Farmhouses In Karachi –  A True Holiday Destination

It is still simple and safe to assume that someone wants a quiet time with their loved ones once they are out of the neighborhood because they are weary of their predictable daily routine in parallel towns. Sometimes people wish to unwind by having fun far from their usual location of residence. They want to escape the city’s bustling, active lifestyle for a few hours. When a ranch house satisfies a person’s wishes, it will be a colossal presumption. There are numerous justifications for visiting a farmhouse on vacation. People congregate as a family to emphasize the importance of occasionally getting together with friends and family.

A country house effectively participates in neighborhood activities and is a good choice for special occasions like Eid, friend gatherings, wedding anniversaries, birthday celebrations, etc. Similarly, no one will bother a person’s community at their farmhouse, and they are free to unwind in whatever they like.

Karachi, Pakistan’s urban center, is still renowned for its glitz, clever ideas, delectable cuisine, beautiful views, and abundance of farmhouses. Over the previous insufficient years, the construction and usage have risen despite price hikes and other limitations.

Building, including using farmhouses, has been increasingly popular over the last few years. People use farmhouses to host opulent celebrations and joyous weddings and grow organic food there.

The ordinary population uses ranch homes to grow biological crops, but they also utilize ranch homes to host lavish events like weddings and other celebrations.

Farmhouses are incredibly prevalent in Karachi. However, the following is a list of the Luxury Farmhouses and Farmhouses in Karachi for Rent:

What should I look for in Choosing a Perfect Farmhouse?

A farm stay might be a great choice if you’re looking for a change of pace for your summer vacation this year. While farm stays are also common in Pakistan. Some offer the opportunity to participate in hands-on work, such as collecting hen eggs, feeding animals, and other grunt work, for a more educational vacation. Others provide a fun place to spend the night where you can play in a creek and experience country life. Whatever kind of farm stay you’re seeking, these top choices have something to offer almost everyone. While choosing a farmhouse for any events or gatherings, one should research its activities and amenities.

12 Best Farmhouses in Karachi

Orchid (Millennium) Farmhouse

If you want to appreciate life, take advantage of this chance to experience true luxury and nature. Orchid (Millennium) Farmhouse is the ideal location for a getaway with the family. There is no restriction on the number of guests, and day and night packages are available to suit your budget.

 Special arrangements, such as catering and decoration, are available upon request. Picnic parties, corporate gatherings, and special events venue vacations begin during the week with family or hang out with friends in on Michigan experience.

Two bedrooms with air conditioning, a fitted kitchen with a water dispenser, and a deep freezer are among the many

amenities. An enclosed swimming pool with a water slide, fake rain, and chairs; by the pool, there is a vegetable garden, a water fountain, and a lovely green lawn.

Basketball, Badminton, Volleyball, Football, Cricket, and other outdoor games are available. Indoor activities include hand football and carom board games. There are also slides and swings for kids and adults and a grill station with utensils.

Karachi Farmhouse

One of Karachi’s finest and most well-known farmhouses is Karachi Farmhouse. For a very long time now, IT has been winning hearts because of its superb services and lovely ambiance.

In addition to offering guests roomy accommodations, it also has a thrilling and challenging water slides, a separate pool, and kid-friendly slides. The location also provides a female-only poolside. Pakistan is blessed with several scenic areas, with breathtaking deserts serving as one such example.

Six roomy, air-conditioned suites with all the essentials, including LD toiletries, can be found in the farmhouse. Additionally, each room is fully furnished.

The farmhouse also offers table Tennis, Billiards, Carrom, a BBQ space, and a secure area to keep your stay as enjoyable as possible. The farmhouse typically costs between Rs.40,000 and Rs.75,000

Rani Empire Farm House

Rani Empire Resort is the third farm on the list. It is the best farmhouse in Karachi with price, situated in the desirable neighborhood of Malir, and stands out significantly from typical farmhouses for all the right reasons. A 9-hole golf course, an aqua room, an auditorium, and a small zoo with exotic animals like llamas, pony horses, ostriches, and more can be found at the farmhouse. This home is perfect for you if you enjoy animals or if your children do.

The bedrooms are well-equipped and air-conditioned. A snooker table and many other indoor games are available at the location. According to the demand and the season, the rent for this resort varies from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 80,000 for 24 hours.

The following features of the farmhouse are among its amenities:

 Air-conditioned baby pool

Backup generator 

An American kitchen

·         Grilling Area

·          Indoor Sports

·         Cricket Ground, 9-hole golf course, a swimming pool, a football dispenser, a zoo, and international standard snooker.

