Swimming Pools in Islamabad

Most of the time, pools are utilized for recreation and exercise and may be found in many private clubs and fitness centers. In all communities, public pools are accessible. Although most public swimming pools are outside, indoor swimming pools can be found in buildings like recreation centers.

Pools may be accessed at any time by hotel guests. More prevalent hotels with pools are found in tourist areas or near conference centers. High schools and other educational institutions occasionally have swimming pools for recreational purposes, relaxation, and competitive swimming teams. Heated pools used for hydrotherapy or relaxation are known as hot tubs and spas. There are numerous pools in Islamabad which we will discuss in detail later in this article. 

Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is an excellent workout because it forces you to move your whole body against the resistance of the water. Swimming has the following advantages, making it a fantastic all-around sport.

It keeps your heart rates up while reducing some of the impact stress on your body, improving endurance, muscle development, and cardiorespiratory endurance. This helps you maintain a healthy weight, heart, and lungs. Swimming gives you a whole-body workout because it uses almost all your muscles.

Swimming is a fantastic way to remain active, make new friends, and have fun. You can play this sport for the entirety of your life, which is healthy. It is a low-impact sport with many benefits for both physical and mental health.

This is a fantastic way to have fun for people of all ages. You may relax and feel fabulous while getting a low-impact workout from recreational swimming. Some of the most well-liked recreational swimming techniques are as follows:

  • ·         Sidestroke
  • ·         Hurdler
  • ·         Freestyle
  • ·         Slopestyle

To avoid the summer heat, you must go if you’re interested in swimming. Swimming pools offer a refreshing retreat from the daily rush. It is a powerful technique to burn calories as well. In addition to being a great activity, it keeps swimmers fit and healthy. Here is a list of the top swimming pools in Pakistan’s capital city, Islamabad, if you live there and are considering going swimming. 

Swimming Gear

It is critical to have the proper equipment when swimming. Swimming essentials include suits, caps, towels, and a reliable pair of goggles. Six inexpensive accessories are listed below that, when used correctly, can help improve a swimmer’s technique, endurance, and strength.

Swimming Pools

Swim Suit: This is a relatively basic and obvious piece of equipment, but it is critical to purchase a comfortable swimsuit that allows you to move freely and fits your body perfectly. It should be able to withstand daily chlorine exposure.

Goggles: Swimming with your face above the water is impossible unless you only do the backstroke. As a result, goggles are essential and required. Purchase comfortable goggles that do not leave a mark on your face. The following are the advantages of wearing goggles:

  • ·         It shields the eyes from the effects of saltwater and chlorine
  • ·         Enhances clarity
  • ·         Can be used as a corrective lens fitment

Snorkel: With this tool, you can improve your head position, develop a more balanced stroke, and gain a better rhythm between your leg kicking and arm movements.

Nose Clip: Nose clips are helpful accessories for various reasons. First, they keep the water from going up the swimmer’s nose, allowing them to avoid that universally uncomfortable burning sensation. Second, swimmers can neglect their noses and concentrate on proper mouth breathing.

Here are some of the best swimming pools in Rawalpindi Islamabad.

12 Best Swimming Pools in Islamabad

Islamabad Sports Complex

This is your location if you wish to enroll in swimming instruction. The swimming events at the Islamabad Sports Complex are well-known. Additionally, this club has Jinnah Stadium for its indoor and outdoor sporting events.

The pool is made for competitive swimmers. A heated swimming pool is available for swimmers. Monthly memberships are available at the club. Begin swimming and join the club. There is also the Pakistan Sports Board’s headquarters.

With Chinese assistance, a sports complex was built, with the indoor Liaquat Gymnasium and the outdoor Jinnah Stadium. In Islamabad, there are a lot of swimming pools and clubs. However, the Sports Complex in Islamabad is the cleanest and most sanitary.

A monthly membership to the pool is also an option. It may be found inside Jinnah Sports Complex. Three other smaller pools are available for kids. Anyone interested in frequently using the services can join up for a monthly membership. Additionally, there is a female-only pool there.

Islamabad Club

In the beautiful green federal capital, it is regarded as one of the most exclusive and privileged clubs. It is situated close to the lovely Rawal Lake, spans more than 352 Kanal of land, and comprises many diplomats and government representatives. So, assuming you’re a member searching for a beautiful area to go swimming, the Islamabad Club pool is a great choice. It is one of the best private swimming pools in Islamabad. 

