Sangrela Park

A water park, often known as a waterpark or Waterworld, is an amusement park that offers various water-based activities such as swimming pools, lazy rivers, water playgrounds, splash pads, and water slides. And it also provides spots for floating, bathing, swimming, and other footwear activities. Sangrela water park is easily accessible from the Murree Express motorway. Three topographic layers divide the garden into sections. It combines water with lush natural surroundings and has breathtaking nature. There are many trees and grassy areas, and between the mountains, there is a natural water stream that flows. It is private property made for families. The best time to visit is during the scorching heat of summer. So, Let’s look at attractions, timings, and other things offered by Sangrela Natural Water Park Murree.

What are the Attractions at Sangrela Natural Water Park?

Sangrela water park is kept clean and well-maintained. A small pedestrian bridge also leads to the water stream but is not very strong. It is a beautiful and serene place to visit with your family and friends whenever you want. Some beautiful lawns and passages lead to the waterfalls and stream. 

There are a lot of features which attract the visitors towards it:

Perfect Place for BBQ and Picnic

There are different spots at Water Park where you can BBQ openly with your family and friends without difficulty. You can also do a picnic there in various places. You can bring your food and enjoy it, or If you want to cook food there, you can bring your food items and things to cook. There are small huts to cook meals and have BBQ.

Eye-Catching Hill View

Beautiful hills surround Sangrela Natural Water Park Murree and provide an eye-catching and breathtaking view. You can go hiking there with your family and friends. It is close to nature, and the rain will quadruple your experience. But Keep an eye on your kids because the hills area is sloppy. There is the risk of kids falling.

Many Water Falls and Streams at Sangrela Park

Sangrela Park has almost 3 to 4 waterfalls and many small streams. The water is cold and refreshing. The water is clean and fresh, and kids can take baths and play in the ponds. There is also a tiny waterway crossing by. The water is deep enough to jump and swim there. A Korang River flows in Sangrela Water Park, where tourists can swim and enjoy the water. In July, water is in full swing. To see a waterfall, one must walk about 100 uneven stairs. You enjoy boating, swimming, and other water activities here. 

Multiple Rides for Children

Sangrela Natural Water Park has a large area covered with multiple rides for children. Some of them are free, and others have tickets for the ride. There are various rides that children can enjoy and have fun. There are a lot of swings, slides, see-saws, and others that are free of cost. The water slides, boating, Ferris wheel, roller coaster, and other rides charge different prices. Children have a lot of fun on these rides and enjoy there a lot. 

Lush Green Surroundings at Sangrela Park

Tall green pine trees surround the Sangrela Natural Water Park. Evergreen long trees of cedar are numerous. Nature always has a solid and impactful hold on our body, mind, and soul. The beauty of mother nature has a way of relaxing your mind, calming you down, and taking away every last bit of stress you ever had.

The chirping sounds of birds, cold and fresh blowing breeze, impactful surroundings view, and high hills refresh your mind. 

Beautiful Lawns & Grassy Grounds

The Water park has beautiful lawns and grassy land. In yards, there are many flowers of different colors. The flowers are lovely. It enhances the park’s beauty, attracting visitors, people, and children. 

Weather /Atmosphere

Compared to the metropolis, Sangrela Water Park has significantly more excellent weather. The atmosphere is calm, cold, and refreshing—a positivistic place for a peaceful environment. You’ll adore the location if it’s overcast and raining outside. The atmosphere is quiet and calming. The temperature is suitable inside the park because of the cold water flowing from the streams, rocks, and tall pine green trees, which help lower the atmosphere’s temperature. The cold breeze helps in soothing and calming the body and muscles and relaxes your mind.

Network coverage at Sangrela Park

In Sangrela water Park, the network coverage is quite good. The network coverage is good, even if you’re at the top or bottom. You can call, message and use the internet without facing any hurdles.


Sangrela Water Park’s roads are clean, wide smooth, and neat. Hotels are also a significant source of attraction for tourists to Sangrela Natural Water park Murree. There are numerous hotels. Several hotels are offering the facility of online reservations. Additionally, the prices are moderate and reasonable. The couple rooms and family rooms are readily available there. Sangrela motels and restaurants are famous for their exceptional food and breakfast. They don’t compromise on hygiene and provide the best services. The meal is good, delicious, and different. That’s why Sangrela Natural Water Park restaurants are very famous among visitors.

