Best Restaurants in Karachi

A thriving economy and rising wealth in Karachi, one of South Asia’s fastest-growing cities, is fostering the expansion of the restaurant industry. As can be seen from the restaurants, which represent the pinnacle of global culture and gastronomy, Karachi’s culinary enterprises today integrate a wide variety of cuisines from all around the world while keeping in mind the original well-loved Pakistani food. The well-known general cuisine of Karachi is a fusion of many distinct influences, just like the city itself. Karachi is also known for its famous Hi Tea spots and food streets.

With a concentration on aroma and meat, diverse ethnic groups and cultures have contributed their tastes, spices, and cooking techniques to create this distinct array of mouthwatering meals. Among the many places to eat in Karachi, most folks seem attracted to their favorite commonly known foods. Many types of these foods are to be found in street restaurants, which are well acquainted with the many desires of the constituents of Karachi city. Street food is prevalent among the locals for its unrelenting and unmatched taste and ever-growing popularity. Karachi is also very well known for its Iftar Buffets.

Many of these well-known foods are altered by adding or removing several ingredients to make them taste a bit different; these alterations in the favorite foods of Karachi’s people always attract larger crowds over to wherever the newly imagined recipes begin to flourish. For example, the very popular Karachi Biryani has its admirers and restaurants explicitly dedicated to it, outside the city of Karachi, even to the far northern reaches of Pakistan. Karachi is also very well known for its steaks. The alterations in the famous cuisines of Pakistan always attract people. But besides the popular foods, more exquisite cuisines are offered in several of the best-known restaurants in Karachi, yet to be tried. The Top Restaurants in Karachi offer the customers a greater variety of indigenous and foreign cuisines, heretofore unthought of; the Famous Karachi Restaurants present themselves to Karachi people and outsiders as the Best Place to Eat in Karachi. Here are some of these restaurants within the greatly admired Bahria town of Karachi:

Restaurants in Bahria Town Karachi

Top restaurants in Karachi’s Bahria Town. Residents of Karachi now have access to world-class amenities that are infrequently offered by any other private society in Pakistan thanks to Bahria Town, the country’s largest private and exclusive innovative developer. The management of Bahria is aware of how important it is to provide inhabitants with a range of entertainment. Karachi residents are true culinary connoisseurs constantly looking for the best flavor.

The Bahria Town Management is aware of this fact and ensures that restaurant owners adhere to necessary health regulations, putting a prime warrant on the best food quality. Besides well-known restaurants like Pizza Hut and McDonald’s or KFC, Bahria Town offers its residents rare and exquisite cuisines, including foreign themes. One such restaurant is Ginsoys Extreme Chinese, which has a great variety of Chinese cooking. This is one of the best-known restaurants in Karachi, which offers the best traditional Chinese cuisines, with which the residents of Bahria Town are in love. One of the other most famous restaurants in the vicinity of Bahria Town is the Turkish Grill, which, as its name suggests, has several of the best-recognized and different rare cuisines besides the popular ones.

 The Turkish Grill also offers visitors authentic Pakistani cuisine and mixes of Turkish and Pakistani cuisine. In case you are only looking for Pakistani national cuisines and daily foods cooked in their most delightful way imaginable. It would help if you visited Rana Ka Dhaba, where one can easily find many of the best-known Pakistani dishes. What makes Rana ka Dhaba special is how the professional chefs master Pakistani desi foods, cook, and serve them to the customers; all the care and love serve to make the known foods taste and feel even better.

Best Fine Dine Restaurants in Karachi


All your exquisite dining desires can come true at Sakura, housed in the Pearl Continental Karachi. This restaurant’s hallmark is it is flawlessly prepared and presented Japanese food. Sakura is very popular among the fine dining restaurants in the city because of its exquisite menu of popular Japanese and otherwise traditional foods. Sakura is also famous for its best Sushi, the mention of which one hears less often than one would like to. The Sushi is made and served in the traditional Japanese style. The Japanese vibe becomes surreal when imbued with the Japanese themes, the restaurant, and its surroundings. For those who love Japanese aesthetics and about their food and themselves, Sakura is a must-visit fine dining restaurant in central Karachi.

