We Play Entertainment Center Islamabad

Games or sports, indoor or outdoor, have always been great entertainment for children, not only physically but also for their mental health. But it’s not always good weather for children to entertain themselves with outdoor games, especially when it is too hot outside in the summer season or when it is too cold, where it isn’t easy to move out and perform sports activities. An indoor play area is a brilliant substitute when outside isn’t an option. An indoor play area can allow children to stay active and entertained, and some indoor play areas will also have air conditioning, which is a bonus for the kids and the parents.

In an indoor play area, children have the freedom to explore and develop their creativity in a secure and safe environment. They interact with other children, which helps them share their ideas, express their feelings, and build friendships. This encourages children to learn how to socialize with others in the community. Physical activities develop a sense of learning in children. Such practices are healthy for the body and mind. Indoor play areas are safe places where children can be easily supervised. 

We Play one of the pioneers of such an amusement center not only in Islamabad but in Pakistan. Getting such services at a reasonable price remained a dream for many of us until this incredible facility was initiated.

We Play Entertainment Centre Islamabad is one of the most favored amusement places, not only for the children but for the adults and parents too. It has almost everything for every age. We Play Entertainment Centre offers a thrilling, fun, entertaining, and merry experience. It’s a fun paradise as it has something for every age group.

Let’s take a good look at everything about We Play. 

Golootlo Offer

If you have the Golootlo application on your cell phone, you can ask for the Golootlo QR code at reception. Scan the code and get Rs. 1000 extra recharge on the recharge of Rs. 1000. 

Wrist Band

We Play Entertainment Centre sometimes gives its customers a wristband offer. In this offer, a wristband is given to a kid with which they can play many games at a discounted price. 

School Trip Packages

We Play Entertainment Centre also gives School Trip packages to the schools visiting the facility on booking or notice. These packages are named Silver, Gold, and Platinum Package. The price of these packages starts from Rupees 1000. 

Attractions Offered By We Play Entertainment Center


Bouncing on trampolines can have multiple benefits, as it builds strength and improves bone density. Therefore it is the best exercise for children as well as elders. We Play Entertainment Centre offers its customers the best trampoline for recreational and competitive purposes. It is covered from all four sides with a safety net and padding. They have a permanent staff standing at the entry of the trampoline and monitoring all the customers playing inside. 

Few safety rules of Trampoline at We Play are as under: –

  • Empty your pockets before entering
  • Children, less than four years are not allowed. We will not be responsible for any loss or injury
  • Don’t attempt anything beyond your limit
  • Don’t bounce against the safety net and padding
  • Don’t land on your head or neck
  • The weight limit is below 85 kg

Rope Course 

Rope Course at We Play Entertainment center is entertaining for the kids. Permanent staff is standing at the rope course’s entry and checking the kid’s height and age before entering the play area. Another staff member is inside who monitors the children doing the rope course. 

The safety instructions for the rope course are as under: –

  • Height below 1.1 meters is not allowed
  • Weight above 70 kg is not allowed
  • All participants must wear harnesses and safety equipment
  • One must listen to and follow the operator’s instructions all the time
  • Persons having height phobia are not allowed on the rope course

Play Frame 

Play Frame is an excellent activity for children aged 4 to 14 years. Kids below four years of age are not allowed without a female guardian. It is an ideal activity for the children and keeps them occupied for one and a half hours. It has many physical activity games inside, including different forms of slides, blowball games, rope games, etc. A staff member is there at the entrance, which, before entering your child, will write down the name of the kid and the parent’s name and cell number to contact in case of emergency.  

Arcade Games

There are a lot of arcade games in We Play Entertainment center. Children are always attracted to these games, and little kids are attracted by the sound and music from these machines. Generally, each arcade game is Rs.100/-. The arcade games in We Play include:

  • Motor Bike Race
  • Car Race
  • Balls potting
  • Bowling through a screen 
  • Different types of video games for kids 

8D & 9D Motion Ride

Motion Ride is another attractive facility for the Kids. It’s an entertaining activity, especially for the children. Children under six years or anyone suffering from heart conditions at We Play are not allowed. Users must follow operators’ instructions all the time. 

