Bounce Karachi

We are witnessing significant growth in the popularity of recreational destinations such as trampoline parks. They are one of the unique and enthralling ways to spend some quality leisure time. Do you know one such funfilled bouncy Park is also located in Karachi, Pakistan? Introducing Bounce Karachi North Nazimabad, an amusement arena with an indoor trampoline and unlimited activities.

Attractions, Timings, Tickets, Contac Info, and Location of Bounce Karachi

Bounce Karachi is one of the most captivating and biggest trampoline parks in Karachi. It is known for its very colorful and nice trampoline with many attractions. The attractive color combination of the Park and large toddler area attracts a lot of families while youngsters can enjoy various games such as dodge the ball and Ninja skills. Bounce Karachi is located on Shahrae Sher Shah Suri block-L North Nazimabad Town Karachi. Bounce Karachi is open from 1:00 p.m. to 11 p.m. during weekdays, and on the weekend, it is open from 1;00 a.m to 12 a.m.

Branches of Bounce Karachi

It wouldn’t be fair if there were only one bounce Karachi arena to satisfy the recreational needs of 14.91 million people of Karachi. Bounce amusement center has many branches to solve this problem and let everyone enjoy their fullest bounce. One of its branches is located in Ocean Mall main Clifton road Karachi, and the other is in Anum Vista, North Nazimabad.

Bounce Station

Bounce Karachi offers a bounce station that is equipped with a lot of attractions. The high-performance trampolines allow the visitors to jump stronger and higher. The bounce station also has tracks and sites for traditional games like ninja tracks and monkey bars. The Park is divided into different sections for children and adults. For adults, it is possible to practice and enjoy slam dunks, dodgeball, or acrobatic jumps. There are foam pit areas for children to get active and bounce as much as they like. Bounce station is a great place to host a theme party or a birthday celebration; it is also a fun place for team celebrations, group events, or school trips.

Entertaining Stuff for Kids and Adults

Karachi has many fun activities, from dodgeball court to foam pit arena bounce. Here are some of the liked activities for the visitors of bounce Karachi:

Foam Pit Arena

Do you like the idea of fearlessly flying into a pit full of foam cubes? Bounce Karachi has a perfect foam pit that visitors of all ages like. It is a pool that is filled with soft cubes made of certified and special foamy material. The foam pit allows you to leisurely enjoy yourself and perfect your flips while jumping on a trampoline into a pit of soft cubes.


Basketball or slam dunk is an ideal and exciting activity for basketball fanatics at bounce Karachi. At bounce Karachi, this is one of the most popular and widely played sports by teenagers and adults. It is an attraction that combines trampoline jumping and sports that ends with a hanging basketball hoop. Thanks to the long and comfortable trampoline, everyone who wishes to play basketball can jump higher and higher and make a spectacular dunk. This attraction is suitable for teenagers and others who can play like Michael Jordan while bouncing on the trampoline.

Jump arena

The jump arena at bounce Karachi is a colorful combination of a variety of trampolines to create a huge jumping space. This jumping arena enables toddlers, youngsters, and adults to have unlimited crazy but safe enjoyment time. This is an ideal workout for fitness freaks who want to take a day off from the gym. It is also a superb location to let your kids expend their energy and be active for a while.


Are you searching for a place to duck, dive and dodge in a trampoline park? The dodgeball court in bounce Karachi is the place for you. It is another thrilling activity suitable for a whole family or group of friends where you can compete with others and test your fitness and agility. So get your family or group of friends ready and get started.

Birthday Party Room

Do you want to host a group event or the best birthday party with many fun activities? Elevate how you celebrate your special events with a party at bounce Karachi. Whether a bachelor party or a birthday party bounce, Karachi has budget-friendly packages for an active and fun event. The Bounce team can decorate the background and create a very good setup for the event. If you have a special color combination or theme in your mind for the event, you can visit the bounce Karachi team and discuss the details there.

Kids Obstacles Challenge

We know children are energy balls; they do not rest or get tired easily. Bounce Karachi is another marvelous location for kids to spend energy and get active. Bounce Karachi offers kids obstacle challenges, including a ninja warrior course, monkey bars, tunnels, etc. The obstacle challenge gives the kids a chance to test their skills in a fun way so that they would like to do it again and again. The obstacle challenge lets the children use problem-solving techniques to determine what will work best for each obstacle. For parents, it is easy to keep their children engaged for hours without getting bored.

Bounce Karachi North Nazimabad Timings

Bounce Karachi is open for visitors throughout the week, with different timings on weekends and weekdays. It remains open from 1:00 p.m. to 11 p.m. Monday to Thursday. On Friday, it opens at 3:00 p.m. and closes at 11:00 p.m. During the weekend, bounce Karachi opens at noon and closes at 11:30 p.m.

Bounce Karachi Tickets

Bounce Karachi is open to visitors with different prices for regular and weekend tickets. From Monday to Thursday, per person charges are 400 PKR. You will have to pay 500 per person from Friday to Sunday.

Bounce Karachi Contact Details & Location

 It is located at Anum Vista, Plot D-02, Block # 01, North Nazimabad (Near Five Star) Karachi. Their digital address is 24°56’37.3 “N 67°02’55.4 “E. If you want to contact them, you will have to visit bounce Karachi.


How Old Do You Have To Be To Jump At Bounce?

As long as the person meets the weight standard for the trampoline, anyone can enjoy jumping at the bounce in Karachi. Usually, the weight limit of 120 kg is applied to adults. Kids under 5 are only allowed in kid’s areas when their parents assist them.

Are Reservations Required?

Yes, reservations are required if you want to host a party or a group event at bounce Karachi. It is necessary, especially during the weekend when there is a lot of demand for group activities.

What Do I Wear On My Feet In Order To Bounce?

All bouncers must wear special kinds of socks with rubber grips on their bottoms. The socks are necessary for your safety and the cleanliness of the Park. Visitors can bring their own socks with rubber grips or buy them from the team at bounce Karachi at a low price. Once you have purchased the socks, you can take them with you, wash them and bring them back for your next visit.

Can I Bring In Outside Food Or Drink?

Karachi does not allow the bouncers to bring outside beverages and food to ensure that the trampoline Park remains nice and clean. If you have booked a celebration party or a birthday party with bounce Karachi, you are only allowed to bring eatables such as a cake with you. On the contrary, cakes and other eatables are not permitted for walk-in parties.

Can A Group Reserve The Entire Facility?

Bounce Karachi allows groups to reserve portions of the bounce Karachi facility, such as the dodgeball or basketball court, for people to have a competition or time together.


Bounce Karachi is the only family entertainment trampoline arena in Karachi. If you are looking for a family entertainment facility in the center of Karachi, Bounce Karachi is worth a visit. They are here to provide safe, high-quality, fun, and welcoming facilities for a group of friends or your entire family to relax and enjoy.