Bar B.Q. Tonight

At Bar B.Q. Tonight, the staff’s first and foremost objective is to cater to every comfort of the customers. Here the quality of the atmosphere is prioritized to secure the customer a happier and more relaxing mood. The menu at the restaurant is profusely elaborated on the incredible variety of food of the South Asian culture, not only the subcontinent but its neighboring nations as well. Each dish, each cuisine, is prepared at hand, in real-time, in the kitchens of the Bar B.Q. by a team of professionally trained chefs and their staff. All the used ingredients are bought into the kitchens, and from thence only do they leave once cooked up and ready to serve as per customers’ requests. Every dish is given care, time, and passion and is presented to the customers with pride, which speaks of the restaurant’s quality.

Burger O’Clock

In Pakistan’s massive restaurant chain, Burger O’Clock has expanded incredibly swiftly. It offers a variety of burger varieties, and customers are going crazy for it. Burger O’Clock makes high-quality burgers with a wide selection. Following are the best-loved burgers of these restaurants;

Messy Meat: As the name implies, this highly messy burger requires ten tissue papers. The flavor is rad, the beef is cooked with sauce to make it even more delectable, and the only icing on the cake you will see is the extra cheese. One must try a burger to fall in love with it.

Pizza Burger: The Pizza Burger is a brand-new creation that people think is fantastic since it successfully combines pizza with a burger. The flavor is excellent, and the pairing is hot.

Chrunchos: A novel burger is the Crunchos. We find it interesting as it has a bizarre cheese patty covered with nachos.

Chop Chop Wok

Their focus on customer preferences sets Chop Wok apart, even if most of the foods on their small menu need to be innovative and new. One can choose from several noodles and rice options using the three-step wok before adding flavoring and protein. You can try out many flavors and develop your favorite ones. The Wasabi Prawns (Rs 690) set the tone for the entire meal when served as an appetizer.

 The expertly stacked mayo-dressed crispy prawns atop a bed of shredded iceberg lettuce, infused with just the perfect amount of wasabi to pack a punch, are a remarkable illustration of how different layers are layered properly in each dish. No matter what order you consume the dishes at the restaurant, each one is superior to the last. It may look like a basic dish, but their delicate Chinese Chicken Salad (Rs. 300) is a stack of colorful vegetable logs and chicken strips covered in a hot dressing and topped with crisps to add another textural element. However, the subtle peanut butter layer in the dressing, which unites all the components and cools the heat, intensifies it.

When it comes to the “three-step wok,” the recently introduced Soba Noodles combined with prawns, oriental flavors, and chopped Tofu accents are exquisite (Rs550). The brilliant colors of the dish are emphasized by the coils of dark brown noodles, which have a slurpy consistency. The one significant drawback for the restaurant, aside from the relatively loud noises during peak hours, is the lack of disabled person access, as only a stairway leads up to the elevated entrance. If you can get over these, go to Chop Chop Wok to delight in the exquisitely prepared food without the formality that frequently goes along with them.

Del Frio

Del Frio provides clients with a wide selection of delectable food and beverage alternatives. It guarantees a distinctive and comprehensive gourmet experience with unique culinary wonders and food cooked with love, from Salads to Gourmet Sandwiches, Pancakes, and Waffles. Along with a variety of Desserts, such as Cakes and Ice-Cream, providing the ideal way to complete your meal. Everyone can find something here and have a speedy lunch or a decadent dessert.


Among the foreign-themed restaurants, Ginsoy is among the best-known in  Karachi. This restaurant offers a great variety of traditional and modern Chinese cuisines, with a team of professional chefs specially trained in styling and serving Chinese dishes. If you want to have your best pick of Chinese cuisine offered, then this is the perfect place.

Haveli Kebab & Grill

Haveli kebab and Grill are famous among youngsters looking to spend memorable time together. The restaurant specializes in its elaborately decorated and beautiful dishes of chicken, steaks, and other popular foods.

