Babusar Top – A Complete Travel Guide

The Babusar Top offers mesmerizing views of perfectly spaced plateaus, lush green meadows, swift-moving streams, and snow-capped peaks of Kashmir; across this region, it serves as a treasure to the tourists’ eyes. Furthermore, every journey becomes a once-in-a-lifetime experience because of the sharp, steep twists of winding roads with beautiful scenery on both sides.

Babusar Pass is a summer destination for those who enjoy the outdoors because it has many plant and animal species. Snow cocks, owls, hawks, and pigeons can be seen in the nearby pine and oak forests.

Sheep and wild goats are abundant in this region, although farming is difficult due to the severe climate and high altitude.

So let’s hover over your guide to the famous Babusar Top.


Babusar Pass, or Babusar Top, is located north of the 150 km-long Naran Valley. One of the reasons for its popularity as a tourist destination is that it was formerly known as Babur Top since the illustrious Mughal Emperor Babur traversed the same path at the beginning of the 16th century.

Babusar Top

Babusar Pass, the path followed by the Mughal emperor, is situated at 13,691 feet and has the title of the highest peak in the Naran Valley. Babusar Top, on the other hand, is thought to be one of the most unstable mountain slopes. Therefore, for this thrilling journey, you must take every safety precaution.

History of Babusar Top

Due to the Mughal emperor Babur frequently passing through this region in the early 16th century, Babusar Top was first known as Babur Top.

Before the all-weather Karakoram Highway was built, Babusar Top, which forms the summit of Kaghan Valley, was a part of the traditional summer route providing access to the Gilgit-Baltistan region. From 1947 until 1978, when the KKH was formally opened for conventional transportation, it was the main route. To connect Gilgit-Baltistan with British India, the British constructed it in 1890.

Before the subcontinent was divided, people traveled to Gilgit-Baltistan over the Babusar Pass from India and Kashmir. Burzil Pass (4,100m) was the caravan route from Srinagar to Gilgit via Astore. Only a mountain range divides most of the Kaghan Valley from the Neelum Valley of Azad Kashmir.

Why is it Called Babusar Top?

Due to the Mughal emperor Babur frequently passing through this region in the early 16th century, Babusar Top was previously known as Babur Top. But nowadays, people refer to it as Babusar Top.

Babusar Top

Weather at Babusar Top, Pakistan

Summer is the best time to visit Babusar Top (from May to September). The highest temperature recorded in May is 11 °C (52 °F), while the lowest is three °C (37 °F). The route continues past Naran and is open to the Babusar Pass from mid-July through the end of September. Nevertheless, movement is limited in the monsoon and winter months. By way of Islamabad or Peshawar, one can drive to the Kaghan region.

When is the Best Time to Visit Babusar Pass

The best time to visit Babusar Top is during the hottest months of the year, from May to September. In the colder months, the pass is temporarily closed due to the avalanches of snow and unbearable weather conditions.

Flora and Fauna at Babusar Top

The Babusar Top is home to a rich species of flora and fauna and considerable biodiversity. Pine, oak, and hardwood trees grow throughout the forests. Owls, hawks, snowcocks, and snow pigeons are mostly seen here.

Babusar Top

Wild sheep and goats are particularly prevalent in the region. Due to the enormous height, the plantation is out of the usual, but wild grasses and bushes are noticeable.


The vast Himalayan system’s outgrowths are the mountain ranges that come into the Mansehra District from Kashmir. The highest mountain range in the region, including the Babusar Top, is in the Kaghan Valley. The Malika Parbat peak, the tallest in the valley at nearly 17,000 feet high, is part of this range that abuts the right bank of the Kunhar River.

The Gujjars and other nomads go to the grasslands in the mountains throughout the summer to graze their sheep, goats, and other livestock. Mountains that are an extension of the Kaghan mountains’ can be found on the north side. At Musa ka Musalla, a peak at the height of about 13,500 feet, this range splits off from the eastern side, skirting the northern ends of the Bhogarmang and Konsh valleys sending down a spur to split the two.

Like Kaghan, dense trees grow here naturally, especially on the upper slopes. However, dense woods are typically found in remote locations due to widespread exploitation.

