Best Steak in Karachi

Today it is easy to find good steaks in Karachi. With the advent of popular modern cuisines and fast food culture, in the innovative metropolis of even the middle – eastern cities, traditional foods are often eclipsed by the ever-growing influence of Fast Food. The diversity in fast foods has influenced almost all the restaurants in Karachi and as well as local street vendors, who also work around the clock to provide local people with the best Fast Food experience, mixed in with Desi Mannerisms, which itself is reminiscent of the Classics traditionalist Spirit of the Pakistani People.

Thanks to this movement, even the ordinary person is now well-informed about the Best Steakhouse in Karachi. These growing tendencies make everyone enjoy the Best chicken steaks in Karachi and the Best beef steaks in Karachi. Karachi’s people have converted Western Fast food into their Desi delicacy by mixing them with popular ingredients and cooking them in a certain Desi way. Thus, Pakistani fast foods are initially People’s own. Following are some of Karachi’s best Fast food and steakhouses, which keep this newly found tradition alive.

15 Best Steak Houses in Karachi

Arizona Grill

Karachi locals say Arizona Grill is the best steak restaurant in Karachi. This steakhouse was among the first American-themed steakhouses to open in Pakistan, bearing the name of one of the most significant American states. Arizona Grill is today regarded as one of Karachi’s most excellent steakhouses. A large portion with the best flavor imaginable at a reasonable price. Visit Arizona Grill to sample the most fabulous steaks in Karachi.

Currently, this steakhouse provides delicious meals, desserts, and beverages in a magnificent and tranquil setting where the lighting, music, and décor are all created with your comfort in mind. A broad, savory cuisine, including starters, Soups & Salads, Burgers & Sandwiches, Steaks, Chicken, Italian, Mexican, and seafood, is offered at Arizona Grill Restaurant in Karachi. With Steaks, the menu extends to desserts, specialty coffees, and flavored teas to accompany your meal.

Best Steak: Beef or Chicken Steak With Shrimps and Sauces.

Location: Block 1 Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh

Contact: 0333 2188243

Timing: 12:30 pm to 1 am. It closes one hour early on Fridays.

Jason’s Steak House

This is one of the top steakhouses in Karachi. One of the five-star hotels in the P.C. brand, the Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi, houses Jason’s Steak House on its maximum level. The location is perfect for two-person couples and small gatherings of friends and family because it is quaint and private. It’s a beautiful location for holding business meetings as well. Because it uses imported Meat, Beef, and marinated steak cuts, the restaurant is more expensive than most.

Everything involved, from getting the ingredients, cooking them up, and serving them fresh to customers, is handled with extraordinarily professional and delicate care. Here you can enjoy the most premium steaks in Karachi while being done in front of a picture of Karachi’s skyline. The most excellent steaks and other special meals are served at Jason’s Steak House and created using the US Black Aberdeen Breed heritage. Every steak enthusiast’s dream comes true with the finest cuts prepared to perfection. The chefs who handle the food are experienced and provide the most exquisite delicacies in Karachi.

Best Steak: Prime Cuts and Rib are among the most loved.

Location: Pearl Continental Karachi, Club Road, Karachi, Pakistan

Contact: | (021) 111 505 505

Timing: 7:30 am to 11:30 pm

Gunsmoke Restaurant

One of the most excellent Malls in Pakistan, The Dolmen Shopping Complex, features this restaurant. The restaurant has a “different” motif, and the patrons are cowboy-themed. The sheriff cut beef pepper steak (with a must-have serving of creamed spinach), and the blue cheese turkey bacon beef burger is also outstanding. The meat is exceptional and doesn’t vary significantly from meal to meal. A medium steak will be delivered if you ask for one, which is unusual elsewhere globally. It’s not a place you should hang out after supper because it’s crowded and improper for passing the time.

 When it comes to the tastiest steaks, the people of Karachi are most familiar with these places. You can visit and go yourself if that is preferable since there are seating spaces for solo customers, or you can bring a visiting parent when you want to spend time with your family. Groups of friends are also welcomed in the exquisite and homely setting of the Gunsmoke Restaurant.

Gun Smoke Steakhouse offers a captivating dine-in experience. The service is kind and professional, and meals are consistently delivered on time with enticing presentation and delectable flavor. Starters and Appetizers, Steaks served with Soup, Salad, a Fruit bar, Pasta, gourmet Burgers, and much more are all available on the menu.

Best Steak: Prime Fillet Cowboy Beefsteak.

Location: Dolmen Mall, 2nd Floor Food Court, Abdus Sattar Edhi Avenue, Karachi

Contact: 0302 8265592

Timing: 10 to 12 am.

CFU – Steak Karachi

One of Karachi’s best steakhouses is CFU Steak Karachi, with the highest ratings among Karachi’ Steakhouses. With appetizers, the customers are served about eight sidelines on a single platter. Due to the variety of tastes and large serving size, it is ideal for steak enthusiasts. The soothing sensation is something else to anticipate. Due to the strong demand, you can reserve a table in advance.