LalQila Restaurant Karachi

A restaurant that portrays the fabled grandeur of a glorious and noble past. A striking and unmistakable awareness of the beauty of our magnificent aesthetic nature. A blend and inventiveness throughout. Here you are provided with authentic Mughlai, Tandori, Live Bar-B-Que, and Traditional Pakistani cuisine at the restaurant, which is decorated in the manner of the Mughlai era.

Mandi House

Mandi house specializes in traditional Pakistani and Arabic cuisines, which are profusely reminiscent of their cultural history. This is a place for conventional-era conservative people who used to feast in public gatherings. The menu includes Afghan Tikka, traditional Bihari, Hunzai Kebab, Chicken Tandoori, etc.

P.F. Chang’s

With a vast plethora of traditional famous Chinese cuisines, P.F. Chang’s caters to all favorite Chinese dishes in Pakistan. The restaurants are Chinese-themed and represent the classic Chinese style, making them stand out against any other foreign cultured base restaurant in Karachi.


Xander offers rare cuisines and is famous for its many puddings, like the Full Sunday Roast with Yorkshire pudding is only available at this cafe or restaurant! The menu is varied and offers some intriguing fusion cuisine choices. The menu of puddings is diverse. Overall, being in the selection of restaurants is expensive, but it’s worth it due to the lovely ambiance and cozy settings.


Zeytin is the place to go if you’re seeking Turkish or Middle Eastern eateries in Karachi. They have recreated an extraordinary eating experience that you won’t soon forget by capturing the indigenous variety of the Mediterranean seashore region through Turkey. While most of the menu consists of delectable Middle Eastern and Turkish cuisine, we also incorporate elements from the Mediterranean to give it a unique touch. Meals are served in a variety of ways, from the traditional Meze manner to flavorful chargrills, so whether it is you or your friends, you may enjoy your cuisine, exchange tales, and laugh together. They provide a cozy, welcoming dining space with a memorable ambiance, making it the perfect location for all your important occasions.


Even in the choicest lists of fine dining restaurants in Karachi, Okra is consistently among the greatest. The experience offered at Okra is retained in the memory of the person long after one has taken one’s leave; thus, those memories compel the visitors to visit again. The restaurant merits the quality of the vibe and customer experience very much. The Okra restaurant’s total capacity is 45 per time, not because of lack of space but because of emphasis on quality. Few people excite less attention from all sides, and hence one can enjoy their food in peace without the familiar hustle of clattering dishes or the noise of other people. The restaurant offers reasonably modern cuisine, which is diverse in variety. This is just one of the positive aspects of Okra, which people admire among many other unique characteristics.

Café Flo

Try Café Flo for the most upscale French experience; you won’t be sorry. The patrons of this restaurant were among the first in Karachi to have authentic French food. One is compelled to pick this restaurant without a second thought when looking for the best Steak and Pasta. Due to the French proprietor, the restaurant’s décor exudes a genuine French vibe. The staff is exceptionally knowledgeable and helpful. Simply put, Café Flo is the perfect location to visit with family or friends if you are unfamiliar with the exceptional French cuisines while on the country’s border. The Café Flo is a must-visit.


This is one of the best visited, best known, and most loved restaurants, which is to be found in the pearl continental Karachi. Conservative Karachi people especially love it because of its choicest serving of well-known desi foods. Chandni is the most visited desi food locale due to this reason. Besides the countless admirable desi dishes, the restaurant is also quite famous for its buffets. The buffets present various uniquely cooked and served desi food and drinks. The buffets are offered both at lunch and dinner times. The seemingly endless varieties of cuisine offered in these famous buffets grow evermore exciting and delicious as one gradually approaches the main courses. The Chandni, due to these unique and well-admired aspects, is one of the best Karachi restaurants to visit.


