Iftar Buffet Karachi

One of the famous movements in the food category has been increasing the value and popularity of buffets. With the rise of buffets organized in every other Restaurant, the Ramadan buffet in Karachi has also reached its peak popularity. Thousands of people visit Karachi iftar buffets and try to end their fast in a single company. Iftar dinner buffet in Karachi has thus gained much popularity among youth and adults.

Following, also referred to as Karachi, iftar buffet Restaurants are among the best buffet places, especially for Iftar in Karachi.

17 Best Iftar Buffet in Karachi : Top Iftar Deals and Dinners


Without a doubt, Chaupal has a beautiful atmosphere, and you may unwind there after a long, busy day of fasting in the summer with the sweltering heat of Karachi. Both inside and outdoor eating options are fantastic and relaxing. Because it has an excellent Iftar Buffet, you can eat there during Ramadan with your relations, friends, family, etc.

Chaupal professionalizes in exotic Pakistani foods. So at the buffet, the dishes are laden with national food, presented under a national ambiance, in a national-friendly and homely manner. At the famous buffets of Chaupal, you will not be left in need. In Ramadan, this specific place exceeds all others in its vast menu diversity. There are deserts of all types, with drinks and starters which cater to all your possible needs.

Iftar Menu


Clear Vegetable Soup

Cream of Mushroom Soup

Chinese & Thai

Thai Noodles

In Continental:

Grilled Chicken

Mini Burger


Shami Kabab

Vegetable Cutlets Orange Chicken

Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Chowmein

Thai Noodles


Grilled Prawns

Reshmi Kebab

Chicken Boti

Malai Boti

Kabuli Kebab

Fried Seafood

Fried Fish


Makhni Handi

Mutton Karahi



Brain Masala

Dal Makhni

Palak Paneer

Red Beans

Allo Tarkari

Chicken Biryani

Chicken Sajji


Mutton Pcs. With Ozzi Rice

Halwa Puri

Price: 1580 Rs. Per head Including Tax.

Contact: 03003716888, 03008985222

Location: Rooftop of Suzuki North motors, Block B F-94, Karachi

LalQila Restaurant

Within the general vicinity of Karachi, LalQila Restaurant represents itself as a hallmark of progress; concerning the development of food tastes, varieties, deviations, and persistence of delicacies. LalQila is one of the best places in Pakistan to break your fast. The mission of Lal Qila Restaurant Karachi, situated in Main Shahrah-e-Faisal, Sindh, Pakistan, is to offer its patrons high-quality cuisine services, including dinner, high tea, lunch buffet, and Sunday brunch, party hall, seminars, and free delivery and takeaway service.

The best thing about this Restaurant is that all the food is freshly prepared and always delicious. Because of this, everyone who comes here, including families, tourists, students, and foreigners, is happy to join in on the fun and enjoy the live food as much as possible for a very affordable price.

The workers are known for being kind and helpful, and the Restaurant’s services have been carried out professionally. Wedding ceremonies, parties, and other sporadic activities can be conducted in the Lal Qila Restaurant’s Banquet Hall with outstanding professionalism and discipline.

This one is one of the most popular restaurants among people who enjoy fine food. It provides an infinite variety of dishes to its customers in a very professional manner. These dishes include Chinese, a wide range of soups, many desserts, traditional Pakistani fare, Muglai dishes, kinds of Seafood, barbecue, continental, and various types of salads, among others that can be conventionally displayed in front of the customers.

This is the ideal place for families and friend groups, especially those with children. Since LalQila takes exceptional care of them by designating their childishness to be playful, full of mirth areas (consigned for kids, that is;) where they can play without disturbing adults after their meals.

With outstanding professionalism, Lal Qila Restaurants offers excellent services to tourists in various cities and nations, including Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Johannesburg. 

Iftar Menu:


Cream of Mushroom Soup

Hot n Sour Soup.

