Best Biryani in Karachi

Karachi is known for its extravaganza food options, and the most loved food, without any doubt, is Biryani. Italy is known for its Pizza and Pasta, while Karachi has the best Biryani in the country. Having Biryani in Karachi is a no-brainer. All the visitors are always on the search for Karachi’s famous Biryani.

It doesn’t matter what time it is, and Biryani is everyone’s favorite food at any given the time of day. Many restaurants claim to make Karachi’s best Biryani, but this can only be judged if a person has tried Biryani from multiple places. Hundreds of restaurants, roadside cafes, and stalls serve Biryani in many styles for a big city like Karachi. Finding the best Biryani restaurant in Karachi is challenging.

The Biryani must be your favorite if you love food and specially desi food. It is a special meal that makes everyone happy, whether it is a wedding, a birthday, or an office gathering. The only constant food item is Biryani. It is one food item that uplifts the whole menu at any gathering. Don’t we all love Biryani for Lunch, Dinner, and often as an evening meal?

Karachi is known to serve the best Biryani in the country, and it has been a debate among many cities about which city got the best Biryani. Food lovers and visitors say no other place has matched Karachi’s Biryani. Biryani is one of the best rice dishes in Pakistan. It is an excellent mix of rice and meat alongside various flavors.

Nothing beats the sensation of having a biryani following a bustling day. It usually is ready in the houses since everybody partakes in the flavor of this spicy rice. Over the long haul, this feast has concocted bunches of assortments, including chicken, beef mutton, vegetable, and fish biryani.

Karachi is where you can undoubtedly track down this enticing food thing. At all of the best Biryani restaurants in Karachi, it is typically presented with a unique kind of raita alongside a serving of mixed salad. A portion of food can be delighted in any weather and practically at each event.

If you want to try Karachi’s famous Biryani and need help knowing where to get lip-smacking Biryani in Karachi, then you can check the following places.

18 Best Biryani Places in Karachi

Mirchi 360 Biryani

Mirchi 360 is known for its many unique dishes, one of them being Karachi’s best Biryani. Their Sindhi Biryani is the talk of the town, and along with it, they are known for a variety of items, including Fish Fry, Chicken Makhni, Brain Masala, Afghani Kebabs, and more. It is extraordinarily made with every necessary fixing ordinarily utilized in Sindhi biryani to ensure that you partake in the genuine taste of it. Mirchi 360 is located in Defense Phase 5.

Location: Khadda Market, Badar Commercial Area, Defence Housing Authority Phase 5, Karachi.

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 12 pm – 11 pm

The White Biryani

White Biryani has acquired fascination in a couple of years, and it has every one of the flavors and the flavor of traditional Karachi biryani; however, it’s feeling the loss of the orange and yellow tone.

Presently you could believe that they are serving Pulao. However, one nibble of it, and you will continue to love it. This eatery is a must-attempt to encounter the most delectable Biryani in Karachi. Other popular food things that individuals like to devour with this flavorful Biryani incorporate rich mint raita and Shami Kebab. Kheer pudding finished with almonds and saffron is a famous sweet of The White Biryani House.

Individuals frequently get confounded due to Biryani’s tone and think it is a Pulao. When they taste it, the sweet-smelling kinds of Biryani and a mix of flavors make everything hypnotizing and make you want more.

Location: Plot 22C Rahat Commercial Lane 2, D.H.A Phase 6.

Biryani Centre

Biryani Center opened its entryways in 2001 and proceeds to reliably offer a wide assortment of biryani dishes, also known as Karachi Best Biryani. All while keeping up with excellent taste and quality. Among their must-try words are Chicken, Tikka, Beef, Mutton, and the Special pot-cooked Biryani made utilizing unique flavors and age-old recipes that have an exceptional exquisite taste. Every one of the fixings used is of superb quality, and cleanliness norms are kept up across every one of the four habitats in the city.