As suggested by the name, Pompei is an Italian theme restaurant in Karachi that offers a vast variety of famous Italian cuisines, cooked and served in the traditional Italian style. In the locale, Pompei is another shrewd pick for gourmet dining in Karachi. Since the restaurant is frequently crowded, making a reservation in advance is preferable. At this restaurant, neither the food quality nor the speed of service is ever sacrificed. Italian cuisine, which the majority of people love, is what Pompei specializes in. So if you are in the area, whether you are familiar with Italian food or not, the Pompei cuisines are a must-try for anyone. If one is unfamiliar, one will quickly catch on to the beautiful style and delightful taste of the Italian dishes offered at the Pompei restaurant.

Koel Café

Another excellent option in Karachi for a superb dining experience is Koel Café. Because it accurately represents art, this subtly elaborated restaurant is among Karachi’s best-known and best-loved restaurants. You will be in awe of the artistic expression in the architecture and especially the professional rendition of the food presented to you. Koel Café is famous among many residents since it provides abundant cuisine to its patrons.


You can depend on Dynasty to provide Karachi’s most delicious Chinese food. You may enjoy the best cuisine at Dynasty at the Avari Towers for a very reasonable price. Your obsession with Chinese food is guaranteed to grow due to the 103 meals Dynasty offers. It would help if you tried this restaurant, without a doubt. After one has taken leave, one can still reminisce about the famous prawns and chicken presented at Dynasty for a very long time. The restaurant is a beautiful product of excellent care, the most delectable flavors, and the ideal atmosphere, making it worth every penny you spend.


The vibe of the food and other edibles presented at Kababjees leaves a lasting impression on your tastes that is just as alluring as the restaurant’s name. You won’t question why this restaurant is one of Karachi’s best after tasting its cuisine. Numerous good online reviews for Kababjees make it easier for many people to pick this one restaurant out of the many others available in their close vicinities. The food’s flavor and atmosphere score a solid 10 out of 10. Indeed, one must leave the final impression on the customers at the end, so it is recommended that anyone visiting Karachi or living in Karachi must visit this beautifully constructed restaurant amidst the ever-growing metropolitan tastes of Karachi.

Paramount Fine Foods

This restaurant is most known for its great shawarmas, so upon entry, one can be sure of getting introduced to sampling some mouthwatering shawarma platters. This restaurant is especially recommended for shawarma lovers, as the chefs explicitly specialize in shawarma. You can be assured that here you will find the best shawarmas compared to any other choice restaurants. If you want to experience authentic Lebanese cuisine, Paramount Fine Foods can be your ideal resort. Additionally, it is not overly pricey. Because good food is scarce, you can no longer resist your urges. The folks at Paramount Fine Foods have you covered. Both the ambiance and the food are excellent at this restaurant. Bring your pals or venture out on your own; either way, it’s worth a visit for everyone.

Kolachi Restaurant

There are certainly good reasons why Kolachi is rarely the target of complaints. Kolachi has consistently provided the best food for its patrons and admirers. You will find the feeling of great delicacy, precision, and perfection in every dish you order at Kolachi, all of which speaks of the immense care that goes into each cuisine’s preparation. Kolachi, situated in Do Darya, has consistently succeeded in gaining the affection of the residents due to its breathtaking scenery. The restaurant can effortlessly make it divine no matter what you’re eating. This restaurant’s setting and enchanting surroundings are its most excellent features, especially around dusk. It is a memorable dining experience because of the ocean view and brisk wind. Eating while taking in the view of the ocean is similar to dining on a cruise ship. Food is a multi-sensory experience that does more than sate your appetite.

 The Chicken Handi with the BBQ served here outdo all the previous tastes a person has had of the chicken handi. In addition to their renowned and delicious Paneer Reshmi Handi and Chicken Karahi, they have also received recognition for their outstanding customer service. This is further strengthened when they make a remarkable move to demonstrate how far they would go to satisfy their clients. Kolachi, an open restaurant above the sea, has to ensure that the customers can handle difficulties due to the severe nighttime rains that Karachi is used to. They give out temporal umbrellas to the guests. The visitors undoubtedly relish their typical Kolachi experience and are treated to exceptional customer service.