Bumping Course

Cars are always attractive for the kids, and an indoor bumping course is even better. It’s a fun, and thrilling activity liked and enjoyed by all. In the bumping course arena, as far as safety rules are concerned, adults must accompany children under five years, and everyone must wear a seat belt. Parents and guardians must supervise their children all the time. 

Thematic Room 

We Play Entertainment Centre Islamabad also allows its customers to celebrate birthdays or any special event. Theme Room is available on the 1st floor of We Play Entertainment Centre, where you can have the area decorated just the way you want. The food court in the arena offers a wide variety of gastronomy. Charges for such functions depend on the number and type of entertainment option you choose. 

Toddler Area

We Play Entertainment center also provides its valued customers with the toddler’s area where they can enjoy playing with toys.

Foam Pit

A foam Pit is also present inside the trampoline area, and you can enjoy the foam pit and trampoline together.

Viva Fit (Pakistan’s first international fitness Center)

We Play Entertainment Centre also provides the facility of a great fitness center for those who are conscious of their strength and physical state. It’s a state-of-the-art fitness center. The facility is on the 1st floor and opens from 1100-2300 Hours. Females can enjoy their own time between 1100 to 1500 where are 1500 onwards both men and women can work out together.

The charges for females are Rs—9000 per month whereas Rs. 10,000 per month for males.


There are two basketball nets at We Play. Each game costs Rs.100. It’s an excellent activity for children above ten years and adults.


There are no separate slides for children, but in the play frame area, children enjoy many forms of slides. 

The carousel is in the middle of the We Play entertainment arena. It’s Rs.150 for each kid. Little kids can safely ride horses and cars on the carousel. Parents and guardians can hold their kids on the carousel while standing inside.

Food Court

We Play Entertainment Centre has a food court too. A proper meal shop named “coffee planet” offers many delicious snacks. They have a good sitting area. Just order your food, take it along or sit in the designated place with the family and friends and enjoy the meal.

We Play Entertainment Center Tickets:

There are many options in We Play Entertainment Centre, and the rates of each game are as under: –

Arcade game —- Rs. 100

Carousal —- Rs. 150 / kid

Bumping Car —- Rs. 250

9D Ride —- Rs. 300

8D Ride —- Rs. 300

Rope Course —- Rs. 400

Trampoline —- Rs. 500 (For 45 minutes)

Play Frame —- Rs. 800 (For 1.5 hours)

The tickets are fairly priced and quite affordable.

We Play Entertainment Center Timings

We Play Entertainment Centre is open seven days a week. Timings are as under: –

Monday – Sunday —– 1400 to 2200 Hours     

Location & Contact Info

We Play Entertainment Center has located 0.7 km from Margala Road to 4 Service Rd E, NPF E 11/4 E-11, Islamabad. It is near Aura Grande Marquee. 

The contact number of We Play Entertainment Center Islamabad is 0345-8505134.


We Play Entertainment Centre Islamabad is a perfect place for indoor games and activities for children. This excellent facility for children offers a lot of fun, thrill, and physical exercise. The good thing is that all the activities are being done with full security measures. 

It has a nice ambiance with a neat and clean environment. The play area is large and safe, and the staff courteously. The Coffee Planet is a plus. In short, We Play Entertainment Centre Islamabad is the best place for children and adults to enjoy and spend their leisure time with loved ones.


1. What are the opening hours of the We Play Entertainment Center? 

We Play Entertainment center’s opening hours are 2 Pm to 10 Pm, seven days a week. Only the fitness Centre, which is on the 1st floor of the We Play Centre, is open from 11 Am till 11 Pm hours in the evening. The fitness Centre is closed on Sunday.

2. What is the phone number of We Play Entertainment Center?

The contact number of We Play Entertainment Center is 0345-8505134.

3. Where are the coordinates of the We Play Entertainment Center? 

The Coordinates of the We Play Entertainment Center are 33°41’59.6 “N 72°59’09.1” E

4. Where are We Play Entertainment Center located?

We Play Entertainment Center has located 0.7 km from Margala Road to 4 Service Rd E, NPF E 11/4 E-11, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan.