Ghora Gali

If you’re seeking a stunning, peaceful location in Pakistan, Ghora Gali, located in the country’s northeast, is the place to go. Your health and mind both improve as it eliminates all of your tension and anxiety. It would help if you explored the stunning natural surroundings.

A well-liked hill station, summer getaway, well-known tourist destination, and hub of Murree Tehsil’s administration in Pakistan is Ghora Gali. Near Nathia Gali and Murree, Ghora Gali Murree is a famous mountain vacation town in the northeastern corner of Punjab. Doormat Khan’s tomb, a member of the Dhond Abbasi tribe, is located here. From this post, you can discover everything there is to know about this remarkable and unique place.

History of Ghora Gali

British colonial officials and soldiers inhabited the Murree Ghora Gali resort during the British Raj. 1860 saw the establishment of the Lawrence College in this area as a haven for the children of dead British soldiers. This location also saw the establishment of the Murree Brewery in 1860, which provided beer to British troops until the building was destroyed in 1947 due to riots that followed Pakistan’s independence from Britain.

Weather at Ghora Gali

No month is particularly dry at Ghora Gali Murree because of its oceanic climate. There is rainfall during all months of the year. The average annual temperature for Ghora Gali is 25° degrees, and about 1045 mm of rain in a year. It is dry for 187 days a year with an average humidity of 42% and a UV index of 6.

When is the best time to visit Ghora Gali

April and September through November are the ideal months to visit Ghora Gali in Pakistan. The weather is typically around 25°C between April and October. There is a 23-minute distance between Jhika Gali and Ghora Gali. However, to avoid crowds, you can visit Ghora Gali in October.

The Attraction of Ghora Gali

If you’re seeking a lovely location to escape the bustle of city life, Ghora Gali Murree is the spot for you because of its beautiful and tranquil ambiance. It’s the ideal setting for rest and renewal. Let’s talk about some of its unique attractions at Ghora Gali.

Scenic Beauty

Once you reach the summit of Ghora Gali, the views become spectacular. The mountains coat with snow, and you can see a pure white blanket covering them. However, it will undoubtedly leave you dumbfounded no matter when you visit. In addition to the stunning scenery, the chair lift and cable car trip are the area’s main draws.

Your sense of serenity and tranquillity heightens when you sit at Murree Ghora Gali Point, surrounded by the beauty of nature. A magical atmosphere creates by the gentle rustling of the leaves in the breeze, the distant sound of the running river, and the calming music of singing birds. Murree Ghora Gali is unique for other reasons besides its natural beauty; beautiful surroundings and an excellent seating arrangement add to its charm.

Ghora Gali Chairlift

An aerial lift in Punjab is called the Ghora Gali Chair Lift. The Muree Waterfall and Bansra Forest are also close, as is the Ghora Gali Chairlift.

Forest Park Bansra

In the Punjab province of Pakistan, in the Rawalpindi District, is the Forest Park Bansra, Muree Zoo. Ghora Gali is a nearby place or landmark. Other sites are also fascinating in Forest Park Bansra, Muree, Pakistan.

Forest Park Bansra has covered an area of 240 acres of land. It is a beautiful wildlife park situated in a beautiful location. Forest Park Bansra has a variety of mammals that is a source of attraction for visitors.

Murree Wildlife Park

The Murree Wildlife Park is a zoo near Bansra Gali in Murree, Pakistan. The National Development Scheme’s “Development of Wildlife Park” component saw its initial opening in 1986. For the convenience of visitors and tourists, the wildlife park offers cafeterias and a canteen.

 Here is a list of Species include in Murree wildlife park.

Mammals: Red deer, Yak, Sambar, Asian black bear.

Birds: Black shoulder peafowl, Guinea fowl, Green pheasant. 

The park is quite natural and has a decent trail system (better than Muir Woods in California), which also offers the opportunity to go hiking. Regardless of their monetary worth, a wildlife park’s goal should be to exhibit its fauna in the best conditions possible. In this way, the animals will keep fit and healthy, their behavior will be natural, and they will be more likely to breed.

As these parks are a source of amusement for spending wonderful and memorable days with your family and friends, these are also a source of complete information as these parks contain different species of animals.

Lush Green Surroundings

The lush green surroundings cover the entire area of Ghora Gali. The quantity of noise pollution that locals endure is decreased by greenery. More than our health and well-being benefit when there is greenery around us. Additionally, it makes it easier to manage water resources, encourages biodiversity in built-up areas, and can lessen the effects of noise pollution.

A walk in the greenery can alleviate your stress and help you relax. But unfortunately, much of the natural vegetation is being lost due to speedy urbanization.

According to studies, being in a green environment fosters creativity and inspires you. The presence of greenery might stimulate creative thought. The color of choice to refresh the mind is green.

Forest Rest House

A beautiful and serene setting surrounded by thick greenery, a very clean and well-kept rest stop, and complete amenities is available for tourists.

One of the top-rated establishments in Murree categorized under Community & Government is Forest Rest House.

