Golf Club Karachi

If you want to hit a few swings, head to Karachi Golf Club. Reserve a tee time, grab your essentials, and spend a fantastic day on the Greens.

Club Overview

Golf is a prevalent outdoor activity that is played by millions of people around the globe. With 32,000 golf courses worldwide, nearly 55 million people play it as a sport or recreational activity.

There is a general belief that golf is not as demanding as other sports activities, but even if it is a slow game, it offers many benefits to the players.

One of the most important benefits of playing is its health benefits. It is believed that golf is an activity that can help the human heart in many ways. One of the most important reasons is that it lets you stroll for hours. For example, if it is an 18-hole golf course and you must complete the whole system, it equals 3- 4 miles of the walk.

This is an outstanding achievement for people who like to keep fit but cannot walk this much. This slow-paced regular exercise significantly improves the blood sugar level, lipid profile, and other parameters linked to good heart health. It is also a perfect activity for the elderly and young to combat stress and anxiety and eliminate all the disadvantages of lazy life routines.

Golf also helps people of similar interests to interact and bond with each other. While being out for hours on the golf course, you meet many people, interact with them, and even make new friends.

Even if you are a pro golfer or just beginning to like this sport, you will always be in search of a beautiful golf course with many facilities. If you are visiting Karachi or living here, consider the Karachi Golf Club to practice your swings and golfing skills.

Karachi golf club is one of Pakistan’s most aesthetically pleasing golf courses. There is nothing artificial about the Karachi golf club; the natural look of the course beautifully blends with the surroundings.

Attractions, Timings, and Location of Golf Club 

The Karachi golf course is one of Pakistan’s most beautiful and oldest. Situated in the Faisal cantonment Karsaz, Karachi, the golf course is turfed, beautified with landscaping, and filled with greens. This golf course attracts hundreds of players from around Pakistan to practice their golfing skills.

It was founded in 1888, and after 70 years, it was moved to its current location in the 1990s. Peter Harradine designed this 27-hole golf course across 205 acres of land. It is famous for long straight hitters. It has hosted many golf tournaments, such as Pakistan Open.

Facilities at Golf Club Karachi

Here are some of the facilities offered to the members at the Golf Club Karachi:

Golf Academy

The golf academy in the Club has a quality course in excellent condition where you can start learning golf. Golf Academy has a quality program designed to help students improve their skills and has a well-trained staff knowledgeable about golf. They will try to ensure you learn golf as soon as possible. They will teach you the proper techniques and swings you need to know. The Golf Academy’s quality curriculum is updated regularly to make things more challenging and sharpen your skills.

Driving Range

The driving range in Golf Club Karachi is an area where golfers go to practice their swings. This is where you can freely hit balls to different areas of the ground without focusing much on the target. The Golf Club driving range has enough space to accommodate various golfers. Its driving content has a well-maintained environment that is clean and inviting. You will meet professional staff in the ambitious range, guiding you properly about how to swing. Don’t worry about the scorching heat while hitting the balls; you will be under shade. 

Par 3 Practice Ground at Golf Club

This is an area where golfers can practice their swings and will use a practice green or a tee box on a regular golf course. One of the most important benefits is that it allows you to improve your accuracy. Improving your accuracy will make hitting the ball straight and far more accessible. Additionally, practicing on a golf club’s ground can help you improve your club-head speed. 

International Standard Pro Shop

International Standard Pro Shop is a place in Golf Club where golfers can find the best golf equipment and services. All the equipment that will be required can be found at this pro shop. The staff in this pro shop have excellent knowledge about the different brands of golf equipment and will be able to help customers find the right product for their needs. The shop consists of an extensive collection of golf clothes and accessories, as well as a variety of golf balls. You can also find the perfect golf shoes and sticks in this pro shop to help you improve your game.


The gymnasium at the golf club is a well-lit and air-conditioned area where you can exercise all day long. This gymnasium is designed to improve strength, core energy, and fitness. Their staff is friendly and engaging with the Golf Club Members, catering to their needs and making the gym experience enjoyable. The gym includes a variety of equipment that is tailored to different needs. It is immaculate and organized, so you will encounter no problems.

Gents Cloak Room

There is also a well-maintained gents’ cloakroom in the Golf Club, a private space for men to change from golf clothes and get into casual clothing. The cloakroom has a comfortable atmosphere and cozy seating. The cloakroom has many cloaks and suit hangers to fit various clothing sizes. You can shower in this room after playing golf or workout at the gym.

