Wild Venture Water Park

Wild Venture Water Park Karachi is a vacation destination in the City of Lights that offers a picturesque setting and lots of fun, as suggested by its name. The resort-cum-water park, one of the most famous tourist destinations in the city, is well known for its stunning vegetation, swinging trees, first-rate services, and crystal clear swimming pool. Quaint gazebos, stunning architecture, and eateries in Karachi’s Venture Water Park and Resort serve as other tourist attractions. Even though there are many water parks in Karachi, this resort stands above the rest.

The top medical university and school in Karachi, Baqai Medical University, is around 5 miles from Wild Venture Resort, built along the Karachi-Hyderabad Highway. The resort is located southwest of the Karachi Northern Bypass. To the east of this water park, though, is Gadap Road. For people sick of the hustle and bustle of city life, the coastal parts of the city, such as Wild Venture Park Karachi, also known as Wild Venture Park and Resort, are the ideal vacation.

Wild Venture Park, officially opened on March 23, 2019, is home to wonderful time-challenged old trees, lush lawns, a charming lake, and several other alluring characteristics that attract thousands consistently. Without a doubt, eating is the best part of any trip spent with family or friends. The resort also has a restaurant, which will help you remember this vacation forever. Guests can pick up snacks, a drink, coffee, or tea with other beverages to accompany their stay.

 Visit this beautiful resort in Gadap Town to escape your everyday routine and enjoy summer vacations. This resort in Karachi includes swimming pools, artificial ponds, etc., for children and adults of all ages. Furthermore, with the installation of an artificial lake, there is also a restaurant with shaded resting places and a locker room where you can easily store your belongings when swimming.

Wild Venture Water Park and Resort is situated on the side of the Karachi-Hyderabad Motorway. Additionally, numerous water slides offer multiple chances to relive some childhood memories. Moreover, because it provides a stunning view and fantastic attractions for people of all ages, the resort is regarded as one of Karachi’s most incredible theme parks for prominent group hangouts.

Attractions inside Wild Venture Water Park

At the general and most well-known location of the famous resort, which is the main attraction of the wild venture park, there is the excellent resort cum water park. This water park Is made further to enhance guests’ stay at the resort. The guests can partake in the water park’s many great opportunities.

Additional facilities at the park include a restaurant, sitting places with shades, lockers to safeguard personal belongings, and water slides to make visitors remember their trip to this beautiful place. Furthermore, to keep the children active and busy, the park offers kids-related entertainment, giving adults some free time. There are swings for children installed at the park, surrounded by other entertainment like colorful water slides. The water slides are colored rainbow-style and look alluring from near and far. The creative architect is beautiful, and the visitor’s experience becomes enticing, immersive, and retrospective through the further scenic enhancement of beautiful water fountains.

 The park’s Swimming Pools for All Age Groups are one of the excellent facilities available here. The swimming pool is not deep and carefully measured, rendering it safe for all age groups. One of the other beautiful aspects of the park is the rainy umbrella, whose sights will captivate the viewer from afar. People become so enthralled by the rain umbrella that they take hundreds of pictures simultaneously to share with their absent friends. The park authorities have recently installed An Artificial Lake to enhance the outlook of the park further. The artificial lake serves more or less as a decorative measure. The beautiful sight this lake adds to the garden is worth this great addition.

Protocols of Wild Venture Water Park

The park offers additional facilities, but some protective and appropriate protocols must be followed to make the place more friendly and secure. So Wild Venture Park has several rules and regulations. The prohibited activities in all circumstances are few, so it is easy to follow up on them. These activities are:

Getting into the pool and diving in without precautions

Denim and shoes in the pools

Smoking in the dining room

Leaving the café with drinks and cold drinks

Exclusive Family Days:

Furthermore, the park organizes special family days for unique or rare familial events. These events depend on the family. The park contains birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor parties, etc., depending on your style and needs. The minimum reservation must accommodate at least 50 individuals. If you follow and choose the booking procedure, you can benefit from the school package. You can hand deliver the form or submit it online for the school booking package. Make sure to confirm the reservation two days before the scheduled visit. You must submit a 50% down payment upon confirmation of the reservation. Keep in mind that co-educational schools may be included in the school package.