Due to the club’s indoor and outdoor swimming pools, patrons may quickly cool off at any time of the year, regardless of the weather. Additionally, swimming competitions are held in these cutting-edge pools. The structure by the pool, which is bordered by a lovely garden and golf course, has a café, conference space, and business center.

Swimming Pools

The club in Islamabad not only provides top-notch swimming facilities, but it also has a fully-equipped gym, tennis courts, a billiards room, squash courts, a golf course, badminton courts, and much more. In addition to various contemporary amenities, the Islamabad Club provides 38 fully equipped guest rooms, a large dining hall, a coffee shop, a banquet space, and a library.

Memberships at the Islamabad Club are available in various categories: Service Members, Non-Service Representatives, Associate (Diplomat) Staffers, Associate (Non-Diplomat) Personnel, Temporary Employees, and Visiting Members.

The characteristics of the indoor pool include the following:

  • ·         6 feet is the deep end’s pool depth
  • ·         Ending shallowly: 3.5 feet
  • ·         25 meters Long
  • ·         14.5 meters wide

In addition to the indoor pool, the club recently opened a 50-meter-long new outdoor pool. A separate kids’ swimming pool, a diving board, and a play area are also included.

The club also offers swimming games for kids to enjoy. On request, coaching is also available to members. Islamabad swimming lessons are pricey, but this place is willing to instruct at a fair price.

Jacaranda Family Club

The Jacaranda Family Club has situated in the twin cities most prominent neighborhood. JFC provides a wide range of hospitality goods and services to its visitors. JFC offers year-round services for men and women under the Health and Fitness Center moniker. They feature squash and aerobics courts and a gymnasium, pools, spa, and facilities offered at the property.

All year long, the pool is open for use. There are separate pools for men and women. A children’s pool is also available. For beginners, there are trainers available. Private instructors offer instruction for a fee.

Additionally, the club provides memberships that can be accessed by those who frequently use the pool. Jacaranda Family Club, often known as JFC, is the top choice for individuals residing in DHA Islamabad regarding gourmet eating, bowling, swimming, and other leisure activities. This elite club, situated in Phase 2 of the upscale residential community, is renowned for having one of Islamabad’s top swimming pools.

In addition to having a movie theatre, game room, gymnasium, sports facilities, Jacuzzi, sauna, bedrooms, banquet halls, and numerous eateries, this opulent social club is located in Islamabad. However, to utilize the pool or other on-site exercise facilities, you must become a member of the Jacaranda Family Club. It’s vital to note that you don’t have to be a member to watch a movie at Islamabad’s finest movie theatre, JFC Cineplex.

Megazone Swimming Pool

Megazone, F-9 Park, is another inexpensive swimming pool choice in Islamabad. Megazone not only offers a variety of games and activities, but it also has a swimming pool outside.

Swimming Pools

Islamabad’s Megazone is a gaming area. A swimming pool, billiards, arcade games, snooker, and a gym are available at the facility. The outdoor pool is smaller and has a depth of 8 feet. Professional swimmers are not permitted in the pool. It is frequently crowded because it is widely accessible to the public. Families are eligible for discounts as well.

Cloud Nine Islamabad Swimming Pool

A resort known as Cloud Nine is located at the base of the verdant Margalla Hills. With superb recreational opportunities and upscale dining alternatives, the location offers a fantastic getaway from a routine. There is an outdoor pool there. The heating system allows for year-round usage of the pool. In addition, they feature a gym with all the necessary equipment and a jacuzzi.

Islamabad Marriott Hotel

The Xavier Health Club, a facility containing a state-of-the-art gymnasium, steam rooms, saunas, and an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, is located within the Islamabad Marriott Hotel. All forms of exercise equipment are available at the gym. There are also qualified personal trainers on hand.

Marriott is one of the twin cities’ most wealthy and well-liked hotels. The location is made more charming by the air of class and delicacy. There are pools both within and outside the hotel. They consistently provide outstanding customer service, and the temperature is perfect.

If you want to take kids swimming, this is the location. The hotel also provides safety goggles, towels, and other necessary equipment. The annual Marriott swimming pool membership is on the pricey side. However, the setting and offerings are commensurate with the cost.

