In the Pakistani province of KPK, Balakot, Mansehra, is located within the Mansehra District. The earthquake that struck Kashmir in 2005 completely leveled the town, but it was quickly rebuilt, and it is today a lovely site for travelers to visit. Unfortunately, a devastating earthquake wiped out the town and its inhabitants. The fracture comes dangerously close to passing through the city’s primary bazaar. From the communities such as Kanshian and Jabri Kaleesh, it travels through the hilly terrain to the north up to Allai and then continues to the Bagh in Azad Jammu and Kashmir. In Balakot, one is blessed with choices regarding vacation destinations. We will discuss Balakot Pakistan at most.

Balakot History

The Mujahideen forces led by Syed Ahmad Barelvi began preparing for the decisive fight at Balakot, which was to take place in the steep region of Mansehra, dated May 6, 1831. While Syed Ahmad and most Mujahideen troops remained within and near the Masjid-E-Bala, Sikh troops began arriving at Balakot from Metikot Hill. A tent had been established by the Mujahideen force some distance along the Satban waterfalls. The Sikhs warned Syed Ahmed that if he and his followers didn’t quit, the Sikhs might execute him and his companions. Despite this warning, Syed Ahmed did not surrender. On May 6, 1831, the troops of Maharajah Ranjit Singh and Syed Ahmad Barelvi were engaged in a battle in the Mansehra District. The battle was known as the Battle of Balakot. The Sikhs were the target of Barelvi’s jihad, and he built his base of operations in Balakot. At dawn, he led an assault on the Sikhs alongside Shah Ismail Dehlvi and the other members of his clan. The conflict continued the entire day. Syed Ahmad Barelvi and many of his supporters were slaughtered by Sikh soldiers, which caused the Muslim army to evacuate the battlefield. This ultimately led to the Sikh soldiers beheading Syed Ahmad Barelvi. This is a brief history of Balakot Pakistan that how the troops of Sikh and Muslim soldiers fought at the place of Balakot Mansehra.

Balakot Weather & Climate

January Weather

January is a mild winter period with an average high of 13.9°C (57°F) and a low of 2.2°C (36°F). On the other hand, January has the coldest average high and low temperatures, 13.9°C (57°F) and 2.2°C (36°F).

February weather

February, the last month of winter in Balakot Mansehra, is moderate, with an average temperature of 15.2°C (59.4°F) to 3.8°C (38.8°F). In February, the average high temperature is 15.2°C (59.4°F).

March weather

March is pleasant, with an average temperature of 7.6°C (45.7°F) to 19.3°C (66.7°F). The average high temperature in March in Balakot climbs from 15.2°C (59.4°F) in February to 19.3°C (66.7°F)

April weather

April is moderately hot, with an average temperature of 25.9°C (78.6°F) and a minimum of 12.7°C (54.9°F). In April, Balakot’s average high temperature rises from 19.3°C (66.7°F) to 25.9°C (78.6°F). 

May weather

May is tropical, with an average temperature of 17.4°C (63.3°F) to 31.3°C (88.3°F). May’s average high temperature in Balakot is 31.3°C (88.3°F), up from April’s 25.9°C (78.6°F).

June weather

June in Balakot, Pakistan, is hot. June is the warmest month, with an average high of 35.5°C (95.9°F) and a low of 20.7°C (69.3°F). 

July weather

July is another hot summer month with an average temperature of 32.3°C (90.1°F) to 21.2°C (70.2°F). June’s 35.5°C (95.9°F) average high temperature lowers to July’s tropical 32.3°C (90.1°F). 

August weather

August is hot, with an average temperature of 20.6°C (69.1°F) to 31.2°C (88.2°F). August in Balakot averages 31.2°C (88.2°F), which is tropical. 

September weather

September in Balakot is still tropical, with an average temperature of 31°C (87.8°F) and 17.1°C (62.8°F). September’s average high temperature is 31°C (87.8°F).

October weather

October is warm like September, with an average temperature of 27.4°C (81.3°F) to 11.3°C (52.3°F). The average high-temperature drops from 31°C (87.8°F) in September to 27.4°C (81.3°F) in October. 

November weather

November in Balakot is pleasant, with an average temp of 22.2°C (72°F) to 6.1°C (43°F). From October’s 27.4°C (81.3°F) to November’s 22.2°C (72°F), Balakot’s average high-temperature drops. 

December weather 

December is pleasant, with an average temperature of 15.9°C (60.6°F) to 3.1°C (37.6°F). December’s average high temperature in Balakot drops from November’s 22.2°C (72°F) to 15.9°C (60.6°F). 

What is Balakot Famous for? 