Pakistani Foods


Pav Bhaji

Mumbai Biryani

Mutton Karachi

Allo Batata


Beef Samosa

Chapli Kabab

Masala Dosa

Rustam Curry

Kunna Mutton Paya

Bar BeQue

Till Wala Tikka

Murali Kabab

Afghani Kabab

Reshmi kabab

Mughlai Foods

 Shahzada Saleem Khas

Chicken White Handi

Stir Fry Vegetable

Desh Pardesh

Nawabi Kofta



Italian Salad

Lobia Beans

Mexican Salad

Thai Salad

Jahangiri Salad

Cole Slaw

Red Bean


Beetroot Salad

Continental Foods

Chicken Burger

Shahi Batair

French Fries

Chinese Foods

Vegetable Chowmein

Fish Samandari Moti

Chinese Fried Rice

White Manchurian

Chicken / Beef Chilli


 Khubani ka Meetha

Jelly Mouse

Shahi Tukra

Parwaz e Saughat

Mint Cake

Coconut Custard

Pineapple Crunch Souffle

Saat Saamandar paar

Lab e Sheeren

Chocolate Brownie

Fruit Tart


Price: For adults, the fixed price with taxes is 2390 Rs, while for children, it is 1190 Rs (Per person).

Contact: +92 111-525-745

 +92 (321) 2219000 | +92 (321) 2719000


Location: 10/A, M.A.C.H.S. ، Main Shahrah-e-Faisal Rd, Mohammad Ali Society, Karachi

Cafeela Restaurant

Everybody will find something they like at the Cafeela Restaurant in Karachi because there are four different cuisines to select from: Chinese, Pakistani, Thai, or Seafood, which individually entail a vast and diverse menu. Everything needed for the ideal dining experience is also provided by the official delivery service, from appetizers to B.B.Q. to desserts, of Cafeela Restaurant. The Cafeela restaurant offers its Iftar dinner buffet in Karachi with various foods that may be ordered online if you cannot personally make it. An extensive menu is available from which to choose multiple cuisines.

Starters are available in unending amounts, for example, Chaat, Dahi puri, Barbecue dishes like Beef Behari or Seafood, and delectable dishes made with Italian, Chinese, or Thai cuisine. You can find delicious varieties in the new section, including Chicken Shawarma. Desserts like Kheer and Cafeela’s Fruit Chat can be added to the menu as tasty options. Suppose you cannot make it to the buffet to the usual night out dinner. In that case, you can also order selections from any cuisines, as mentioned earlier, from Cafeela online and have a delectable lunch or dinner delivered to your workplace or home. 

Iftar Menu: Selections are Available from the following:












Contact: +92-21-35845618, +92-321-9256235, +92-21-300-9256235

Location: Main Shahbaz Commercial Area, Phase 6 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi

Shan e Mughlia Restaurant

When it comes to the grandest and most well-organized Buffet places, Shan e Mughlia Restaurant trumps all others. This exotic and beautifully managed, and expertly curated Restaurant specializes in Buffets. It offers a wide variety of delectable dishes, with at least 100 or more being unique. These dishes include Pakistani, Chinese, Italian, Indian, Continental, Chinese, Mughlai, and many other delectable dishes. Once in a while, they’ll set up a traditional round table meal for the customer’s liking. Guests can enjoy it with their family and friends inside the foliage.

The best buffet restaurant in Pakistan is called Shan-e-Mughlia. The incredible buffet has been dubbed the largest in Asia. It is situated on the same site as the former Drive-In movie theatre, next to the Millennium Mall at the end of National Stadium Road. At least 92 different menus are available at Shan E Mughlia Restaurant, with the majority featuring Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Continental, and Italian cuisine.

During Ramadan, the area becomes overcrowded primarily during the Iftar hour. In addition to many other dishes, Iftar is served with Rolls, Samosas, and Dahi Bhalla. One can enjoy the buffet in a formal setting in a lovely garden-like open field divided by gravel walks for private seating. Additionally, one may choose to eat at a conventional circular table or the legendary “Takht-e-Mughlia.” Due to the very affordable prices, Shan-e-Mughlia also accommodates a variety of parties, functions, and special events like wedding ceremonies for small gatherings.

So by now, Shan e Mughlia is a well-known buffet restaurant and banquet hall in Sindh, Pakistan; Shan-e-Mughlia Restaurant Karachi is situated at Plot No. 118, Dalmia Road. Famous chef Zakir Naik owns it, and his son is currently running the well-known Restaurant in a very competent manner. 