Tuck Shops/Dhabba at Sangrela Park

In the park, there are only two or three tuck shops. You can buy eatable things, snacks, tea, and coffee. The charges are not very high. And the quality of things is pretty good. There is a Dhabba where you can experience an authentic traditional setting. There are services for lunch and breakfast. You can eat whatever you want. Although the menu is precise and limited, the food is excellent.


Sangrela Water park has a vast area outside the park for parking vehicles. A parking ticket is available there. The parking ticket price is 50 Rs per vehicle. 

There is a small, cozy, beautiful mosque called Sangrela Mosque. At a time, at least 50 people offer namaz. The structure of the mosque is simple but attractive and beautiful. There are sacred Holy Books inside the mosque for use by the general public. The mosque’s interior is stunning, sophisticated, and understated. There are also some Quranic passages engraved on the walls.

Huts and Toilets at Sangrela Park

In Sangrela Water park, there are some small and beautiful huts. You can stay in those huts, rest, and cook food. There are also some restrooms for visitors from other countries to visit these places. There are only some toilets. They are small but clean and airy.

Things to do at Sangrela Natural Park

On the route from Islamabad to Murree is Sangrela Park, the most stunning adventure park in Murree. It’s a beautiful area. The green and beautiful mountains site is everywhere. You can do various fun and adventurous things there. Some of them are:


There are many streams and ponds inside the Sangrela Water Park. The water is cold, fresh, and clean. People can go swimming there and enjoy the fresh air and moderate temperature. Swimming there is free of cost. The natural water stream flows between two mountains, adding ponds and lakes. 


Sangrela park has different steps and views from the bottom level. Water from rocks adds beauty to its amazing views. This unique tourist attraction is the best place for photography.

The nature of Sangrela Park attracts nature photographers to click pics. In the surroundings are water ponds and water-crossing pathways, high-stepped hills, and tall usual pine trees, which include the charm of nature. You can take pictures of nature, your surroundings, and yourself. 

Site-Seeing at Sangrela Park

The Sangrela Water Park has some beautiful views, pleasant to the eyes and heart. Tall trees, lush green grass, and beautiful tracks provide natural beauty to hang out with friends and family for picnics. There is a lot of charming, beautiful, and fantastic site-seeing. You can enjoy it on your own and with family and friends also. In Sangrela Water Park, you can immerse yourself in various experiences offering breathtaking sights. Riding atop the tallest hill will give one a fantastic bird’s eye view of all the greenery below. The abundance of lush green gardens and towering trees gives one a once-in-a-lifetime experience. One thing is for sure – this place has some outstanding views that are worth seeing!


The Sangrela Water Park is a beautiful and perfect place for camping at night, bone fire, and BBQ. At night the weather is cold and cozy. The surroundings give you the ideal view and atmosphere for camping. 

Hiking at Sangrela Park

In Sangrela Park you can go hiking there. The rolling hills extend far and wide, encompassing the entire park entirely. The hiking experience in Sangrela Park is unforgettable. The view from the top of the mountains is fantastic. Some hills are enormous, while others consist of little stones. But there are always many trails for people to choose from according to what they feel like doing.

Sangrela Natural Water Park Ticket Price & Timings

The Sangrela Natural Water Park is open throughout the whole week. The opening time is 8:00 AM, closing time is 7:00 PM from Monday to Saturday, and on Sunday, it is 8:00 AM to 7:30 PM. The Sangrela Water Park ticket price is 100 RS per person and PKR 150 per vehicle.


Located on the Murree expressway, just 20 km from Phulgarn Toll Plaza and 45km from Islamabad, Sangrela Natural Water Park is a worth-visiting destination. 


What is the ticket price for Sangrela Natural Water Park?

Sangrela park is one of the top-rated places listed as a water park in Murree. Sangrela natural water park is an excellent, beautiful, scenic place on the Murree expressway. The ticket price for Sangrela Natural Water Park is PKR 100 per person, and the ticket price per vehicle is PKR 150.

How big is Sangrela Park?

Sangrela Water Park is about 45 Kilometers from Islamabad center and 23 kilometers from the Murree city area. The water park covers the 1125m/ 3691 feet area. 


Sangrela Natural Water Park Murree is a lovely place to visit. When you visit Murree, you should also visit this amusement park. Located near Patriata, this thrilling park is full of natural beauty and a very eye-catching place to stay. Despite being surrounded by concrete and steel buildings, nature’s beauty remains unaltered. It is an excellent source of attraction for children, students, and families. Visitors from other countries would love to visit this place to see the beauty of Pakistan. Sangrela Water Park is the best to create cherished moments. You can see this place every season. Hence visiting Sangrela Murree, Pakistan, will not disappoint you.