The Best Iftar Buffets in Islamabad

 Many famous and unique places in Islamabad have high-quality food. Choosing the best restaurant in Islamabad is difficult, as every other restaurant in the city deserves praise. In this article, we have covered the list of the best buffet restaurants in Islamabad, which showcase different cuisines that would reinvigorate your taste buds in more than one way. If you want a fantastic Iftar Buffet dining experience in Islamabad, you have various high-class options to choose from, which we have listed below;

20 Best Iftar Buffets in Islamabad

Des Pardes Restaurant

Des Pardes is the first restaurant in Pakistan to offer a distinctive fusion of Mughlai cuisine and exemplary dining services. Des Pardes cordially invites everyone who enjoys discovering new and exciting culinary experiences to join the Iftar buffet dinner in Islamabad

The meal was ceremoniously prepared and combined as per the ancient recipes from centuries ago when the first Des Pardes restaurant debuted in Islamabad eight years ago and is ready to indulge you this Ramzan. Des Pardes is Islamabad’s most sought-after Mughlai and Namak Mandi eating experience. They uphold this legacy today and maintain the fundamental spirit and methodology of dish preparation.

  • Price: Iftar + Dinner Buffet Rs.1999+Tax, Sehri Buffet Rs.1299+Tax
  • Timings: 12:00 pm-12:00 am
  • Contact Info: +92 51 2320008
  •  Location: Saidpur Village, Islamabad 

Bar. B.Q Tonight

Bar. B.Q. Tonight opened its doors on November 10th, 1988, and immediately began serving its unique Bar. B.Q dishes as well as traditional Pakistani cuisine. It has become a contemporary stand-in for cleanliness and excellence and has served the Best Iftar Dinner Buffet in Islamabad, Pakistan. Today, Bar B. Q. Tonight is hailed as one of the innovators of authentic Bar. B.Q cuisine.

They won people’s hearts nationwide and beyond with their dedication and perseverance, making it a trademark restaurant in Islamabad. A new benchmark for outstanding quality and flavor, Bar. B.Q. Tonight offers a wide range of delectable dishes to satisfy every palate and every whim. Discover the best in excellent dining.

·         Price: Iftar Buffet Rs. 2000/head, Iftar Deal Rs.1500/head, and Sehri Buffet Rs.1500/head

·         Timings: 5:00 pm-1:00 am

·         Contact Info: (051) 8317132

·         Location: Sohrab Plaza, Block 32, Fazl-e-Haq Road, Islamabad Pakistan

Asian Wok

Enjoy our exquisite Pan-Asian cuisines in the middle of the twin cities. Asian Wok provides real food, top-notch service, and the ideal experience by showcasing the best of the well-known Pan Asian cuisines (Chinese, Thai, and Japanese) under one roof.

A relaxing atmosphere where you can savor delectable food and attentive service while enjoying their Iftar cum dinner extravaganza, one of the cheap iftar buffets in Islamabad, is undoubtedly not to be missed. Pan Asian cuisine inspires the menu’s innovative flavor and texture combinations.

The top chefs in town cook your meal to your specifications in Asian Wok’s live Chinese kitchen, guaranteeing transparency in hygiene and quality. Beef or chicken cooked to perfection can be smelled cooking live at the Teppanyaki table. 

·         Price: Iftar Buffet Rs. 1500/head, and Sehri Buffet Rs.1500/head

·         Timings: 12:00 pm – 11:30 pm

·         Contact Info: +92 51 2206988

·         Location: Beverly Center, Islamabad

Yum Chinese & Thai

The best Chinese and Thai restaurant in Islamabad. Yum has transformed the food industry as a unique and authentic Chinese, originally from Lahore, the food capital of Pakistan, and known for their lively, captivating, and welcoming atmosphere.

 YUM offers the ideal location for families and friends to meet, speak, and eat in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere by fusing the coziness and charm of a family restaurant with modern ethnic decor. Their Iftar buffet is one to leave you wanting more with having a Cheap Iftar buffet in Islamabad, which cannot be missed. Its atmospheric radiance and finger-licking food have made it one of the trademark Chinese restaurants in Islamabad.