The Height of Babusar Top

To reach the Babusar Top, you must travel 150 meters up to a mountain pass. It rises to a height of 4,173 meters. Amazing views, foamy clouds twirling in the distance, and a refreshing heavenly wind make for hypnotic and lovely sights from the peak.

Is Reaching and Staying in Babusar Top Easy?

During the monsoon and winter months, tourism towards Babusar Top is limited. On the other hand, between May to September, it is easily reachable and convenient. May temperature ranges from 11 degrees to 3 degrees. It would be best if you did not consider staying here because there are no hotels and restaurants at the Babusar Top.

Babusar Top


Compared to Karakoram Highway, the Kaghan road across Babusar Top is the most suitable and picturesque route to Gilgit Baltistan. Due to the fluctuating weather patterns, it is open and accessible only for a shorter period.

From Islamabad, you can travel via Abbottabad, Mansehra, and Balakot. Alternatively, one can take a shorter route over the Murree Hills to Muzaffarabad and then onwards by the path of Gari Habibullah to Balakot.

Naran is a popular destination for overnight stays. It is also reachable from Islamabad in roughly 6 hours and from Gilgit in 5 hours.

Pro Tip: The administration of Babusar Top has set the visiting times. It is recommended to check beforehand.


A trip from Naran to Babusar Top is enthralling. Numerous stunning views and sites, such as snowy peaks that serve as the backdrop to expansive valleys, lively waterways, verdant and thick forests, picturesque pastures, and green terraced fields, all tempt visitors to pause for a few minutes en route to the summit. A serene Lulusar Lake is the perfect spot to have a layover.

Babusar Top is a must-visit tourist attraction that welcomes thousands of visitors globally and locally. It always has a crowd of enthusiastic tourists. It is a beautiful place to have a layover, dine, and explore for travelers heading to Gilgit Baltistan or taking an excursion from Naran.

Babusar Top

Shoot your perfect Instragrammable photos here. On a clear day, you can view Nanga Parbat, standing a short distance up the ridge and guarding against the Top.


  1. Checking the forecast before leaving is necessary because of the fluctuating weather conditions.
  2. Staying longer on the summit is not advisable for those who are altitude-sick. 
  3. Do not travel during the off-season.
  4. Make sure your car is in good shape and fuel topped up. 

Connecting Point

The highest mountaintop of Babusar Pass acts as a connecting point between Naran, Gilgit, Skardu, and Chilas. 

Are there any Hotels and Eateries at Babusar Top?

Babusar Top does not have any upscale restaurants, hotels, or a wide variety of cuisine. But, it has something extraordinary to serve its guests. You may enjoy the locally made chana chat, corn on the cob, and other regional treats.

Babusar Top

People of Babusar

Due to its height, Babusar Pass is not an ideal place to live, yet there are remnants of habitat in the nearby village of Jharkhand. There are grasslands on the slopes, where Gujjars and nomads relocate throughout the summer to graze their goats, sheep, and other animals.

The Journey to the Babusar Top Elevation

Babusar Pass is the highest point in the valley of Kaghan, in the Mansehra district. The pass links Chilas to the Kaghan Valley via the Thak Nala and the Karakoram Highway. It’s one of the busiest hairpin routes in the entire world.

The path to the Top has just been renovated. Due to the absence of amenities, you are advised to bring your food and other essentials.

Babusar Pass is 80 kilometers away from Naran. On the route to the pass, discover the stunning beauty of the Kaghan Valley. The Lalazar Plateau, Lake Dudipatsar, and Lake Lulusar, the largest natural lake in Hazara, are all accessible. Batakundi is 16 kilometers from Naran.

The road is large enough for all kinds of vehicles. The region has grown to be a well-liked tourist destination due to the multitude of neighboring attractions. Due to the strict weather conditions, parts of the road leading to the pass may be partially obstructed. However, the roads are plowed when the ice melts in the summer.

Babusar Top

At the Babusar Top, a bridge in the form of a stone minaret represents the highest point in the territory. Only 4WD vehicles are allowed. Being attentive and prepared when driving is crucial due to its peculiar position and high elevation. It is advised to take guidance from the locals before traveling to the Babusar Top.

