One of Pakistan’s largest water parks, Cosy Water Park, is closest to the Super Highway, behind New Sabzi Mandi, and is only a 20-minute drive from Sohrab Goth Karachi. They have the most significant slides, a pool, and 12 various water zones, such as a massive lazy pool, twin pools, giant water slides, twin tunnel slides, jumbo family slides, family hill slides, a children’s Park with raindrop slides, and much more, along with a separate pool for women for exciting enjoyment.

If you prefer to travel to Cosy Water Park Karachi with friends, an A-26 minibus departs from Sohrab Goth and drops you off at the Park’s entrance. Additionally, they offer exclusive bundles for colleges and universities. All amenities and culinary items, such as cold drinks, swimming gear, costumes, first aid stations, locker rooms, and much more, are accessible here to have a good time with your family and friends. Park hours in the summer are 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Further, the Cosy Water Park ticket prices are incredibly moderate compared to other great water parks in Karachi. The costs for all adults per head are 700 RS. The prices for anyone below the height of 4.5 feet are only 500. So children can get a more extraordinary experience, the prices have been lowered. For anyone below the age of 10 or a height of 4.5 feet, the ticket price per head remains 500 RS. For further details, it is recommended to inquire personally with officials. The contact number is 0336 2137355. You can easily ask questions about Cosy Water Park Karachi’s private events here

Since its opening,  Cosy Water Park Karachi, situated on Deh Shah Mureed Road, Topa Songal, and the Super Highway between Gulshan-e-Maymar and New Sabzi Mandi in Sindh, Pakistan, has been one of the best water parks for people who enjoy having fun. Due to the Park’s proximity to the city, locals may easily access and use it. Most of the time, one can witness the rush of visitors who seek comfort and all the entertainment provided by the water parks. Usually, families with their children, young people, and visitors from many different regions can be seen on weekends, transforming their dull day into a fun water day with their family and friends. It is among Karachi’s best-constructed and most engaging water parks, with many attractions and other facilities.

The many entertainments offered by the Park are overwhelming. The stream of fun offered by each of these vast and elaborately made slides and joy never ends.

The available entertainments at the Cosy Water Park Karachi include:

Giant Lazy Pool

Twin Pool

Giant Water Slide

Twin Tunnel Slide

Twin Rapid Slide

Family Jumbo

Family Hill Slide

Children Pool

Children’s Park with Rain Drops

See Saw, Swings, and Merry-Go-Round

Pedal Boating in Beautiful Lake

Eight Children Slides

Ladies Slide (Separate)

Ladies’ Pool (Separate)

Sliced Pythons

Amphibian (Lady’s Pool)

Sliced Pythons (Ladies Pool)

Gigantor with Pool

Mystery Tunnel with Pool

Fast and the Furious Slide with Pool.

Additional information regarding the Park, which can be immensely useful for potential and first-time visitors, can be life-saving. In cases of discomfort, knowing certain information beforehand is better.

Timings for Cosy Water Park Visits in Karachi

In the winter, the Park is open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM

In the summer, you can easily visit during the hours between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM

Family Day is on Sunday, and the family may book an event. The Cosy Water Park can be ideal for occasions such as birthdays for children or adults, anniversaries, familial gatherings, or other events.

The lockers cost Rs 15 for each person, and they are handy for safeguarding cell phones, wallets, or watches effectively while you enjoy the pools or the slides.

Boating for each person likewise costs very budget-friendly. The prices are incredibly moderate for the fun-packed experiences the Park provides.

Attractions inside Cosy Water Park

Among the most sought attractions within the Park, the main beautiful Lake with the island is the most visited. The Lake is innovative and beautifully constructed, leaving the new visitors in awe. The large ladies-only slide pool, according to Cosy Water Park, offers a variety of slides that women can use alone or with friends and family. The exclusive ladies’ swimming Pool has spiral and tube slides, so it might be an excellent picnic location.

Similarly, the Park offers its male visitors all exclusive male slides & pools. The Park furthermore provides the children with a separate children‘s Park. This area is mainly specially made for children. Parents can safely leave their kids in this all-children exclusive area, which is more protected, and go about their business without any worries.

Like this, Cosy Water Park Karachi offers a variety of facilities and entertaining activities, including a Family Hill Slide, Giant Water Slide, Giant Lazy Pool, Twin Pool, Twin Tunnel Slide, Twin Rapid Slide, Family Jumbo, Children Pool, Children Park with Rain Drop. Pedal Boating in a Lovely Lake with Island, See Saw, Swings, and Merry-Go-RoundEight water Slides, especially for children, Mystery Tunnel with Pool, and many other lavish entertainments engaging facilities besides. The Park has a beautifully made see-saw.

