Super Space

Looking for a fun-filled indoor space to let you and your kids enjoy and unwind from your monotonous routine? Look no further than Spuerpscae Karachi. Karachi is a big metropolitan city where places of entertainment are recently opening for the locals to visit during weekends for leisure. Super Space theme park has been a great addition. Amusement parks are fundamental for children and adults alike for entertainment and to unwind after a tiring week.

Super Space is an indoor theme park with many activities for everyone.

In a city like Karachi, where temperatures rise over 39 degrees during summer, an indoor theme park is an ideal place to have fun without getting affected by the heat. The whole family can enjoy the rides and special activities for a fun-filled day. The variety of games, neon lighting arrangements, and striking space theme décor set the mood for the visitors.

The thrilling rides will help conquer fears and release stress. The mind enters an imaginary world, unleashing creativity for practical life.

What is the Best Time to Visit Super Space?

Super Space theme park opens daily. The timings for Monday to Thursday are from 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM, Friday from 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM, and for the weekend, the park starts operating earlier, from 12:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

One of the best things about Super Space is that you can buy a band to enjoy unlimited rides. So it’s best to visit the park early to benefit from the amenities as much as possible.

The park usually gets crowded on the weekends and during the evening, which means long waiting lines. It’s best to visit the park at 3 in the afternoon to avoid long lines and crowds. The park usually doesn’t get as many visitors on weekdays and can be seen at any time convenient for utmost amusement.

Attractions Inside Super Space

Super Space at Ocean Mall has something for everyone, which is gaining popularity. It contains many activities, from thrilling rides to slow ones with songs playing in the background for little children. The adventurous games are a great activity to play while hanging out with friends or visiting with family.

The park has a space theme décor. A dark tunnel entrance is lit with changing neon lights as people enter and head to the ticket counter. The staff inside is exceptionally kind and helpful to guide and help.

The famous park attractions are the Haunted House, Lazer Maze, Laser Tag, Smash House, Trampoline or Bounce, Arcade Games, Bumper Cars, XD Rides, Flying Cars, Karaoke, and many more. These exclusive attractions have made the park famous in the city, becoming everyone’s focus, especially youngsters.

Let’s look at some of the most stunning attractions loved by everybody visiting Super Space.

Play Area for Toddlers and Children

The arena has slow rides with nursery rhymes or songs playing in the background to entertain young ones, like the honey bee ride, which twirls with the music, and children take much pleasure from it.

Haunted House at Super Space

The Haunted House features resemble that of a horror movie. The area is lit dimly with red lights over the dungeons, with fake dead bodies lying in a pool of blood. Spooky sound effects play as the graves move or the ghosts turn up suddenly, sending shrill down the spine.

Witches, wizards, and headless zombies hang in the air or move randomly, scaring the visitors who carefully make their way toward the exit while walking on the swinging bridge. The park’s entrance is through a mirror maze with a lightened floor. The Haunted House of Super Space deeply terrorizes all guests.

Laser Maze

Players inside the Laser Maze jump and crawl to save themselves from the laser beams while trying to reach the other side of the room under a time crunch. In case of getting in contact with the laser beam, the player loses, and the game ends. Agile players speed up toward the end and compete with their friends during the exciting competition.

Laser Tag

Laser Tag, or Battle Station, is a competition between two teams. Teams shoot players of the opposite team with their laser guns. There is an attendant who scores their points and watches as an umpire. The session is ten minutes long. The referee waves a green or blue lighted torch for each score and cares for the members to abide by the rules for fair play. The players must not run, push, or move in any way to cheat for points.

Smash Activity at Super Space

Super Space theme park is the first park in Pakistan to start the smash activity. In this exciting activity, the participant enters a room where old equipment rests on drums, ready to be smashed. The participants are given a hammer around 3 feet long. They must wear special gear, including a safety helmet, padded vest, and thick gloves to save them from harmful objects. They smash and break things, letting out all the stress and enjoying it.


Trampolines are set up in Bounce Karachi, located on the Ground Floor of Ocean Mall. Bounce is the first indoor trampoline park in Pakistan. The band purchased from Super Space covers a session at Bounce for 40 minutes. The Anti-slip socks are essential when entering there and can be bought from the counter for only Rs 100.

