Churna Island

Our wanderlust takes us to all kinds of places: valleys, historical sights, forests, lakes, and mountains. But in reality, our traveler’s soul craves the sea and islands. Surrounded by a charming spirit, the islands attract travelers like a magnet. From exotic marine life to the blue ocean and hypnotic sunsets to various sports activities – an island vacay will give incredible experiences and fondest memories. One such island is the Churna island.

So, is there such a place near the coastal region of Pakistan? Yes, Churna island is your next island holiday destination.

Churna Island Karachi Attractions, Tickets, Timings, and Location

Karachi Churna Island is a small uninhabited island located at the boundary between the provinces of Sindh and Baluchistan. This 1.2 km long island enjoys a beautiful spot in the Arabian Sea with an area of 60 hectares. It is a hidden gem located near Karachi. One of the most attractive features of Churna island is its remoteness and close vicinity to corals, making it a perfect spot for scuba divers and snorkelers. Tourists interested in visiting Churna Island should consider November to February. During these months, the water conditions are ideal for cliff diving, scuba diving, and snorkeling spearfishing. Out there at Churna Island, you may witness some fishing boats from Mubarak goth wandering here and there in search of fish and other marine animals.

Instructions to Be Followed 

Churna Island is a beautiful island located a considerable distance from the mainland and can only be reached through boats. So if you plan to visit Churna Island, plan your trip wisely so you can get there in time. Another vital thing to remember is that the island has primarily rock formations with almost no sandy beach. It means that camping and night stay will not be possible here. Another reason night stays are not possible is that there are no resorts or buildings here because it is an uninhabited island.

Private companies that offer tours to Churna Island have an average duration of one day, starting early in the morning and returning before the sunsets. During your travel from the mainland to Churna Island on the boat, always wear a safety jacket and follow the instructions provided by the team.

Even if you live in Karachi near the coastal regions, we suggest you hire a private company to visit Churna Island instead of venturing alone. It will be best to pack some warm clothes for the evening and wear comfortable shirts and trousers instead of jeans. It would be best if you carried your original CNIC with you. Illegal activities and drugs are strictly prohibited to avoid any problems.

Essential Things You Need to Bring Before Going to Churna Island

Well, the essential things depend upon how you will visit the island. If you have to hire a private tour company to visit the island, they will let you know what you need to bring along because they provide most of the things as part of the package. For example, the company provides all the meals, water sports, and safety equipment. Besides these things for a day trip, you can carry a small backpack with warm clothing, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a water bottle.

If you are not hiring a company and book a boat to reach Churna Island with your family and friends, you must bring along the following things.

  • Safety jacket
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Hats
  • Warm Clothing
  • Plenty of water, snacks other eatables
  • Mat

Facilities and Services Offered by Churna Island

Since the island is uninhabited, so it is not developed. Therefore it lacks basic facilities such as washrooms, drinking water, resorts, a hotel, and even chairs or benches to sit and relax on.

The only facilities provided to the visitors are by the tour company you will hire. Private Churna Island companies offer the following services and facilities:

  • Transport from the beach to the island through a boat and back to the mainland
  • Meals during the trip
  • Necessary equipment for water activities, such as slippers, snorkels, and wet suits
  • The company also provides drinking water, but it would be best to pack your water bottle.

What to Do and Enjoy at Churna Island 

Churna Island is natural heaven, boasting incredible seascapes and aqua blue water enchanting views. The island offers a very infectious vibe, making it a famous tourist attraction in Karachi with many well-known water activities. The first thing that the visitors get to enjoy is the journey from the mainland to Churna Island. Once you reach Mubarak village, you have one hour of the exclusive boat ride that will take you from the town to the island. Out in the limitless sea in every direction, the scenery becomes captivating, especially when the sun starts to rise. As you sail towards your destination, you can watch remarkable marine life in the crystal clear water of the Arabian Sea.

Here is the rundown of things to do and enjoy at Churna Island.


Snorkeling is one of the enchanting activities that tourists can enjoy at Churna Island Karachi. Snorkeling is an effortless, cheap, and quick activity for those who don’t have money or time to go scuba diving. Unlike scuba diving, you only require a pair of slippers and a mask before diving in. The equipment allows you to swim underwater and experience peace and tranquillity. It will enable you to enjoy and see the beautiful coral formations and tropical fish species under the water.

Jet Ski

Jet Ski is an adventurous vacation sport that gives you a fantastic tour of the surroundings and lets you make mind-blowing memories. Jet ski offers a thrilling, fast-paced adventure out in the sea on a high-speed vehicle. This is why it is considered one of the most enthralling water sports.