Necessary Equipment You Must Pack 

When packing for your journey towards the snowy Babusar Top, the necessary equipment that must be with you are warm clothes, winter shoes, camping essentials, a first aid kit, critical medicine, and a raincoat.

Captivations at Babusar Top

Babusar Top has several attractions you must enjoy when touring it. 

Lush Green Area of Babusar Top

The heavenliness of Babusar Top is at its peak. The sights include lush meadows, gleaming plateaus, winding roads, bubbling streams, and enormous mountains.

Babusar Top

Nearby Floating Clouds

You can spend all day sitting and staring at the gray, foamy clouds spreading over the sky and giving you proof of God’s incredible creation.

Strong Winds and Cool Breeze

The strong winds and cool breezes whirl around the whole environment. They are enough to make you breathe the fresh air while sipping a cup of hot coffee. Your soul continues to experience the soothing breeze, giving you a tranquilizing inner peace.

Stunning Snowfall View

While you are taking in the exquisiteness of the glorious peak, the snowflakes are blowing kisses from heaven. The beauty is at its alluring peak. The spectacular view is truly breathtaking from the highest point.

Babusar Top

Exceptional Views from Babusar Top

Babusar Pass (Babusar Top ) is famous for its awe-inspiring mountain vistas, abundant natural beauty, and spectacular terrain. The falling snow enhances its splendor. The tourists play in the snow while allowing themselves to sink into ecstasy.

Panoramic View of Malika e Parbat

Malika e Parbat is the tallest peak in the valley of Kaghan. The Babusar Top serves a panoramic view of the tallest mountain. It is 17,000 feet above sea level.

Things to do at Babusar Pass


Even if Babusar Top is not appropriate for a night’s stay, you can consider camping here. Meanwhile, it’s necessary to check the weather conditions. It frequently rains there. Spend the night with your loved one while gazing at the stars.

Pro tip: Make sure you are well-prepared and have all the necessary camping gear before setting up camp anywhere in the Naran Kaghan valley.


Babusar Top is a sight you can sit the whole day while staring at the glorious mountain peaks like Nanga Parbat, Malika Parbat, Mussa ka Musalla, and other majestic peaks. Feed and play with the grazing animals of the nomads and residents.

Babusar Top


Photography is an everyday activity done by tourists at the Babusar Top. Who can stop them from snapping pictures of the unimaginable beauty of Pakistan? Collect some of the unforgettable memories while meandering in the mountain valleys.

Barbecue with Bonfire

Plan a barbecue with a bonfire while taking in the heavenliness of Babusar Top. Sing your favorite songs. Go down memory lane and enjoy.

Bumpy Jeep Ride

Visitors can take brief, rough jeep excursions to Sri Paya, Saiful Muluk, Lalazar, and Shogran. Kaghan Valley is a prominent location for thrilling jeep trips from Naran to Babusar Pass and Noori Top. These areas have unique landscapes and are blessed by nature. Always travel with a qualified driver to ensure safety while driving a jeep on rocky and uneven roads. Verify if the car is in good working order.


Mountaineering and rock climbing have a lot of potential in the Kaghan Valley. However, this is a sport only for experienced mountaineers. The tallest peak in the Kaghan Valley is Malika Parbat, commonly known as the “Queen of Mountains,” Its height is 5,290 meters. Climbers from all over the world ascend it.

Babusar Top

Attractions Close to Babusar Top

Dudipatsar Lake

Dudipatsar Lake is a lake surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks. It is located at the northernmost point of Kaghan Valley. Flowing at the height of 3,800 meters, its water is chilly and bluish-green. The elevation of the surrounding mountains, which have snow patches in the shady dales, averages around 4,800 meters. Both local animals and migrating ducks are seen around the lake. The snow leopard, black bear, marmot, lynx, leopard, and Himalayan bears are in the park alongside the lake.

