Picnic World Water Park

The Picnic World Water Park Karachi is one of the most significant, most loved, and most visited water parks in Karachi. The location is very accessible for city dwellers. It is situated on the Main Super Highway, Memon Goth Road, in Karachi, Pakistan, and is another summertime blessing for tourists who enjoy the water.

Picnic Water World occupies a three-acre area. From the toll plaza, it takes only 8 minutes to drive. The three-acre Picnic World Karachi provides the perfect escape from the city’s bustle. The park has many fantastic water elements that kids and adults enjoy.

Picnic World Water Park contains eight types of slides, each of which has a distinctive characteristic to keep the kids occupied while you choose and use the slides that are best suited for your adventures, such as the Lazy River and the Hurricane Pool. Anyone looking to spend quality time with their family relaxing and having a great time should go there. The cost of admission to this fantastic water park is affordable. Entry costs vary depending on the season and can be changed per park management. A ticket is required for children above the age of 3. The park is open longer than other well-known parks, from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The park is on Memon Goth Road, Main Super Highway, Karachi.

Concerning the Water Park ticket, entry comes with relatively affordable ticket costs. Visitors of all ages can enjoy themselves with their families, friends, or partners. Similarly, Picnic World Water Park features 22 thrilling water slides for adults and grownups, in addition to the Lazy River and Hurricane Wave Pool, and has eight water slides for kids. The park’s amenities are incredible and intriguing to enjoy all day. Recent ticket prices are  1200 Rs. for adults and 800 Rs. for children over three years old. Other amenities include transportation, food, and refreshments. The distance from Karachi to Picnic World Water Park is approximately 35.2 km or 45 minutes by car. By car or bus, the distance from Hyderabad to the park is about 129 km, or 1 hour and 47 minutes. So the park is highly accessible from either location. You can easily make the ride and make it to the park even if you leave late.

Attractions inside Picnic World Water Park

The water slides are the most used and loved among the attractions and additional facilities. In the sweltering summers of Karachi, water parks are a terrific place to cool down. The place, which spans 3 acres and is only 8 minutes from the toll plaza, is a fantastic water leisure paradise that appeals to both young and old.

The one-of-a-kind Picnic World Water Park, a little removed from the city, is a magnificent location for those who occasionally long for scrutinized fun with family and friends. There are 22 thrilling water slides at Picnic World Water Park, including a lazy river and a hurricane wave pool for adults and older children. There are eight water slides for babies, each with unique exclusivity and various fantastic water activities. These water slides are the main attraction of the hundreds of visitors who first glance at them upon entry. The 22 water slides for all age groups are safe for adults and young children.

Furthermore, a separate pool is made for women as an anti-harassment precaution. The independent female pool with a boundary wall makes this park a safe space for all ages and genders. Some of the water slides, which might be considered dangerous for kids by their parents, are used by adults only, but the park also offers separate water slides for kids. These different slides are not hazardous and are less thrilling. They are perfect for kids younger than 12.

They are protected and completely safe. Another great attraction inside the park is the hurricane water pool. The hurricane water pool is beautifully and subtly made. The presence of such modernized innovative concepts inside the park attracts many individuals who come here to escape the strain of their work. The hurricane water pool is beautiful for kids because of its unique and marvelous design. The lazy river is another excellent attraction inside the park. It is the best part of the park for people who want to relax before the hustle of more crowded places.

There is no water surge at the lazy river, so you can relax without interruptions. The adults usually go to the lazy river after leaving their kids at the water slide area. Raining umbrellas are another significant aspect of the park. These beautifully constructed, innovative masterpieces are one of the main attractions at the park. The umbrellas pour water into the pools. The free fall of water is highly rejuvenating and fun.

