Cinemas in Karachi

Some recreational activity seems necessary in this fast-paced world, with everybody stuck with their mundane routines. They let you destress and keep your mind off work for a while. One such activity is going to the Cinema and watching movies with your family. Cinemas in Karachi offer the locals a perfect place to unwind after a tiring week of work. Karachi Cinemas provides unmatchable entertainment to the people of Karachi. The locals enjoy their free time in whatever budget suits them best; there is an option for people from all classes and walks of life. 

Filmmakers worldwide are watching the beautiful movies of Pakistan and recognizing the talent of Pakistanis. This is creating a good image of our country, and many artists from Pakistan are working abroad on different platforms. 

2010 brought the revival of cinemas by the filmmakers who put in their best efforts to restart the cinema culture to a level where families and youngsters can enjoy securely decent and worthwhile movies. After the 1980s, Pakistani movie content declined sharply, bringing along cheap and indecent movies only men of a particular class watched. In 1980 there were over 1200 movie theatres as opposed to only 161 cinemas today.

Film spectators are attracted to watch movies with pop songs, romantic dialogues, captivating storylines, and humorous scripts, as well as films shot in beautiful locations. The computerized effects added to the movies give a real-time feel to the viewers.

Bollywood and Hollywood viewership had increased, which was also a loss of local talent and ideas. In 2010 filmmakers worked together to start making movies with thoughtful storylines and fresh talent and build new cinemas of international standards to bring back movies for the citizens of Karachi and Pakistan. 

Today most films are based on novels with a distinctive fictional storyline. The new generation has eagerly learned filmmaking and applied it to produce some of the greatest hits around the world. As the industry has progressed, we see talented writers, artists, producers, and even camerapersons coming up with new ideas for filmmaking. The public cannot recognize the making of good movies until they are correctly shown.

For this reason, the cinemas had to come up and improve themselves. This gives the locals an area of entertainment but also produces employment in the film sector. It generates revenue for the country, and good films highlight the problems in our society to create awareness and seek solutions to those problems. Some movies which have come up since the revival include Bol, Waar, Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, Actor in the lawn, Donkey King, etc. Cinemas also show some special screenings for young ones. 

There are hidden messages for the children to take in for life because the meaning children understand from movies is more significant than other mediums. Memorable animated films are being made for children, like “Donkey King.” The cinemas premiering kid’s movies are suitable for Pakistani children who can enjoy movies in Urdu. They can also be dubbed into English according to the viewer’s liking.

Cinemas are always the preferred choice to release these films and many other international blockbusters. Here is the list of cinemas in Karachi.

10 Best Cinemas in Karachi

There are cinemas of international standard in the metropolitan city of Pakistan, Karachi. They screen global and local movies for people to enjoy. They are spread throughout the city, attracting people from all areas of Karachi with excellent and comfortable seating, trained staff, a secure and clean environment, and restaurants.

Below are some of the best cinemas in Karachi. Cinemas are essential to provide a place to watch movies on big screens. Movie watching help to cure stress and boosts the immune system. It refreshes minds and helps us learn new things and think creatively. Well-built cinemas are essential to fulfill these purposes. Below are some of the well-known cinemas in Karachi:

Nueplex Cinema

Nueplex Cinema is situated at The Place in Khayaban-e-Shaheen in DHA, the city’s prime location. It is the town’s largest Cinema, designed by cinema Architects Mesbur and Smith from Canada. There are five cinemas, out of which three are large silver screens. The total seating capacity is 1200 people.

Nueplex cinemas are pioneers in bringing high and 4K digital projection screen systems in Karachi designed by Christie Digital Canada. Other valuable features of the Cinema include 3D technology, custom-designed sound systems, and total control over the theatre functions. The luxury of Nueplex Cinema is unmatched in Karachi. The Gold class cinema has custom-made leather recliners in its waiting lounge, where attendants are available on call.

Nueplex screens national and international movies all year. Tickets can be bought from the counter or purchased and delivered online. The viewers can buy snacks from there and enjoy the film.

Nueplex Cinemas opened their new branch at Rashid Minhas Road with nine screens. Two of these cinemas have 265 seats each, and one with a giant screen among the nine can accommodate a whooping 370 people simultaneously. There is a food court to buy snacks from and a big lounge area. Tickets can be purchased from the Nueplex website or bought on the spot.