Lulusar Lake 

The stunning lake of Lulusar, the valley’s highest point, is encircled by the Kaghan Valley. It has a height of about 3,410 meters above sea level, providing an exceptional panoramic view. Lake Lulusar is the most popular tourist attraction in the valley, followed by Saif ul Malook’s peak and Babusar Top. It lies about 48 kilometers from Naran. Among the things you can enjoy are hiking, trekking, fishing, rafting, and boating. It is the finest option for a vacation.

Lulusar Lake 

Dharamsar Lake

Dharam Sar Lake is 4,100 meters above sea level. When traveling from Chilas, this natural turquoise-water lake may be located just after leaving Babusar Top. The Jeep Trail takes an hour to travel. It would be best to skip the adjacent attraction Babusar Pass Polo Ground. The lake is located on the southern side of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Kashmir, and Gilgit-Baltistan, not far from the border of the two provinces.

Sharan Forest

Sharan is the least developed area in the Naran Kaghan Valley. It is a peaceful region with rich vegetation. The forest is home to many species of animals and plants. Camping is the most exciting activity done here by tourists. Therefore, book your tickets from the tourism Corporation KP website beforehand.

Lake Saif-ul-Malook

Enormous peaks like Malika Parbat border the splendor of Saif-ul-Maluk Lake. It is situated on the edge of Kaghan Valley in the Mansehra district, close to Babusar Top.

Lake Saif-ul-Malook

Noori Top

Noori Top is the second-highest pass in the valleys of Kaghan. It is a tall hill on the border between Kashmir and NWFP. Excellent snow has beautifully covered the mountains. Its characteristics include gentle breezes, verdant, lush meadows, and charming nearby locations. It is the ideal spot to spend some days of your summer vacation.


Shogran is another top tourist destination near the Babusar Top. Tourists love it due to its pleasant climate. Shogran is at 7,749 feet above sea level. Visitors choose to unwind here in the cold weather. If you haven’t been there, it is advised to add it to your Babusar Top itinerary.

Siri Paye

Siri Paye is at a distance of 6 kilometers from Shogran. It is famous for its meadows and a lake called Paye. You can experience horse riding here.

Siri Paye

Malika Parbat – The Queen of Mountains

Malika Parbat is located at the highest elevation in Naran Kaghan Valley. Its extraordinary beauty is admirable from Lake Saif-ul-Malook. It is 5,290 above ocean level and 45.8 kilometers from the Babusar Top. The hike to Malika Parbat is strenuous, so you must be careful when planning a climb.

How Much is the Distance Between Naran and Babusar Top? 

The distance between Naran and Babusar Top is 1 hr 52 min or 65.6 kilometers via N-15.

Location of Babusar Top Naran

Babusar Pass, also known as Babusar Top, is a mountain pass in the Kaghan Valley that runs through the Thak Nala and Chilas on the Karakoram Highway. It is the highest spot in Kaghan Valley that is reachable by automobiles.

Health and Safety Measures

Road Safety

Only experienced drivers should operate the car as the roads leading to Babusar Top are dangerous. Avoid driving at night and during bad weather. It would be wise to process this when negotiating the curving roads carefully.


The roads can be dusty, so it’s better to close your windows while driving and use a decent mask.

Food Security

While it’s crucial to adhere to essentials, avoid tap water and do not consume raw foods if you are allergic to anything. Wash your hands before eating.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we visit Babusar Top in winter?

You cannot visit Babusar Top in December as it is completely closed until the middle of June. You can see it after the 5th of June.

Why is Babusar Top famous?

It is famous as the Mughal emperor Babur used this route in the 16th century. It also offers breathtaking views from the Top.

How much is the height of the Babusar Top?

The height of Babusar Top is 4,173 meters. 

What are the timings of Babusar Top?

According to the schedule, you are only permitted to use the Babusar Top highway between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM. No car will be allowed on that highway before these times or after they pass. Additionally, after 6 o’clock at zero, the authorities will stop all vehicles on Babusar Top road.

All in All

You plan a trip; we make it easy for you. During your visit to Naran and other famous northern areas and tourist destinations, schedule a layover at the Babusar Top. We are sure you won’t regret it. It is a bright yet ideal spot. It is also a gateway to many tourist destinations, such as Naran, Hunza, and Skardu.