This is simply due to the numerous exciting locations to check out in and around Balakot. The town is well-known throughout the region for the breathtaking natural scenery, tranquil backwaters, and fascinating historical sites it contains. 

Balakot Mansehra is located on the shores of the Kunhar River and is famous for the natural water bodies and canals found there. Because the Kunhar River runs through the city, it is a fantastic location for picnics. The river is linked to several lakes and streams, but Lulusar Lake is the most well-known of these water bodies. This breathtaking location, which features several rivers pouring into the sea, is ideal for a picnic. There is no airport located within the city itself.

Things to Know Before Visiting Balakot

The most important thing to remember is that you should bring a first aid kit. As you may already know, it is a hilly region filled with natural forestry and rivers.

In addition, it is known for occasionally having severe weather, such as snowfall or sometimes arid and cold winter winds, which may come into contact with you.

You must always have a first aid kit to prepare for any emergency, regardless of the environment or circumstances you may find yourself in. For example, if you get hurt when hiking, hanging out by the river, or observing the forest, having this with you will be helpful if you get injured. 

If you want to go hiking, you should bring hiking shoes with you, and if you are interested in hiking, you should get warm garments to protect you from the cold wind. Another thing to consider is that if you want to go trekking, you should bring hiking shoes. Finally, if you enjoy snacking, it is highly recommended that you bring along some snacks to satisfy your desire to nibble while seeing the gorgeous landscapes of Balakot, Pakistan. 

When is the Best Time to Visit Balakot? 

Balakot Mansehra is one of the most beautiful towns in Pakistan to visit. However, as summer is scorching in Pakistan, winter is the best time to stay there. So the preferable time to visit this place is summer, as in summer you can find lush greenery in the surrounding areas because in winter sometimes there would be colossal snowfall here and some tourists might be stuck in it.

The best time to visit is between October and December, as adequate rainfall and the weather would be perfect for exploring the beauty. But no doubt, it’s one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Pakistan. Most of the young tourists who visit that valley during winter stay here for a long. There are a lot of palaces and mansions, and it is famous for its handicrafts. Mountains surround the location, so one needs to walk through rough mountainous tracks to see the rich diversity of nature. 

How to Get to Balakot?

To get to Balakot, you will need to take a bus. Although the KPK province government established a bus service from Abbottabad to Balakot Mansehra in the past, the service may no longer be in operation. The road leading away from Balakot climbs steeply alongside the Kunhar River, passing several picturesque settlements on the way, including Paras, Shinu, Jared, and Mahendra. As you reach the pass, the surrounding peaks will become visible in their expansive entirety. However, the valley will continue to narrow throughout this section so that the views will be more intimate. The village of Shogran can be found to the east of the central Kunhar River and is renowned for its breathtaking panorama of the surrounding mountains and forests. Payee Lake, Malika Parbat, Siri Payee, and Makra Peaks can all be found near one another. However, you have the option of traveling with private bus companies. 

Things to Do in Balakot

You can go hiking and enjoy your photo session with your friends and family in an excellent spot with a gorgeous backdrop. Balakot Mansehra is a great place to do both. When the weather is cool, you can warm up with snacks and Pakistan’s famed milk tea, served along river banks. You can spend quality time with your significant others, friends, or family on long walks. You can do your shopping in nearby shopping malls or at the local market. You can also buy presents for your friends from that beautiful valley, considered a precious area.  

Places to Visit in Balakot

Several locations in and around the region are worthy of exploration, as is the entirety of Balakot itself. Indeed spectacular views are characterized by natural beauty and an excellent climate and weather. In addition to Balakot, there are other locations worth seeing; Naran valley, Kaghan valley, Lulusar lake, Pyala lake, and Ansoo lake.

Balakot Hill Top

The hilltop hotel in Balakot Mansehra is worth visiting and is almost open 24/7. 

Balakot Bridge

Since its construction in 1895, the Garlat Wooden Bridge has successfully withstood the passage of more than a century. It was the first bridge ever constructed to transport people and goods, and it connected Balakot, Kaghan Valley, and the rest of Pakistan to the outside world. However, following the collapse of the wooden Garlat Bridge in 1992, its function as a heavy-traffic crossing was taken over by a new bridge.

Kaghan Valley and Ghanool Valley

When you visit Pakistan, you must check out Ghanool and Kaghan valley areas. These are just two of the many attractions in the area. Moreover, neighboring locations offer a breathtaking panorama of the surrounding area. 

Amenities in Balakot City

Pakistan’s government is trying to make the region as facilitating as possible. Still, sadly it does not have so much of facilities, but the area provides many amenities to its tourists. There are beautiful rivers, natural forestry, and pleasant weather to enjoy, along with so many hotels with different price ranges from which some will surely put into your criteria.