 Also, their different buffets and regional food are budget-friendly. Visit this spot for Karachi’s famous Biryani alongside some extravagant and decadent atmosphere. Biryani Center is one more renowned name among the foodies of Karachi. For each Biryani lover, taking a look at their menu is a joy because of the wide assortment and varieties of the dish they offer. Having a shockingly delicious name, appearance, and taste, Tikka Biryani is one of the most famous menu things of Biryani Center.

 This neighborhood chain of eateries has several branches in DHA, North Nazimabad, and SMCHS. Offering an overall respectable climate, the outlets of Biryani Center are great for relaxed social gatherings with companions as well concerning family excursions.

Location: Phase 5 plot no, 12-C 26th Commercial Street، Phase V Tauheed Commercial Area Phase 5 Defense Housing Authority, Karachi.

Opening hours: 10 am – 12 am (daily)

Student Biryani

The people of Karachi are famous for their versatile taste buds for hot and fiery flavors. The food seller currently runs numerous restaurants in Pakistan, Canada, the UAE, and Australia. Besides mouth-watering Biryani, you can likewise browse different foods served at Understudy Biryani alongside refreshments at reasonable rates.

Location: Van St, Empress Market, Central Jacob Lines, Karachi.

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 9 am – 12:15 am

Biryani of The Seas

It is one of the quickest developing biryani places, which is situated in Clifton. The essential element of this Biryani is its utilization of new fish. If you are fed up with eating customary-style Biryani, it is a pleasant spot to have a few unique varieties. They likewise have an enormous scope of fish, including BBQ Prawns, Fish Karahi, Fish Rolls, and Chinese Fish.

To eat Chicken Biryani, you can make a beeline for “Biryani of the Sea’ and partake in the new and wide assortment of fish and Chinese cooking. That is not all. The spot likewise serves Fish Biryani and Prawn Biryani, as the name recommends. The Seating area is sufficiently large if you wish to set up a party for a huge gathering.

Location: Shop No. 20 Prince Complex, Frere Town, Karachi.

Opening hours: 10:30 am – 1:30 am (daily)

Farhan Biryani

Farhan Biryani offers the most delicious Biryani in Karachi at the most reasonable rates. Arranged at Pehalwan Chowk, Gulistan-e-Johar, you can access Farhan Biryani and Pakwan Center without much of a stretch, returning home following a bustling day. Farhan Biryani does not just offer you the best delightful Chicken Biryani around and incorporates an assortment of Pulao decisions, Zardah, Raita, and Salad. It is getting more popular day by day due to the quality of its Biryani. It is one of Karachi’s best Biryani.

Location: D-56, Block 12, Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi.

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 9 am – 11:30 pm

Ghousia Nalli Biryani

Foodies around the city travel to Liaquatabad to attempt this surprising yet scrumptious curve on their number one dish. It is one of the best Biryani restaurants in Karachi.

Until mid-2018, the shop was known for its Meat Biryani until they explored different avenues regarding Nalli (Marrow) and concocted the Nalli Biryani that stowed the consideration of all Biryani darlings across Karachi. Ghousia’s Nalli Biryani before long turned into a moving point via virtual entertainment back in 2018. By the vibes of the groups on the road, the publicity hasn’t faded away.

Location: Block 6 Liaquatabad, near Shell Pump, Next to Madni Masjid.

Timings: Mon-Sun 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Allah Wala Biryani

A-Wala Kitchen and Sheermal House, previously known as Allahwala Kitchen, are most famous for their different flavorsome dishes. Situated at the crossing point of Kashmir Street and Shahrah-e-Quaid, A-Wala Kitchen and Sheermal House serve the best Biryani in Karachi.

The guest plan may be restricted to a few seats in this restaurant. However, you can continuously involve the critical point or conveyance administration to partake in their food helpfully. Ready with unadulterated fixings and rich flavors, the kind of Biryani served at A-Wala Kitchen and Sheermal House sticks out.

Location: Society Office Chowrongi Main Sharah-e-Quaideen Karachi.

Timings: Mon-Sun 11:00 am – 1:00 am

Haji Biryani

Haji Biryani is on Jamshed street. The flavorful taste in their Chicken and Beef Biryani is excellent for people who need to have a credible taste of Biryani. The Beef Biryani you can have there is arranged with boneless meat to provide you with the genuine taste of delicate and delicious meat alongside rice.