Atrium Cinema is located in the heart of Karachi, Saddar, near Zainab Market inside Atrium mall. Atrium is the first to install a Digital 3D Multi-screen cinema in the country. This Cinema is a startup by Regent properties and Mandviwalla entertainment. Atrium Cinema started in 2010 with large cinemas showing 2D and 3D movies, an air-conditioned environment, relaxing seating capacity, convenient car parking, and a food court.

The Cinema is budget-friendly and family oriented. It screens the latest movies made in Pakistan and abroad, which the public can enjoy. Tickets from Atrium Cinema can be bought over the counter or booked online. Their website provides information about the movie showing, their time slots, and the available seats that can be selected per preference.


Cinepax is a chain of cinemas with 12 theatres located in 9 different locations across Pakistan and has a total seating capacity of 7000 nationwide. It is located at The Ocean Mall. Cinepax has the latest visual and audio cinematic technology featuring 2D and 3D motion pictures.

There are various cinemas, namely the Gold, The Platinum, and The CMAXX. The CMAXX is said to have the giant cinema screen in Pakistan. The theatres are exceptionally comfortable with reclining chairs and air conditioning, and viewers can select from a variety of snacks to eat during the movie from the food court at Cinepax, all of which make the experience of watching movies at Cinepax remarkable. Tickets can be purchased spot-on or through the website, where information and timings about the film are mentioned.

Cine Gold Plex

Cine Gold Plex is an exclusive luxury dine-in theatre concept. The moviegoers enjoy fine dining while watching their favorite pictures at Cine Gold Plex. It was started in 2014 at Bahria Town Karachi and provided an unforgettable movie-watching experience. The seats are by Lay-Z Boy, which can be fully reclined and provide unmatched comfort while serving food. It is the perfect getaway for people to refresh, forget their worries for a couple of hours, and enjoy time with their loved ones. The Cinema has state-of-the-art visuals and audio with the latest projection technology, three lavish waiting areas, and a designer lobby from where tickets can be purchased. The Cinema offers membership for their regular visitors through which one can avail of different offers such as gift vouchers, discounted movie tickets, discounts at restaurants, exclusive Red Carpet Premier Passes, and many more. The movie experience at Cine Gold Plex is luxurious and one of a kind in Karachi.

Mega Multiplex Cinema

Mega Multiplex Cinema is located at the Millennium Mall in the middle of the business hub, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi. It is a huge cinema with the latest audiovisual technology and relaxing seating capacity.

 Mega Multiplex Cinema gives exclusive discounts to employees working in various companies and small business setups so a group can enjoy a movie and unwind from their busy lives. Schools can also book the entire Cinema for students to visit and make special arrangements for birthday parties to make their moments memorable.

Mega Multiplex Cinema is the perfect choice to call for a group of friends or family on a budget without compromising on movie quality or the comfort of the theatre. The food courts have outlets of all famous restaurants to pick up snacks to munch while watching the picture. 

The Arena

Another famous movie theatre in the city of Karachi is The Arena. It is positioned in the newly built Bahria Town Tower at Karachi Road’s most renowned shopping area. It started its operations in 2020 and has all the latest movie features. The Arena has the brightest projector in the world, a Barco DP4K projector, a silver screen, and 7.1 channel digital QSC audio.

Over 200 seats in the premier hall include a VIP box with great 6-Lay-Z boy recliners. The snack area gives many unique choices of snacks, a significant waiting lounge, and up-to-date facilities to make your time memorable.

The tickets can be booked online or purchased from the Cinema. Their webpage gives information about all the movies showing and their times. The Arena offers exclusive membership to their valuable customers with many perks like gift vouchers, low-priced tickets, discounts at Concession Stand and VIP Box, free access every Wednesday, etc., prepaid systems, invites for special screenings, rewards for watching movies, etc. The Arena provides a movie experience like no other cinema in Karachi with supreme comfort and services.

Capri Cinema

Capri Cinema is the oldest Cinema in Karachi. It opened its doors for movie enthusiasts in 1968 from all statuses and categories. It is located at M.A. Jinnah road by the Capri Corporation Pvt Ltd. The screen size was 24x56ft. It was one of the most famous movie cinemas and is not in excellent condition now. The lack of funds from the government and lack of interest from the locals have left it neglected. When good quality movies were no longer made in the country, and people could watch movies at cheap rates in the comfort of their houses on VCR, people stopped visiting the Capri cinema.

Recently, attention was paid to the city’s old heritage, and renovations were made to start rerunning the old theatre. New projection systems and audio was installed, along with new seats and a few tuck shops. The tickets are very cheap, which attracts the lower class to entertain themselves with recent movies. It can accommodate up to 809 people and has also started showing 2D and 3D movies. The tickets can be bought outside the Cinema in advance or on time. The movie schedule is displayed there or can be inquired about on the phone.

