Dreamworld Resort

Dreamworld Resort is an all-inclusive resort that ensures you enjoy a stress-free and relaxing trip. Providing you with everything you need to enjoy an unforgettable and fabulous vacation without worrying about crashing your bank account every time you indulge in an activity or spa treatment. Dreamworld Resort is one of the best options in Pakistan for a one-stop solution for your vacations.

Nearby Attractions, Timings, and Location of Dreamworld Resort Karachi

Dreamworld Resort is family-centered entertainment, recreational and residential club located in the suburbs of Karachi. It is located adjacent to Block R, Gulshan-e-Mymar, Super Highway Karachi. The resort is just 20 minutes drive from the international airport and covers an area of 144 acres. You can contact them at info@ dreamworldresort.com.  It offers a tranquil and serene getaway for you and your family to enjoy various facilities such as boating, kayaking, etc. It feels like your second home where you can relax and be assured of your privacy, security, and standard. Dreamworld Resort is truly a magnificent one-of-the-kind resort in Pakistan worth visiting.

Dreamworld Resort Membership

Dreamworld Resort offers different types of memberships for its members. If you get a membership at Dreamworld Resort, it is just like an investment that is not only an asset that you can later on sell when you no longer need it but also offers you and your family to enjoy free amenities.

For the visitors interested in Dreamworld Resort, there are three kinds of memberships for them to avail:

Transfer Membership

It allows you to buy an existing membership by transferring it to your name. The transfer price will be selected by the person selling the membership, and the resort will also charge some fee for the transfer process.

Guest Membership

It costs you around PKR 1.25 lakh and lasts for one or two years with no monthly charges for maintenance. Guest Membership is renewable upon its expiry.

Lifetime membership

A lifetime membership costs the person around PKR 28 lakh, which can be paid in the form of installments. Lifetime membership gives access to the member to all the attractions except the restaurants and chalets are based on monthly membership fees of Dreamworld Resort.

Dreamworld Resort is home to 100+ recreational activities that can be categorized into 5 categories: water, adventure, kids’ facilities, and others.

The water park at the resort is one of the striking highlights of the trip here. The water park offers many activities on a manmade lake or artificial sea. Visitors can enjoy swimming, water slides, and boating.

Suppose you are interested in adventurous activities. In that case, the resort has various options such as rodeo bull, ATV bikes, Go-karts, dune buggies, archery, laser shooting, horse riding, and camping.

Visitors fond of any sports activity can enjoy various sports at the resorts, such as tennis, cricket, and golf. They are also present at the resort if you have a knack for indoor sports such as snooker, bowling, and table tennis. There is also a Dreamworld Golf club for enthusiasts to play and enjoy.

How can we forget kids when we are talking about adventure and fun? The Dreamworld Resort has a special area for your little one to enjoy themselves with attractions such as kiddie rides and a children’s playground.

Other Amenities

As the name indicates, Dreamworld Resort and golf course are more than just a club. It offers you a unique opportunity to enjoy delicious meals, host your guests and stay for one or two nights to keep you entertained at chalets. The resort also offers five different restaurants with different menus and locations. You can eat at the Galaxy Restaurant, Cafe Lagoon, Cafe Aroma, Dhaba Restaurant, or Saffron Lawn.

Visitors also avail corporate facilities such as conference rooms and exhibition halls; even the entire resort can be booked for corporate or private events.

Main Fun Attractions at Dreamworld Resort

Here are some of the most liked thrilling and exciting attractions at the Dreamworld Resort.

Water Resort

Water resort combines all water activities such as water slides, boating, and pools in one place. The resort is mindful of your comfort and privacy, which is why there are plenty of washrooms and changing rooms for gents and ladies to change their clothes after all the fun activities at the water resort.

Artificial sea

The resort has managed to build an artificial lake or sea, which creates real-time waves crashing at its shore. The visitors can enjoy the peace and serenity of this artificial sea without getting wet and dirty with sand and water.

Crazy River Slide

You cannot miss the crazy river slide at the resort if you love fun and enjoyable activities in the water.

Four Lane Multi-slide

Four-lane, multi-slide is a fun option for a bunch of friends or cousins to enjoy the thrill of the ride simultaneously. Plan a trip to the resort and enjoy this marvel of a slide.

Kamikaze Slide

For daredevils, the kamikaze slide is a must-try. The slide glides 80 kilometers per hour from the top and drops you into a water pool. If you are an adventurous soul, you must try Kamikaze Slide. 

Children Pool Area

When you are enjoying your time in the water, kids would also like to enjoy. To ensure kids’ safety and happiness, a special children’s pool area lets the kids enjoy splashing, swimming, and playing in a shallow pool of water. The pool also has kid-friendly slides.


Enjoy the thrill and fun of following adventurous games at Dreamworld.


