Round 2 Islamabad – An Amazing Collection of The Best Indoor Games

ROUND – 2 is a fun and entertainment place offering so much under one roof in the city of Islamabad. It is not only a play area for children but also a variety of games for adults, a place that provides innovative family entertainment for all. A state-of-the-art, air-conditioned arena welcomes its customers with different indoor games. It doesn’t only entertain its customers with available video or mini-games, but it has the most extensive entertainment in the town, the “Bowling Alley.” There are different sets of games for customers like Basketball, Mini Ball, Fight Monster shooter, Naughty beans, Cute Duck, Fishing, Hit Frog, Arm Champs, Mini Bowling, Forest Hockey, Ultimate Big Punch, King of The Hammer, Toy Story, Paradise Lost, Superbike, Car Racing, Parkour and many more. 

Attractions offered by Round 2

Round-2 has two main attractions for its customers, Bowling Alley, and indoor games.

Bowling Alley

Bowling is -relatively affordable, especially compared to other sports like golf or tennis. It’s also a social sport, meaning you can enjoy time with friends while playing. And finally, it’s a challenging and fun game everyone can enjoy.

Round-2 gives its clients a state-of-the-art bowling alley facility. It’s the best in the town and is especially attractive to nearby people.

One game of Bowling here at Round -2 cost Rs.500/-. In each round, there are ten frames, and each frame has two shots. So you can have 20 shots and RS 500 only. 

There are four screens in Bowling Alley which means that four teams can play this game simultaneously in four different lanes. It is an excellent opportunity for large friend groups. 

Indoor Games 


If you’re looking for a fun and challenging game to play, why not try out a basketball arcade game? These games are found in most amusement parks and arcades, allowing you to test your skills by shooting hoops.

The best part about playing basketball arcade games is that they’re usually very affordable. In addition, they provide a great way to have fun with friends or family. 

Round-2 does not have a proper court to play basketball as a team, but it gives its customers a unique opportunity to make baskets by putting the ball in a net. There is a single net where basketball can be played for just Rs.50/-. The game is much more suitable and attractive for teenagers and adults. 

Monster Shooter

The monster shooter is a video game that attracts children a lot. Most of the children coming to Round 2 love to play this game as they feel accomplished when they kill the monster in the game. The game cost Rs.50/-

Naughty Beans

Naughty Beans is a fun reaction game where 2 players compete against each other over cheerful music. You have to follow the music and hit the buttons which are lit on with your hands. People of all ages enjoy playing naughty beans.

Cute Duck 

Cute Duck is an eye-catching game for kids. Kids enjoy this game when they throw water at the ducks coming from different directions. It keeps the kids occupied for quite some time.


Fishing is again a beautiful game not only for kids but for adults too. The player feels like catching the fish in the river or ocean. Different scores are running on the screen once you catch the fish.

Hit Frog

Hit Frog is an eye-catching game for all ages. It’s a game of reflexes as there are many pockets in the game from where the frog bumps up, and the player has to hit the frog’s head with a hammer. 

Arm Champs 

Arm Champ at Round 2 is mainly played by teenagers, who seem to enjoy it more than anyone. Even though it is tough to beat a machine, you can always take a chance.

Mini Bowling

Round-2 gives its customers the facility of a Bowling Alley; at the same time, the administration did not forget the kids enjoy Bowling on a screen with a less heavy ball. Kids who cannot hold the Balls at the bowling alley are welcome here for a mini-bowling game. They can practice and polish their skills here, so they soon move to the central bowling alley.

Forest Hockey

Forest hockey is another striking game for all age groups here at Round 2. People challenge each other in this game and enjoy the fun. The game of forest hockey is played outdoors, in a forest or park setting. There are obstacles and terrain features like trees and rocks that players must navigate around. The game is won by scoring the most goals or preventing the other team from achieving.

Ultimate Big Punch

Mostly the teenagers are seen playing this game, challenging each other and doing their best to punch harder and win in the score competition. It’s a fun and exciting game, and kids keep trying to break their records.

Toy Story

Toy story is one of the most entertaining games for the customers of Round 2. There are many toys placed in a box. Each game that has one shot is Rs.50/-. It would be best to move the gauge with the toy handle when the game starts and pick one. If you could hold any of the toys, it would be yours. Many cute stuffed toys are placed in the box, and kids get easily attracted to their favorite cartoon characters.

Paradise Lost 

Paradise lost is a smart game for children. It’s like a video game with a colorful display and vibrant music. Kids can spend a lot of time enjoying the graphics and beautiful presentations. 

Each game costs Rs.50/-. 

Super Bike

In Round 2, a superbike seems to be the most thrilling and fun entertaining game for children. A complete screen is in front of you. The player is sitting on a bike, racing and doing stunts. The massive screen at the front makes them feel like they are riding a motorcycle.

King of the Hammer 

King of the Hammer is also a game of power. You must hit the Hammer with all your power, and the screen will show you your score. Try breaking your own records !!

Car Racing

It’s another beautiful game for the kids. Racing is always fun, and kids love to compete with the machine.


Parkour at Round-2 is again a fun, entertaining game for children. Kids have already played such games on their phones or computers but playing them on a bigger screen hits different. Each round of parkour cost Rs.50/-

Food Court

Currently, there is no food court available at the facility. Since Round 2 is located in the central location of PWD, there are on-budget and fancy restaurants offering delicious snacks and full meals.

Round-2 Islamabad Tickets

On the first arrival at Round-2 Islamabad, the customer has to purchase a card that is free of cost. Then for playing games, you have to fill up this card with some amount. The maximum limit of the card is Rs.5000. 

Round-2 Islamabad gives you an Extra Recharge Offer which is as under: – 

On a Recharge of Rs. 500, you will get an extra Rs. 100.

On a Recharge of Rs. 1000, you will get an extra Rs. 250

On a Recharge of Rs. 1500, you will get an additional Rs. 300

On a Recharge of Rs. 2000, you will have one free bowling game. 

There are several games in Round 2, and the rates of each game are as under: –

In the Bowling Alley, each game costs Rs. 500/-.

 Car Racing each game costs Rs.100/-

All other games of Rs. 50/- each.

Round 2 Islamabad Timings

Monday – Sunday 11:00 – 22:00

Location & Contact Info of Round-2 

Round-2 is located at Main double road PWD Islamabad, Opposite ECS, Islamabad. 

The contact no of Round-2 Islamabad is 033-52963338 and 0092-51-5421147.


Round- 2 Islamabad is a full-time entertainment Centre for all ages. The customer service is excellent. They have several games to enjoy which are not too costly and available at a reasonable price. It’s fully air-conditioned. The only thing which is missing is a food court or snack bar. Let’s hope they introduce it soon, so parents don’t have to search for yummy snacks and kids and have a wholesome experience in a single place. 


What are the opening hours of Round 2? 

The opening hours of Round-2 Islamabad are 1100 to 2200 hours, and it is open seven days a week. It is usually available on all public holidays so people can enjoy their free time. 

What is the phone number of Round 2? 

The contact no of Round-2 Islamabad is 0335-2963338 and 0092-51-5421147. You can contact them between 09:00 – 22:00

Where are the coordinates of Round-2?

The coordinates of Round-2 Islamabad are as under: –

Latitude: 33.5741472

Longitude: 73.1494784

Where is Round-2 located?

Round-2 Islamabad is located at Main double road PWD Islamabad, Opposite ECS, Islamabad, Pakistan.