Facilities at Wild Venture Water Park

 The park is most famous for its exceptional resort. The resort provides visitors with luxurious and comfortable rooms with many additional facilities that leave them wanting. The resort has a canteen where you can get anything you want. The canteen provides refreshing drinks with other recreational things. Moreover, the park also provides you with safe Personal Lockers. They are called RFID lockers. Remember that only one RFID wristband can be used for admission, lockers, and deposits.

Additionally, you may utilize these RFID wristbands to make any purchases and cashless transactions. The famous classic wooden gazebos are available to relax after long walks or after being tired. The gazebos are beautifully made and enchant the environment. The park also provides life jackets for children, which helps them keep afloat in the pools, so parents need not worry about the kids drowning. Security is the most commendable aspect of a place like the wild venture park. The security is highly tactical and modernized, keeping you safe and making the trip comfortable, memorable, and secure.

Entry Ticket & Memberships

The entry ticket per person ranges between 700 and 1000. Each visitor must pay Rs—800 to this park. Your youngster will not be charged for a ticket if they fall within the 3-year-old age range. You only need to go through the booking process if your party size is under 50. You must directly purchase your tickets from the ticket counter. Additionally, the counter will provide you with RFID wristbands. You must pay a fee of Rs 500 if your RFID band is missing. 

Wild Venture Water Park Timing

The distance between Baqai Medical College and the Wild Adventure Park is 4 kilometers. It may be seen on Gadap Road, the Super Highway, next to the Old Toll Plaza. This park is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Location of Wild Venture Water Park

The water park can easily be found at a distance of 4 kilometers from the famous Baqai Medical University. A toll plaza near the water park can serve as a location indication point. The contact number for further details is 0301-1166633


Is the water of the Swimming Pools Clean?

The professional staff at the Wild Venture Parks clean the swimming thoroughly.

What hotels are near Wild Venture Water Park & Resort?

There are great hotels near the Wild Venture Water Park, some of which are as follows:

1.   Dreamworld Resort, Hotel & Golf Course

2.   Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Karachi Airport Hotel

3.   Avari Towers Karachi

4.   Hotel Second Home

5.   Hotel Elegant Inn

6.    Hotel Excelsior

7.   Hotel Faran

8.   Embassy Inn

9.   Hamsun Suite

10. Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi

Is the place safe for families?

Yes, the wild venture park is safe for families, especially children. For further care of children’s protection and safety, there are children-appropriate pools and entertainments best fitted for the safety of anyone below the teenage years.


Wild Venture Water Park is a fantastic location for water enjoyment, with various attractions around the park. Visitors are treated with multiple entertainments they can enjoy with their friends, family, and partners at extremely affordable ticket costs. There are many reliable amenities at Karachi’s Wild Venture Water Park and Resort, such as private Gazebos, Secured RFID Lockers, and RFID Wristband for Entry. Park has High-end and modern Restaurants, 13 Water Slides, 14 Kids Pools, and 21 Pools. Park facilities include Tripple Treat, The Raining Umbrella, The Rockey Falls, Double Splash, and a lot more entertainment that will not tire you even if you keep at them All Day Long. The distance from Karachi to Wild Venture Water Park is approximately 36.3 km, or 45 minutes, which is extremely easy if you decide to go there by car. The distance from Hyderabad to Wild Venture Water Park is approximately 134 km, or 1 hour and 50 minutes if you want to travel by family vehicle like a car or a rented bus.

So, if you are looking for a great family-friendly recreational spot to spend your time or make new memories, Wild Venture Park is the ideal place to be your particular resort. The resort’s unlimited range of provided facilities makes it alluring.

The water slides available for parents and children make the experience more intimidating and thrilling. The park provides its visitors with every facility and amenity imaginable. The restaurants care for your dietary needs, while the parks, swimming pools, and pavilions care for your physical and mental health. The ticket prices are very moderate for a place that provides all such entertainment in one place. Furthermore, the Wild Venture Park is not even very far from the central city, which makes it easily accessible. Wild Venture Park makes the ideal place for personal or familial vacations.