Go-kart is fun, especially for children interested in racing and sports. The Dreamworld Resort has a lot of safety rules and regulations, so go-kart is safe for all types of ages. Go Kart is the best way to test your reflexes as it involves a straight path and twists differently.

 Desert Safari

The desert safari is an experience you will remember for the rest of your life. It will give you the idea of being in Arabian childhood stories. This activity offers a unique adventure of a jeep passing through the sand and takes you to a special place to enjoy the camel ride. It introduces you to the spectacular view of sunrise or sunset.

ATV bikes

Quad bikes, also known as ATV bikes, comprise four wheels. The resort has made a special terrain area for the ATV bikes. The special ability to ride through the rough surface effortlessly give us a chance to enjoy a thrilling experience.


Archery is another fun activity to do at the resort. Apart from the entertainment, this game provides a benefit to a person’s health i.e., physically and emotionally. Archery games come in different forms, such as pop balloons, shooting fruit, and many more. It is the best means of enhancing long-distance shooting skills and entertainment for all ages.

Rodeo Bull

Rodeo bull gives you the real-life bull riding experience. It involves a person getting on a bucking bull and trying to resist falling while the movement of the rodeo bull is trying to buck off the rider. You must hold on to the rope while gripping the sides of the rodeo bull with your thighs and stay intact to win the game. It is a thrilling and adventurous game to experience.

Adventure camping

Beautiful nature calls for people to get rid of their urban life. The Dreamworld Resort offers the opportunity of adventure camping to enjoy the natural environment for a limited time. You can live peacefully with your loved ones for a few days and do other activities such as bonfires, stargazing, and floating on water.

Bungee Trampoline

The bungee trampoline is the best attraction for kids in Dreamworld Resort. It helps the person to jump on trampoline 20 feet in the air and fall back. It works either manually or electrically. It is the most exciting and adrenaline-pumping activity to experience.

Virtual Reality

Every child’s dream is to play virtual reality games, and that’s what you get at Dreamworld Resort.

HTC Vive

HTC Vive is the best activity to interact with virtual reality with vibrant sound and realistic graphics.  It makes the children believe that they are part of the game. There are different types of amazing HTC Vive games available in Dreamworld Resort. You can choose your favorite one and enjoy the adventure.

Play Station VR

Play Station VR is another incredible opportunity to experience reality games in Dreamworld Resort. This amazing activity forces the person to immerse in the game and forget about the surroundings. This extraordinary gaming universe allows you to experience the game all around you. It has 3D audio and a built-in mic to communicate and put yourself at the center of the virtual world, where you can live and enjoy for a limited time.

XBOX 360

XBOX 360 is one of the favorite virtual reality games to play for many people. The resort has made a special gaming room with a perfect ambiance to play and enjoy. They have games of various categories for all ages. People love to enjoy and get immersed in thrilling 360-degree experiences.

Ferrari Driving Simulator

One exciting virtual reality game Dreamworld Resort offers is the Ferrari driving simulator. The software offers the most realistic driving simulator with incredible 3D graphics. This activity is the greatest opportunity to live the extraordinary dream of driving a Ferrari.

9D Motion Rides

The 9D motion is a great activity for people looking for thrilling VR experiences. The 9D Roller coaster machine in the Dreamworld Resort has a variety of adventurous experiences, including giant wings, dragon attacks, and alien bugs. VR bike allows you to race the new generation bikes and make you feel like a professional rider.

Laser shooting

The park provides a safe area to experience this exciting activity. Family and friends can play in a group and make this tour memorable. Firstly, they provide a presentation and detailed demonstration to ensure a safe shooting experience. They offer quality shooting equipment for adults and children. This is the best activity for people who love shooting and hunting.

Golf Simulator

The Dreamworld Resort provides an opportunity to experience golf as a virtual reality game. The golf simulator makes it possible to experience the indoor environment of golf. The software used is way near to reality. The experience is so real that you feel like you are actually in the game. This game has incredibly high graphics and resolution.

One of Its Kind Facilities

Visitors can also enjoy unique activities offered nowhere else in Pakistan.

Snowfall Play Area

Dreamworld Resort offers another very wonderful activity i.e., the snowfall play area. You can enjoy and spend the most chilling fun time with your friends and family. The frozen rides and slides in the cold environment are breathtaking.

Synthetic Ice Skating

Dreamworld Resort has built a special ice rink that makes ice skating possible. The ice rink’s surface is very smooth, allowing efficient ice skating. You may also participate in skating races and prove your skills. Moreover, the ice rink can also be converted into tic-tac-toe for more entertainment.

Boating Lake

The boating lake in this park is a man-made attraction for tourists. All the people enjoying and having fun on their boats is a remarkable scene to witness. Safety precautions are strictly followed, and everyone has to wear a life jacket. Indeed, this is the favorite adventurous activity for many people at the resort.

