Sunehra Beach

Sunehra Beach in Karachi is a well-liked tourist site with highland vegetation, a beautiful blue ocean, and picturesque hills and reefs. The spectacular views along this coastline are incredibly stunning at sunrise and sunset.

The beautiful pristine Sunehra Beach Karachi is an ideal picnic spot to enjoy the day with your family or friends. The beach is clean, and the sand is soft and fluffy. The transparent blue water will leave you in awe.

People come for a calm and peaceful day by the shore. The cool breeze during the summer gives an instant soothing effect. People spend their days in huts or spread their picnic mats on the coast with snacks for a perfect picnic.

Why is it Called Sunehra Beach?

Sunehra means gold, valuable in the Urdu language. Sunehra Beach got its name from the golden brown sand on the beach. The sand there glistens in the sun and looks as if a pool of gold has spilled near the sea. The Golden beach’s warm, sweet, addictive smell welcomes the visitors.

Weather at the Beach

The weather of Sunehra Beach resembles the climate of Karachi and is moderate throughout the year. The summers are hot, with cool breezes with temperatures soaring up to 109℉. The rainfall is scarce, and the humidity is primarily low. The winter temperatures can drop to 43℉.

Things to Pack for Visiting Sunehra Beach

Be mindful of the heat and weather conditions when packing to visit here. There are huts at the beach, and nearby local restaurants can be reached for tea or drinks. It is still best to pack your food and snacks, but keep garbage bags to clean up after meals to keep the beach clean and preserve nature.

Remember to pack sunscreen to avoid suntans due to Sun Rays. Keep a light towel to dry after a swim in the ocean. Keeping an insulated battle for cold water to stay hydrated through the day is also essential. If the visitors intend to swim in the sea on the deeper side, provided there is a lifeguard on duty and they know how to swim, keeping a snorkel set will also be a good idea. Extra pair of clothes is needed to dry after returning from water.

Also, keep a picnic mat to spread on the coast to view the crystal clear water and relax. Pack light snacks to munch on, as the way from Karachi to Sunehra Beach, is long.

Sunehra Beach is a famous fishing point as well. Packing ice boxes to bring back fresh catch will be helpful if the visitors intend to go fishing. The fishermen can provide fishing equipment, so that is not important to take along.

When is the Best Time to Visit Sunehra Beach?

The best time to visit is from August to November or March to April. The weather is moderate, neither too hot nor too cold, allowing the tourists to make the most of their visit by indulging in all sorts of activities and dipping freely in the ocean water.

Weekends and public holidays at Sunehra Beach can get crowded because most people make their way to the beach to spend their day, and finding the perfect spot for a picnic on the coast can become a little tricky. Visit the beach during the week to avoid crowds and spend the day peacefully.

Attractions at Sunehra Beach

The striking coastline of Sunehra Beach is known for its distinctive looks and scenic views of mountains, sea, and beach in a single sight. People who have been there described the place to be clean, serene, and peaceful. The beaches of Karachi are mostly not very well kept. But due to the long distance and limited access, the beach is clean from waste and generally less crowded.

Tranquil Turquoise Water at Sunehra Beach

The clean, crystal-clear ocean will surely leave the visitors spellbound. The sea seems to be a massive pool of wonders with its exceptional color of blue which seems to be in a million shades, each better than the other. The waves come crashing to the shore, and the sun’s reflection breaks on the surface, looking like diamonds. The pleasant water will make you want to dip into its serenity immediately.

The Scenic Beauty of the Beach

The long stretches of golden sand look like someone has sprinkled natural gold dust near the water. You will forget all your worries and problems as you try to take in the beauty of Sunehra Beach as much as possible. The Hingol Mountains come into sight, coupled with the soothing water and the gentle hum of the waves.

View of Charna Island and Hub Power Plant

Churna Island is located near Sunehra Beach and can be reached by boating. The boat ride from Sunehra Beach to Charna island takes about one and a half hours but gives an unparalleled experience. The raw beauty of the Arabian Sea leaves the tourists mesmerized by God’s creation. The beach of Churna Island is suitable for cliff diving. The short hills provide the perfect spot to jump into the water to experience life underwater. People can also hire local tour operators and book scuba diving at Charna Islands. The water tides are usually low, favoring water activities.

Hub Power plant is situated across Sunehra Beach. The people can view it from the shore. As it lights up near the sunset, it gives a dramatic sight for the observers.

Things to Do at Sunehra Beach

People mostly visit Sunehra Beach for sightseeing. The feel of loose sand particles on the feet as they stroll along the coast is extremely calming. The beautiful views of Hingol Mountain from there give a magnificent view. The long drive from Karachi to the beach, away from the city’s hustle, will show naturally carved mountains on both sides. The people of Karachi find solace by spending their days by the sea.

