Jhika Gali Murree

A popular station, summer retreat, popular tourist site, and the center of stunning vistas is Jhika Gali Point in Pakistan.

Jhika Gali, situated in the country’s northeast, is the spot to go if you’re looking for a beautiful, serene setting in Pakistan. As all your tension and anxiety are gone, your health and mind improve. We must go on a nature tour of the breathtaking surroundings.

History of Jhika Gali

Pakistan’s Murree District contains the little village of Jhika Gali. Jhika Gali means “goat’s pass” in its literal translation. According to legend, a goat guided some travelers to safety during a heavy snowstorm, which is how the settlement got its name.

The settlement, which sits at the base of the Pir Panjal range, is encircled by trees. The Gujjars, a tribe of nomadic people, were the first people to live here. The Gujarati word “Jhik,” which means “to wander,” is the root of the name “Jhika Gali.”

The Gujjar people used to move about to find suitable grazing areas for their livestock. To avoid the heat in the summer, people would relocate to higher elevations in the highlands. To escape the chilly temperatures in the winter, they would migrate to the plains. The Gujjars were well known for their aptitude in manufacturing weaponry and were frequently employed as mercenaries by regional leaders.

The British Raj ruled Jhika Gali in the latter half of the 19th century. Numerous Sikh and Hindu families also moved to the hamlet during this time. Many of these families moved to India after the partition, while some are still in Jhika Gali.

Most residents work as farmers and herders, and the community is renowned for its raw milk and honey. There are numerous hiking paths nearby, and Jhika Gali visitors can take spectacular views of the mountains in the distance.

Location of Jhika Gali

It is a beautiful location on the Rawalpindi to Murree road. A town situated in Rawalpindi district, Punjab, Pakistan (in Murree Tehsil). Despite its distance from the nearest town of Murree, Jhika Gali is easily reachable by road. It is the ideal day trip from Murree since it takes about two hours to travel by vehicle or bus. If you’d prefer to spend the night in Jhika Gali, there are a variety of hotels and guesthouses there as well. It is a well-liked tourist site for both Pakistani and foreign visitors. Soaring mountains and lush green valleys surround it.

Jhika Gali Weather

The weather is mostly moderate. No month is particularly dry in Jhika Gali. Jhika Gali has an oceanic climate. As Jhika Gali is near Murree, its weather is cold, and the temperature lies between 8 to 19 degrees Celsius. Due to its pleasant weather, it is a source of attraction for many tourists. 

In Which Season Do Tourists often Visit Jhika Gali?

November is the ideal month to visit Murree. Due to the good year-round weather, October and November are the finest months to visit Jhika Gali. However, because this period falls outside the significant travel season, it is unlikely to be particularly busy. But this month you can also see snowfall. The weather in Jhika Gali might get hotter in the summer.

How Much is the Distance from Islamabad to Jhika Gali?

The distance from Islamabad to Jhika Gali is less than 57 kilometers by road. It takes only 2 hours to reach the destination (Jhika Gali).

Places to Visit Jhika Gali

Spectacular views open up after you reach Jhika Gali’s summit. You can see a bright white blanket of snow covering the mountains. Regardless of when you arrive, it will undoubtedly leave you speechless. Besides the breathtaking environment, the area’s main attractions include Army Gharial Camp, Kashmir Point, and Shaheedan Park.

A verdant landscape surrounds Jhika Gali. Greenery reduces the amount of noise pollution that locals make. When there is greenery nearby, we benefit from it in ways other than our health and welfare. Additionally, it promotes biodiversity in built-up areas, makes it simpler to manage water resources, and can minimize the effects of noise pollution.

Studies show that being in a greener environment encourages and fosters creativity. The presence of vegetation may inspire original thought. Green is the preferred color for mind-refreshing purposes.

Army Gharial Camp

Army gharial camp is a guest house for tourists. It is a highly rated but unique place to stay for a visit. In Northern Pakistan, the Pakistan Army owns and manages several rest homes, including the army gharial camp, which is relatively safe, maintained, and lovely for a good, fun family vacation to the paradise beyond.

Kashmir Point

It is a famous spot for tourists in Murree. Mall Road, approximately one kilometer from the GPO, is located in Kashmir Point. On top of a hill is where it is; it has a spotless surface. From here, everything looks lovely. This location is known as Kashmir Point because it offers a glimpse of the peaks in Kashmir. 

Two poles of Murree are essential to visit; the first is the Kashmir point, and the second is the Pindi point.

Located on Mall Road in Murree, Pakistan, Kashmir Point is a beautiful lookout point where the spectacular Kashmir mountains are a sight to behold. It offers the highest vantage point in the area at 7500 feet above sea level.

The view gets mesmerized as you reach the top of Kashmir point. Additionally, you will pass by Cadet College Murree, located near Murree Residence. You can enjoy yourself by witnessing the beautiful Kashmir Mountains and luxuriant green foliage in Kashmir Point. Due to the traffic flow from mall road to this stunning location, Murree is the most populated region. Currently, Kashmir Point has a bazaar with various food courts and shops. Due to the pleasant weather, March to august is the best time to visit Kashmir Point.

Shaheedan Park

The park has many trees, plants, and playground swings for kids. Children and adults can go there for fun and to walk, run, play, or sit. Located at Jhika Gali in Murree, Punjab, Rawalpindi, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, Shaheedan Park is mesmerizing location. It is a nice park for kids with a pleasant view of the mountains. A lush natural environment surrounds Shahdeen Park. 

Greenery reduces the amount of noise pollution that locals must tolerate. The benefits of having flora around us extend beyond just our health and well-being. A stroll through the outdoors might help you unwind and reduce tension.

Hotels in Jhika Gali

There are several hotels near Jhika Gali. The most popular among them are listed below:

Maisonette Morningside

This Maisonette Morningside is the perfect location for all visitors who want to experience Ghika Gali’s sights and noises. The distance from this hotel to the Rawalpindi train station is about 44 kilometers. Numerous Ghika Gali attractions, such as Kashmir point, are close to this guesthouse.

The Mont Calm

A garden and a terrace are features of the Mont Calm in Murree. Hiking is an everyday activity in the area, and the Mont Calm offers care services. The distance from Bhurban to the lodging is 6 kilometers.

Khattak Lodge Murree

As a newly opened lodging option in Murree in 2021, the Khattak lodge is a fantastic option for travelers looking for lodging. The Internal Revenue Department, Kashmir Point, and Ayubia are all close; thus, there is no lack of things to visit in the region. The Khattak Lodge Hotel in Murree is a top pick for lodging because of its top-notch amenities.

Hotel Metropole

Enjoy a breath of fresh air as the clouds embrace you and the city is enveloped in chilly weather at the foot of the Himalayas in Murree’s lovely, picturesque town. Recommended for its top-notch services and magnificent sights, Hotel Metropole is a major crowd-puller. 

Hotel One Mall Road Murree

You can find Mall Road and Pindi Point, not far from this hotel, as this hotel is the best option for those who wish to experience Murree’s sights and noises.

How to Reach Jhika Gali

You can reach Ghika Gali from Lahore via Lahore to Islamabad motorway, which is 435 kilometers. It took almost 6 hours to reach the destination ( Ghika Gali).


How much is the height of Jhika Gali?

Located at approximately 7031 feet (2143.34 meters), Jhika Gali is a famous tourist attraction.

What to do in Jhika Gali?

There are lots of things to do here to keep you busy. So let’s talk about what you can do at Jhika Gali.


The towering hills and lush forests of Jhika Gali make it a top destination for hikers. The mountain ranges and valleys in the Murree district provide hiking paths that will lead you to some of the nation’s most magnificent landscapes. As you ascend to this viewpoint, you’ll have fantastic photo opportunities and beautiful views.

Horse riding

One of the most popular activities in Jhika Gali Mueree is horseback riding.

So, is riding a horse challenging? Like many activities, riding a horse can be challenging when you first start. Horseback riders need to learn how to communicate with their horses through subtle cues from their seat, legs, and reins, as well as how to maintain balance while riding and maintain good posture and footing. Guides are also there who guide you and provide you with all equipment for this activity, like saddles, gloves, helmets, and resins.

Mesmerizing scenery

Jhika Gali is one of the most entertaining locations, much like other places in Murree. As a result, you can take in expansive vistas of the entire city, including Kashmir Point. It is no wonder that Kashmir Point is Murree’s most picturesque site.

The visitor experience is always made pleasant by the area’s picturesque surroundings, lovely weather, and clouds along the roadside. It exudes calmness. Due to its rich green surroundings and breathtaking vista, it is the most beautiful spot.

Can families visit Jhika Gali?

Families can visit Jhika Gali. It is a beautiful place to stay in Murree. Jhika Gali and its surroundings have some of the most breathtaking natural beauty and recreational opportunities in Pakistan.

The neighboring snow-capped peaks and rich greenery may be seen from above, providing tourists with an enthralling perspective. Like other places in Pakistan, Jhika Gali is also one of the most recommended places due to its beautiful scenery.


Jhika Gali is a place highly recommended to go if you’re looking for breathtaking scenery, relaxation, and a place to get away from the rush and bustle of life. Jhika Gali Murree, one of Pakistan’s most well-liked tourist spots, is known for its beauty and tranquil setting. Because of its elevation above sea level, it is free of pollutants. In this area, people like to construct vacation homes where they may spend their holidays. Slanted-roof wooden houses are extremely popular with tourists. It is highly recommended to plan a trip to this spot.