Kashmir Day

Kashmir Solidarity Day is celebrated every year on February, 05 in Pakistan to show support for the people of Kashmir. Kashmir has been a contentious issue between Pakistan and India for decades, and the people of Kashmir have long suffered under the cruelties of Indian rule. The human rights situation in Indian-Occupied Kashmir is pathetic, and the Indian Government has been carrying out genocide and human rights violations against the Kashmiri people for decades. Pakistan has always stood with the people of Kashmir. On Kashmir Solidarity Day, we express our solidarity with them and call for an end to the atrocities carried out by the Indian Government. February 05 is a day to remember Kashmiri martyrs who gave their lives in the struggle for Kashmir’s independence. 

Kashmir Day History

Pakistanis celebrate Kashmir day in Pakistan to show solidarity with the Kashmiri people. Pakistan supports Kashmir in exercising its fundamental right to self-determination. Many freedom fighters have lost their lives fighting for a distinct identity on the global map. The Kashmir Day History is replete with accounts of the Indian Army slaughtering Kashmiris. Pakistanis celebrate Kashmir Day on February 05 to let the people of Kashmir know that they are not alone in their struggle for freedom. In 1990, a member of Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, Qazi Hussain Ahmad, originally suggested the idea of Kashmir Day. Nawaz Sharif, the former opposition member of Pakistan, established Kashmir Solidarity Day in 1991. He demanded a nationwide strike to protest against the Indian Army, which still controls some areas of Kashmir illegally. He urged everyone to pray for Kashmir’s independence and participate in protests. Later on, the Pakistan People’s Party declared February 05 as the Kashmir day date. Pakistan has brought up the issue of Kashmir internationally, but neither world leaders nor the United Nations have been able to resolve the matter. In 2004, the Pakistani minister for Kashmir Affairs and Northern Areas established the present “Kashmir Solidarity Day.” By observing Kashmir Solidarity Day on February, 05 every year, the people of Pakistan do, however, continue to assist the Kashmiri people in their struggle to achieve their goal of freedom from the Indian Government. 

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What is Kashmir Solidarity Day?

Kashmir Solidarity Day is a public holiday celebrated in Pakistan. Kashmir day in Pakistan is an occasion to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir, who have been struggling for independence from Indian rule for decades. Kashmir has a long and complicated history, and the situation is still unresolved. The people of Kashmir have the right to self-determination, as recognized by the United Nations, but India has refused to give them this right. Pakistan has always been a staunch supporter of the people of Kashmir, and on Kashmir Solidarity Day, we reaffirm our commitment to their cause. We call on India to grant the people of Kashmir their rightful independence and allow them to live in peace and harmony. However, India is not ready to end its atrocities against the Kashmiri people.  

Why Do We Celebrate Kashmir Day?

We celebrate the Kashmir solidarity day on February 05 to solute and commend the Kashmiris for their unwavering resolve in their brave fight for the right to self-determination that was promised to them by Pakistan and the world community. On the Kashmir day Holiday, we pray for Kashmir that gets its right to freedom from Indian domination. The people of Pakistan have a long history of supporting the people of Kashmir. After all, they are brothers and sisters and share the same faith. When the people of Kashmir suffer, the people of Pakistan feel pain. That’s why Pakistan must celebrate Kashmir Solidarity Day every year. It’s a way to show the world that Pakistan stands with the people of Kashmir and will always support them in their time of need.

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When is Kashmir Day Celebrated?

Celebrated every year on February 05, Kashmir Solidarity day is a way of honoring the perseverance and courageous struggle of the people of Kashmir in their quest for freedom. Kashmir day in Pakistan is an important day because it helps to bring awareness to the human rights violations that are taking place in Kashmir by Indian Army, and it also serves as a reminder that the people of Kashmir are not alone in their struggle. 

Is Kashmir Day a Holiday in Pakistan?

Kashmir day is a public holiday observed by Pakistan annually on February 05. The purpose of celebrating Kashmir day in Pakistan is to show the world how the Indian Army has been suppressing the rights of the Kashmiri people for the last 75 years. On Kashmir Day Holiday, we demonstrate to the Kashmiri people that we fully support them in their heroic struggle to obtain their inalienable rights.