Durrani Farm House

At the welcoming homestay Durrani farmhouse, where travelers are treated as guests, a top-notch stay with all the conveniences is ensured. They always appreciate and accept assistance with farm tasks like preparing or nursing a cow.

The eco-friendly farm stay in Karachi offers visitors a look at rural Pakistan’s proper environment, culture, and traditions. Additionally, there are numerous activities to keep the entire family occupied. You can select your preferred moves in addition to day trips and lodging options.

Facilities include a lovely lake with a seating area and a tea hut encircled by luxuriant vegetation. Swimming pool: A sparkling, appealing, covered pool with slides, fresh water trickling from a tubewell, and chairs around the pool. Lounge: Beautifully furnished lounge with a sofa set and a television.

New Moon Farmhouse

The New Moon Farmhouse is magnificent in Karachi for picnics, BBQ parties, gatherings, and business events. It is a family-friendly farmhouse in Karachi that gives charm to people of all ages and offers visitors a variety of amenities, including family entertainment, water leisure, dining, and more.

It is a place to spend a wonderful day with your family at New Moon Farmhouse, which can change its site and contains the finishing touches for your unique celebration. Karachi’s farmhouse possesses the qualities of unmatchable components.

Enjoy the clean water of the swimming pool under the moonlight and the amusement of indoor games at this farmhouse to make your events return with more amazing moments you can barely move from your memories. You can rely on this farm for family outings, school trips, birthday parties, and other specific events.

Shangrila Farmhouse

One of Karachi’s top farmhouses is the Shangrila Farmhouse on Hamdard Road. The farmhouse has three luxurious, fully equipped rooms with air conditioning. Additionally, there are indoor and outdoor dining options and a pool. The tranquil, verdant surroundings will undoubtedly brighten your day.

The farmhouse is also entirely secure and protected. An armed squad constantly patrols the farmhouse to safeguard the safety of the priceless customers.

The following are a few of the farmhouse’s main amenities:

  • ·         Security personnel in a mosquito-free environment
  • ·         Backup generator
  • ·         Beautiful Garden with Various Flowers Decorated with Lush Greenery
  • ·         Peacock, Blue Holland, Love Birds, Pheasant Red and Golden, Java, and Bagri Birds are all in the Children Arena Mini Aviary.
  • ·         American-style wood kitchen with a total goat roasting station.
  • ·         Swimming pool, indoor games including snooker and handball, and a seating area for dabbu

Windmill Farm Resort

The resort at Windmill Farm offers top-notch entertainment where you may let go of all your stress from a demanding life. The atmosphere in this farmhouse is unique, lasting, and refreshing for various occasions like family picnics, corporate picnics, and school and college picnics.

 It is where you can experience complete harmony with nature and fresh, clean, pollution-free surroundings away from your hectic life. They are committed to offering excellent services and facilities for your happiness and well-being since friends get together for birthday parties and Mehandi ceremonies.

Arabian Farmhouse

The best farmhouse in Karachi with the price is the Arabian Farmhouse, which is situated in Karachi, the city of lights. The Arabian Farmhouse is a farmhouse on Karachi’s motorway and one of the city’s most affordable ranch homes. It is located close to Baqai University.

This Arabian farmhouse remains ideal for holding a picnic for the general public if they want to unwind, enjoy, and be in a tranquil environment while spending a good day with their friends and family.

The audience can enjoy a private garden, an on-stage area, a swimming pool, and a spacious house where all needs are met at the Arabian farmhouse. The Arabian farmhouse can be enjoyed with the following features:

The farmhouse has a few features, such as:

  • ·         Bedrooms with two beds, a dressing area, and an air conditioner. Additionally, it includes two fans and cushions in a large hall with carpeting.
  • ·         It features a kitchen with a deep freezer, cylinder stove, dining table, and chairs on top of it.
  • ·         Another pool is for children.
  • ·         There is a playground for kids with swings, a merry-go-round, and a seesaw.
  • ·         There are numerous games available for seniors. Patti, Dabbu, Badminton, and Cricket are a few examples.
  • ·         A modest playground with swings and lighting is present.
  • ·         Additionally, there is a bbq setup with lovely seats.
  • ·        Sizable swimming pool with showers and change areas 

Al Siraj Farmhouse

“Al Siraj farmhouse” is another fantastic choice for the citizens of Karachi and its surrounding areas. The farmhouse has long been offering the general public top-notch services. Depending on the people’s preferences, the farmhouse has several categories.