·         Price: Iftar Buffet Rs. 1300/head, and Sehri Buffet Rs.1200/head

·         Timings: 12:00 pm – 12:00 am

·         Contact Info: +92 318 5964847

·         Location: Street 16, F-7/2 Next to Rana Market, Islamabad


There are several attractive options in China Town all under one roof. It doesn’t matter if you want to grab a fast lunch, have it delivered to your home, get takeout, relax and eat in, have upscale catering, or have your special event in the restaurant. Szechuan food was made available in Pakistan at Chinatown, a Chinese eatery.

Chinatown was always a favorite, hidden behind tall bamboo. China Town is ready to serve you with a brand-new Iftar Cum Buffet Dinner, which will provide the same mouthwateringly exquisite gourmet dishes but with an atmosphere like no other and service on par with the best. 

·         Price: Iftar Buffet Rs. 1599/head, and Sehri Buffet Rs.1399/head

·         Timings: 08:00 am-01:00 am

·         Contact Info: 0512855650-1

·         Location: Building 1, Najam Market, street 48. F/8-4 Islamabad


Chatta’s is a beautiful restaurant in Islamabad that serves delicious Pakistani food without sacrificing quality, taste, or tradition. It serves Desi Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. On their menu, you can order flavorful Karahi and Handi made with Desi Ghee and Makhan, as well as Naans to go with them.

 Additionally, it offers BBQ, Biryani, Nihari, and Paaye. You can sip on Namkeen and Meethi Lassi, as well as a variety of teas. One of the most affordable buffets in Islamabad, its Iftar Cum dinner buffet also rejuvenates your Desi foodie taste buds by serving you the best desi cuisine Pakistan has to offer.

·         Price: Iftar Buffet Rs. 1199/head, and Sehri Buffet Rs.1199/head

·         Timings: 08:00 am-11:30 pm

·         Contact Info: +92 51 8444636

·         Location: 14 Street Plaza 1 N, Nagari Grill, Tariq Market, Islamabad

Chai Mehfil

A place perfect on the weekends or evenings if you’re bored and tired of your mundane daily routine. They offer a wide variety of food, and the atmosphere here is fantastic. The live performances invigorate the atmosphere, giving it an open dhaba-type feel. 

This is the place to be if you want to grab a quick bite and spend some time with someone. There are special enclosures for families to avoid inconvenience, and the staff is polite. Chai Mehfil is always our first choice, which never disappoints when we think of celebrations.

 Everything is of the highest quality and taste, from the appetizer to the dessert, and their Iftar dinner buffet is no exception. Particularly great and unforgettable is their distinctive environment and live background music experience. They have a delicious variety of parathas and unique teas.

·         Price: Iftar Buffet Rs. 1199/head, and Sehri Buffet Rs.1199/head

·         Timings: 12:00 am-02:00 am

·         Contact Info: 03025542424

·         Location: Super Market, Block B, United Bakery Building, School Rd, F-6 Markaz Islamabad

La Terrazza

At La Terrazza, all your cravings will be satiated. La Terrazza is a one-of-a-kind restaurant with a gorgeous view toward the Margallag Hills and a perfect blend of Pakistani Italian cuisine that makes your mouth water. 

Whether you order our delectable food or supercilious drinks, the experience is always unique & worthwhile. On the summit of Centaurus, it ensures that all of your senses are pampered in tranquillity, beauty, and flavor. 

Its Italian-Pakistani fusion makes its Iftar dinner buffet one of the best in Pakistan, and you’ll undoubtedly want to come back.

·         Price: Iftar Buffet Rs. 2599/head, and Sehri Buffet Rs.2299/head

·         Timings: 12:00 pm-12:00 am

·         Contact Info: (051) 8483663

·         Location: Jinnah Ave 3rd Floor, Centaurus Mall, Islamabad

Doka Mocca

Open and being run by a seasoned chef from Marriott Hotel, the restaurant is a complete package within itself. Delicious food and enticing beverages refresh your body and mind.

The limited but comprehensive menu and the small but adequate space are the best features. You are compelled to return to this restaurant over and over because the appetizers, main courses, and desserts are all so excellent. 