Kashmir Day Celebrations

Pakistan supports the rights of the people of Kashmir. On Kashmir Solidarity Day, it shows its solidarity with them by holding rallies and protests and raising awareness about the brutal suppression of the voices of Kashmiri people by the Indian Army. The people of Pakistan celebrate Kashmir solidarity day with great enthusiasm. Pakistanis celebrate Kashmir Solidarity Day by organizing rallies, speeches, and candlelight vigils. Kashmir day Holiday is also a time for Pakistanis to give tribute to the people of Kashmir who have been killed or injured in their struggle for independence. Let us look at how the people of Pakistan celebrate the Kashmir day Holiday.

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Public Celebrations

Kashmir Day in Pakistan starts with special congregational prayers in nearly all country mosques to pray for the freedom and peaceful life of the Kashmiri people. On February 05, 2022, the people of Pakistan conducted rallies, public gatherings, protests, and seminars to highlight the dilemma of the Kashmiri people. People mark the Kashmir Solidarity day by observing Ten minutes of silence across the country at 10:00 AM on February 05. To honor the Kashmiri martyrs on the Kashmir day Holiday, Pakistanis construct a human chain at Kohala and other significant locations connecting Pakistan and Azad Kashmir. The news channels in Pakistan feature a particular, multi-part transmission covering all facets of the Kashmir conflict. Pakistani people organize various seminars and conferences to condemn the violation of human rights in India’s Illegally- Occupied Kashmir. 

The Pakistan Embassy in Paris, France, hosted a celebration on February 05, 2022, to commemorate Kashmir Solidarity Day. Many people attended the ceremony, including lawmakers, government officials, students, and cabinet ministers. President and Prime Minister addressed the audience about the desperate condition of Indian-Occupied Kashmir. On this occasion, they showed a documentary that focused on the horrors committed by Indians in Indian-Occupied Jammu Kashmir. Speakers expressed their support for the citizens of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), denounced the most egregious human rights abuses committed by the Indian Army, and urged the international community to settle the Kashmir conflict under the pertinent UNSC resolutions and the rights of the Kashmiri people. 

To commemorate Kashmir Solidarity Day on February 05, 2022, the Pakistan High Commission in Canada organized several events across Canada, including photographic exhibitions, webinars, and public demonstrations. The Pakistan Consulate General in Toronto organized visual demonstrations and jam-packed webinars on February 05, 2022, to draw attention to Indian persecution in Jammu & Kashmir, which is currently under illegal Indian occupation. 

School Celebrations

Schools and educational institutions celebrate the occasion of the Kashmir day Holiday in full swing. Students wholeheartedly participate in several Kashmir day speeches and debate competitions about Kashmir Solidarity day. Different singing and skit performances bring out the hues of Kashmir. The students brighten up the environment with their performances while dressed in traditional Kashmiri embroidered clothing and accessories.

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In Kashmir day speeches, the students show their concern about the deteriorating humanitarian situation in the Indian Occupied Territory of Kashmir, which is still subject to ongoing repression and illegal occupation. Additionally, they reaffirm their solidarity with and unwavering backing for the Kashmiri people in their fair battle for the right to self-determination. 

Kashmir Day Poetry

Kashmir Day Poetry is a powerful form of expression, and it can be incredibly effective in bringing attention to the plight of Muslims in Kashmir. It can be a way to open up people’s eyes to what’s going on in that region, and it can help to create awareness and generate support for the cause. But poetry can also be a way to show your solidarity with the people of Kashmir. It can be a way to express your feelings about what’s happening there, and it can be a way to send a message of hope and support. So why not use poetry on Kashmir Day to express your thoughts and feelings about this critical issue? It’s a brilliant way to show your support for the people of Kashmir, and it could make a real difference in raising awareness about their situation. Many famous poets of Pakistan have written sad Kashmir day poetry depicting the heart-wrenching stories of the Kashmiri people and the cruelty of India. 

