Pindi Point

Nestled away in the hills of Murree is a hidden gem known as Pindi Point. If you’re looking for a quiet and peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, then this is the place for you. Lush forestry surrounds this place and offers stunning views of the surrounding area. Once you’re there, you’ll find plenty of activities to keep you busy. You can stroll through nature or relax and savor the area’s peace.

Therefore, consider Pindi Point Murree if you’re looking for a tranquil weekend getaway. 

Why is it called Pindi Point?

It is called so because of its direction. Its direction is towards Rawalpindi. It is the top high point where visitors can see the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. There is a beautiful view of the mountains and the dense jungle of Bansra Gali and Ghora Gali.

Weather at Pindi Point

Let’s have a detailed look at the climate of each month.

  • In January, during the daytime, the temperature is around 13°c, and it goes to 2°C at night. The average temperature is 15°C. The moderate rain in January is 93.92mm, and almost three rainy days this month. The humidity level is around 43%.
  • In February, the average temperature is around 15°c, which feels like 4°c at night. Pindi point gets approximately 171.37mm of rain in February and almost six rainy days. The humidity level is about 51%. This month is not suitable to visit as snow covers the roads.
  • In March, March’s average temperature is around 20°c and goes to 8°c at night. The average rainfall is 168.10mm, and approximately nine rainy days. The humidity level is about 49%.
  • In April, the average temperature is around 25°c, which feels like 12°c at night. It gets approximately 139.21mm of rain, and there were almost nine rainy days. The humidity level is around 45%.
  • In May, the daytime is around 31°c, and at night it is 16°c. The average is 85.07mm of rain and almost five rainy days. The humidity level is 36%.
  • In June temperature is around 34°c, which feels like 20°c at night. There is 89.24mm of rain approximately and almost four rainy days. The humidity level is 35%.
  • The daytime in July is around 32°c, and it goes to 21°c at night. The average rainfall is 284.22mm, and approximately 11 rainy days this month. The humidity level is almost 55%.
  • In August, the temperature is around 30°c in the daytime, and at night it is 19°c. There is 269.36mm of rain approximately and almost 13 rainy days. The humidity level is around 66%.
  • In September, the daytime is around 29°c and 17°C at night. The average rainfall is 114.43mm, and almost five rainy days this month. The humidity level is nearly 55%.
  • In October, the daytime temperature is around 25°c, and at night it is 12°c. The rainfall is approximately 45.03mm, and there have been two rainy days this month. The humidity level is around 38%.
  • In November, the temperature is around 20°c during the daytime, while at night, it is 8°c. The average rainfall is approximately 34 mm, and only two rainy days this month. The humidity level is about 33%.
  • In December, the temperature is around 16°c during the daytime, and it feels like 4°c during the night. In December, Pindi point gets 34.59mm of rain and almost two rainy days that month. The humidity level is approximately 31%.

When is the best time to visit Pindi Point?

April to October are the best months to travel to Murree because in these months, the average temperature is at approximately 25°c, and the average sunshine is 346.5714 hours in a month. While winter months, the snowfall beautifies the scenery and makes it a worthy visit. However, you can go to Pindi Point Murree in October if you want to avoid crowds.

Attractions at Pindi Point

The Pindi point is beautiful, with huge mountains and lush green forests. There is a chair lift and a play area for children. It also offers many other attractions so let’s discuss them.

Lush Green Forests & Huge Mountains:

At Pindi Point, there are huge mountains. The mountains are green and beautiful. The view of the mountains is magnificent. There is a lush green forest that enhances the beauty of this spot. People visit here to enjoy the nature of the world.

Beautiful View of Islamabad & Rawalpindi Cities

The twin city view, Islamabad and Rawalpindi, is marvelous from this point. This sort is famous for this view and is a breathtaking sight.

Pindi Point Chair Lift

The most exciting thing about Pindi point is the chair lift. Pindi chair lift is a 15-minute walk from Mall Road, Murree. It is 1.5 meters long(one way), takes you downhill to the Bansara Gali, and brings you back to the Pindi point. It remains open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day. Chair lifts enhance its scenery with a zigzag road below and giant pine trees throughout the journey. On the way to the chair lift, the entire distance has enormous pine trees. The chairlift goes down to the Bansara Gali. It is a Wild Forest Park where tourists can view nature and do activities as they like. They can walk, enjoy coffee, and eat tikka and other foods. 

Playground for Children

There are playing grounds for children around it where children can enjoy the spot and play. Different types of swings are available there. Children can enjoy the fascinating cycle of swings.

