Leo Play Land – The Best Indoor and Soft Play Quetta

Quetta had developed into a bustling city with several multistory buildings and exciting places to visit. The city is full of entertaining activities and picnic spots. Parents with children of different ages keep trying to have their toddlers and youngsters engaged, especially on weekends. A little planning and patience may also help the child learn through fun activities and games. Leo Play Land offers plenty of opportunities to be active and indulges in fun games that allow them to learn new things. These activities can also help in the brain development of the kids. It builds up their ability to sense light colors and textures. Kids might think it’s all about fun and games when visiting a playland, but it is an excellent way of developing their fine motor skills and language. Indoor playlands are even better because you will not have to run after your kids since there is limited space and the chances of any mishap are pretty infrequent.

Leo Play Land is one of the best places where you can enjoy your leisure time with family and friends. Parents can stay close to their kids and keep an eye on them from an appropriate distance. Let’s take a quick look at the best of Leo Playland.

Facilities and Services Offered by Leo Play Land Quetta

Leo Play Land Quetta is an interesting place for all ages offering a wide range of exciting activities. Be ready to explore the world of fun, excitement, adventure, and delicious food with your kids and the complete family. Leo Play Land has different rides and activities designed with comprehensive safety measures. It is the ultimate fun spot for the whole family. They have affordable prices and special discounts for children with special needs.

The Play Land also has a variety of food at their restaurant. They help to organize birthdays and farewell parties as well. You can plan your event with 10 to 50 guests and celebrate your big day like a pro.

You can pre-book and choose from a wide range of themes. They charge Rs. 3000 to Rs. 7000 for the decoration. Food and games can also be included in the package. Overall, you will find their charges quite reasonable compared to other options in the vicinity.

The marriage hall is in the basement, where you can have your wedding functions on pre-booking. Since the food is fantastic and the decorations are worth seeing, you will never regret organizing your program here.

Things to Enjoy at Leo Play Land Quetta

There are several things to enjoy at Leo Play Land. It is the best place for the kids to enjoy as there are many VR and video games and fun facilities. 

Different Slides for kids

Leo Play Land Quetta has Pakistan’s most prominent and highest-installed slides. The Leo Play Land building is multistory, and these slides are installed on the 4th floor. It’s not only fun but an adventure too for the kids and the visitors. Besides these, they also have small/regular slides for the kids. In general, the play Land has 11 slides in total. 


The Leo Play Land has 2 x Trampolines for kids in the soft play area. These are covered from all four sides. All security and safety measures are taken to offer a perfectly healthy environment. The equipment of the play area is specially designed for kids. Therefore, kids are unlikely to injure themselves while playing. But still, the administration has a well-trained staff in the play area to take care of the kids.  

VR Games at Leo Play Land

VR games are present on the 2nd floor of Leo Play Land. The area is full of fun games. The rates of these games are also very marginal—the cost of each game starts from Rs. 35. 

Video games

Leo Play Land is the ultimate fun spot for the complete family, where children can create a world of fun and adventure. The Play Land has many video games for children, like sea pirates, car racing, motorbike racing, mini-screen bowling, air hockey, etc. 

Bike Rides

Bike ride games are entertaining for children. In the arcade games area, Leo Play Land has 2 x bike ride games where kids are seen enjoying the thrill and fun. 

Baby Train at Leo Play Land

Baby Train is available on the 2nd floor. Its cost starts from Rs. 35 for each kid. It is an excellent ride for toddlers as the moving trains add to their excitement and giggles.


Mono Ball is a gun-shooting game. It is a fun and thrilling game for children. Each game cost Rs. 45.

Buggy Ride

Buggy Ride is a cup-shaped game available in the arcade games area. It cost Rs. 35 for each kid. It is pretty interesting for toddlers who can’t have another independent ride.


Kids will have lot many swings in the soft play area where they can enjoy themselves without the fear of being hurt. Since the play area is carpeted, even if the child falls, there are no chances of injury.


A restaurant named “Tea Palace” is available on the 3rd floor. It has a variety of dishes like soup, pizza, burgers, chicken rolls, French fries, chicken biryani, BBQ, Chinese, fried rice, sandwiches, soft drinks, milkshakes, tea, coffee, etc. 

The food quality of the restaurant is excellent, and high hygienic standards are maintained.

Online Booking Procedures of Leo Play Land

Unfortunately, there is no online booking procedure for Leo Play Land. Every visitor is welcome, but you can contact them for pre-booking birthday parties.

Leo Play Land Centre Tickets

Leo Play Land has different ticket prices for its customers. For the 1st time, you must purchase a card to play the games at the Play Land. The cost of the card is Rs. 150. After buying the card, it is up to the customers to load any amount of balance they want. The soft play area costs Rs. 300 for each child to play in the arena for one hour. The arcade games on the 2nd floor have different prices from Rs. 35 to Rs. 60. The Playland has other packages for the card like:

Load Balance You will get 

Other than this, Play Land has school packages too. The minimum package is for 50 students. Each student will be charged Rs.150 and allowed to have fun in the soft play area for one hour. The maximum age limit for this package is 13 years. This offer is ideal for preschool children because they love the vibrant colors of the play area.

Leo Play Land Timings:

The Play Land is open seven days a week. The timings for school groups are from 09: 00 AM to 1: 00 PM, and then it is available for the general public from 03:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

Location of Leo Play Land:

Leo Play Land Quetta is located at Major Muhammad Ali Shaheed Road, Share-e-Gulistan Rd, opposite Gulistan Town, Quetta, Balochistan. They can be contacted on 0334-2445688.


Leo Playland is one of the best places to visit in Quetta. Even though kids enjoy themselves more in outdoor spaces, indoor facilities come to the rescue when those parks are not an option. You can efficiently channel your child’s energy in the right direction by leaving them in a colorful playland with so many exciting things to do. They will have the best time racing down the slides and climbing up the cargo nets. Kids become stronger and healthier with such energy-consuming activities. Leo Playland offers the best facilities, including swings, slides, a soft play area, arcade games, a trampoline, and a restaurant offering hygiene and tasty food.

Leo land card policy?

Leo Play Land card cost RS 150. After purchasing the card, you may load any amount on the card and for different games. Each game costs different, and you are free to reload anytime again. Interestingly, Playland offers a great package with which you get more than you paid for. For example, on a minimum load of 500, you will get 650; with 5000, you will be rewarded 1500 extra balance, making it 6500.

Where is Leo’s land?

Leo Play Land is based in Quetta. It can be reached at:

Major Muhammad Ali Shaheed Road, Share-e-Gulistan Rd, opposite Gulistan Town, Quetta, Baluchistan.

3.      Is there any membership card available in Leo Land?

As such, there has been no membership card till now. You can use the discount and any special offers available at the moment

4. What is the phone number of Leo Play Land?

Leo’s Playland can be contacted at 0334-2445688. They promptly answer calls during working hours. 

5. What are the opening hours of Leo Play Land?

The Play Land is open every day. The timings for school groups are from 09:00 AM to 1:00 PM. The rest of us can visit from 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM.