Russian Beach

The beach never fails to make you feel calm and content no matter when or which beach you visit. But have you ever pondered the reason behind this? According to the research, having time at the beach can significantly lower stress levels and positively affect personality and mental health. In addition, research utilizing brain imaging techniques has demonstrated that being near distance to water is highly associated with the release of feel-good hormones in the brain, such as dopamine and oxytocin. So, let’s talk about one of the famous beaches in Pakistan, the Russian Beach. The Russian Beach Karachi is situated on Mazar Road in Qasim Town. This beach not only has calming waves and a soothing atmosphere but is also an exciting place for those who are fond of fishing. Moreover, it is a beautiful place with huts alongside the water in temperate weather and soothing waves.


If you are exhausted from your busy schedule and have no time for recreational activities, the former Russian Beach Port Qasim is a must-go for you and your family. It is where you and your family will enjoy yourself at your best. The soothing waves and beach will relieve stress and tension and lead you to a peaceful, fun time.

Why is it Called Russian Beach?

Time before the Russian engineers came to Pakistan in the following area to work in the technical swap. With the help of Russian engineers, the Pakistan Steel Mills was created, so the land was called to be the leisure point for Russian engineers. This is why this place is called Russian Beach.

Weather at Russian Beach

Due to the open area, the weather at Russian Beach, located in Karachi on Mazar road bin Qasim town, is pleasant and soothing to the eyes and health. However, at night it gets cold due to the high humidity level, and the weather is hot to warm in the daytime.

Things to Pack for Visiting Russian Beach

Now the question arises what you should pack for that beachy trip? Read on because there you will get a list of what to pack for visiting Russian Beach.

  1. One of the most important things is the first aid kit because you don’t know when any emergency will occur, so you must be prepared.
  2. Have some rubber footwear with you because other than rubber, and any other footwear will be slippery.
  3. Sunblock is another important thing before going to any beach because you will have prolonged direct contact with the sun.
  4. Money and passport pouch
  5. Voltage adapters and power bank
  6. Extra clothes.
  7. Waterproof phone cover.
  8. UV protection sunglasses.
  9. Swimsuit
  10. Other things that are necessary to you.

When is the Best Time to Visit Russian Beach? 

The best time to visit Russian Beach Karachi is from May to November. Although you can see it throughout the Year, the starting months are primarily hot in Karachi, so you will only enjoy it partially because of the hot weather. Same as if you visit Russian Beach in December or January, it will be so cold, and the weather will not let you enjoy yourself fully. The recommended months are mid-months of the Year.

Attractions at Russian Beach

Having its natural beauty, is full of attractions and eye-catching views. One of the most beautiful things is the warm weather at the site. The peaceful and calm environment is relaxing for our minds and overall health. Tourist mostly come to the beachy areas to relax their mind, in which Russian Beach Karachi excel. The Russian Beach Port Qasim is also full of other attractions. They are;

Blacktown in Karachi Sea Stones 

At the beach, there are many beautiful sea stones. The people who are fond of collecting sea stones and find pleasure in having a collection of stones will enjoy a lot at Russian Beach, where you can find many beautiful sea stones.

Peaceful & Calm Environment 

Due to the less crowded area, the environment you will find at Russian Beach Port Qasim is so peaceful and calm. One thing that attracts many tourists is the calmness of the sea and less crowded area, which lets people spend quality time with friends and family.

Syed Shah Hussain Shrine 

The shrine of Syed Shah Hussain is also located there.

Alluring View of Russian Beach

The Russian Beach in Karachi is famous for its alluring beauty and peaceful environment. The soothing cold wind that peacefully blows on your face gives you a pleasant effect and leaves beautiful results on your overall health. So heading towards Russian Beach Port Qasim is highly recommended.

Things to Do at Russian Beach

There are many things to be done at Russian Beach, such as horse riding, camel riding, buggy riding, scuba diving, snorkeling, and fishing.


One of the fascinating things is that you can go boating at the beach. The Peaceful environment and smooth tides help you in enjoying boating.


Due to the less crowded area, the beach has much fish in it. So those who like fishing can go fishing. So hire a Boat on rent and give them a go on hunting. After that, you can also barbecue and enjoy live cooking for freshly hunted fish. Sounds good, right? These are just some of the fronts you can have at Russian Beach. The article cannot cover it all, but the eyes can give it a go and witness the alluring beauty and attractions of the Russian Beach in Karachi.


Swimming through a body of water while wearing a diving mask, a tubular breathing tube known as a snorkel, and typically swim fins is called snorkeling. Snorkeling is a popular activity among scuba divers. In addition, a wetsuit could be worn if the water is particularly chilly. When utilizing this gear, the snorkeler can see undersea attractions for long periods with relatively little exertion and breathe while heading to the water’s surface.   

 Snorkeling is a well-liked pastime for people of all ages, particularly at resorts located in tropical settings. It allows for observing marine life in its natural environment without expensive equipment and extensive training for scuba diving. Furthermore, the fact that it requires so little physical exertion makes it appealing to people of all ages. It serves as the foundation for surface-based competitions in the aquatic sport of fin swimming. Luckily, the Russian Beach Port Qasim offers you the activity of snorkeling.

Scuba Diving

The beach also offers you the activity of scuba diving. Scuba diving is a type of underwater diving in which divers employ breathing apparatus free of surface air supply. Divers engage in this type of diving to explore deeper ocean depths. The word “Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus,” which is shortened to “SCUBA,” is an abbreviation. Scuba divers can have more freedom of movement and independence than surface-supplied divers, as well as more time spent underwater compared to free divers since they carry their supply of breathing gas, typically compressed air.

Karachi to Russian Beach Distance

The road trip from Russian Beach to Karachi through the Port Qasim Bridge is 92 kilometers long. The duration from the Port Qasim to Karachi through Port Qasim Bridge can also be calculated using alternative modes of transportation such as the bus, subway, tram, railway, and rail.

Russian Beach Karachi Location

Karachi District, Mazar Road, Bin Qasim Town, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan, is where you’ll find the Russian Beach Karachi.


Are there any huts at Russian Beach?

Yes, there are many huts available at Russian Beach, which you can hire by pre-booking.

Is it a clean place?

Due to the less crowded area, Russian Beach is one of the cleanest places.

Is there any hotel near Russian Beach?

Unfortunately, there are very few hotels near Russian Beach.


The Russian Beach is a famous picnic point. It is located in Mazar Road bin Qasim Port Karachi Pakistan. The beach is full of alluring beauty and fascinating views. You can have many activities there, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, boating, playing games, and enjoying live cooking. The people who come there for picnics also prepare to spend nights there. This way, you can enjoy the view of the full moon and the beautiful Dawn. As mentioned, you must carry some essential things for your picnic and enjoy your day there.