It is also known as a Banquet Hall, which has become a popular Restaurant in Pakistan and has carved out a name for itself by offering the most incredible food to its patrons. Due to their excellent food quality and popularity. Several functions, events, birthday parties, special occasions like wedding ceremonies, small gatherings, and more customary occasions have been planned in a very traditional manner, which remains reminiscent of culture and History. The Old folk love to dine at the Shan – e- Mughlia because of their persistence in curating these modernly structured gigantic places in a traditionalist and nationalist manner. This is also why people cling to it, being proud of their origins, culture, tradition, language, and History.

The Shan e Mughlia Famous iftar buffets offer a welcoming discount to all fasters, with a special deal for children.

Iftar Menu:


Children Counter


Naar Bar

Dessert Bar




Traditional / Exotic

Salad Bar

Fried Items

Pakistani Sweets

Ice cream Bar

Price: 1740 Rs for adults per head and 850 Rs for children.

Contact: +92 (21) 34823604 | +92 (21) 34823597 |  +92 9322) 6844542

Location: Shan-e-Mughlia Restaurant, Plot no 118, Dalmia Road, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.


At Kababjees, you can either eat indoors or outside. The peaceful surroundings and the intense desire to return are never enough, intensified during Ramadan. Now you may fully enjoy the enchantment while making unforgettable memories. Several different cuisines are available under one roof at Kababjees. Discover the world’s flavors with Continental and Chinese delights before you even consider the variety and brilliance of their B.B.Q. Grill. Kababjees’ Iftar buffet will be mouthwateringly wonderful because their cuisine is excellent.

Iftar Menu: Iftar: Chicken Wings, Fried Fish, Pakoray, French Fries, Dahi Balay, Gulab Jamun, Dates etc.


Tandoor Corner

Continental foods

Exotic / Sindhi and Traditional


Price: Adults: 2399 Rs per head | Under 10: 1699 Rs per head | Under 4: Free.

Contact: 111-666-111

Locations: Do Darya, Shaheed-e-Millat, Highway, and Hyderabad.

Café Chatterbox

One of Karachi’s first cafés, Chatterbox, offers meals with a delectable choice in diverse cuisines while considering everyone’s preferences. Customers here can easily lay off their day’s stress, that is, of work or other personal matters, and enjoy a delectable, informal dinner at Cafe Chatterbox, which has been intended to offer a contemporary, vibrant, and welcoming setting. The inviting seating, the earthy tables, and the soothing colors all add to the tranquil ambiance.

A space with a sofa and books for kids and adults has been expressly set up to foster a welcoming and family-oriented atmosphere. Customers’ comfort was taken into consideration when designing the space. Cafe Chatterbox is a welcoming place to meet with friends, host family dinners, or drop by for gourmet desserts and coffee after work. During Ramadan, they provide a variety of Iftar and Sehri buffets, and the calm setting is perfect for unwinding after a protracted and weary fast.

Iftar Menu: Soups: Including Mushroom and Prawn Soups.

Starters of different types


Homemade Pasta


Noodles and Rice Bowl




And Tea

(Also Includes main courses specials: Seared Beef Strips with Soy Chilli Sauce, Chicken with Tomato, Cucumber & Marinate, Grilled Chicken Moroccan Sauce)

Price: 1680 Rs. Per Head

Contact: (021) 35156019

Location: 58 C Khayaban-e-Muslim, Bukhari Commercial Area Phase 6 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi

Kolachi Restaurant

One of Karachi’s well-known eateries is Kolachi, and the view of Do Darya will captivate your senses. The atmosphere is relaxing, and the sea will instantly settle your racing thoughts. The more than 50 delicacies at the iftar buffet will undoubtedly make your Iftar special. You may find both the foods for Iftar and dinner there because it is more akin to an Iftar and dinner buffet. Dahi Baray, Samosay, Pakoray, Lahori Fish, Channa Chat, Mexican Wings, Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, Drinks, and Sauces are all in their iftar menu. To learn more about their Iftar menu, call the provided number.

Iftar Menu:

Dahi Baray


Different Assorted Pakora

Lahori Fish

Drum Sticks

Chana Chat

Mexican Wings


Gulab Jamun



 Price: 1290 Rs plus Tax.