Most Expensive Restaurant in Karachi

Café Flo

Café Flo is a place it can make you feel like you’re in a French villa and is one of Karachi’s most upscale restaurants providing French food. In 1998, the business in Karachi first opened its doors. It was the city’s first restaurant to serve genuine French cuisine. This restaurant’s most distinctive and expensive dishes include the Café Flo Apple Tart for dessert, Aged Angus Tomahawk, Crab Bisque, and Fresh Gigas Oysters. The price of their Certified Angus Strip loin is PKR 3780 Plus Tax.

 It is one of their menu items with the highest price tag. Because Florence Villers, the restaurant’s French owner, runs it, the food and the decor are distinctly French. Due to its enormous popularity, Café Flo has hosted a series of launch parties and has long been the location of celebrity get-togethers and aristocrats of all backgrounds. Live music is one of the many enjoyable elements at Café Flo and many others. As people eat their meals, they are tremendously entertained. This restaurant’s decorated terrace is encircled by luxuriant green trees, which create a seductive ambiance.

Further Information: Location: Block 4 Clifton, Karachi, D82, 26th Street

Hours of Operation: 12:00-4:00 PM and 7:00 PM–12:00 AM (Mon-Sun)

Phone number: (021) 35830018

Okra Restaurant

Okra is incredibly well-known for its Mediterranean food and has a sitting capacity of just 45 people. One of Karachi’s priciest restaurants for dining out is this one. The most incredible Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and vegetarian cuisine is on the menu. A Tuscan Style Fillet of Beef with Parmesan Asparagus Risotto, Mediterranean Mezza Platter, and Chilli Prawns with Avocado is among its many pricey culinary specialties. You would be astounded by the cost of a single plate of Fillet Steak with Morel Sauce, which is given at PKR 3,345 + GST. Okra, a fine dining establishment in Karachi, opened its doors in the Zamzama neighborhood in 1999. This eatery offers a straightforward yet exquisite design. Diners will enjoy a relaxed and welcoming ambiance here. Okra offers its clients flawless service thanks to its helpful and kind team.

Location: Zamzama Commercial Area Phase 5, DHA, Karachi, 12-C 10th Commercial Lane.

Business Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 12:30–3:00 PM, 7:30–11:30 PM; Sunday, 12:30–3:30 PM; closed Mondays

Call (021) 35831350 with questions or to make reservations.

Café Aylanto

One of Karachi’s most upscale and pricey restaurants, Café Aylanto serves a delectable selection of Mediterranean food. When this restaurant opened, it offered several cuisines with uncommon Pakistani components. It included Oysters, Italian coffees, and Gelato; furthermore, it became famous for its unique non-conventional sandwiches, all of which were considered pretty modern regarding the general public’s tastes.

Regular diners frequently order dishes like the Chicken Avocado Sandwich, the Fiery Chilli Sole, the Adelanto Grilled Burger, and the Pan-Seared Norwegian Pink Salmon when people visit this restaurant. These are included among the most expensive offerings at café Aylanto today. The most costly dish at this eatery is a plate of grilled serving prawns, which runs a whopping PKR 2,135 + GST. After the Zamzama outlet received an overwhelmingly positive response, Café Aylanto was moved to the renowned Block 4 dining area in the Clifton Karachi neighborhood. Diners at this restaurant enjoy a wonderful culinary and dining experience.

Location: Clifton, Karachi, D-141, Block 4, 33-A Street,

Hours of Operation: 7:45 AM–12:00 AM (Mon-Sun)

Call (021) 35309869 with questions or to make reservations.


Another superb restaurant in the DHA Karachi neighborhood is called Pompei. With a capacity of just 41, it is a modest space. It is preferable to call beforehand to secure a reservation before going to the restaurant because there are only a limited number of seats available. This is because, at the Pompei restaurant, the staff and officials are concerned about enhancing the atmosphere. As more people in line and waiting make a fuss, it is recommended to always call before leaving your home. This way, it gets more accessible for the staff to manage your space while working with others. Italian cuisine is Pompeii’s specialty.