Kashmir Conflict 1947

Kashmir Day History goes back to 1947. After the declaration of the creation of Pakistan, the ruler appointed the Boundary Commissions for Punjab and Bengal on June 30, 1947. Mr.Radcliffe, an English lawyer, was appointed chairman of both commissions to determine the boundaries of Pakistan and India. He came up with the decision called as Radcliffe Award. But the announcement about the borders in the Radcliffe award did not meet the requirements of justice. Mountbatten and Radcliffe took complete care of Hindu friendship. They granted access to the state of Kashmir to India by including the Muslim-majority area of Gurdaspur in India. They unjustly handed over the Muslim-majority areas to India. In this way, the Kashmir dispute emerged, which remains unresolved today. 

The Kashmir conflict is an unsettled dispute between Pakistan and India. The controversy of Kashmir erupted after the partition of the Subcontinent in 1947. Both Pakistan and India demanded rule over the state of Kashmir. It is a regional rivalry that led to three wars between India and Pakistan and several more violent clashes. India owns almost 60% of the region’s total land area, including Jammu, Kashmir Valley, most of Ladakh, and 70% of the population of Kashmir. In comparison, Pakistan has control over 30% of the region’s total land, including Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan, while China owns 15%, including Aksai Chin. 

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Situated in the extreme north of the Subcontinent, the state of Jammu and Kashmir is the center of the continent of Asia. At the time of the creation of Pakistan in 1947, the state’s rulers had the right to align with India or Pakistan. Muslims in Kashmir, who were in a large majority, wanted to join Pakistan. Still, Raja Hari Singh, the Hindu ruler of Kashmir at that time, fled to India and announced accession to India against the wishes of the Kashmiri people. Pakistan tried to persuade the Maharaja of Kashmir to join Pakistan. For this purpose, Mohammad Ali Jinnah wrote a letter to the Maharaja in July 1947. Later in September, Pathan tribe members invaded Kashmir on a big scale with the help of Muslim League officials in the Northwest Frontier Province. In October, the state’s Hindu Dogra warriors orchestrated a widespread “massacre” of Muslims in Kashmir. This violence resulted in the killing of numerous Muslims in Kashmir. Some of them found their way to the western districts of Poonch and Mirpur, which were experiencing insurrection, while others fled to West Pakistan. Sardar Ibrahim, a leader of the Muslim Conference, organized the rebel forces in the western district of Kashmir. By October 22, they took over most of the state’s western regions. They established a Palandri-based interim Azad Kashmir (free Kashmir) government on October 24.

Kashmir Conflict 1948

In 1948, India sent its troops to Kashmir and tried to capture it illegally, but the Kashmiri freedom fighters liberated the area of Azad Jammu and Kashmir from India. India took the issue to the UN. The UN arranged a ceasefire between India and Pakistan in 1948. The UN agreed in its resolutions that the Kashmir dispute would end through a plebiscite per the wishes of the Kashmiri people. The Kashmir issue is a central issue between Pakistan and India; without resolving it, the security and peace of Kashmir are at risk. Although Pakistan invited India on numerous occasions to resolve the issue through dialogue, India avoided it every time. 

1971 – 72

Pakistan got defeated in the India-Pakistan war of 1971-72. India and Pakistan agreed to uphold the Line of Control ceasefire (LOC). They both signed the Simla Agreement on July 02, 1972. According to that agreement, the final resolution of the Kashmir dispute would be decided bilaterally in the future, and both parties would respect the Line of Control.

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On August 05, 2019, the Indian Government canceled the special status of Jammu and Kashmir through presidential orders supported by parliamentary resolutions. The state was transformed into a union territory through the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Act, with Ladakh becoming a separate union territory. From August 05, 2019, to February 05, 2021, the Indian Army placed the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir under a lockdown, with all sources of communication blocked, allegedly to stop militant activities but actually to stop mass demonstrations. They arrested 627 people, including former Chief Ministers and other officials. According to an official report, the Indian Government detained and tortured up to 4000 Kashmiris, including children and women.

Interesting Facts about Kashmir 

1.           The Pir Pinjal or Banihal railway tunnel, located in Jammu Kashmir, measuring 11.215 km, 7.39 m in height, and 8.4 m in width, is the fourth-longest railroad tunnel in Asia and the longest in India.

