Hijab – A Conventional Headscarf For Muslim Women

You must’ve heard a lot of controversies and disputes about wearing it; many countries in the world oppose it and even impose bans on them. But have you ever tried to know the reason behind it? Is Hijab a bad thing? Why do people consider women wearing it a threat if not? It is a very big part of Emirati Dressing.

All your answers are in this article, and your confusion will get dusted off once you finish reading the article. 

Before discussing the issues related to it, let’s first learn what a Hijab is and what the types are, if any. You can also discover some perfect spots to buy a Hijab and look like an Emirati woman. 

It is an integral part of the Islamic dress code for Muslim women all over the world, but there’s a difference between Emirati Hijab and the Hijab worn in other states or countries.


According to Islamic teachings, Hijab is something that acts as a veil or partition to conceal something. But that’s the literal meaning of this word. 

Generally, IT is a headscarf that Muslim women wear to cover their hair, ears, and neck; the face is left uncovered, though. The same style is common in UAE also, but they call it wearing a Shyla instead of a Hijab. So when we talk about Emirati Hijab, we see a different thing. 

The Emirati Hijab is a special headscarf that Muslim women wear in UAE. They drape this over their head tightly, so their hair isn’t visible. 

In some parts of the world, it is fully covering everything except the hands, face, and feet. Women worldwide wear it over their regular clothing, depending on their choice.

History Of Hijab

The history of the Hijab dates back to when Islam was first introduced. At that time, Hijab wasn’t mandatory for Muslim women; it was their personal choice whether to cover themselves or not. 

But later on, with the passage of time and the increase in the number of Muslims, Hijab became an Islamic dress code, and it was made compulsory for every Muslim woman to cover herself while going out in public. 

There is a wide range of hijabs available in the market for Muslim women; they can

The word Hijab is derived from the Arabic language in which ‘Hajaba’ means to hide or veil something. So when we talk about Islamic Hijab, it means concealing oneself. 


The Quran mentions that men and women should lower their gaze and guard their modesty. For this reason, scholars think both genders must cover their body parts, which are considered private. 

The Quran doesn’t give any specific details about how a man or woman should dress, but certain verses clearly state the importance of the Hijab. 

But the question is, why is Hijab so important in Islam? 

The answer is that a woman is respected for her character and not her looks in Islam. So she must cover herself not to get judged by her physical appearance. 

Types Of Hijab

There are different interpretations of the Hijab according to varying regions and cultures, so you’ll see some different types of it. In addition, the word Hijab is used for various headscarves, which are somewhat similar in looks. Let’s look at the most common types of Hijab being worn worldwide.

1.     Simple Hijab

The simplest and most common type of Hijab all around the world is a headscarf draped over the head. It covers the neck, hair, and ears, and the face is left uncovered. It’s the most worn type of Hijab in every corner of the world. 


Muslim women living in western countries are often seen in this type of Hijab. 

2.     Niqab

A Niqab, a kind of Hijab, covers the entire body, hands, and face, except for a small opening for the eyes to see. The Niqab is further split up into two kinds; one of which is again owned by Gulf countries and the other one by the rest of the world. 

The general Niqab contains only a headscarf and a veil covering the face and hair, leaving the eyes and most of the forehead open. 

Gulf Niqab is a bit more restricted; it covers the entire face, leaving only a narrow slit for the eyes. 

3.     Chaddar

The Chaddar is a big shawl that covers the whole body leaving the face and is pinned near the chin or neck. Its length is big enough to cover the entire body and head. This Hijab is most common in Middle Eastern countries like Iran. 

The Niqab and simple Hijab are quite popular among Emirati women. However, Chaddar hasn’t captured much attention in this region. But if you’re in UAE, you should try one of these Hijab types to see how you look, so buy a Hijab of your choice and change your look for a day!

Why Do Women Wear Hijabs?

Well, that depends on the region too. For example, in some parts of the world, every Muslim woman must cover her head and entire body; in others, it’s a personal choice. 

Many reasons convince women to wear it, such as;

1.     To Follow The Islamic Teachings

Wearing a Hijab is compulsory in Islam for every Muslim woman once she reaches puberty. So the teachings of Islam are one reason to wear it. Islam values women as precious, and it’s believed that women wearing Hijab are considered respectful wherever they go. Yet, exceptions are always there!


2.     To Show Modesty And Dignity

Wearing Hijab is the perfect way of depicting one’s personality modestly and feeling dignified. When a woman covers herself, she wants to be respected for her character, not her looks. 

3.     It Brings Respect

A Muslim woman wearing Hijab is respected more than a woman who doesn’t. So when a man sees a woman in it, he knows she’s a modest lady and won’t get any dirty thoughts about her. This way, men and women can stay focused on their work and goals.

4.     To Avoid Harassments

Wearing Hijab protects women against sexual harassment and street crimes as well. It’s because when a woman is fully covered, no one can take advantage of her by harassing her sexually or in any other way. 

It also makes it difficult for criminals to recognize a woman, so they think twice before committing a crime.

5.     Hijab Teaches Self-control

When a woman covers herself with Hijab, she also learns to control her emotions and desires. It’s because she knows that if she shows her hair or skin in public, she might attract unwanted attention, which is not good according to her religious beliefs. 


6.     To feel liberated

In a way, many women feel liberated when they wear Hijab. It’s because they know they are not judged by their appearance but by their deeds. Also, wearing it makes them feel confident walking outside because they have protection against men’s gaze. That’s why we see more and more women in it every day!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hijab?

It is a headscarf that covers the head and neck but leaves the face uncovered. Muslim women wear it as a sign of modesty and dignity worldwide. 

Where to buy Hijab in Dubai?

There are many places to buy it in Dubai. You can find the best shops in the buzzing streets of Deira and Souk Naif. These shops usually sell various hijabs in different colors, fabrics, and styles, and you can also find them at many online stores. 

How to wear Hijab?

There are many different ways to wear a hijab, depending on the style of it you choose. The most common way is to wrap it around the head and neck and pin it. However, if you wear a Niqab, you’ll have to cover your face and pin it near your ear. 

What is the purpose of wearing the Hijab?

The Hijab is worn for many reasons; some women want to dress like that, while others want to follow Islamic teachings. It’s also worn to show modesty and dignity, to avoid unwanted gaze and harassment, and to feel free in one’s way. 

It is a symbol of modesty and dignity for Muslim women worldwide. It’s not just a piece of cloth covering the head but has a much deeper meaning. So, give it a shot if you haven’t tried it yet! You might like it.