Contact: (021) 111111001

Location: D.H.A., Phase 8, Karachi, Do Darya.

Lasania Restaurant

The Lasania restaurant is one of Pakistan’s best, and there are locations throughout the country’s cities. Since the Restaurant is wholly equipped and air-conditioned, you do not need to be concerned about the intense Karachi heat. The staff is friendly and helpful, offering an incredible Iftar feast at a low cost.

 Iftar Menu & Price:

Party Menu “A” – Rs. 2399:

Soup or W/O

Full Lamb Roast (100P) or Mutton Roast (PCS)

Chicken Steam Roast

Prawn or Fish

Batair Roast

Seekh Kabab (Chicken or Beef)

Chicken Handi(W/B) or Chicken Karahi

Mutton Palak

Biryani (Chicken or Motton)

Roghni Naan and Plain Naan

Variety of Salad

Sweet Bar with Ice Cream

 Party Menu “B” – Rs. 2199:


Mutton Roast Pieces

Prawn or Fish

Chicken Steam Roast

Seekh Kabab (Chicken or Beef)

Chicken Handi (with Bone)

Palak Paneer

Biryani (Chicken or Motton)

Chicken White Qorma

Roghni Naan and Plain Naan

Variety of Salad

Party Menu “C” – Rs. 1849:

Chicken Steam Roast

Palak Paneer

Lahori Fish

Biryani (Chicken or Motton)

Chicken Karahi

Chicken White Qorma

Seekh Kabab

Roghni Naan and Plain Naan

Variety of Salad

Sweet Bar

Sweet Bar with Ice Cream

Party Menu “D” – Rs. 1699:

Chicken Steam Roast

Seekh Kabab

Makhan Saag

Chicken Handi (With Bone)

Chicken Biryani

Chicken Qorma

Roghni Naan and Plain Naan

Variety of Salad

Sweet Bar.

 Contact: (021) 34991156

Location: D1، Main Rashid Minhas Rd، near Bank Alfalah, Block 10-A Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi 

Clock Tower Restaurant:

One of the top destinations for customers is the recently opened Restaurant on Karachi’s seashore. The comprehensive menu, which offers a wide variety of foods, is well-liked by many people. Its picturesque seaside vistas and sunset views make it the perfect setting for your upcoming Iftar supper. The package is reasonably priced if you want to spend less on Iftar. Call the number provided below for additional details about their iftar buffet menu.

Iftar Menu:

Steak a Wish Grill

Continental Dressings

Desi Chat


Fried Station


Salad and Pickles


Price: 1250 Rs per head

Contact: 0300 1112873

Location: Plot 3b Abdul Sattar Edhi Ave, Phase 6 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi

 10- B.Q. Tonight

This great and beautiful Restaurant is situated in the Clifton district of Karachi. Buffets for Iftar and Sehri are also offered at Bar B.Q., usually during Ramadan. The rooftop area is perfect for outstanding and magnificent natural views of Karachi Lights and starlit sky, which is why it serves as one of the best dining areas after a weary Fast. If you want continental and traditional Pakistani food, this is the place to go.

The Iftar Buffets consist of different Cuisines with various B.B.Q., rice options, and several delicious desserts.

Price: 2000 Rs plus Tax.

Contact: (021) 111227111

Location: Boating Basin, Clifton, Karachi.

Below mentioned are some of the more popular Iftar Buffet places in Karachi

Usmania Restuarant

—The Valley Restaurant

—Saltanat Restaurant

—Haveli Kebab & Grill



—Bella Vita

—Coconut Grove

—Del Frio

—Heritage Restaurant


Karachi is one of the modern world cosmopolitan goliaths of middle-east. While modern innovations spring up incessantly, people tend to form their lives according to them, and hence these innovations grow positively directly proportional to public acceptance. For many decades, Karachi has been serving the best traditional and ethnic cuisine in all of its best restaurants. Many ingredients and gadgets are imported daily from overseas nations to conform to their cuisines and present them to Pakistani people. With the flow of these modern tendencies towards ethnic cuisine, the national spirit of Karachi’s people has not faded, and they still crave more traditional and desi foods, which the children grow up with. All the Restaurants hitherto mentioned have deserved their merits and respect and are well worth visiting by every true foodie in Karachi.