The person can stand beneath the umbrellas and enjoy the experience. The umbrellas are placed inside the water pool so you can move away whenever desired. The park offers a separate play area for kids. The kid’s area is made extra safe and protected because kids are clumsy and not careful about themselves; the park offers a wide variety of live entertainment for kids while keeping them safe. This is an exemplary aspect of the park in general because it allows the parents to leave their kids safe in the protection of the park while they go and relax or do some other activities. There are different swings for children that are more children appropriate, less thrilling, more attractive, and decorated, so they attract kids despite the safety measures and love to engage with them.

Facilities at Picnic World Water Park

The Picnic Water World Park offers its visitors many facilities within the park, so they do not have to travel back and forth. There is a park tuck shop & restaurant, which is among the most helpful and used facilities. Quick snacks after a swim help maintain and balance energy levels. For this purpose, you can easily find all the valuable supplies in the tuck shop. Furthermore, you can get soft/cold drinks or other beverages for relaxing while drying off after a swim.

The restaurants provide people with a great variety of foods. Some of the dishes available on the menu are well known by Karachi people, which you can enjoy in the beautifully shaded sitting areas for individual comfort. You can use these areas for personal relaxation. The park also has lockers & changing rooms, which are greatly useful and responsible for making most of the visiting experience worry less and more comfortable. The lockers are for individual storage units; here, you can easily store your wristwatches, mobile phones, wallets, cards, keys, clothes, etc., among other personal possessions.

The changing rooms are available for everyone, and here you can change quickly before taking a swim into more comfortable wear like shorts. The park also offers inflatable tubes for children and non-swimmers. These are useful in keeping the person afloat so they can easily enjoy the water without knowing how to swim. They are mostly made for little kids to help them keep above the water in sight of the adults. The park also has First Aid & Ambulance Availability in case of minor injuries. All the necessary first aid and medical equipment are available, so you don’t have to make a long ride to a hospital. An ambulance is also available in case of significant injuries or other incidents.

Exclusive Family Days

The Picnic World Water Park hosts official exclusive family days. These events are professionally organized and reserved. The families can book the grounds of the picnic world for family events such as birthdays, reunions, or anniversaries. The park officials compose such events with relative themes, making the whole experience more memorable and fun. For such occasions, the families book the grounds before visiting.

Picnic World Water Park Entry Ticket

The ticket price per head for adults is Rs 1200, but for younger kids above three years of age, the price is Rs 800. The fees apply to each person in the family or a group.

Location of Picnic World Water Park

The Picnic World Water Park is located at the Super Highway, about 8 minutes from the Karachi Tool Plaza. The tool plaza is near the Damba Police Chowki, Memon Goth Road.

The contact number for further details is +92-21-34380042 and +92-21-34380043.


Is this Place Safe for Families?

Yes, it is highly safe for families. The park has family-friendly spaces and children-appropriate areas.

What should I wear in Water Park?

You can wear appropriate swimclothes. There are lockers available in the water park to change into comfortable swimming attire or outfits. You can leave your belongings inside the lockers, including the clothes you wear, and switch back into them after swimming. 


Due to its more affordable admission prices, Water World Park is one of the busy water parks in Karachi. Although the park has the same hours as other parks (open until 6 p.m.), people prioritize it because of its proximity to the toll plaza. People visit water parks in Karachi throughout the summer when the temperature rises so they may enjoy themselves with their friends and family. Everyone can enjoy the picnic thanks to the various water rides. The water park is exquisitely planned with green spaces to make it the ideal picnic location in Karachi. Water World Park is a unique pool with various rides for kids of multiple ages. The fantastic pool offers a secure setting for kids to enjoy their vacation.

 There are a few restrictions on specific items that are not permitted in the park, like:

Beverages in glass bottles

Any burning materials

Smoking  / Cigarettes

And pet animals.

The Picnic World Water Park is ideal for people in Hyderabad or Karachi. The park offers the best recreation and stress-free spots within close reach of the main cities. The number of activities the park provides makes it the best place for anyone trying to have a memorable time with their friends or families. Further, the facilities available within the park also make it among the most secure water parks in Pakistan.