Sunehra Beach is famous for fishing, snorkeling, and sightseeing. You will love spending time on the beach with games or a walk.

Boating to Reach the Main Beach

The road of Mubarak Village will lead to the parking area of Sunehra Beach. From there, the visitors will have to take a boat ride to the main beach, where sparkly gold sand and a tranquil beach wait for them. The boat ride is an enjoyable experience as the boat races on the calming water. The boat ride takes around Rs. 1000 from each person to cross the Indus river estuary to get to the main point.


The sea tides at Sunehra Beach are gentle and calm. The rocks emerge from underwater. Those who know how to swim can swim in the sea. The nearby sea bed has a depth of 1 ft to 3 ft. The underwater views are unique, and people of all ages can dip fearlessly in the water.

Snorkeling in the sea will show some amazing underwater life. There are coral reef gardens and many different fish species under the water. Snorkeling in crystal clear water at Sunehra Beach is unusual as it cannot be done on most beaches near Karachi.   

Play Games

Playing games at the beach is a lot of fun when visiting with family or friends. Play beach volleyball on the golden sand or spin Frisbee. Build sandcastles and construct roads of sand to join them.

Badminton is a fun game to enjoy on the beach or team up with friends to play tug of war. The soft and fluffy sandy shore of Sunehra Beach is perfect for such activities. Suppose feeling adventurous, race who can swim the fastest in the sea or contest for who can collect the most seashells. The options are endless to enjoy a day at the beach.


Camping at Sunehra Beach is a joyous activity. Local travel companies take groups for night stays at Sunehra Beach almost every weekend. They provide camping equipment along with meals for tourists. They arrange bonfires and fishing and cook fresh catch from the sea. The experience is unforgettable and refreshes everyone before returning to the city.

The stay near the beach will connect you to nature. The breathtaking sunset causes the colors to spread on the sky like a painting. Once it gets dark, the stars glitter across the sky, and one maybe is fortunate enough to see The Milky Way. The visitors can watch the moonlight falling on the sea waves before falling asleep.


The water near Sunehra Beach is ideal for fishing due to the variety of fish available. You can hire a boat with a fisherman who will provide equipment and assist in catching the fish.

People enjoy cooking fresh fish or bar-be-cue them for a more enjoyable experience.

Camel Riding

Camel riding is the favorite activity of visitors on the beach in Karachi. Local people bring their camels and charge them for giving them a ride on the beach. Due to less traffic on Sunehra Beach than on other beaches in Karachi, camel riding is rarely seen.

Sunehra Beach Huts

A row of huts is built on the shore of Sunehra Beach. They provide shade and a seating area for visitors. The best thing about Sunehra Beach huts is that you can rent them at nominal charges for a day or a few hours.

It is still advised to take their picnic mats and umbrellas with them if the huts are occupied due to large weekend crowds.

Senehra Beach Entry Ticket Price

People visiting Sunehra Beach must pass through a checkpoint where they pay a fee of Rs. 50 per person to enter the beach.

Karachi to Senehra Beach Distance

The distance from Karachi to Sunehra Beach is 42.1 Km via Maripur road and Goth Mubarak Road. It takes around an hour and a half to get there.

Senehra Beach Location

Sunehra Beach is located in Karachi, near Gaddani, in a small village named Mubarak Village. Sunehra Beach’s location makes it a perfect spot for a quick tour of the sea and the famous Mubarak village nearby.


Is there any food point at Sunehra Beach?

There are no restaurants at Sunehra Beach. Only a few local food outlets, Dhabas, have opened on the way or in Mubarak Village, which serve bread or roti, tea, cold drinks, and some local food varieties.

It’s better if visitors take their food with them for convenience. Taking cooking supplies for cooking or bar-be-cue fresh fish after fishing is also a great option.

Is the place safe for family visits?

The area of Sunehra Beach is under Pakistan Navy, which supervises and maintains it. There are check posts on the way to restrict the entry of suspicious people who may cause trouble so you can visit there with a peaceful mind. The locals of Mubarak Village near the beach are very hospitable and eager to assist the guests there.

Can we visit at night?

Regarding safety, the place can be visited for a night stay. However, there aren’t many comfortable facilities for people to spend the night. The washrooms are not adequately maintained, and there are no proper huts to settle down.

A Group of friends and families go to stay with camping equipment and sleeping bags. The place can become quite uncomfortable for elders and children to stay at night.

Spending a night at Sunehra Beach will be a very relaxing idea otherwise. The scenic beauty and breathtaking sky will steal anyone’s heart, and the pictures will be etched in their minds forever.


Sunehra Beach is an ideal picnic point to visit with loved ones and connect with nature. It is the perfect spot away from the jostles of city life. The beautiful views of mountains and the sea from the unique shore are everything one needs to energize minds and souls.