Battlefield Islamabad – Fun, Excitement, and Games

Battlefield is a unique outdoor extreme sports facility in Islamabad’s Lake View Park. Battlefield is linked with adventure, thrill, energy, and intelligence. Since its opening on May 1st, 2009, its primary goal has been to offer a secure, team-oriented extreme sports environment where one can participate in various thrilling activities.

Facilities and Services Offered by Battlefield Islamabad

The facility offers team building, communication, execution, and skill development. Battlefield is dispersed across the campus. Nearly two acres (85,000 square feet) currently provide five top-notch sports on their property: Paintball, Bungee, Orbitron, Zip Line, Trampoline, and Mini Golf.

Attractions Offered by Paintball Islamabad

Battlefield also features a fully stocked snack bar, a seating area right in the middle of the action, automated ticketing, and a backup generator. Take advantage of the chance and spend a day engaging in activities that broaden your horizons and leave you wanting more.

Pick a club and get ready to enjoy the many giggles and sighs as your mental ability and patience are taxed to the maximum on this challenging, 18-hole, professionally designed course. This lure keeps you thinking and pushing your skills as you fight to reach the task.

The rider can experience a variety of G-forces comparable to those encountered by a military pilot at this whirling attraction. NASA initially created it for flight training, but it has since acquired recognition as a great engineering marvel worldwide. The “Orbitron” will give you an experience unlike any other as it spins and turns, challenging you to maintain orientation.

Online Booking Procedures, Packages, Timings, and Location of Battlefield Islamabad

The Battlefield is located at lake view park, Islamabad

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 10:00 AM- 9:00 PM

The online booking of tickets is made very easy for people. You must go to their website and book your tickets by choosing slots, times, and dates. 

The Thrill and Funfilled Activity

Paintball Islamabad

Players of paintball come from many walks of life and professions. It is a sport where men and women compete on an equal footing, and youth is not dominant in age—being able to think fast and decisively makes you a star in paintball, just like in a game of chess. One needs intelligence and tenacity to succeed in the sport rather than just power, speed, or agility. 

A sport that develops character is paintball. In addition to having fun and receiving much-needed stress reduction, players learn about collaboration, grow in confidence, and build leadership skills. More businesses are discovering the advantages of organizing paintball tournaments for their management and personnel.

A name that includes two squads carrying safety gear and pressurized firearms. The paint from the gun’s high-velocity pallet bursts and splatters on impact with a diameter of around two inches. Paintball is famous worldwide because it allows participants to apply strategy, practice gunfights, and recreate shootouts and other military situations.

 They have exclusive distribution rights for Pakistan and use imported weapons and supplies from “Tippmann” in the United States. High-quality rental gear ensures client happiness and lowers the likelihood of failure throughout a tense and thrilling conflict.

A paintball is a gelatin capsule with spherical, thin skin that contains colored liquid. Similar to colossal round vitamin capsules or bath oil beads are paintballs. Paintball fill is non-toxic, non-caustic, soluble in water, and biodegradable. 

Paintball players must always wear goggles made expressly for the sport to protect their eyes’ safety. When participating in a game or a place where shooting is permitted, like a target range or chronograph area, goggles must be worn at all times. A protective facemask is required in almost all places and should be worn. Paintball is a safe activity as long as safety precautions are taken.

 According to insurance figures, paintball is safer than golf, running, tennis, swimming, and many other sports. On-field officials enforce and ensure safety and competition regulations. Players are removed from games or the play site for violating safety or playing rules and are not allowed physical contact with other players.


·         Rookie Rs 500 (25 pellets)

·         Captain Rs 800 (50 pellets)

·         Major Rs 1000 (70 pellets)

·         Colonel Rs 1500 (120 pellets)

·         General Rs2000 (170 Pellets)

Mini Golf

The goal of the minigolf is to use the fewest number of shots to get the ball from the starting point into the hole. Players have a range of unique and complex challenges to overcome, over, under, and around on minigolf courses.

This attraction, which features a problematic 18-hole professionally designed course, will keep you thinking and testing your abilities as you battle to accomplish the task at hand. The game includes artificial obstacles like tunnels, tubes, and ramps, moving obstacles like windmills, and walls made of concrete, metal, or fiberglass walls. And synthetic putting surfaces (like carpet, artificial turf, or concrete). This geometric layout frequently necessitates non-traditional putting lines, such as bank shots. Miniature golf is merely a scaled-down version of its parent game when it maintains many features but does not include any props or obstacles.

Mini Golf Packages

9 Holes 500

18 Holes 1000

Bungee Jumping

An elastic cord is tethered to the players’ feet as they jump headfirst from a towering structure while engaging in the action-packed leisure activity of bungee jumping. A building, crane, bridge, or even a helicopter might be that tall structure. The movement gained enormous popularity after the first contemporary bungee jump in 1979. One of the most popular extreme activities, bungee jumping, is accessible practically everywhere, including Battlefield Islamabad.

Anyone over sixteen may bungee jump, and no prior experience is necessary. You go to enjoy it and don’t purchase any equipment. The most crucial aspect of bungee jumping has the confidence to do it. There are safety precautions should be taken as well. For those who are obese or have ailments, bungee jumping may provide health hazards. Bungee jumping is not recommended for pregnant women, persons with cardiac conditions, or those with high blood pressure. If you are unsure, speak with your doctor before making a choice.