As you ride the high-octane jet ski, the water splashing on your face is highly likable, especially in the hot weather. Moreover, after getting basic instructions from the guide, you can drive around the island. While driving a jet ski, you can admire the vastness of the sea and the inspiring beauty of nature around you.

Cave Exploration 

During your one-day trip, if you ever need a break from the scorching sun, journey to the world of a natural wonder; the island caves.

You may witness the stalactites, pillars, and stalagmites inside the caves. Sinking holes or vanishing streams may also be present there. It would be wise to wear joggers instead of open shoes during exploration to avoid injury.

Underwater Photography 

So you are visiting one of the most beautiful Islands of Pakistan, don’t you want to take some instagrammable pictures to share with your friends and family? Underwater photography is the perfect way to preserve your memories and moments. Underwater photography is an excellent way to capture and see a vibrant and exciting world we rarely experience. At Churna Island, professional photographers capture the moment as you dive off the cliff, take a plunge in aqua blue water, or simply scuba dive. Their waterproof cameras and equipment ensure that your every moment and smile is captured expertly.

Cliff Diving 

Cliff jumping is another exciting activity available at Churna Island. The island is made of rocks with cliffs plunging right down into the sea so that you can enjoy excellent diving. Usually, visitors can jump from a height of 30 to 50 feet into deep seawater. Once you dive into the water, a new world can be viewed before you resurface to breathe.

Scuba Diving

The epic dream for scuba fanatics is to live near the sea, where they can scuba dive every day. Not everyone is that lucky; however, sublime places offer excellent scuba experiences. One such place is Churna island in the Arabian sea. The island is famous for its diving opportunities because of its well-preserved and pristine reefs and corals that are home to all kinds of marine life. Whether you are just beginning your scuba diving journey or looking for shallow dive with a variety of fish, you won’t struggle to find the perfect diving site near Churna Island. You can comfortably see sharks, turtles, and other fish species.

Lunch at Churna Island

After hours of fun and activities, you can satisfy your hunger with lunch services offered at Churna Island. Your tour company can arrange tasty lunch for you. Typically it contains freshly caught fish near the island and cooked by local experts. What more do you need than enjoying a delicious meal with a limitless view of the sea and its beauty?

Churna Island Location

 The picturesque island is located in Kiamari town near goth Mubarak Karachi. Churna Island is a 1.2 km-long uninhabited Island 9 km away from Manjhar Beach or the mouth of the Hub river.

Churna Island Timing

You can visit Churna Island anytime, but winter is the most popular season to visit the island. From Septemberer to April, you can find many private companies taking tours of the island. During this time, the waves are not harsh, and the winds are not strong. Because the mountain resists the current and wind, throughout the year, you will find warm crystal Blue water around the island.

Churna Island Tickets

Depending on your tour company, the ticket price to Churna Island may vary. Typically it may cost 2000 for a standard package and 4000 PKR for a premium package. The standard package includes transportation, food, cliff diving, and snorkeling. The premium package provides swimming, cliff diving, accessible transit, spearfishing, scuba diving, and snorkeling.


How deep is the water?

You can usually go as deep as 6 feet under the water; however, it would be best to only go 1 to 2 feet below water to avoid inconveniences.

What can you do if you cannot swim?

At Churna Island, people who cannot swim safely can also visit and enjoy the beauty of the area and the water.

What restrictions are there?

The visitors at Churna Island can move around in the ocean within the safe zone near the island. This restriction is only for the visitor’s safety because if anything unusual happens, they can be saved by the lifeguards near the island.

Can you swim by yourself?

If you are a professional swimmer or have mastered one or two techniques in deep water, you can swim by yourself near Churna Island. But you have to wear a life jacket all the time. Consult your guide about the water conditions before going for a swim.

Can you take your camera?

For the safety of your belongings, it is recommended not to bring your camera on the boat. It can get wet or may fall in the sea. Once you have paid for the tour, usually, the tour company offers underwater photoshoots with unique waterproof cameras.

Can you jump off the cliffs?

Jumping off the cliffs of Churna Island is a great recreational activity for visitors. Even if you have never done it before, it is entirely safe to jump off the cliff. However, it is only safe when your tour guide team and lifeguards are around to guide you and assist you through the process. We strongly advise you never to try cliff diving on your own on Churna Island or any other place.


Churna Island is a perfect destination for an adventure-packed holiday. Be it a trip with friends or a vacation with family, the diverse range of water sports here a sure to meet everyone’s taste.