Hotels in Balakot

Only a handful of hotels in Balakot Mansehra can be considered reasonably priced. This is because if you are traveling from Islamabad to Naran, you will only be staying here for a brief period—about half an hour. Also, some individuals rent a room from friends and family; if you have family in that area, that would be wonderful; you could take a break for the night and experience the night view of the Balakot Mansehra bridge if you do so.

Some of the famous hotels here in Pakistan are as below. The hotels provided below provide most of the amenities to their customers. The hotels vary depending on the facilities and amenities they provide because Balakot Mansehra is not a highly developed area, so the higher the facilities, the higher the price range of hotels. Some of the most famous hotels of Balakot Mansehra, which provide most of the facilities, are as below;

 1. Hotel Shelton Inn

 2. Pine View Hotel & Dera Inn Restaurant

 3. Hotel Mountain Track- Taranna Balakot

 4. Hotel Pine Breeze and Restaurant 

Mansehra to Balakot Distance?

The journey from the district of Mansehra to the area where the Balakot region starts takes almost 46 minutes to complete. If we talk about the distance in Kilometers, the distance from Mansehra to the destination will approximately be 39 kilometers (km), which is equal to 24.2 miles (miles) or 21.1 nautical miles (nm).

The time needed to reach there from Mansehra while traveling is the amount required if the trip is reached by car, bus, or any other vehicle. The time also depends on the climatic conditions; if the weather is too harsh, it will surely take longer than usual to reach, but if the temperature is average and acceptable, it will take the time mentioned.

Average Prices to Stay in Hotels

The price range which is offered in Balakot Mansehra depends on the facilities given by those hotels. If the hotels are highly facilitated, they will indeed charge more, but if the hotel is of standard facilities, the price will be average and quite affordable. Still, most hotels there are reasonable and do not have too high prices. Hotel prices range from 5,000 to 25,000 per night PKR.


The town of Balakot Mansehra can be found on the western side of the Kunhar River’s right bank. Before reaching its confluence with the Jehlum River, the river has traveled over two-thirds of its whole length since it began its journey at Lake Dharam Sar, located deep within the Kaghan Valley.

The region below Balakot, known as Nainsukh Valley, has a temperate climate. In contrast, the Kaghan Valley, located above the city, has temperatures that are low enough to cause freezing temperatures throughout the winter. Therefore, Kaghan valley is a beautiful place to visit. The monsoon does not reach its top portion from Naran upstream, but it’s the lower part, which is why it is forested.


 What is the height of Balakot?

 Balakot is located in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The area has a Longitude of 73.3502377 and a Latitude of 34.5396645. It is 974 meters (3196 ft) above sea level. The barometric pressure is currently 90 kPa.

What was the Balakot incident?

In 2005, Balakot Mansehra faced a severe earthquake initiated from Kashmir in Pakistan. After that, the Balakot district was almost destroyed. There was so much loss of human lives, wealth, forestry, animals, and whatnot. 

It won’t be wrong to say that the city was destroyed after the incident of 2005. However, the Balakot Pakistan we rebuilt after this hurtful incident with the assistance of the Government of Pakistan and Saudi Public Assistance for Pakistan Earthquake Victims (SPAPEV).

Who led the forces of Balakot? 

Sher Singh, Ilahi Bakhsh, and Akali Hanuman Singh led the forces in the area.


Balakot is a town in the district of Mansehra located in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. The region enjoys tourism almost all year, but some of the months are peak months in which Balakot Pakistan receives the most tourists. The earthquake that struck in 2005 almost obliterated the town, but it was eventually reconstructed with the help of the government of Pakistan as well as a Saudi relief organization known as Saudi Public Assistance for Pakistan Earthquake Victims (SPAPEV). Near Mansehra, a new project called “New Balakot City” is being created to relocate the people who live in two Union Councils of Balakot, which have been designated as a Red Zone. The government of Pakistan started this project.

The enormous earthquake on October 8, 2005, was responsible for the town’s destruction. The United Arab Emirates has offered its assistance in redeveloping this town into a more desirable location by constructing housing units, schools, hospitals, and other public institutions. Nevertheless, the government of Pakistan has declared that the city will be moved to a new location. 

The town will be restored about twenty kilometers away, in a more secure location with more earthquake-resistant structures. The weather in Pakistan is usually hot throughout the year. Still, as Balakot is located in hilly areas, Balakot enjoys pleasant weather in winter, so the best time to visit Balakot, Pakistan, is winter. It has many places to visit, beautiful scenery, and good weather. The natural forests, beautiful weather, and the breathtaking beauty of rivers present a worth-watching picture of releasing stress and having a good time.