Bungee cords, harnesses, and rigging systems are set up with great care and scientific precision to guarantee the highest safety of the jumpers. It would help if you never attempted to create and test your bungee jump setup. Your expert instructor will supply all the necessary equipment for bungee jumping and have access to trusted sources. Your safety during a bungee jump depends on fail-safe gear and an instructor’s direction.

Equipment Needed for Bungee Jumping

The participant must only bring appropriate footwear, as very little equipment is needed for this sport. Your leg and body harness, connected to the bungee cord, will be provided by the bungee site, and the specifically constructed braided shock cord will be attached to you. At some locations, a helmet may also be necessary.

If you don’t see a harness, don’t be suspicious of the location; some bungee sites only use the jumpers’ ankles to attach them to the bungee rope, while others use a harness. Both of these gear items keep you safe so that you can relax.

Bungee Cord

A cord with a specific design and construction comprises tightly braided rubber strands. Different bungee sites choose slightly different lines because there are a variety of strengths and thicknesses available. This cable will recoil when you reach a certain point before touching the ground.


The bungee cord is attached to both harness sections at the front and worn around the legs, abdomen, chest, and shoulders.

Rubber Cord

Some bungee jumping locations include an additional safety measure, like an extra rubber cord, to maximize security. There may be extra expenses if you intend to travel with your equipment.

Valuable Tips for Bungee Jumping

Arrive at the bungee location at least an hour before your scheduled jump time to explore the area, observe the crowds before jumping, get to know the instructors, and receive a safety briefing.

You will be weighed before the jump so the operators can set up the specific rope you will use. You’ll then be prepared to jump after fastening your harnesses and rope and ensuring everything is safe and secure.

Unwind, extend your arms, stoop to your knees, and leap into nothingness. Enjoy the freefall; it will only last a few seconds. After that, the elastic in the rope will recoil and lift you back up slightly. You will swing momentarily at the end of the string until you are either lowered to a landing area that has been specially constructed or raised back to the point where you leaped from.

You can unwind and reflect on your fantastic bungee jumping experience once your harnesses have been removed from the rope.


Where people of all ages can spin around like astronauts, join the Human Gyroscope for the ride of your life by fastening your seatbelt! Three concentric rings surround you; each spins in a different direction. When their attendant starts the spinning motion, gravity takes over. Watching is just as enjoyable as riding it! A ride lasts between three and five minutes. Hold on while moving up, down, and around! It would be best if you put on shoes (no flip-flops). 

Gyroscope riders must be at least 48 inches tall and 6 feet 2 inches tall, with a maximum weight of 225 pounds. Orbitron rides are human gyroscope rides, gyro rides, space ball rides, and so forth.

Orbitron rides can be readily carried because of their small size, and they only take up a small amount of room. Additionally, the Arbitron ride may toss and spin violently as it begins to move, amusing both young and old riders. Because of this, Orbitron rides can frequently be seen in theme parks, fairs, carnivals, science museums, and other special events. Because they are so enjoyable and have such a tiny environmental impact, Arbitron rides can draw many customers to your establishments while also providing you with mobility.

Orbitron Rides’ Procedure

Three steel rings that accommodate more than one person make up the Arbitron ride in Boston. Boston’s Arbitron rides can move about safely because of high-quality motors. In truth, the Arbitron rides are pretty simple because they frequently have control boxes attached, making it simple to start or stop them by pressing a few buttons. Additionally, the three rings have free motion or can rotate freely. To be more precise, Arbitron rides allow users to spin, toss and revolve in a 360-degree circle while experiencing a sense of weightlessness.

And for this reason, astronauts and pilots have previously used Orbitron flights as training aids. Aside from being entertaining, Arbitron rides can also help passengers exercise. One to six people can ride an Arbitron at once in Boston. The rider typically stands in the middle of the three rings of a one-person gyro. The passenger seats for Arbitron journeys for 2 to 6 people can be positioned face-to-face or back-to-back.

Online Booking Procedures

You can call the administration and book your tour in advance, especially if you plan on visiting with more prominent friends or family groups.

 Battlefield Tickets

Here are the Battlefield ticket prices for different amenities:


Rookie Rs 700 (25 pellets)

Captain Rs 1200 (50 pellets)

Central Rs 1600 (70 pellets)

Colonel Rs 2200 (100 pellets)

General Rs 3000 (150 Pellets)

Mini Golf

9 Holes 500

18 Holes 1000

Bungee Trampoline Rs 350

 Orbitron Rs 200

 Zip Line Rs 250


 Robin 1 Rs. 200 / 10 Arrows

 Robin 2 Rs. 400 / 20 Arrows

 Robin 3 Rs. 1000 / 25 Minutes Unlimited Arrows

Battlefield Timings

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 11:00 AM- 6:00 PM

Location & Contact Info of Battlefield

Battlefield, LAKE VIEW PARK, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory

 For details contact 0336 9179928


Where is Battlefield Located?

The Battlefield is in LAKE VIEW PARK, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory.

 What is the ticket for Battlefield?

Ticket Prices vary from game to game. It starts from RS 100 to RS 1000 for various games.

How much distance from Islamabad to Battlefield?

It is located 18km away from Islamabad.