Musical and Dancing Fountain

Like the dancing fountain in Dubai, Dreamworld family resort also offers the lightning display of the fountain at the fun lagoon, where the water dances to different shapes and tunes. It is a spectacular activity that almost everybody loves.

Sports and Fitness

Don’t miss out on your exercise while on vacation with the following sports.

Badminton Court

Badminton is a joyful sport that also helps reduce stress and anxiety. The court has a seating area where you can witness the players playing. The court is big enough to provide an area for the players to play comfortably.

Beach Volleyball

Apart from the aquatic activities, the Dreamworld Resort also offers a sand court divided by the net to play volleyball.  You can make the team with your family and friends and enjoy the exciting game with the beautiful ambiance.

Bowling Alley

Another dedicated facility offered by Dreamworld Resort is the bowling alley. It is an enclosed area with many lanes over which the players bowl the balls and enjoy their game.

Cricket Ground

The outdoor games in Dreamworld family resort also comprise cricket. As many people are fond of this game, they take part and enjoy it. The cricket ground is not much big, but it is enough for the players to play and improve their skills.

Tennis Court

An indoor tennis court is built in the Dreamworld Resort for tennis fans. Tennis is an exciting game that releases endorphins and improves your health. Few coaches help you learn how to play as well.

Children’s Cycling

Children’s cycling is another exciting game for kids offered by Dreamworld. They provide a well-built track for cycling and coaching to the children to learn and get experts in cycling. It increases the skills and confidence of the children.

Indoor Games

Don’t like outdoor games, try these!

Point Snooker

Point snooker is one of the indoor games that people adore. Players spread a layer of excitement and anxiety when striking a cue ball. People play here to learn and improve their skills.

Air Hockey Table

 The air hockey table game is one of the most entertaining indoor games of the Dreamworld Resort. It is a fun game with a peak of perfection, and people of all ages love to play it.


Alley-Oops is the ideal indoor game for basketball players. You have to shoot the basketball in the basket in a limited time. This mini basketball game is a way of extreme excitement for kids especially.

Carrom Board

Another thrilling indoor game in this park is the carrom board. It can greatly improve your analytical thinking. Carrom board is the finest game to release stress and increase laughter. These are the best games to play for tourists.

Table Tennis

It is an incredible game filled with rush and excitement. At the Dreamworld Resort, you can enjoy nerve-racking table tennis matches with your friends and other players. This is the best fun game which is also great for fitness.

Restaurant and Eateries

Dreamworld offers wonderful restaurants with different specialties and menus. They are 5 different restaurants for the members to choose from. You should visit the Galaxy restaurant if you like a hilltop view while eating your favorite lunch. Cafe Lagoon and Cafe Aroma are for people who want to enjoy Fun Lagoon’s beautiful view and fun activities. If you are a fan of desi-style food, you should try Dhaba restaurant, and if the buffet is your choice, Saffron lawn will cater to your needs.

Hotel Accommodations and Guest Rooms

Dreamworld Resort hotels also offer guest rooms for members and visitors. The rooms and chalets are clean and cozy places with trendy interiors and modern features. The rooms are divided into Superior Deluxe, Royal Suites, Deluxe Chalet, and Executive Suites. You get to enjoy the golf, garden, or valley views from these rooms and also

·         Safety vault

·         Breakfast for 2

·         Free cable and Wifi

·         Green tea

·         100 Day & 70 Night Facilities

Dreamworld Resort Timings

Dreamworld Resort is open for its member at 2:00 PM on weekdays, and during weekends it opens at 12 noon. Throughout the week, the closing time is 7:30 minimum.

Dreamworld Tickets

For members and guests, there are different entry prices. Check out their website for more details.

Location of Dreamworld

Dreamworld family resort Karachi is present in Gulshan-e-Maymar, Super Highway in Block R of Taiser town.


How could we get a membership in Dreamworld?

Visit their official website and fill out a form to get enrolled for a membership. Once you submit the form, you will get notified by the Dreamworld Resort about further details and procedures.

What is the price of the dream world?

The dream world resort offers different prices for members and guests. It usually starts with 75$ for a night’s stay. If you want to enjoy the membership benefits, it can cost you around PKR 1.25 lakh – 28 lakh.

3. Who is the owner of Dreamworld Karachi?

The chief executive officer of dream world resort is Mr. Tariq Hilal.

Can we visit Dreamworld without membership?

Yes, even if you don’t have a membership, you can still visit Dreamworld Resort, but a resort member must accompany you. You can also visit the resort with a group of 20 to 25 people. In this case, you will only get to enjoy limited recreational activities.

Should we have to pay the resort rent as well, even after having Permanent Membership?

There are different rules under different circumstances, even if you have permanent membership. So you need to check it with the Dreamworld Resort office.


Dreamworld Resort offers world-class facilities for its members and their families. From accommodations to fine dining and many adventurous attractions, Dreamworld Resort has a house full of excitement. If you want to experience other-worldly leisure time, try Dreamworld Resort.