The groups consist of:

VIP Farmhouse

Book a VIP farmhouse immediately if you wish to spend time with your friends and family in a peaceful and tranquil setting. The VIP farmhouse has everything you want, including a covered swimming pool, a BBQ, and indoor activities.

Deluxe Farmhouse

Deluxe is a luxury farmhouse in Karachi that is ideal for you if you’re seeking the perfect location for family reunions, business picnics, BBQ parties, birthday parties, basalts, dholki, and other events. For field trips and enjoyable activities, many educational institutions choose Deluxe Farmhouse.

 With a living room, kitchen, and full-length windows, you may enjoy it to the utmost while maintaining your privacy. The luxurious farmhouse is surrounded by the most exquisite natural scenery and has a finely developed pool with a water filtration system installed.

Royal Farmhouse

Consider Royal Farmhouse in Karachi for Picnic if you’re looking for a company gathering or day trip location. The location is ideal for family outings, birthday celebrations, office gatherings, and school field trips. It features a high-quality covered pool, sports facilities, a backup generator, a mosque, a jogging path, an American kitchen, guestrooms, and kid-friendly activities.

Additionally, the farmhouse offers its clients cooking and transportation services.

Olive Farmhouse

The Olive Farmhouse offers a separate BBQ grill, a kitchen with a dining area for 50 people, and a rest house in the Spanish style. There is a sitting room and swimming pool specifically for seniors, a waterfall in the pool, and a large swimming pool for adults and children. There is a leisure area on the terrace.

A wide cricket pitch, a football goalpost, and two excellently designed giant slides are located by the pool. There is also a shower booth. Board games and cricket are among the outdoor games. There is a lovely green lawn. A separate bathroom, a dedicated prayer space, a unique ramp for wheelchairs and baby strollers in the men’s and women’s restrooms, and a standby generator are included. There is space for 16 cars to park.

Hill Top Farm Houses

Hilltop farmhouse always leaves you feeling refreshed and content. The entire outdoor wedding site is made peaceful thanks to the landscape and the chirping of the birds. It blends a classical structure with all manner of contemporary comforts.

It is the first bricked parking structure of its sort in Karachi and has a large capacity.

Rooftop patios are also perfect for small intimate gatherings during sunsets and starry nights. The courtyard is ideal for any social occasion because of the citrus aroma, beautiful turf, and unique ceiling.

Dua Farmhouse

Another top-notch opulent farmhouse in Karachi is well situated for picnics in the exclusive Malirr Cantt. The Executive Lodge is gorgeously decorated with convenient living, eating, and cooking areas.

Its spacious, lush lawn is available for any occasion or photo shoot.

Features consist of:

·         Seating for 1000–1200 people

·         A large valet parking area

·         Backup power source


Many people dream of living on a farm. Because of this, housing societies in Islamabad provide a variety of farmhouse options. Deeply ingrained desires are satisfied by tranquility and proximity to nature, among other qualities. People exposed to the stress and noise of city life since they were young will find a place to retreat. Many nature lovers share the dream of living alone and outside the city.

The traditional idea of a farmhouse is significantly dissimilar from modern farmhouses. Farmhouses of today are more about luxury and lavish living. You can easily find many farmhouses in Karachi at a low price if you are on a budget

Farmhouse Booking in Karachi is easy and quick because there are many options to choose from, and you can easily plan your weekend getaway even at the last hour. 

What is the best farmhouse in Karachi?

One of Karachi’s finest and most well-known farmhouses is Karachi Farmhouse. Karachi Farmhouse has been winning hearts for a long time thanks to its superb services and lovely ambiance.

 In addition to offering guests roomy accommodations, the farmhouse provides thrilling and challenging water slides, a separate pool, and kid-friendly slides. The location also has a female-only poolside. 

Why do people like farmhouses?

Farmhouse living is a unique way to live. However, a distinctive way of life does not imply inferiority or deficiency. In Karachi, there are a lot of housing societies that sell farmhouses.

They provide a fuss-free, close-to-nature lifestyle. Animal lovers will initially find space for their animals. Secondly, kids can play in the expansive property area. Large terraces also invite you to opulent barbecues.

Other notable benefits include access to clean air, low noise levels, and peace away from busy cities. Farmhouses are splendid for your overall physical and mental health.

 Where are most farmhouses located?

The Pakistani metropolis of Karachi is renowned for its vibrancy, rich culture, delicious cuisine, picturesque views, and opulent farmhouses. The rural areas of Karachi are filled with unique ones that are a must-visit for a serene experience in this fantastic city.