Lawrence College Murree

The earliest residential institution in Pakistan was founded in 1860 and named Sir Henry Lawrence. In its early years, Lawrence College served as an asylum to give orphans and the kids of British soldiers in India a straightforward and valuable education. At first, it was caring for 82 kids. Lawrence College Ghora Gali is in the Punjab province of Pakistan’s Murree Tehsil. The college, which has a space of 150 acres, is situated amid the Pir Panjal and Himalayan foothills at roughly 1950 meters above sea level. It is 4 kilometers from Murree and 57 km from Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

The motto of Lawrence College is Never Give Up. A team from the college attends a daytime event held at the school every year. Thanks to the active board, teachers can more efficiently deliver lessons at the institution. The residential school Lawrence College Ghora Gali allows students to develop as a family. Lawrence College provides a full Scholarship and Bursaries program to assist students in covering tuition costs. The Lawrence College staff has a place to live without paying rent. The goal of Lawrence College is to establish a setting that is excellent for academic achievement.

How to Reach Ghora Gali from Islamabad

You may find Ghora Gali Murree on your road map, which starts in Islamabad, Pakistan. You have to travel approximately 50 kilometers from Islamabad via Kashmir road to reach Ghora Gali. It will take about one hour to drive. 

Facilities in Ghora Gali

In Pakistan, Ghora Gali is credited with inventing chairlifts and cable cars. These chairlifts and cable cars fulfill the international community’s requirements and allow visitors to enjoy a breathtaking bird’s-eye perspective of the adjacent snow-capped peaks and valleys. It is a beautiful place where visitors can get all facilities like accommodation, shopping malls, wildlife parks, and many more. The primary activities in the area continue to be hiking and trekking to the peaks of Mukshpuri and Miran Jani. The best hiking path in the Margalla Hills runs from Ghora Gali Murree to Pirsohawa. 

There are several things that you have to do while visiting Ghora Gali. These include hiking, chairlift riding, sightseeing, and horse riding.

Hostel and Guest Houses

The Shangrila Hotels and Resort, Abbasi Hotel, and Reina Boutique Hotel are just a few hotels close to Ghora Gali. In Ghora Gali, many apartments and vacation rentals are available, and many hotels give discounts.

Mini Markets

There are several mini-markets and stores present in Ghora Gali. These are convenient for visitors from different regions of Pakistan and abroad. Mall Road is the most famous market located near it. Similarly, it is surrounded by several well-known businesses, including a cafeteria, hotels, resorts, play areas, numerous banks, general stores, Pakwan shops, dry fruit markets, and clothing stores for children. There is also a variety of food courts, a jewelry store, a shop selling ladies’ scarves, a store selling high-quality leather jackets, and a shop selling sweaters.

Multiple Food Stalls

There are several food stalls present in Murree Ghora Gali. Besides these, many family restaurants are also current. TDCP restaurant and family resort is the famous one. It is renowned for its delicious food.

The food establishments here provide a stunning perspective of the surrounding natural beauties, along with excellent dining, camping, and hotel options.


There is a good parking area for cars, vans, etc., to avoid disturbance for the people who walk on the road.

How much is the distance to reach Ghora Gali from Murree

The travel by road from Murree to Ghora Gali is 7 km. Additionally, you may discover how far it is to fly from Murree to Ghora Gali. Check the route’s map and driving instructions to make it easier for you to find your destination.

Ticket Price of Chairlift

A chairlift is a row of chairs that dangle from a moving cable and transport people up and down a mountain or ski slope. A chair lift will carry people to the top of the slopes, where they can ski down. A chair lift is an aerial transportation system mainly connected to winter ski resorts that transport skiers up mountains. The cost of a Murree Chairlift ticket is Rs. 750 per person. The Murree Chairlift opens Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Location of Ghora Gali

Ghora Gali is located in district Rawalpindi, tehsil Murree. It is a town in the Punjab Province of Pakistan.


How much is the height of Ghora Gali?

Located in the Galyat region of northern Pakistan, Ghora Gali Murree is one of the mountain resort towns popular with tourists. It is situated in Pakistan’s Punjab province and has an elevation of 1691 meters.

Is Ghora Gali worth visiting?

Ghora Gali is worth visiting. Its beautiful views and sites relax and increase peace with its soothing and peaceful environment. If someone is looking to have a trip, then Ghora Gali is the best option as it has all its charm and it contains all the fun places with amazing views.


You may be aware that spending time in nature may boost your brainpower, lower your stress levels, keep you active, make you feel exhilarated, and aid in preserving species and fragile landscapes. It’s accurate! Continue reading, then visualize the outside experiences from which you can gain these advantages. Go to Murree Ghora Gali if you want a little slice of heaven. You will undoubtedly fall in love with Pakistan again if you visit its northern regions full of stunning landscapes. These were some of the most well-liked and excellent tourist destinations in northern Pakistan, especially Ghora Gali, that travelers should visit this summer. Prepare your backpack for this summer’s travels to these magnificent locations with breathtaking vistas in Pakistan’s north.