PTV Rest House:

Pindi point is one of the hot tourist points in Murree. Tourists visit it and stay there to enjoy the natural scenery. There are different types of hotels and PTV guest houses. Rest houses are full of facilities. Mountain-facing hotels and various types of resorts are also there for tourists. In these rest houses, tourists stay during their visit. They enjoy the scenery of mountains and natural green forests and admire them.

Convent of Jesus and Mary:

The Convent of Jesus and Mary is one of the most astonishing historical buildings at Pindi Point Murree. This convent was founded by Claudine Thevenet, a French woman, in 1876 to educate girls and to make them better women with training. Later, the main objective changed, becoming one of the best educational institutions. Many celebrities, like former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, Tehmina Durrani( a politician), and Rubina Khanum (elder sister of Imran khan), studied in a convent.

Things to Do at Pindi Point

Pindi Point Murree offers visitors many things to enjoy and makes their journey pleasant and memorable.

Horse Riding

At this point, there is horse riding. One can do horse riding on the sleepy path of mountains. Trained horses can quickly move on the rocky and zigzag path. They are trained horses, so their ride is safe and enjoyable. It not only makes the journey more accessible but also thrills the journey. 


Pindi point is a top place. The fantastic sight of high mountains, tall trees, vast and dense forests, lush green hills, and natural scenery is impressive and delightful. It is the best spot to see the natural beauty and the two twins. The twin city’s views on the top make this hill station a famous tourist spot.


At Pindi point, there are many things to enjoy there. But archery is one of the most amazing things to do. Here, tourists enjoy archery and show their talent. It enhances the charm of tourists.

Classical Golf Car Ride

While visiting, tourists can enjoy the classical golf car ride facility. It is among Pindi Point’s most amusing features. While going from Murree mall, this golf car is in front of the Usmania restaurant.

How to Reach Pindi Point from Islamabad?

There is a 65 km distance from Islamabad to Pindi point. Tourists can reach here from Islamabad in 1 hour and 30 minutes with consistent driving at their convictions. While visitors can also come here by local transport as they start their journey from the Barakahu stop and take you to the Pindi point and back to the Barakahu stop, Islamabad.

Facilities at Pindi Point

There are many facilities to facilitate visitors. Visitors can enjoy eats like tikka, coffee, and other items in addition to the natural scenery of the mountains and nature.

Tuck Shops

There are many Tuck Shops available. From there, visitors can buy food, ice cream, juices, drinks, and other items to fulfill their needs during their trip.

Multiple Food Stalls

There are many food stalls at Pindi point. Not to mention, the food is simply delicious. From curries to kababs, there’s something to please everyone’s palate. Visitors can enjoy coffee, tea, Qahwa, tikka, kabab, fish, and other fast foods. Many other famous and seasonal foods are also available there. There are also family halls where families can sit and enjoy food and gossip. 

How Much is the Distance to Reach Pindi Point from Murree?

Getting to Pindi Point Murree is easy. It is at a distance of approximately 5 kilometers from Murree via Jinnah Road. It takes about 24 minutes to drive. 

Ticket Price of Chairlift & Horse Riding in Pindi Point:

As chairlift and horse riding are the famous attractions of Pindi point. People specially visit this place to enjoy horse riding and chair lifting. The ticket price for a chairlift is Rs 600 per person. While the cost of horse riding is Rs.700 per person, depending on the distance, you want to travel.

Location of Pindi Point Murree:

Pindi point, a hot and famous tourist spot, is located in the region of Punjab. It is located northeast of Islamabad in Murree, Punjab, Pakistan, on TV Station Road.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the height of Pindi Point?

The Pindi point is in Punjab territory, about 2181 meters above sea level. It is open to tourists 24 hours a day. From the vantage point of Pindi Point, you can gaze out at the stunning views of the mountains and forest below.

What are the Famous things about Pindi Point?

The Famous things about Pindi Point are chair lifts and horse riding. Its beautiful scenery, high mountains, and lush green forests make it a famous tourist spot. Facilities like Tuck Shops and a food cafe make it attractive.


From the well-manicured gardens and new pathways to the mesmerizing views of the valley below, Pindi Point Murree is a feast for the senses. From this point, you can gaze at the stunning views of the mountains and forest below. It’s a breathtaking sight and one that never fails to take my breath away. In addition to the natural beauty, Pindi Point is also home to various exciting shops and restaurants. This resort will make your trip memorable, whether you are looking for a spot to unwind and regenerate or a day trip filled with excitement.