Ladies Lounge at Golf Club

The ladies’ Lounge is a place in the Golf Club where women can relax and socialize after playing golf or any other activity. The ladies’ Lounge has a comfortable, welcoming, and convenient environment. It has a warm seating area with enough space for everyone and offers various products and services to meet the needs of its customers. It is where ladies can make friends by talking with each other. It allows women to get more involved in the community and creates a positive atmosphere encouraging ladies to play golf more frequently.

Golf Course

This Golf course is a 27-hole designed to challenge players of all skill levels. This is surrounded by other miniature golf courses, making scoring a hole-in-one difficult. It has plenty of challenges for all levels of players, such as hills and valleys, bunkers, water hazards, and sand traps. This Golf course has a variety of holes, from short spots that are easy to play to long and challenging holes. Its greens are tricky and fair, and the course is well-marked.


Many events occur in the Golf Club, where members and sometimes outsiders are also allowed. These events are not always but mainly related to golf, such as tournaments and competitions. All the top golf players compete against each other in these events. Other events include Eid parties and Independence Day festivities.

Book Your Space at Golf Club

You can also book space for any personal event at Golf Club. Golf Club Karachi consists of a variety of different areas for different purposes. These spaces include Dining Hall, Candy Land, Governors Gallery, and Wedding Lawns. These are designed for other occasions, so they have different prices. The Golf Club also includes private meeting rooms where you have to pay hourly rates. This is designed for corporates who need a secure personal space to discuss their businesses.

Online Billing System

The Karachi Golf Club also allows you to make payments online, so there is no need to come personally to their office. Its online billing system makes submitting payments quite simple. It is effortless, and club members can manage their billing information online. Club members can receive automated email notifications about their billing information and easily view their account information and payment history. This billing system saves a lot of time not only for the Golf Club staff but also for the members.


The Karachi Golf Club offers many memberships for people interested in golf here. It has different packages for retired officers and individual and corporate memberships. Depending on the type of membership, the fee is also separate:

  • Regular individual: PKR 2 Million
  • Corporate Membership: PKR 2.5 Million.
  • Forces Temporary: Refundable PKR 5,000
  • Retired Forces PKR 50,000

To avail of any memberships, fill out an application form from the Golf club. You must also submit the entry fee, three photographs, and 1 Copy of CNIC.


Throughout the year, the Karachi Golf Club organizes many tournaments. They are specially arranged for amateurs and professionals to compete. Here are some of the most popular games scheduled at the Karachi Golf Club:

  • Sindh Amateur
  • WGCG
  • Rashid Habib Professionals
  • PN Golf Championship
  • Bahria Foundation

Golf Club Karachi Timings:

Golf Club Karachi is open at peak hours every day. You can call them at their official number for further inquiries about the timings of tournaments and events.

Golf Club Karachi Tickets:

 Contact them at their phone number to visit the golf club about the latest fee structure for entry and membership. You can join the Karachi Golf Club for a fee of 1500 PKR/ month.

Golf Club Karachi Contact Details & Location:

This beautiful golf club is at Karsaz Rd, Faisal Cantonment, Karachi. Visitors can contact the Karachi Golf Club at (021) 99240200.


How can I get a Karachi club membership?

You can join the Karachi golf club by visiting their official website. They have offered a form for the applicants to fill out. Please fill out the form and submit it for review. In a few days, you will get a call from them for further details and procedures.

 2. How secure is payment at the Karachi Golf Club? Is my data protected?

All members’ information and details are stored on a server protected by a firewall. The MasterCard payment gateway, a brilliant, safe, and simple way of processing transactions, processes your marketing without worrying about security breaches.

3. How to book a chalet at a golf club?

You can book a chalet here if you are a golf club member. For booking, call the golf club at this no; (021) 99240200.

 4. Are there overnight accommodations? What is the rate for the room?

Yes, there are many luxurious chalets where you can stay and enjoy for a while.

5. Can I play golf there without having a membership?

Usually, only the club members can play here; however, you can check the details by visiting their website.


There is no doubt that Karachi Golf Club is located in an idyllic spot with many activities and facilities, not to mention the clubhouse that adds to its Charizma. If you are a golfing enthusiast, we suggest you visit Karachi Golf Club. The vast stretches of greens, the atmosphere, and the facilities will surely make your visit memorable.