Best Burgers in Islamabad

There are countless restaurants in Islamabad that specialize primarily in burgers today. Around every other corner, you can spot a Burger Joint in Islamabad that can meet your burger needs. People are always attracted to burgers, no matter the changes in cuisines and innovations in cultural foods. Both adults and young people seek out burgers of all types. With the increase in demand for burgers, new recipes and ingredients are introduced daily on a large scale to Pakistani people. There are many Restaurants of Burgers in Islamabad that are only burger-specific.

With the popularity of Chicken burgers, the demand for the best beef burger in Islamabad has also increased, which is why the best Burger Places in Islamabad serve beef burgers. Of course, the offers aren’t limited to beef or chicken burgers in the best Burger Places in Islamabad because today, these places also serve the best Zinger Burger in Islamabad.

Here are the most respected and visited restaurants considered the best Burger Places in Islamabad today.

Burger Fest

Burger Fest is among the most well-known burger joints in Islamabad. Because of its two outstanding qualities—taste and price—the restaurant quickly became a customer favorite. Burger Fest is undoubtedly one of the list’s least expensive recommendations because it lacks a seating space and offers few alternatives for sidelines. Still, when it comes to burgers, there are few better options than Burger Fest.

The eatery is a burger stand without any seats and is situated in Gol Market F-7. Purchase your favorite burger, and eat it while sitting on the sidewalk or in your car, as taking it home and risking losing its delectable freshness is a chance you shouldn’t take, which is why it is recommended to eat it while it is yet fresh.

This Restaurant offers other foods besides burgers as side meals or drinks.

The chicken and Cheeseburgers are the most ordered here, but you can order separate beef patties or other appetizers with the burgers. The restaurants also serve freshly made small sandwiches that can be served to kids.

Available Deals: Family deals are available with starters. The Person deal costs 750 Rs and contains one Jalapeno burger with drinks and fries.

The family deal consists of 5 Jalapeno burgers with 1.5-liter drinks and fries, costing 2,700 Rs.

And the lunch deal, which costs 1,200, consists of 2 Jalapeno Burgers with 2000ml soft drinks.

Recommended Burger: Wild Ben Burger, Beef Mushroom Burger, Chicken Binda Burger, Beef Binda Burger, Chicken Tron Burger, Chicken Jalapeno Burger, and Chicken Gypsy Burger.

Opening Hours: 12 pm – 3 am

Contact Details: 0330 2888192

Location: P3C5+P54, F-7 Markaz  Islamabad Capital Territory.

Cannoli by Café Soul

This burger restaurant is fantastic for burgers and sweets because it is highly fashionable and resembles a bakery. The business is lovely and features an Italian / Sicilian-style eatery with excellent indoor and outdoor seating areas for its patrons. It is the ideal location to go out to eat with your loved ones and friends and share some private time with them in a serene setting while enjoying delectable meals. Suppose you have not heard of the Cannoli Café before and are newly introduced to the area hence discovering Cannoli for the first time. In that case, you might find it relieving that the brilliant team behind Café Soul is also responsible for creating this excellent eatery. Cannoli is the ideal spot for you whether you want to enjoy a fantastic burger and dessert combination alone or sit at a lovely, beautifully arranged, and catered-to-table for you, your friends, and your family.

Available Deals: Pocket-Friendly deals #1, #2, and #3. (Starting from 1000 to 2000 Pkr).

Recommended Burger: Boss Burger

Opening Hours: 8 am to 12 am

Contact Details: 051-8739324

Location: Beverly Center, Jinnah Ave, Blue Area, Islamabad.


The most incredible place to get the tastiest burgers in Islamabad is Ranchers Café. The Ranchers restaurant and café is designed and themed in the western classical style of cowboys and nostalgic salons. So, if you enjoy classic western movies with cowboys and rustic western settings, this is the place for you. The whole area is so beautifully designed and constructed that your experience becomes one of a kind. Most people are so enamored by the surroundings that they can’t stop taking pictures to enjoy their food. This burger restaurant is ideal for you if you are interested in Photography and western settings (and, of course, if you are a real foodie).

Ranchers Café is a unique restaurant in Islamabad where you can have delicious burgers without spending much. It is situated in I-8 Markaz.

Available Deals: Any Two Deal (any two burgers of the person’s choice with separate fries and drinks for 1099 Rupees).

Recommended Burger: Big Bang Burger and the Texas Jack.

Opening Hours: 11 am to 3 am

Contact Details: (051) 111 577 677

Location: Shop No. 4, Time Square Plaza, Markaz, I-8, Islamabad

CGC – Char Grill Central

Regarding the most excellent burger joints in Islamabad, CGC is hard to beat because of its lovely outdoor and indoor lounging areas and one of the best burgers in the city. To allow each customer to select the ideal burger for their dietary needs, the Restaurant offers a wide variety of single- to double-patty chicken and beef burgers.

One of the most appreciated perks of this Restaurant is that you can order the size according to your choice as it suits your appetite. Customizable burger sizes of the same ingredients (as mentioned on the menu) are prepared by the chefs on request. Furthermore, these substantial burgers come ready with various delectable sauces, melted cheese, and other add-ons.

Available Deals: Regular deals.