Therefore, CFU Steak Karachi is a worthy contestant in the best Steakhouses of Karachi if you’re in Karachi and have a taste for Steak. It tends to give the customers a friendly vibe so they can be themselves among strangers. CFU emphasizes personal touch and human sentiments beyond the usual customer-waiter relation. Side dishes on the menu may include Creamed Spinach, Grilled Mushrooms, Scorched Garlic, and fancy Pickled Vegetables.

Best Steak: Might Grilled Chicken Foot-long and Large Beef Fillet Steak.

Location: 6C Old Sunset Blvd، opposite post office, D.H.A. Phase 2 Karachi

Contact: 0311 1000238

Timing: 12 pm to 12 am. On Monday and Tuesday, it opens at 1 pm.

The Patio

Another highly regarded steakhouse in Karachi is The Patio, one of the city’s steakhouses in block-4 Clifton. The location is excellent for small parties and couples because it is less crowded and provides a cozy atmosphere. Fans of Steak love the combination of soft Beef that has been expertly cooked with various sauces. The Patio, with its unique delicacy and ambiance, preserves and displays Western and Eastern cultures via food.

Here the customer is treated with excellent sidelines with the main courses, and several starters are available before appetizers. Different types of Salads, including Patio’s Special Caesar Salad, are well-loved and ordered on demand daily. Patio’s soups are a delight of their own, being among the very marked Vegetarian restaurants that also serve meat-less cuisines to people inclined towards them. Considering comparatively, the ratings of Patio given by happy customers always speak volumes about the homely treatment of staff and exquisite tastes of their cuisines. So If you are a foodie in Karachi, you must visit this place.

 Best Steak: Caprese Grilled Fillet Mignon, Steak Au Gratin, Pepper Beef Fillet, and Grilled Fillet Mignon.

Location: F-50/1 F-Street, Block 4 Clifton, Karachi

Contact: 0300 8291936

Timing: 8 am to 12 am

Meat the Cheese

Meat The Cheese is a recent addition to Karachi’s dining options. Despite being new, the brand is supported by the renowned restaurant “Grotto Cafe.”

Meat The Cheese gained popularity for serving Cheese in a slab style straight at your table, which is original. This location is heaven on earth for cheese lovers. 

 If you prefer your Steak cheesy but juicy, Meat the Cheese is the place for you. It serves the most fabulous steaks in Karachi. The best order is the Chateaubriand steak, a prime-cut steak grilled before you if you want something specific.

Best Steak: The Chateaubriand Steak

Location: Tipu Sultan Rd, Karachi Memon Co-operative Housing Society Karachi Memon Society PECHS, Karachi.

Contact: 0311 1243373

Timing: 12 pm to 12 am

Okra Restaurant

Okra is one of the best-known and most heard-of Restaurants in Karachi. The demand for Okra steaks has been high ever since its conception. When looking at food from an artistic standpoint, it explores the concept of a connection between the meal, the maker, and the diner and the context in which those three interact. Okra serves meals in a simple yet exquisite style. The food’s elegance, aroma, and flavor entice even the taste buds in addition to the sight. The ability for foodies to perceive taste and fragrance artistically is provided by the growing hybrid culinary art form of Okra, which we must welcome while also keeping an eye out for.

The special Fillet Steak and Mushrooms served with Cheese and Potatoes are the essence of this place. The meat, Chicken or Beef, is exceptionally well cooked to a delicate tenderness, which leaves its juice flowing down your body so that the person automatically starts eating slowly to live each moment of such a sublime experience. This delicacy is further intensified by introducing Blue Cheese and crisp Potatoes. 

Best Steak: Fillet Steak with linings of Roasted Cheese and Mushrooms.

Location: Plot 12- C 10th Commercial Ln, Zamzama Commercial Area Defence V Karachi

Contact: (021) 35866616


Saturday                           12 am–5 pm, 7:30–11:30 pm

Sunday                             12 pm–3:30 am

Monday                           Closed

Tuesday to Friday           12:30–3 pm, 7–11 pm

15 Best Steakhouses in Karachi

—The Patio

—Koffie Chalet

—Salvage Steakhouse


—Steak CFU

—Jason’s Steak House



—Roadhouse Kitchen

—Angus Steak House


—Meat The Cheese

—ZEST Steak & Grill

—Casa Villa

—The Valley Restaurant


What is the most famous steakhouse?

Jason’s Steak House, Arizona Grill, and Okra are the Most famous in Karachi.

Where to eat incredible Steak in Karachi?

Brilliant Restaurants specializes in Steaks Like Okra, Arizona Grill, and Jason’s Steak House offer the best Steaks.


Steaks are loved by anyone who has ever tried them; those who are unaware of the exquisite delicacies surrounding them, whether Beef or Chicken, are out to try them as soon as time permits. Once a person is introduced to the essence of Karachi’s Steakhouse, they become so imbued in one’s taste buds, memory, and experience that one keeps returning to them almost involuntarily; such is the great joy of experiencing the complete offerings of these Restaurants by yourself. If you live in Karachi and are near these great places, check them out. Their prestige overshadows even the most popular Restaurants elsewhere in the Subcontinent!