree of difficulty in terms of trekking. On the other hand, because of the snow and the steepness of the mountain slopes, trekking on the Makra might be challenging. Inclement weather, particularly dense fog, and the extreme steepness of certain trail parts are the most likely causes of fatalities. In addition, the Kunhar River gets its water supply from the glacier on the mountain near Makra Choti.

For the traveler’s information, tourists and children can view the beauty of the Top of Makra Peak trek and the surrounding mountains. They also can take pictures of several famous mountains, including Malika Parbat, Chambre, Musa Ka Musalla, Shangri, Kaghan, and the beauty of Kashmir valley. Makra Peak’s height is 3,885 meters.

It’s the most picturesque and popular peak in the high mountains to climb, and the snow covers it completely. Makra Peak weather is cold. However, when it comes to enjoying the climbing expeditions of (Spider Peak) Makra Peak Mansehra, many groups of lads, tourists, visitors, and even people from other countries arrive.

And you won’t believe this, but Shogran is significantly closer than the other Northern Areas. In the vastness of Siri Paye, you will see what appear to be the reflections of fairy meadows. The beauty of Naran can be found in its surroundings. The splendor of Skardu lies in its mountain ranges covered in snow. In other words, it’s a way to get about quickly while still experiencing the wonder of Pakistan’s north.