 This restaurant offers a wide selection of tasty Italian dishes, which is the ideal treat for foodies. Their distinctive offerings include Shrimp Ravioli, Ribeye Steak, and Red Snapper with Lemon Parmesan Cheese. Astonishingly, Pompei’s T-Bone New Zealand Grain Fed Beef costs PKR 4,850 + GST. Despite the price, the growing popularity of the choicest cuisines at Pompei’s bears the mark of their over-the-top quality and service, which is why people keep visiting, and the relative cuisines keep getting evermore famous.

Location: Near Shapes Health Club, Gym & Fitness Center on 39 McNeil Road in Karachi Cantonment Area

Hours of Operation: Mon-Sat, 12:30-4:00 PM, 8:00 PM -12:00 AM Sunday, 12:00-4:00 PM, 8:00 PM-12:00 AM (Sunday)

Call (021) 35214684 with questions or to make reservations.


Despite being an outdated establishment (in terms of being older than others hitherto described), Sakura is one of Karachi’s priciest restaurants because it is a component of the Pearl Continental Hotel. This restaurant’s specialty is Japanese food. The best Sushi is given to you here. They have delicacies like Salmon Foiru Yaki, Black Code Tempura, Grilled Lobster with Truffle Yaki, and Gyu Curry Ramen on their menu that are worth tasting. If you want to eat any of these meals served at Sakura, you will undoubtedly have to fork up a considerable sum. The Beef Tenderloin on their menu is the most costly item and costs PKR 4100 + GST, but it’s well worth it.

Location: Club Rd, Civil Lines, PC Hotel, Karachi.

Hours of Operation: 12:30-3:30 and 7:30-11:30

Note: the timings are the same for all seven days of the week.

Call (021) 111 505 505 to make inquiries or reservations.


One of Karachi’s top Chinese restaurants is Dynasty at Avari Tower. The sensation of eating in a long-gone restaurant is more akin to going back in time. The menu at Dynasty provides a staggering 103 distinct Chinese meals with a lovely combination of delectable ingredients, making your dining experience even more thrilling. When you visit this upscale restaurant, you should order the Chicken Cashew Nuts, Spicy Schezwan Sizzler, and Gong-Bao Prawns. Before coming over to this restaurant, you need to make a reservation. The restaurant’s pricier dish, Dynasty Fried Prawn with Wasabi Prawn, costs PKR 1,400 + GST per serving.

Location: Cantonment Area, Karachi, Avari Towers Fatima Jinnah Road.

Hours of Operation: 12:00-3:30 PM and 7:00-11:30 PM

Note: the timings apply to all seven days of the week.

Contact Avari Tower at (021) 111 282 747 for questions or reservations.

50 Best Restaurants in Karachi

The most well-known and lesser-known restaurants in Karachi include:

Bar B.Q. Tonight

—Burger O’Clock

—Chop Chop Wok

—Del Frio


—Haveli Kebab & Grill

—LalQila Restaurant Karachi

—Mandi House

—P.F. Chang’s



—Al Habib Restaurant

—Alaska Restaurant


—Bella Vita

—Casa Villa


—Côte Rôtie

—Kababjees Bakers

—Food Centre

—Gazebo Restaurant

—Shaikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House


—Kolachi Restaurant

—Naan Stop

—Marco Polo

—Paramount Fine Foods



—Rajdhani Delights

—Rangoli Restaurant

—Ridan House of Mandi

—Rosati Bistro

—Royal Taj Restaurant

—Saltanat Restaurant

—Shaheen Shinwari

—TAO – Pan Asian

—The Patio

—The Valley Restaurant

—Zameer Ansari

—Asia Live


—Okra Restaurant

—The East End



—Daily Dubai Restaurant

—Ala Rahi

—Sajjad Restaurant

—Anwar Baloch Restaurant & Fast Food                     


1.      Which is the best restaurant in Karachi DHA?

Every restaurant has its perks and defects, but as the customers’ ratings suggest, Kolachi remains their famous restaurant in the area and the most loved one.

2.      Which is the best restaurant on Highway Karachi?

Kebabjees highway restaurant is considered the best highway restaurant in Karachi.