Location: Jamshed Quarters, Karachi.

Opening hours: 12 pm – 3 am (daily)

Naseeb Biryani

A name that is extremely popular in families across Karachi is the Naseeb Biryani of Mehmoodabad. This hot and tart kind of Biryani has drawn numerous people to its entryways.

Like Farhan Biryani, Naseeb Biryani began its excursion from a little stall and has now been named one of the tastiest Biryani in the city of lights. Even though the guest plan is extensive, the spot is dependably jam-loaded with numerous people who wish to satisfy their desires. It is one the Karachi’s best Biryani.

 Location: E. 75460 Mehmoodabad Rd, Karachi Administration Employees Housing Society Block 8 KAECHS

Opening Hours: 05:00 pm – 02:00 am

Madni Biryani

Madni biryani is a top-quality biryani community that is in the cradle zone. The chicken biryani they plan is of decent flavor with the ideal measure of chicken, and the nature of the rice is likewise significant. It isn’t an excess of hot contrasted with different Biryani. That is the reason ideal for those who need to appreciate the gentle flavor of rice at a quality spot.

Location: R-31, Sector 15-A/5 Sector 15 A 5 Buffer Zone, Karachi.

Opening Hours: 12 pm – 12 am

Al Rehman Biryani

Al-Rehman Biryani is perhaps of the most well-known and best Biryani restaurant in Karachi due to its fragrant and flavorful basmati rice and an imbued mix of flavors that detonates inside the mouth and makes you need more. It is the sort of Biryani that you can never become weary of.

The spot had kept up with its norm and had a similar real mouth-watering taste when it began. This Biryani is a must-attempt. It has turned into the most preferred Biryani among individuals of different urban areas as well as among the famous food bloggers of the country. Indeed, even the Karachiites honestly love Al-Rehman Biryani. The Zardah of this spot is likewise worth the difficulty. They again serve numerous other food things.

Location: Hajra Manzil، Gk-7/73، Nakhuda St, Kharadar Karachi

Opening Hours: 12 pm to 12 am

Qadri Nalli Biryani

If you are a genuine Biryani lover, you should attempt to cross through Liaquatabad to arrive at Qadri Nalli Biryani. The extraordinary Nalli Biryani is what they are well known for. It has that heavenly smell, a delightful mix of flavors and rice with outright excellent steam finished off with the massive piece of Nalli ( bone marrow). It is Karachi’s famous Biryani due to its unique flavor.

Location: Back side of Madni Masjid, Block 6 Liaquatabad Town Karachi.

Opening hours: 10:30 am – 10:30 pm (daily)

Indus Foods

This food joint in Karachi is one of the most mind-blowing spots to savor Pakistani food, and you get excellent Biryani at an affordable cost. Numerous biryani specialists in Karachi think of it as all you can have in the city; its Chicken-to-Rice proportion, flavor level, and serving segments make it a one-stop in Karachi. The must-attempt dishes are Nihari, Haleem, Chicken Korma, Chicken Biryani, and Kheer.

Location: Plot No، 11-C Stadium Lane 2, Phase V Stadium Commercial Area Phase 5 Khadda Market، Karachi

Opening hours: 9 am – 2 am (daily)

Other popular Biryani places with some delicious Biryani options are as below.

  • Attari Biryani and Pulao
  • Khatri Biryani
  • Super Biryani
  • Zouq Biryani


Which is the most famous Biryani in Karachi?

Farhan Biryani and Student Biryani are some of the most famous Biryani spots.

Which is the tastiest Biryani in Karachi?

It is a debatable question, but Farhan Biryani is the tastiest, as per many.

Which city in Pakistan has the best Biryani?

As per popular opinion, Karachi has the best Biryani in Pakistan.


If you are a Biryani fan, check out some of the popular Biryani spots in Karachi. It is soul food that brings joy to so many people. No matter the occasion, it is a staple food item in many gatherings and is equally loved by locals and visitors.