Bab e Khyber

Khyber gate was built in 1964 and is considered a gateway for conquering the Indian Subcontinent from the Northwest. The military government of Ayub khan constructed Bab e Khyber Peshawar. You will also be amazed by seeing it. If you want to know more about the gateway, read this blog till the end.

It is a witness to Pakistan’s history, which is why it is very famous among people in Pakistan and other countries. The Khyber Gate is also an important trade route as it connects the eastern and western cultures. This gate’s history, attraction, and location are discussed below.

Bab e Khyber History and Location

Bab e Khyber is a monument built in 1964 and stands at the entrance of Khyber Pass, Pakistan. The gate is next to the ancient Jamrud Fort and is located west of Peshawar. It is Peshawar’s most popular post-independence structure in the Khyber Agency.

The impressive building of Khyber Gate stands at Jamrud. It acts as the gateway to the ancient Khyber Pass, allowing many traders, nobles, barbarians, and pirates to use it as a passage to South Asia from time immemorial. Bab e Khyber’s history is related to Alexander’s Macedonian forces, as this gate was a homage to them.

Bab e Khyber

The pass is 16 kilometers north of Peshawar and is headed towards the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The pass started from the foothills of the Sulaiman Range at Jamrud. It slowly rises to an elevation of 1,066 meters above sea level. Bab e Khyber Peshawar also captivates the attention of its viewer.

Interesting Facts about Bab e Khyber

Bab e Khyber is the center of attraction in Peshawar. There are many memories of Pakistan attached to this gate. Some interesting facts about pass in Peshawar are discussed below.

  • Bab e Khyber Peshawar is of greater importance because of its location. It is located at the center of the historic Khyber pass.
  • This gate is considered the much-photographed gateway to the Khyber Agency.
  • Bab e Khyber’s picture is printed on the back of a 10 rupees note.
  • A lot of Muslim conquerors passed through this gate and attacked the opposition.
  • The road toward Khyber pass is quite dangerous, and you require some best driving skills to get there.
  • Numerous small forts spread from the British era in Bab e Khyber Peshawar.

These exciting facts will amaze you, but you should visit this beautiful historic place.

A Monumental Gateway to Peshawar

It is the famous historic route and the monument on the road to the Pass in Peshawar. They are majestically standing and attracting everyone. The gate of Khyber Pass is one of the key historical landmarks. It is also called the gate of the trading route with many countries, and that’s why it is renowned among others.

Why is Bab e Khyber Called Gateway?

Khyber Pass is one of the gates that requires a lot of work to get an entry permit. Bab e Khyber is called the gateway of Peshawar because of its trade route. The Khyber Gate is connected by many borders, which induce northern and eastern countries. That is why it is called a gateway of Peshawar.

Bab e Khyber

Significance of Bab e Khyber

As we know that the pass Peshawar is considered the “National passageway of Pakistan” its significance in Pakistan is remarkable and unchanged. Another importance of this gate is that it is helpful in many ways for trading, enjoying, and experiencing the history of Pakistan once again. If you also want to relish the history of Pakistan, you should go there and have a wonderful experience.

Historical Features of Bab e Khyber

The Khyber gate reflects the relentless advance of time. The pass in Peshawar was built in the early 60s and had many historical features. This gate experienced the independence of Pakistan and how Pakistan came into being. It has historically been a gateway for breaches of the Indian Subcontinent from the Northwest. This gate passed Greeks, Mughals, Persians, and Afghans, as well as the British, and for them, the Khyber pass was the central point for controlling the Afghan border.

Architectural Features

The building stands at Jamrud and is considered the gateway to the ancient Khyber. Bab e Khyber has been a passage for nobles, traders, pirates, and barbarians to South Asia since the old time.

The Khyber gate was a homage to Alexander’s Macedonian forces, Ghazna’s famed Mahmood troops, Ahmed Shah Abdali, and countless others. The transfer is more than history. It was to accept the significance of this passage that a gray-brown brick wall, Bab e Khyber, was built in the early 1960s and got off the ground on 11 June 1963 by Ayub Khan, the President of Pakistan time. With time, this gate has become a symbol of the NWFP and its tribal belt.

Places to Visit Near Bab e Khyber

Bab e Khyber Peshawar is important, but the places near this gateway also have equal significance. Places to visit near Bab e Khyber include:

  • Ali Masjid Fort
  • Bala Hisar Fort
  • Peshawar Museum
  • Masjid Mahabat Khan

These places are so important that many people visit these places and relish the historical memories of Pakistan.

Ali Masjid Fort

Near the narrowest point of the pass, approximately 15 km from Jamrud, is Ali Masjid. Ali Masjid is the point that every soldier and traveler had to pass through to step foot into India coming from Afghanistan. Ali Masjid Fort was built by Dost Muhammad Khan in 1837. A military post is also located here, and a memorable shrine to Caliph Ali is also there.

Bala Hisar Fort

The historical buildings of Peshawar include Bala Hisar fort. Sikhs built it in 1526 after capturing Peshawar. Bala Hisar fort was a royal residence for Durrains, which they destroyed after the battle of Nowshera. Access to Bala Hisar is limited, but there is also a small museum and a beautiful view over the city from the ramparts.

Peshawar Museum

Peshawar Museum is located on Saddar road opposite Governor House Peshawar. It consists of a noticeable collection of historical things. This Museum was founded in 1907 and established in memory of Queen Victoria. Peshawar Museum has a collection of almost 14,000 items based on ancient times. It includes

  • Coin
  • Arts
  • Sculptures
  • Ancient books
  • Manuscripts
  • Weapons
  • Dresses
  • Jewelry
  • Painting of Mughals and the latest period

This Museum is known as all one Museum as it has almost everything related to the history of Pakistan. Peshawar Museum consists of everything you should know and be aware of.

Masjid Mahabat Khan

Masjid Mahabat Khan was the 17th century Mughal era Mosque in Peshawar Pakistan. This Masjid was built in 1630 by the governor of Peshawar under the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. 

Masjid Mahabat Khan was renovated in 1898. This Masjid is beautiful and gives a great view.


Bab e Khyber Peshawar is the most famous gateway of Pakistan. This gate has a lot of importance among people and is considered the center of attraction to many tourists. The Khyber gate is a historical monument that encompasses different trade routes.


Why is Bab e Khyber important to history?

Bab e Khyber is a witness to the history of Pakistan. It has seen many invaders and great warriors enter the rich land of the Subcontinent to seek their fortunes and build empires.

How much is the distance from Islamabad to Bab e Khyber?

The driving distance from Islamabad to Bab e Khyber is 201.5km. The route is quite dangerous because of the roads.

Why was Bab e Khyber built?

Ayub Khan built Bab e Khyber Peshawar. It is considered the National passageway of Pakistan. This gate is built because of a trading route to make trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan easier.