 The children’s area is beautiful, as they love taking turns. This area also has children’s safety-appropriate swings, which are highly engaging and fun. After a swim in the general water park area, these swings, see-saws, merry-go-round, and water slides are among the most visited places in the Park.

Family Hill Slide

The family hill slide is a masterfully constructed and ornamentally elaborated slide made especially for families. This slide is appropriate for all ages. The idea behind this great slide is to allow the visiting families to have a moment together. The family hill slide offers a quick, thrill-packed, and adventurous fall into the pool water at its base. The whole experience, as defined and experienced by the visiting families, is highly memorable and worth the time of any visiting family. Made by keeping families especially in mind, this is a must-visited slide for any family who comes to the Cosy Water Park.

Facilities at Cosy Water Park

There are a lot of facilities available in the Park which further increases the comfort level of families, in the general vicinity of the Park there is a canteen which offers the visitors all the necessary edibles and drinks which can refresh them after tiring water sports or games. The Park further provides all the visitors with several swimming accessories & costumes, making the swimming experience, even more fun and memorable. The accessories include inflatable tubes for non-swimmers and children as well. There are personal lockers & and changing rooms available for everyone who wants to safeguard their personal belongings like cell phones, wallets, wristwatches, clothes, shoes, et cetera. There is also a prayer area inside the Park for religious activities.

Birthday & Party Celebrations

The Cosy Water Park offers one family day to celebrate a special event. On such days the entire place is dedicated to the families and does not allow the general public. Sundays of each week are reserved for such familial events. Sundays are the best days to relax as a recuse from the natural hustle and bustle of the work days which follow before and after. So not only does such a day take off your load of pent stress, but it also clears your mind for Monday and leaves you in a good mood, having found temporary peace with lasting effects in recreation at the Park.

 Families best use the Sunday family events to celebrate their kids’ birthdays or other relatives. Family groups also use these Sundays to throw parties. The facilities available here leave no visitors in want, and the canteen takes care of any additional need of the people regarding food and drinks.

Cosy Water Park Entry Ticket

The Karachi Cosy Water Park Admission Prices are economical for adults or young.

The admission ticket price for adults above 4.5 feet tall is RS 700.

And for kids or teenagers 4.5 feet or less, the prices fall to RS 500.

There are additional fees for Parking, which do not apply differently to different types of vehicles. For all kinds of motorbikes, cars, family vehicles, and buses, the parking charges are Rs 20.

Cosy Water Park Contact Number

The official number provided by Cosy Water Park, which is meant to offer a direct line to the officials regarding any question, is 0336 2137355. Here you can inquire about anything that is on your mind. People usually use direct lines to book events, such as family gatherings, birthdays, or parties.

Location of Cosy Water Park

One of Karachi’s most well-known water parks is Cosy Water Park. The water park is the closest in the city due to its proximity. The distance for the city residents is very accessible. Cosy Water Park offers families, teenagers, and kids a safe atmosphere to enjoy summer vacations over a 20-acre area.

While other water parks, including Sunway Lagoon Water Park, located outside the city in Gharo, are located outside the city, its proximity makes it a great picnic location for children.

The largest water park in the city, however, is Cosy Water Park, which is close to Gulshan-e-Maymar. It is highly accessible and worth visiting.


1.      Is this Park worth visiting?

Yes, the Cosy Water Park is worth visiting by everyone in the city’s general area. The location of the water park drives it easily accessible for everyone in the town. Furthermore, many entertainments and facilities offered by the Park place it among today’s most innovative and well-made water parks.

2.      Are the rides safe for Kids?

Yes, all the rides are safe for kids to use. Besides other entertainment, all the slides and the swings are appropriate for children over 3.


Cosy Water Park in Gadap Town is a 20-acre recreation facility that gives families, young people, and kids an excellent place to play during the sweltering summer. It is one of the best and oldest waterparks in Karachi. Adding new slides like Amphibian, Gigantor, Sliced Pythons, Mystery Tunnel, and Fast and the Furious has rekindled the waterpark’s attractiveness. 

 It is the largest water park in the city, being in Gulshan-e-Maymar. Only families are permitted in the Park on Sundays, and men are not allowed admission on this day. Since numerous restaurants are inside the Park, visitors cannot carry drinks or food. Visitors can secure their stuff using the offered lockers, changing rooms, and Parking for cars. You should ensure to put this Park on your must-visit list.

 Karachi’s Water parks offer fantastic fun opportunities for people of all ages, especially during the summer. People can travel in large groups with their family and friends to vacation from their hectic schedules. So if you are in Karachi, this waterpark should be on your bucket list.