Noori Top – A Deep Insight

Noori Top stands high on the border between NWFP and Kashmir. Beautiful snow has nicely blanketed the peaks. Calming winds, lush verdant meadows, and beautiful destinations are some of Noori’s Top features you will love.

If you are a hiking enthusiast and a nature lover, plan a road trip to the mesmerizing Noori Pass with your travel buds. From comfortable hotels to joyful tourist destinations, it has got everything for you. 

Despite the dangerous path, it is among the best places to enjoy your hot summer days here- for hiking, and this destination is the best bet. Do not miss an opportunity to camp around at the dramatic Noori Top.

Follow the advice below to help you throughout your journey to the famous Noori Top.


The ascent to the summit is essentially nerve-wracking. It has a narrow street with sharp curves. At each stage of evolution, you get higher as the mud, rocks, and water streams become untamed. Divers need to be cautious because the pass is known to kill reckless drivers. Noori Top is the second-highest pass in Kaghan Valley, located on the fringe of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa at an elevation of 3,959 meters above the ocean level. 

History of Noori Top

Before 1947, Hindus were living in Neelum Valley, particularly in Sharda. However, the locals drove them out, and some later converted to Islam. They then settled on the terraces of Noori Top. Numerous treasure seekers excavated these settlements following the 1947 partition, searching for gold and other valuables.

Weather at Noori Top

The Top is cold and chilly in the summer and rains frequently. Even in the height of summer, the maximum temperature seldom rises over 15 degrees Celsius, so you’d need a parka or jacket.

Note: Check the weather conditions there before making travel plans.

Best time to Visit Noori Top

The ideal time to travel the Noori Pass is from July to September. The pass is inaccessible to vehicles in all other months due to snow. It offers diverse views depending on the season, such as snow-capped mountains in the winter and early summer and luscious green hills in late summer. 

Second-highest Pass in Kaghan Valley

Being the second-highest altitude pass in Kaghan Valley, Noori Pass draws the attention of thousands of sightseers locally and globally. It has beautiful and worth-a-sight tourist attractions nearby, which surely you cannot overlook.

And now, it has established a strong presence and a reputation as one of Pakistan’s most picturesque locations. Before stepping out from home, let’s consider what you should know.

Things to Know Before Visiting Noori Top

Here is a list of things you need to know before visiting the famous Noori Top. 

  • Use 4×4 vehicles to reach Noori’s Top, specifically a jeep. You can rent the local jeeps nearby.
  • There is no electricity in the area, so do not forget to charge your phones if you want to gather mesmerizing pictures for your photo album. 

The essentials you need to take along with you on your journey towards the iconic Noori Top include food and water, an umbrella/raincoat, hiking shoes, and stick, camping essentials and a first aid kit, a warm parka jacket, crampons, helmet, harness, goggles, a set of warm clothes, gloves, and headlamp.

Pro Tip: Do not forget to pack sunblock and sunglasses as due to weather conditions at Noori Top, your skin color can get affected.

Attractions at Noori Top

Noori Top is a great attraction to be visited during the hottest days of the year. It has something beautiful and mesmerizing to offer everyone. Let’s look at some eye-cooling interests you can view at the Noori Top.

Snow-covered mountains in winter

Noori Top has a valley of mountains covered with snow in winter. Explore the spectacular beauty and snap some beautiful Instagram-worthy shoots at your favorite destination. 

A calm and peaceful atmosphere 

In the summer, the Top is surrounded by lush green meadows. It serves a mesmerizing sight of snow-capped mountains standing heightened. The locals have been grazing their sheep nearby. Praise the sun and the unexplainable beauty around.

Scenic beauty

The alluring nature is at its peak. The Noori Pass offers a breathtaking view from the Top. While exploring the Top, you can dip your feet in the beautiful lake flowing beside you while glaring at the abundance of beauty.

Family picnic spot

Noori Top is among the top tourist destinations in Pakistan. You can have a family trip full of enjoyment and side by side, cooling your eyes with soothing natural beauty and spectacular views of the Noori Top. You can plan a BBQ night in the lush valleys of Noori Top. 

A dramatic view of Naran Valley

While on the Noori Top, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Naran Valley. A beautiful canyon surrounded by glorious mountains covered with snow in winter. From beautiful streams and lakes to lush valleys, from enchanting elegance to local divine food, Naran Valley has everything that makes it the top tourist destination.

Floating clouds nearby

The floating clouds above the majestic Noori Top give another vibe. It is the best place to enjoy the view while sipping some hot coffee during the chilly weather. It would not be unusual to say that you can spend the whole day sitting here while cooling your eyes with God’s magnificent creation.