The giant trampolines cover a vast area in the Jump Arena. Foam Pit Arena, DodgeBall, and Basketball are super fun, too, and the experience is unmatched by any other play area in the city.

Arcade Games at Super Space

Arcade Games are electronic games that use skills and arcade videos. The games must be played using a card loaded at the counter. Swipe the card to begin the game and enjoy. Motorbike games, car racers, basketball, and motorgo are some of the most amusing arcade games at Super Space.

Bumper Cars at Super Space

Bumper cars are the biggest attraction for people visiting Super Space. It is a dodging car game where the colorful electric-driven cars crash into rival vehicles, giving an adrenaline-filled experience. The session is two minutes long and full of thrill, excitement, and adventure.

XD Rides

Due to its popularity, people visiting Super Space must wait in long lines to ride on XD Rides. They are seated on unique chairs in a room, and a video plays, generating a feeling of riding down the hills or being caught in a snowstorm. The particular movements and vibration of the seats elevate the ride to another level. The recent movie Ice Age is accompanied by frozen air to feel like they are on icy mountains and not just riding in a park.

Flying Cars at Super Space

Flying Car can have around 10 to 12 people for a thrilling experience. The big red car moves fast, thrilling the riders and leaving them with an adrenaline rush at the end. We bet you won’t regret trying one of these in Super Space.

Karaoke at Super Space

The ones with good voices can show their talent inside the Karaoke room, where everyone gathers for a jamming session. They enjoy songs and vibe with each other on musical tunes. Friends dedicate each other to particular songs and make memories for a lifetime. One of the main attractions is the karaoke rooms at Super Space, so don’t forget to check them out.

Events and Celebrations

Super Space is ideal for hosting events and celebrations for children or teenagers. They provide special packages when booked in advance for any occasion and provide décor on the theme chosen by the clients. The staff makes it an excellent and memorable experience for their guests.

Children from a school may visit Super Space as a part of their field trip. Birthdays are also celebrated inside the theme park.

Laser Tag Tournaments

Super Space Karachi hosts a Laser Tag Tournament for youngsters. Each team of up to 5 people could register for the competition by paying only Rs 2000 or Rs 500/player. The winning team may win a prize of Rs 10,000.

Customized Theme Party Celebrations

Celebrating birthdays at Super Space can be fun for children. The place can be booked for a specified time slot on special rates covering the rides, decorations according to the desired theme, and cake and food if requested. The management sets up the place with balloons, banners, and backdrops and provides birthday caps.

The venue is unique for its various activities, and celebrations with loved ones at Super Space are always the most exciting and memorable.

Indoor Cafeteria “Chai Space”

There is a cafeteria inside Super Space named “Chai Space.” The visitors can sit down after an exciting time inside or take a break to refresh before enjoying the activities. Chai Space offers a diverse menu with snacks, BBQs, and hot and cold beverages.

Chai Space also caters for the parties or events held at Super Space. Their delicious menu delights everyone by providing hygienic and fresh food.

Super Cheap Rate with Many Options to Enter

You will find very flexible rates at Super Space with many options. Super Space ticket price is Rs 50. A separate band can also be purchased, which covers most of the amenities available for the day. A card for the arcade games must be bought, carrying credit as much as one wants.

The wristband costs Rs. 750 on weekdays and Rs. 850 on Weekends. Guests can enjoy Flying Car, Haunted House, Bumper Cars, Karaoke, Laser Maze, and Honey Bee as often as they want. They can take a single XD Ride and play Battlestations twice.

Super Band costs Rs. 1200 and includes a session of Bounce for 45 to 50 minutes, along with the rides enjoyed with Wrist Band.

Location of Super Space

Super Space is located inside Ocean Mall on the 5th floor in Clifton.


Are the rides safe for kids?

Most rides in Super Space are not suitable for kids. The kids can enjoy Honey Bee, Laser Maze, Trampoline, Arcade games, and Karaoke. The Haunted House can be a terrifying experience for young people, and the bumper car is a jerky ride that can harm them.

Rides are suitable for which age group kids?

Most rides are suitable for children above eight who can sit comfortably on fast and jolting rides, preferably accompanied by adults. They can enjoy most of the park attractions and enjoy their day.


Super Space Karachi is a perfect place to visit with friends and family for a joyful time to bond with loved ones. The wide array of activities and attractions will be helpful to unwind and get a break from the hectic routine.