It is a hidden gem that provides a wide selection of delectable food, and an iftar cum dinner buffet offer should not be missed.

·         Price: Iftar Buffet Rs. 1599/head, and Sehri Buffet Rs.1299/head

·         Timings: 12:00 pm-12:00 am

·         Contact Info: +92 51 2263852

·         Location: Unit 14 & 15, Block 12-D, G-8 Markaz, Islamabad

Mirchi 360

For those who enjoy the aromas of spice, Mirchi 360 Restaurant in Islamabad offers a variety of delicious foods in a wide range of flavors. Mirchi Restaurant offers mouthwatering Bombay Chaat, tantalizing south Pakistani food, and more in a welcoming and clean environment. With its delectable Pakistani cuisine, it is an excellent place for lunch, dinner, drinks, and hamburgers. Their iftar cum dinner buffet leaves no room for compromise as it sweeps to blast you with its imploding flavors and fantastic deals to accommodate all.

· Price: Iftar Buffet Rs. 1399/head, and Sehri Buffet Rs.1299/head

·         Timings: 11:00 am-1:00 am

·         Contact Info 0306-0360360

·         Location: Plot 4-B Main Park Double Road Near Bareeze, F-10 Markaz Islamabad

Dera Daari Restaurant

Want to travel somewhere with delicious meals and beautiful scenery? Dera Daari has lovely vistas and a variety of food options. The restaurant offers Chana Chat, Fruit Trifle, Mutton Korma, Muttin Mughlai, Mutton Kebab Masala, Mutton Biryani, Dera Special Chicken Saji, Chicken Chowmein, Chicken Manchurian, Egg Fried Rice, Chicken Boti, Special Kheer, and Gulab Jaman. Such a wide variety to choose from!!  

·         Charges: 1750 + tax

·         Timings: 12:00 pm-12:00 am

·         Contact Number: 0310-5340595

·         Address: Service road, Northridge Society, Near D-12, 5 min drive from E-11, Islamabad


The greatest steaks in town can be found at Franco’s, which has a throwback ambiance. You can have 22 delicious items at such a reasonable price. Some of the most wanted options are Fish Finger, Chicken/Beef Chilli Dry, Chicken Korma, Chicken Manchurian, Egg Fried Rice, Fried Chicken, Vegetable Chowmein, and Fruit Trifle. 

·         Charges: PKR 1399 + tax

·         Timings: 7:00 am-12:00 am

·         Contact Number: 051-2656919

·         Address: F-7 Markaz, Bhittai Rd, Islamabad


It’s common to go to Chashni to indulge in sweets. Along with a delectable selection of Chinese food, they provide a variety of sweets and pastries like Dhaka Chicken, Szechuan Chicken, Sweet Chili Chicken, Chicken Steak, Vegetable Fried Rice, Special Pizza, Mini Burgers, Fruit Trifle, Bread Pudding, and Traditional Firni. It is one of the cheapest Iftar buffet options in Islamabad. 

·         Timings: 6 pm to 11:30 pm 

·         Charges: 1650 + tax

·         Contact Number: 051-8990476

·         Address: Jinnah Boulevard, Plaza #16, Sector E, DHA Phase II, Islamabad

OTT (Over The Top)

One of the top restaurants in Islamabad is OTT (Over The Top), which serves delectable Steaks, Spaghetti, Burgers, and appetizers. They have free Iftar platters despite not having an Iftar buffet. Additionally, the second entree you order is discounted by 50%.

 The menu includes Chicken Seekh Kebab, Chicken Boti, Chicken Karahi, Fried Rice, Biryani, Chicken/Beef Chilli Dry, Chicken Manchurian, Fish, and Fruit Trifle. 

·    Address: OTT 370-R POLICE FOUNDATION, O9 Main PWD Rd, near BAHRIA TOWN, Block D Police Foundation, Islamabad, Rawalpindi

  •         Timing: 6 pm to 12 am
  •          Price: 1099 + Tax
  •         Contact Number: 0335-1688688


Want to go somewhere with delicious Continental and Italian food at a fantastic price? Cinque is the spot to check out if so. Chana Chat, Fruit Chat, Assorted Sandwiches, Spring Rolls, Lebanese Grill, Lamb Kofta, Chicken Karahi, Biryani, Shahi Daal, Lasagna, Pasta, and Shawarma, are the highlight of the vast menu offered by Cinque. 

