French Beach Karachi

Less than an hour’s drive from mainland Karachi you can find yourself in the middle of the coastal wilderness of Karachi French Beach. Here small cliff descends steeply to the shoreline dotted with a sparkling stretch of beach. Plan your next vacation to Karachi French Beach and enjoy endless activities; the fun awaits you.

Activities, Timings, and Location of French Beach

French beach is another spectacular tourist hotspot located to the west of Karachi city. Also called Haji Ali Goth, it is a beautiful fishing village near the coastline. It is believed that the beach got its unique name because of some french individuals who once visited this beautiful beach long ago. You can find the shoreline with jagged rocks and a pebbly beach between Hawks Bay and Paradise Point. It is advised to wear joggers at the French beach because the rocky formations can hurt your feet.

 This gem of the recreational area has been open throughout the years for thousands of visitors to enjoy the breathtaking scenery, crashing waves, and the overall peaceful environment of the beach. Due to the increasing interest of tourists worldwide in this beautiful rocky beach location, the locals built lovely and comfortable rental huts just along the shore. So your visit to French beach Karachi can only be relaxing if you rent one of these huts, or you will not be able to enjoy the scenery.

French Beach Nearby Attractions

Since the French beach is located on the Western side of Karachi, there is a long row of other famous beaches nearby paradise point, hawks bay, and sands pit beach. All these beach locations are mind-blowing. They offer breathtaking views, pleasant scenery, and an endless stretch of the Arabian Sea. Along these beaches, many parks, resorts, and restaurants are a must-visit during your trip. In the winter, you can watch green sea turtles at Hawks Bay and Sandspit. Visitors can also enjoy the lighthouse of Karachi, which lies close to French Beach.

Things to keep in Mind before Visiting the French Beach

· You should pack drinks and food for your family because there will likely be no eateries near the huts.

Although the beach is open to the public throughout the year, your stay depends upon your hut’s rent.

· It will be wise to book a beach hut before arriving there.

· The area does not have a proper water supply, so before reaching there, ensure that your hut has a water pump and water.

Activities at French Beach Karachi

Karachi french beach enjoys a prime spot along the Arabian sea coast. The location gives it the advantage of having spectacular scenery and endless activities. Visitors can enjoy anything from peacefully lying in the sun to scuba diving. Let’s take a look at what this beach offers.


French beach is a beautiful and serene location to swim as the water is immaculate. You can refresh your mind by floating on the French Beach and enjoy it simultaneously. Swimming is exciting because it is a tranquil setting with crystal clear water. Swimming at the beach relaxes your body and is a fun activity you should do at least once in your lifetime.

Scuba Diving

French beach offers a relaxed and beautiful atmosphere, perfect for a day of diving. You never need to hurry or worry about anything while diving. The French Beach coastline is home to many exciting and beautiful diving sites and is a great way to experience the natural environment. Dive operators will guide you before diving; they are the best in their business. They are always up for a dive and are happy to teach their guests the best ways to enjoy diving.


French beaches are incredibly scenic and offer a great boating experience not found anywhere else. Boating on these beaches is a great way to view the unique landscape. The water is usually calm, and the boats can travel at a leisurely pace, allowing travelers to take in the sights and sounds of the coast. Boating on French Beach is a thrilling experience, especially for kids, because of the beautiful scenery and the variety of available boats. The boating community is very active and supportive, making it a great place to meet new people and share experiences.


The waves are big and challenging, making for a thrilling surfing experience at the French Beach. The beach offers stunning views while surfing, making your experience even more valuable. The staff is usually amiable and welcoming, making for a great surfing experience. The French Beach coastline is perfect for both beginner and experienced surfers, as there are plenty of waves for everyone to enjoy.

Cruising on Jet Skis

Cruising on Jet skis at French beach Karachi is a fascinating experience because it allows you to see the coastline from different angles and positions. While cruising on jet skis, you will experience the sounds of the water and the wind passing against your skin, and this is a feeling that cannot be replicated in any other way. You can also cruise with your kids at lower speeds, so safety will also be assured. While moving at French beach, the scenery constantly changes, making it a gratifying experience.


French beach is one of the most scenic fishing spots in the area and offers a variety of fish to catch. There are many safe areas to fish on the French Beach, so you don’t have to worry about your kids as they will also have a great time. The variety of fish caught makes it a fun challenge for fishing enthusiasts.

Windsurfing on Smaller Boats

Windsurfing on smaller boats at French Beach is inspiring as the wind and waves are consistent, making it a great way to spend an afternoon or evening. The smaller boats are easier to maneuver, which makes the experience more fun. The view from the smaller boats at the French Beach is also more scenic and enjoyable, as they can get closer to the shorelines.


The kayaks at the French Beach are sturdy and provide a very smooth ride. Kayaking is an excellent activity as you will experience the coastline’s natural beauty. The kayaks at the French Beach are easy to use and provide a comfortable and safe experience for those who choose to kayak. Don’t worry about your safety; the kayaks at the French Beach are well-maintained and offer an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Playing Frisbee

Playing frisbee at French Beach is a great way to have fun with friends. You will have a unique experience while playing frisbee because it’s sandy and has a lot of trees nearby. It’s a great place to play frisbee because it’s always cool, and there’s never a dull moment.

Flying Kite

Most people spend their summer days flying kites, one of the most exciting activities at French Beach. You can fly kites with your family and compete with your friends. Many families and individuals fly kites at French Beach, and the view is spectacular.


Volleyball is a fun sport, especially when you are playing it at the French Beach. You can dive safely on the sand while playing volleyball; it is a unique way to spend your afternoon. Many people also visit French Beach to witness the volleyball matches between different teams.

Hut Booking at French Beach

Since most of the beach huts are owned or rented by the elite population of Karachi, it is nearly impossible for anybody to rent these huts easily. Apart from these huts, some corporations own some huts. But they are only open and used by them during their annual picnics and parties. It is almost impossible to contact them. So you only have two options to visit the French beach: tag along with someone going there or post your request to rent the hut on the beach on social groups and forums. There you may find some hut owners willing to rent their cabins. If you are lucky enough to rent a hut at the French beach, the prices start at $50 per night.

French Beach Timings

The beach is open to visitors throughout the year, with a pleasant environment and beautiful waves. It would be best to avoid the monsoon season on the French beach; other than that, the sun, sea, and sand are pretty welcoming throughout the year.

Karachi French Beach Tickets

There is no entry fee or ticket required to enter Karachi French beach. However, if you rent the huts or avail of any other services, you must pay for them.

French Beach Karachi Location

The French beach is halfway between Paradise Point and Hawks Bay beach, west of Karachi. You can reach the beach via Mauripur road, leading you to the French beach road.


Why is French beach called French beach?

French beach is a small fishing village also called Haji Ali Goth. According to the locals, it is believed that some French individuals visited the beach due to its extinct beauty a long time ago, and as a result, this part of the coast was given the name; French beach.

Is there any pass required to go to French Beach?

No, you don’t require a pass to visit open for everyone for free. But if you rent a beach hut at the beach, you have to pay the price.

Can anyone go to French Beach Karachi?

Since this destination has many beach huts owned by elite Karachiites, access is only granted to those who own a hut. So it is tough to enjoy anything at Karachi French Beach without prior reservation.

Is French beach open?

Yes, Krachi French beach is open now for visitors.


Karachi is blessed with a beautifully wild and never-ending coastline. Venture beyond the bustling Karachi city and enjoy the beautiful sun and sand at the French beach with your friends and family.