Margalla Sports Complex Islamabad

National Defence University Islamabad administers the most scenic Margalla Sports Complex in Islamabad. It’s a very pleasant and peaceful facility in the heart of Margalla valley. Margalla Sports Complex has many indoor activities like Swimming, Table tennis, Badminton, and Snooker.

That’s not it because you can also enjoy outdoor sports like Lawn Tennis, open Gym, Walking, Cycling Track, etc. Along with these physical activities, Margalla Sports Club offers a huge cafeteria named ‘Tea Cozy’ where members can enjoy snacks and refreshments.

The sports complex offers amenities for its registered members only. If you are a member, you can also bring your guests occasionally. Therefore, to enjoy these sports activities and stay in shape, either you will have to buy a membership card, or you will come along as a guest with any of the members of the sports complex.

Here are some of the best features of the Margalla Sports Complex.

Attractions offered by Margalla Sports Complex 

There are a lot many amenities offered by Margalla Sports Complex, Islamabad. The most popular of these are:


Basketball is a hot favorite game consisting of four quarters of 10 minutes each. It’s a team sport and played by two teams at a time. Each team has five players. Ultimately, the team with the maximum points will win the match.

At Margalla Sports Complex Islamabad, the administration offers a perfect basketball court. They have a proper staff available to carry out the games. It is a healthy activity especially enjoyed by teenagers. 


Badminton is one of the most popular racquet sports, played by using racquets to hit a shuttlecock across a net. The game is played in singles (one player on each side) or doubles (two players on each side). The team with more points will win the match. 

Margalla Sports Complex has two state-of-the-art indoor badminton courts with proper staff available that monitors the badminton gaming area. 

Table Tennis

Table tennis is also known as ping-pong and whiff-whaff. It is a game in which two or four players hit a lightweight ball, also known as the ping-pong ball, back and forth across a table using small solid rackets. The game takes place on a hard table divided by a net. The team with the maximum score at the end will win the match. 

At Margalla Sports Complex, Islamabad, Two Table Tennis tables are available on the first floor of the sports complex arena. A well-trained staff is available to monitor the games played by the members.


Snooker is a cue sport played on a rectangular table covered with green, with six pockets, one at each corner and one in the middle of each long side.

At Margalla Sports Complex Islamabad, two snooker tables are available on the complex’s first floor for the members to play this sport. The members play different types of snooker games here. On one table, this game can be between two teams of two or four players. The different games members play here are full-frame, nine-ball, six-ball, and one-ball games. Proper staff is available there to monitor the games played by members. A member can play for 45 minutes on a snooker table which will cost Rs. 400/-.


Swimming is a very healthy sport not only for adults but for teenagers and kids too. It is the best exercise for the human body as all muscles are involved while swimming. Swimming is a thrilling and fun exciting sports activity. 

Margalla Sports Complex Islamabad has one state-of-the-art indoor swimming pool for adults and a small one for kids. Both males and females can enjoy the facility. The swimming pool has different timings for males and females. Females can visit the swimming pool from 11 Am to 1 Pm and then from 1630 to 1845 hours.

Male can enjoy the facility from 9 Am to 1030 Am, 2 Pm to 4 Pm, and 8 Pm to 10 Pm. 

The administration is keen to keep the facility clean and maintain a healthy environment, so the pool remains closed every Monday for maintenance purposes.

Lawn Tennis

Tennis is a racket sport played individually against a single opponent or between two teams of two players. It’s an outdoor sports activity. A very healthy game, and for this, Margalla Sports Complex has two states of the art lawn tennis courts with the availability of properly trained staff. 


Margalla Sports Complex Islamabad has a beautiful and state-of-the-art Bowling alley. The arena is fully air-conditioned. It has four screens where four teams can play this sport simultaneously. The fee for each game is Rs. 300 for members of the sports complex and Rs. 400 for the guest members. Each game has ten shots. It is a perfect place to visit if you have guests and want a good time with them.


Margalla Sports Complex does not have a proper indoor gym, but it still has an open gym area with a few machines for members to exercise. Why go for indoor equipment when you have such good weather all-round the year? Let’s not forget the exceptional view of the Margalla hills as well.


After doing any of these sports activities, you will surely need to recoup your energy. For this Margalla Sports Complex, Islamabad offers its valued members a lovely cafeteria named “Tea cozy.” A variety of food is available at the cafeteria, with fresh juices, milkshakes, coffee, tea, etc. They have an air-conditioned sitting area with an excellent ambiance inside, and someplace is also available outside in an open area where you can sit and enjoy the food of your choice.

Margalla Sports Complex Tickets

National Defence University Islamabad administers Margalla Sports Complex. But still, they provide membership to civilians as well. 

The membership rate is Rs. 602000 (six lac two thousand). All family members are covered in this membership which includes spouses and children. Other than the membership fee, the monthly fee for each member is Rs.7000. With this fee, one can become a member of the sports complex, and then all the sports activities are free of costless bowling. 

The cost of playing sports for Non-Members is as under: –

Basketball Rs. 500 per game

Badminton Rs. 500 per game

Table Tennis Rs. 400 per game

Snooker Rs. 400 for 45 minutes of play 

Lawn Tennis Rs. 500 per game

Swimming Rs. 1000 for each day

Bowling Rs. 300 for members and Rs. 400 for non-members per game

If you live in nearby areas, it is much better to have a membership to enjoy these amenities at a much better price. It is also a perfect place to bring your friends and family for a perfect day out.

Margalla Sports Complex Timings

The Sports complex is open six days a week. It only remains closed on Mondays for maintenance purposes. The time of the sports complex is from 0900 hrs to 2200 hrs. 

Swimming pool timings for females are from 1100 hrs to 1300 hrs and from 1630 hrs to 1845 hrs daily, less Monday. For male members, the pool timings are from 0900 hrs to 1030 hrs, from 1400 hrs to 1600 hrs, and from 2000 hrs to 2200 hrs daily, less Monday. 

Location & Contact Info of Margalla Sports Complex

Margalla Sports Complex is located in National Defence University Islamabad, Sector E-9 Islamabad. 

The contact number of Margalla Sports Complex Islamabad is 051-9260651 with extension 32732.


Margalla Sports Complex is a good place to visit. The view and the scenic ambiance are just awesome. With outdoor sports activities and sitting on the outer lawn, one can enjoy the cool breeze of Islamabad and the beautiful view of Margalla hills. It has almost all the indoor and outdoor sports activities a complex should have. The staff is very cooperative and very well trained. The cafeteria is very nice where you can enjoy various food and desserts. If you’re into sports, there’s no place better in Islamabad than Margalla Sports Complex. 


1. What are the opening hours of Margalla Sports Complex?

The opening hours of Margalla Sports Complex Islamabad are from 0900 hours to 2200 hours seven days a week. However, you may find it closed on national holidays or any special occasion celebrated in the capital.

2What is the phone number of Margalla Sports Complex? 

The contact number of Margalla Sports Complex Islamabad is 051-9260651 with extension 32732. It can be contacted during working hours if you want more information on the complex or membership.

3. What are the coordinates of the Margalla Sports Complex? 

The coordinates of Margalla Sports Complex Islamabad are 33°43’33.8 “N 73°01’08.4 “E.

Latitude: 33.7260529316

 Longitude: 73.0189990997

4. Where is Margalla Sports Complex located?

Margalla Sports Complex is located in National Defence University Islamabad, Sector E-9 Islamabad. It has an exceptional location, and since it is easily accessible, it’s a great facility for regular workouts. It is a must-go place for those living in the twin cities of Pakistan.