Naval Anchorage Club

The Naval Anchorage Club is a great place to start if you want to live healthily. They provide various sports activities to keep kids active and healthy. The club has built a well-equipped fitness center, a magnificent golf resort, swimming pools, excellent tennis courts, a cricket field, enjoyable indoor activities, a futsal field, and a basketball court to turn an organization into a strong community.

Swimming Pools

Ramada Islamabad Swimming Pool

Ramada Hotel, one of the best hotels in Islamabad, is renowned for providing top-notch services to its visitors. This resort in the capital region is well-liked by foreign delegations and tourists and is situated on Murree Road. Additionally, it is easily reachable from all city sections and has good connections to Jinnah Avenue.

Ramada Islamabad offers a variety of activities, such as pleasant evenings at the spa and delicious meals at its restaurants. Still, the swimming pool shines out as one of the best features of the 4-star hotel.

The indoor pool at the Ramada Islamabad is ideal for late-night swimming because it is located on the lower level. Additionally, you can reserve the magnificent pool deck for personal events like birthday parties and get-togethers. This swimming facility in Islamabad, a self-described urban hideaway, is unquestionably at the top of the list.

Along with an indoor pool, the Ramada Islamabad Health Club also has a fully-stocked gym, full-service spa, Jacuzzi, an on-site sauna, and steam room, among other amenities.

Islamabad Serena Hotel

Islamabad Serena Hotel, one of the city’s most well-liked hotels, epitomizes an opulent lifestyle. This five-star hotel, situated on Main Khayaban-e-Suhrwardy directly close to the Diplomatic Enclave, is renowned for its first-rate amenities, rich decor, and gorgeous view of the alluring Margalla Hills.

The Maisha Resort & Health Club, located inside the hotel, is a must-visit if you’re seeking a swimming spot in the city. This opulent facility, regarded as one of Islamabad’s most excellent fitness centers, enables visitors to unwind while reviving their bodies and mind.

Maisha Spa & Health Club provides a variety of fitness courses, sophisticated exercise equipment, expansive jogging trails, a sumptuous spa, and an excellent swimming pool. In addition to swimming in this pool, you may also have snacks poolside at the opulent Pool Bar.

Swimming Pools

After a busy week, you may unwind at the Serena Hotel’s rooftop pool, which offers a view of the metropolitan skyline against the Margalla Hills. Thanks to the pool’s heating system, people may more efficiently utilize the amenity without bothering about the weather.

Leisure Swimming Pool

There is an incredible indoor pool at Safa Gold Mall. The exclusive Smarts gym at Safa Gold Mall provides members access to an indoor pool. The location is perfect in terms of temperature and cleanliness. It is an ideal swimming pool for ladies in Islamabad

Visit Safa Gold Mall if you’re hunting for a luxurious pool option in Islamabad. The pool’s prices are a touch high, but they are reasonable, given the quality of their offerings and the ambiance they create. It is located at College Road, F-7 Markaz, Safa Gold Mall.

PN Swimming Pool

For inhabitants of Islamabad, the PN swimming pool, which is tucked away among the Margalla hills, is an attractive option. The Pakistan Navy is in charge of and maintains one of Islamabad’s most beautiful and secure swimming pools. It has distinct secretions for children, women, and men. Additionally, the staff at the PN pool occasionally offers swimming lessons.

However, it would be best if you were connected to somebody in the Pakistan Navy to use the swimming pool. It is located in Sector  E-8, Islamabad. The good news is that it opens at 6:00 AM. 

Gun & Country Club Swimming Pool

The venue is well-known for hosting both professional athletic events and commercial activities. The facilities are available for use by members and guests for physical fitness. Their main goals are encouraging swimming as a sport and preparing swimmers for both domestic and international contests.

The swimming pool has been outfitted with modern machinery and systems to support competitions. Swimmers can get assistance from highly qualified coaches and trainers as they prepare for the competition.

To respect privacy, the timings for men and women are different. To protect swimmers, three additional lifeguards are also on duty. A coach is present so that amateurs can obtain swimming lessons.

Both pools are open all year round due to their ability to maintain a specific temperature. They have excellent cleaning and filtration systems. Children can swim in different pools. When it comes to hygiene, there are no compromises, and efficient water treatment systems preserve high standards.


Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise because it uses all of the major muscles in the body. Swimming is the only sport that saves lives, and you can do it anytime, at any age. The calming effects of the water and the endorphins released while swimming has also been linked to lower stress levels. Islamabad is home to pools of all sizes. You and your family can quickly get a membership at one of these.