Bambino Cinema

Also located in Saddar, the oldest area of Karachi, Bambino is one of the first movie houses to provide local entertainment. It was opened in the 1970s by Hakim Ali Zardari, the father of Pakistani president Asif Ali Zardari who sold it later.

During the peak of the film industry, another mini cinema was also opened on its first floor. It had balcony seating with an exclusive area for families and was the first Cinema to give a 70mm film screen. Inside the movie theatre, a few old posters can be seen, and a large staircase and a gallery show insight into what this gem used to be in its golden times. As movies from India were banned and poor films were produced locally, this Cinema saw its doom soon. Today this Cinema is going to be turned into a plaza.

Saba Cinema

Saba Cinema can be found in New Karachi Area. The location is crowded, and the street is bustling on a typical day. The facilities of this Cinema are basic and attract the people of low classes who have meager budgets to buy tickets. The movies shown are mostly Pakistani or Indian. The audiovisuals are basic and not significantly updated. The area is also unsafe for families, and the seating is uncomfortable.

The theatre itself is pretty dirty. Saba cinema needs attention from the film industry and government to improve the facilities so that people of even smaller classes can entertain themselves at minimal costs. Saba Cinema has seen good times in the past. But with newer and better options, not many people are interested in visiting this place, which wastes resources and opportunity. The tickets are available at the ticket booth outside the Cinema at a bit cost.

4D Cinema

This fun cinema can be visited on university road. It is situated inside the amusement Park names Sindbad. The place is well-known for entertainment for kids and rides for both kids and adults. There are two screens in the Cinema. The Cinema is well made and provides a secure and air-conditioned environment. 4D Cinema opens before noon, and the shows are continued till midnight.

Short movies of a few minutes are shown in which the viewers are seated in a special seat that moves along with the movie’s story. This dynamic screening of the film makes the viewer feel as if a viewer is experiencing it in real life.

 The multi-sensory system gives a memorable experience to both kids and adults alike. Tickets can be purchased over the counter, and the area can also be booked in advance for events and group gatherings.


Is Cinepax open in Karachi?

Cinepax opened for its viewers on the 14th of August, 2015. This extensive network of cinemas has 12 state-of-the-art cinemas running successfully in Pakistan. The cinemas are well-equipped and well-designed to suit the needs of today’s moviegoers. They are comfortable and luxurious and offer various movies to watch. The VIP section provides leather recliners where an attendant serves food on request while the movie plays. Watching the movie Cinepax is something different to experience than other theatres in terms of great sound and picture quality.

What is the biggest Cinema in Karachi?

At present Nueplex Cinemas have a giant screen in k-town. The Canadian architects Mesbur and Smith designed Nueplex, and the equipment is also imported from Canada, making it a one-of-a-kind cinema in the city. There are five theatres and three silver screens. One thousand two hundred people can watch a movie at a time. The comfort and interior of the Nueplex Cinema are remarkable. National and international blockbusters are shown all year round.

Which movie seats are best for a couple?

Regarding comfort, the best movie seats are positioned in the middle row. The views are often not interrupted, and the front space gives legroom for comfort. The corner seats are safest as no one will pass from there and wouldn’t be disturbing, providing privacy and best for pregnant women. The middle seats give good visuals, but the sound is also moderate and the best. The corner seats at the back or front will be secluded, but the view of the screen will be compromised.


The movie theatres in Karachi have grown significantly in terms of quality and quantity in the last few years. Karachi is a large city, and so many new theatres opening in different areas of Karachi allow locals to watch their favorite movies on big screens near their houses without worrying about the tickets selling out. Some of the country’s best cinemas in Karachi are now equipped with the world’s giant screen, the best audio and visual quality, and 2D and 3D movie options showcasing blockbusters worldwide.

Building new cinemas in the city is a sign that investors and filmmakers are paying attention to it. The well-known cinemas in Karachi include Nueplex Cinema, Atrium Cinema, Cine Gold Plus, and many others.

Film technology from abroad is applied here, which elevates the level of movie watching. At present, films are made with fresh ideas and skilled talent to make some world-class pictures. Films such as “Maula Jutt” or “Kaale Chor” showcasing new talent bring Pakistani Cinema back into the national and international spotlight. It is inevitable to make movie houses of good standards where people of all classes can entertain themselves to catch the public’s attention to watch and support the local film industry.