2.           During the violence in Kashmir, up to 4427 persons were killed between 2008 and 2019.

3.           In the north of the Indian Subcontinent, the Kashmir Valley spans 6,000 square kilometers.

4. Kashmir is a breathtaking tourist attraction because of having sky-rocketing mountains, jaw-dropping lakes, plentiful wildlife, and beautiful landscapes. 

Importance of Kashmir for Pakistan

Kashmir is a vital region for Pakistan. It’s not just because of the strategic location but, more importantly, the Muslims living there. The people of Kashmir have suffered greatly at the hands of the Indian Government. The Indian Government is violating their rights time and time again, and they are suffering from all sorts of violence and abuse. The pain of Kashmiris is something we can’t ignore, and that’s why we need to commemorate Kashmir Day every year. It’s a way for us to express our support for the people of Kashmir and to bring attention to their plight. We need to let the world know what’s happening in Kashmir, and we need to demand justice for the people who are suffering there.

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The Suffering of Muslims in Kashmir

Kashmir Solidarity Day is an important day for the people of Pakistan because they see it as their duty to stand with the Kashmiri people in their time of need. Muslims in Kashmir have been suffering for a long time now. Indian Army is exercising various atrocities on Kashmiri people, including raping women, brutal killing of young and older people alike, and torturing children. The Indian Government has been committing multiple atrocities against them, and they’ve struggled to get their voice heard. But it’s not just the Muslims in Kashmir who are suffering. The entire Pakistani nation is with them in their struggle. We see the plight of our Kashmiri brothers and sisters as our own, and we will do whatever we can to help them. Kashmir is an integral part of Pakistan, and we will not rest until the people of Kashmir are free from Indian oppression. 

Efforts Made by the Pakistani Government for Kashmir

For many years, Pakistan has made unceasing and selfless sacrifices for global peace and regional security. Prime Minister Imran Khan reached out to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the start of his tenure in office to completely normalize bilateral relations. However, India is not ready to give a positive response. 

So what can you do to show your support? 

You can write letters to your local representatives or donate to organizations working to help the people of Kashmir. You can also raise awareness on social media or take the time to learn more about the situation in Kashmir. The bottom line is that we all need to stand together in solidarity with the people of Kashmir and continue to speak out until Kashmir gets freedom.


Why does Pakistan claim Kashmir?

The “K” in PAKISTAN stands for Kashmir. Hindus and Muslims cannot coexist, according to the two-nation theory. Pakistan claims Kashmir since most of the population there is Muslim, allowing Kashmiris to live in peace. Nevertheless, Pakistan has finally conceded the right to freedom to the Kashmiri people. They don’t have to be a part of Pakistan or India; they can create their own country.

Why is Kashmir called the Earth’s Heaven?

For a good reason, Kashmir is popularly known as Earth’s Heaven because nature has bestowed it with unbelievable beauty. Kashmir is famous for its beautiful Chinar trees. The silver lakes turn golden at sunrise, and crystal blue rivers, lush green valleys, tulip gardens, delightful autumns, beautiful landscapes, and many other attractions. One feels like they have entered a magical world of breathtaking scenery and untainted nature.

What part of Kashmir is under Pakistan?

Pakistan owns the northwestern part of Kashmir, known as Pakistan Administred Kashmir. The areas of Kashmir under the administration of Pakistan are Azad Jammu, Kashmir, and Gilgit-Baltistan. Pakistan’s Ministry of Kashmir Affairs administers the matters of Azad Kashmir, which has its main office in Muzaffarabad.


Kashmir Solidarity Day is a public holiday celebrated in Pakistan every year on February, 05. The day commemorates the Kashmiri people’s struggle for independence from Indian rule. Pakistan has always supported the Kashmiri people’s right to self-determination. Kashmir Solidarity Day is an opportunity to express solidarity with the Kashmiri people and highlight their struggle for justice and freedom. We hope that one day Kashmir will be free and independent and that the people of Kashmir will be able to determine their future.