Things to Do Here!


If you don’t have the guts to climb the Top, you can put up a camp and enjoy it to the fullest. Sing some of your favorite songs, go down memory lane, and enjoy some BBQ in the chilly weather.


Suppose you are a hiking enthusiast and want to try something more adventurous and new this summer; trek to the famous Noori Top. It is an exceptionally fantastic climb because of the waterfalls, herds of grazing domestic animals, lush green grassy slopes strewn with flowers, and snow patches.

Caution: Do not plan to ascend the mountain top if you are not a hiking person, as it can be dangerous.

Enjoy a bumpy ride to the Noori Top.

Enjoy a bumpy jeep ride toward the Top while sightseeing the beautiful views. It is a little nerve-wracking but an adventure in itself.

Tourist Attractions Near Noori Top

Let’s uncover some tourist attractions near Noori’s Top that would make your trip more enjoyable and memorable.

Noori Lake 

Noori Lake is located at a one-hour hike from the Noori Top. It flows by at the foot of glorious snow-covered mountains. It melts for one month only. 

Saral Lake

At an elevation of 13,600 feet, Saral Lake is situated on the outskirts of the Neelum and Kaghan Valley. The lake is approached from Sharda by a jeep route that leads to Gumot National Park, and through hiking, you can reach the lake. 

Gattian Lake

Gattian lake is located at an altitude of 12,000 feet above sea level near Kaghan Valley. It is an alpine glacial lake. Pristine water flows down from the glaciers on nearby mountains into the Gattian lake. 

Ratti Gali Lake

Ratti Gali lake is another alpine glacier lake situated in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It lies at the height of 3,683 meters. The water from the nearby glaciers feeds it.

Hotels Near Noori Top, Kaghan Valley

There aren’t any hotels in the area around Noori Top. You will have to stay at Sharda. The best hotels in Sharda include:

  • Benazir Palace Hotel
  • Valley Trackers
  • Shangrila Sharda Resort
  • Sharda Highland Hotel

How to Reach Noori’s Top?

High in the Lulusar-Dudipatsar National Park, the road to the summit is quite terrifying. The pass, which connects Jalkhand (in the Hazara district of Mansehra) and Sharda, lies in the Kaghan Valley and is 47.4 kilometers (29.45 miles) long. Many spots have steep drops off along the route. On one side, the Top provides stunning views of the Kargil Mountains and Kashmir, and on the other, the Naran Valley. You can only approach there through a 4WD vehicle.

Jeep Charges from Naran to Noori Top

Jeep fare or charges from Naran to Noori Top is approximately Rs.7000 to Rs.10,000. The journey is around 1 hour. The road to Noori Top is quite bumpy. The rainy season is very slippery and muddy.

What is the Distance to Reach Noori Top from Kaghan Valley?

The distance between Noori Top and Kaghan Valley is 139.0 km (4 hrs 39 mins) via Mansehra – Naran – Jalkhad – Chilas road. 

What is the Location of Noori Top, Pakistan?

Noori Top is located in Kaghan Valley, situated on the fringe of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the road to Noori Top dangerous?

The track is so narrow at many places that only one car can pass, and if a vehicle is approaching from the other side, one must stop at a broadened area to allow the other to pass first. The mud and water streams on the road might make it impassable after it has rained.

Is it safe for families to visit Noori Top?

It is entirely your choice. You can plan a family trip if you have a local and trained driver for 4WD. The roads in the past are dangerous and narrow with water and mud that might make them impassable after it rains.

When was the road to Noori Top in Pakistan built?

Most people will need between 3 and 4 hours to complete the route without stopping. The only months the track is open are July through September. The Pakistan Army constructed the summit’s access road during the 1998 Kargil War, and the Pak Army used it throughout the conflict. Now, tourists can visit this pass and the Top.

The Best Route to Reach the Top

The road lies halfway up the mountain, making it simpler to access from the Sharda, Neelum Valley side. 

There is still a gravel road and some remoteness on the Jalkhad, Kaghan valley side. The locals, known as “Chilasi” people, have committed robberies on tourists along this route.

Wrap Up

If you love mountaineering and exploring the beautiful and spectacular places of Pakistan, plan to visit the Noori Top this summer. Explore the alluring beauty of Pakistan and its wildest attractions. The Noori Top blends with the lush meadows, sparkling mesmerizing lakes, captivating natural beauty, and formidable mountain tops. If you have the heart to ascend to the peak, do not miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance.