GPO Murree

Many tourists worldwide visit Pakistan because it has some of the most stunning locations. One such mesmerizing location is GPO Mall Road Murree. GPO is an iconic landmark of Murree known for its colonial architecture and natural beauty. GPO is a must-visit spot for anyone traveling to Murree, and it offers some of the breathtaking views in the area with pleasant weather. GPO Mall Road Murree is a crown for Mall Road and makes it more beautiful. A tour of Murree is incomplete without visiting GPO Mall Road Murree and taking a picture in front of the majestic Rest House. 

History of GPO Murree

Located on the Mall Road, Murree, Punjab, Pakistan, Rest house is an awe-inspiring tourist destination among nature enthusiasts. As it has a downward-facing view of the famous Mall Road, GPO has extensive historical significance and, through time, has emerged as a prominent landmark for the surrounding area. The British rulers established it in 1867, opening its doors to the public, and eventually moved the GPO to its current location in Mall Road Murree. In 1904, the Raja of Kashmir sold 0.55 acres of land of GPO Murre. GPO Mall Road Murree operated as a disbursing sub-office offering money order post and telegraph and saving bank services before being upgraded to Head Post Office, according to the records of Rawalpindi Gazette of 1893–1894. The post office received a renovation in 1983 and became the General Post Office GPO. The authorities have restored and renovated numerous times over the years. GPO underwent its most recent repair in 2015 to return it to its original vintage state to enhance tourist arrival. Murree GPO Rest house is open to the public. Authorities have designed a postal museum in the upper portion of GPO Murree. Portraits, Swords, ancient books, stamps, security sticks, weights, outdated tickets, letterboxes, locks, postman bags, clocks, and other old and unique objects are the museum’s tourist attractions.


Located close to GPO Chowk Murree, General Post Office – GPO- is one of the most important landmarks in Murree, existing at the highest point on the famous Mall Road. Built-in 1867 on Mall Road, this historical structure in Murree is accessible to the public. The building’s façade had some repairs in 1970. For locals and visitors to use some of the GPO’s rooms, they need to be restored.

Murree GPO Weather

The economy and populace of GPO Mall Road Murree depend intensely on its weather conditions. Weather is a major attraction for tourists. GPO features four different weather patterns over a year. 

  • Spring in GPO Chowk Murree typically begins in March and lasts until mid-May. Temperature ranges from 12-20 degrees Celsius (53-68 degrees Fahrenheit) with a minimum of 4-10 degrees Celsius (39-50 degrees Fahrenheit). This season is known for its heavy rain and intense hail storms. The fruit trees laden with flowers provide an exquisite sight for visitors.
  • Early June marks the start of summer in GPO Chowk Murree, which lasts until the middle of August. The lowest temperatures are between 13 and 16 degrees Celsius, while the highest temperatures range between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius.
  • Autumn‘s journey starts at the beginning of September and ends just before Christmas, but it never feels like winter. Mild temperatures continue to prevail throughout this period, with clear skies dominating much of the day. When daytime hours are at their brightest, you’ll be able to see the mountain ranges near you without obstructions from thick clouds above – making for a truly breathtaking experience.
  • Winter begins in December, bringing heavy snowfall. In winter, the average temperature is between 0°C (32°F) and -4°C (25°F). 

What is GPO Murree?

Among the several GPOs in Pakistan, GPO Mall Road Murree is among the most well-liked ones. The building in Murree, located at the beginning of Mall Road, established by the British, is well-maintained by the government up to this point. In the spring, summer, or even winter, it is always enjoyable to have tea while sitting on the stairs of the GPO and observing the activity on the famous Mall Road. Lined with commercial establishments and administrative offices, GPO Mall Road Murree is the hub of movement and a center of attraction. 

The Iconic Landmark of Murree

GPO Mall Road Murree is the most well-liked tourist spot in Murree, a historical landmark from the British era. It looks out over Khyber Road and Mall Road, the two main thoroughfares in the city. For centuries it remained a symbol of history while constantly evolving to meet new demands. The enchanting structure of Rest house enhances the area’s natural attractiveness. 

GPO Chowk Murree

GPO Chowk Murree is a beautiful spot in the town of Murree. It is where Murree GPO Rest house is brilliantly standing in the heart of Mall Road. It is a popular spot for tourists and locals alike. The chowk is full of greenery, shopping stalls, and a popular site for taking pictures. During the summer months, the chowk is a great place to escape the heat, and it’s always crowded with people enjoying a picnic, shopping, or walking. These days, the GPO Chowk Murree is a shopping center with great stores. You can find anything from clothes to electronics to furniture here. And if you’re looking for a bite to eat, there are plenty of restaurants where you can choose to dine out. There are plenty of things you can enjoy doing at GPO Chowk Murree. While visiting this well-known tourist destination, there is something for everyone to do, including shopping, photography, and Sightseeing. 

Post Office

GPO Mall Road Murree, constructed by the British, is the centerpiece of the famous Mall Road. It still functions as the General Post Office (GPO) for Pakistan’s postal code area 47150 in northern Punjab. It is undoubtedly the most photographed location in this Mall Road, Murree. The Rest house is the perfect photogenic location. Located in the heart of Mall Road, the sunrise and sunset view from GPO Chowk is stunning and a feast for the eyes. A tour of GPO Murree will allow you to witness the breathtaking splendor of Murree’s lush mountains and lovely valleys. It is a perfect destination for Photophiles. 

GPO Murree Hotels

GPO has many restaurants and Hotels to serve visitors looking for comfort while visiting. Many local restaurants in this area serve delicious Pakistani cuisine to satisfy your cravings. The Hotels vary from economical to luxurious and offer a lot of attractions. Located within the city center, these hotels provide many amenities for visitors. 

Jawa Hotel Murree

Situated close to the GPO Mall Road Murree, Jawa Hotel Murree is a family-friendly hotel offering valley views from its deluxe rooms and is the ideal place to stay in Murree. The Jawa Hotel Murree is a fantastic improvement to Murree’s business courtesy. An excellent three-star property hotel, Jawa Hotel Murree, is the ideal location for tourists. Families and friends that want to stay in Murree on Mall Road must get a room at the Jawa Hotel. The staff of this hotel is friendly and professional, with a smile on their faces. They have the knowledge and desire to treat their guests with style and courtesy. Air conditioning, a minibar, and free internet access are all included in the rooms, making it easy for you to unwind and recharge. Their customer service is excellent. Additionally, as a valued visitor to the Jawa Hotel Murree, you can take advantage of the on-site restaurant, which serves Chinese, Pakistani, continental, and traditional dishes. Other amenities include CCTV, 24 hours Room Service, an Elevator, a Doctor on Call, Car parking, Power Generators, a facility for hot and cold water in bathrooms, and all rooms having separate terraces. 

Taj Mahal Hotel GPO Chowk Murree

Located on Mall Road Murree, Taj Mahal Hotel GPO Chowk Murree is one of the top-rated GPO Murree Hotels. Regarding three-star hotels, the Taj Mahal Hotel is a reasonably popular place to stay. Because they offer such valuable services, the visitors have a great time here. The Taj Mahal Hotel provides numerous facilities to its visitors, including air-conditioned rooms, generators, bathtubs, refrigerators, a beautiful view of Mall Road, minibars, laundry service, and other amenities. The hotel personnel is professionally trained and well-mannered. 

How to Reach GPO Murree?

If you are traveling by road, you can reach GPO Mall Road Murree from Islamabad by taking the route of the Islamabad Murree Expressway. Driving to Murree GPO Rest house will take an hour and a half. Traveling via Lahore-Islamabad Motorway will take approximately 5 Hours and 45 minutes to reach GPO Chowk. 

How Far is GPO Murree from Islamabad?

The distance to GPO Murree from Islamabad is approximately 66 kilometers; if you travel by road, it will take about 1 hour and 32 minutes to reach GPO Chowk. You can also take a bus from Rawalpindi or Islamabad, but it takes two hours to get to GPO Mall Road Murree. 

Exciting Facts About GPO Murree

On Mall Road, GPO Murree stands out as being exceptional and unusual. It combines social and commercial activity, leisure, and amusement in realistic settings. This famous tourist spot is constantly packed, full of people, and brimming with energy. Sitting on the GPO stairs and viewing the busy Mall Road around you is a fantastic experience. Here, you will have a memorable time. The GPO is a superb example of beautiful architecture, and the nearby high rises contribute to the peace. Thanks to the fluttering lights, the neighborhood is bustling and has a daytime atmosphere. Once you get to Murree, you must visit this spectacular location. It’s a crowded location, and parking is difficult, especially on weekends. It is the beginning of Mall Road Murree and the beginning of your enjoyment as well. Instead of concentrating simply on the main road, you can also take a stroll in the nearby streets. 


GPO Mall Road Murree is an Iconic landmark of Murree. Whenever someone visits Murree, the first thing on their mind is to see GPO Murree. It has a lot of history attached to it. GPO Chowk Murree is a trendy spot among tourists and locals alike. There are a lot of shops and aesthetic restaurants in GPO Chowk, so you can shop till you drop off or have a delicious meal. If you’re ever in Murree, visit GPO Mall Road Murree. It’s an experience you won’t forget.