Recommended Burger: Chicken Overdrive

Opening Hours: 12 pm – 1 am

Contact Details: 03318662228

Location: Gol Market, F-7/3 F 7/3 F-7, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000

Jessie’s Burgers

Jessie’s is one of Islamabad’s top burger joints. There are other locations of this fantastic Restaurant in and around Islamabad, but we will discuss the one in F7 Islamabad in this article. The Restaurant has become well-known for its premium burgers, featuring flawlessly cooked beef, alluring sides, and delectable sauces. The interior design of the Restaurant is likewise unique. After a long, exhausting day of work and duties, the relaxed atmosphere, stylish décor, and large windows make it the ideal place to sit down, relax, and enjoy some time with your friends or family.

Available Deals: Normal family or solo deals with drinks, fries, and sauces.

Recommended Burger: Firestarter Beef Burger, The Smash Burger, The Big Kahuna, The Messy Mushroom, and Grand Beef Burger.

Opening Hours: 12 am to 10 pm

Contact Details: (051) 8312209

Location: Parking lot, Shop No. 5, Block،, 12D Bhittai Rd, F-7 Markaz Islamabad

Dokka Mocca

You must visit Doka Mocca Islamabad if you’re seeking a burger restaurant with a genuine desire for a welcoming, artistic, and homely environment. Though the Restaurant may be small and unassuming, the food you get there is impressive. One of the most excellent features of this fantastic burger restaurant in Islamabad is the stylish and artistic décor that illuminates and beautifies your surroundings as you consume your food. The staff here is also amiable and different from the customer; everybody is professionally trained to cater to every customer’s need.

The beautiful experience here always leaves you wanting a degree. This unique and friendly experience, made extremely memorable by all the more delicious food, keeps you wanting to go back even after you have left the Restaurant.

Available Deals: Various family deals.

Recommended Burger: Crazy Decker Burger, Mexican Grilled Burger, Grilled Chicken Burger, and Bullseye Burger.

Opening Hours: 12 am to 12 pm

Contact Details: (051) 2282014

Location: Markaz Rd, G-8 Islamabad

Nagina Burger

Nagina Burger is currently among the most known and oldest and, thus, also reputable burger joints in Islamabad. The same owners of this burger joint have been operating it in Islamabad for more than 15 years.

The burger joint serves some of the best, most authentically made burgers in the country and is situated at the double road, sumbal Rd, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad. The classic Anda Shaami on these national burgers is the purest in Islamabad.

The Anda Shaami burger is known throughout the country, but The Nagina Burger Restaurant, which has been making it for 15 years, holds a particular skill in this product. On their whole menu, this burger is still one of the most ordered and desired, but they have added many more burgers and fillings to their lineup over the years.

Available Deals: Family deals include the desired quantities of this Restaurant’s most ordered burgers. The burgers in the deal are served with drinks.

Recommended Burger: Anda Shami Burger, Chicken Anda Shami Burger, and other Beef Burgers.

Opening Hours: 11 am to 1 am

Contact Details: 0345-4880094

Location: Double Road Sumbal Rd, F-10 Markaz F 10/4 F-10, Islamabad

Howdy Islamabad

If you want to feel like you are in a western-themed burger restaurant while eating your excellent cuisine, you must visit Howdy Islamabad, another great burger joint. Since most restaurants that provide offers all year round need more quality to support themselves, Howdy is an excellent example of mixing good burger deals with true burger quality. For social media addicts and amateur or professional vlog makers, this is also a great place while you are having fun with food, or if you are an Instagram addict, then you ought to try Howdy. This burger joint is outstanding when it comes to its indoor dining space.

The Howdy Restaurant’s ambiance is unique and dear to every loyal customer. The indoor eating experience is friendly and homely and treats the customer with utmost formal respect so that the whole experience becomes memorable for each person.

Besides the critical deals, here are a few of the menu items offered by the Restaurant.

Beef Patties are beautifully cooked and presented Steaks, Shrimp Burgers, Fried Potatoes, Rotisserie Poultry, and fresh beverages, among many other things. All of this is significantly assisted by starters and other foods.

Available Deals: The price range of essential deals is 500 and ends at 1200. The Grilled deal three, which contains 3 Rango Tango Burgers with a cold drink and fries bucket, costs 1,500.

Recommended Burger: Prawn Star, Fandango Go Wild, Fandango Stay Mild, Prawn Star Super, The Crasher, The Dasher, The Basher, The Masher, Volcano Jalapeno Cheese, Crispy Bae, Stinger, and Volconda Spinach Cheese.

Opening Hours: 12:00 pm to 1:00 am

Contact Details: 051-2611182

Location: Street 8, Sector F-7/3, close to Hot Spot, Gelato Affairs, Islamabad

20 Best Burger Places in Islamabad



—Ranchers Café


—Doka Mocca

—Burger Fest

—Delight Afghani Burger and Fries

—Foody Moody

—Street Burger

—Char Grill Central

—Food Way

—Abey Khao

—Daily Deli Co.

—Burning Bull

—B4U Roll Inn

—Najeeb Spot

—Nagina Burger Point

—The Burger Co.

—Burger Lab

—Bistro By Mafia’s


Where to get the most delicious burger in Islamabad?

Howdy Islamabad is best known for its wide variety of burgers, which can satisfy any of your burger-related appetites.

Which is the best place to eat beef burgers in Islamabad?

Rancher’s Café offers some of the best beef burgers in Islamabad.


All the restaurants mentioned above deserve the merit with which their customers regard them, and most people leave these beautiful places happy. If you are looking for the best burger place in Islamabad, then one of these restaurants will be worth beyond your expectations. Hence, every citizen of Islamabad should check these places out for themselves and form their own opinions as pleases their taste.