·         Timing: 10 am to 10 pm

·         Charges: PKR 1850 + tax

·         Contact Number: 051-8318967 (10% off on reservations) 

·         Address: Bhittai Rd, Plot 1-D, F-7 Markaz, Islamabad

Mandarin Kitchen

Your Iftar will be unique and memorable because it combines traditional and modern cuisine. It is undoubtedly the best iftar buffet in Islamabad. The menu includes Chicken Samosa, Vegetable Pakora, Cheeseballs, Dahi Bhally, Gol Gappy, Prawn Tempora, Honey Garlic Wings, Chicken Cashew Nut,  Beef Chili Dry, Chicken Manchurian, Bangkok Chilli Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, Dragon Noodles, Chocolate Mousse, Doughnuts, and Egg Pudding.  

·         Timing: 1 pm to 11:30 Pm

·         Address: 4th floor, 1 Agha Khan Rd, F-6 Markaz F-6, Islamabad

·         Contact Number: 0310 3333187

·        Price 1955 + Tax

La Montanna

Iftar combined dinner buffet is available in La Montanna, and it is priced competitively compared to the nearby Monal Restaurant.

In addition to being significantly less expensive, you won’t have to make many sacrifices to enjoy the expansive view of Islamabad.

·         Charges: PKR 1799 + tax, PKR 1399 + tax

·         Timing: 10 am to 12 am

·         Contact Number: 051-2898226

·         Address: 9 Km from Margalla Hills، Pir Sohawa Rd, Islamabad

Khiva Restaurant

In Islamabad, Khiva Restaurant provides the most comprehensive Sehri Buffet. Nearly everything you could want is included in their Sehri buffet deal, only Rs 699, including tax. Except for morning dishes, the Iftar buffet at Khiva is the same.

·         Iftar Buffet Deal Price: Rs 1299/- plus tax

·         Sehri Buffet Deal Price: Rs 699/- plus tax

·         Timings: 12:00 pm-12:00 am

·         Location: F-7 Markaz, Islamabad


In their Iftar, Pappasallis offers a sizable selection of menu options. Giving Pappasallis a try if you’re looking for delectable food with lots of variety, you’ll adore its fantastic menu and outstanding ambiance. This location is perfect for those who want to host Iftar for their loved ones, friends, and coworkers. 

The menu of Papasalis features a range of foods. However, Pappasallis is constantly full, making it difficult to find a table for a reservation. Therefore, make a reservation in advance if you wish to taste Pappasallis for your Iftar.

·         Address: Giga Mall, Sector F DHA Phase II, Islamabad

·         Timings: 12:00 pm-12:00 am

·         Price: 1200 plus tax

·         Contact Number: (051) 8312612

Salt ‘n’ Pepper

In the Blue Area of Islamabad, Salt’ n Pepper Islamabad is the only intriguing and decent family restaurant with a children’s play area that will tempt your taste buds with a wide variety of authentic cuisine. The menu includes Chana Chat, Fruit Chat, Chicken Drumsticks, Chicken, Korma, Chicken Boti, Chicken /Beef Seekh Kebab, Peas Pulao, Daal Maash, Mix Vegetable, Roghi naan, Fruit Trifle, Jalebi and a lot more.

·         Address: Plot No. 55, Shabbir Plaza, Blue Area, G 6/2 F-6, Islamabad

·         Timings: 10:00 am-12:00 am

·         Phone: (051) 2604911

·         Prices: 1200 Rs


What is the best food for Iftar?

Pakistanis like more fried items on the iftar menu, like Pakora, Dahi Bhalla, Samosy, and other delicacies, including Channa Chat, Cutlets, etc.

Where is the Cheapest Iftar Buffet in Islamabad?

There are multiple Iftar buffet options in Islamabad. The cheapest ones include Khiva restaurant and Laiba Restaurant.  

Which is the Top Iftar Buffet Restaurant in Islamabad?

The Monal and La Montana are considered the best Iftar Buffet Restaurants, with amazing views and delicious food.