Chinar Golf Club

Murree offers many fascinating places for tourists to explore. Countless sights and destinations attract tourists from every corner of the world, no matter what season. One such enchanting location is Chinar Golf Club. The Club in the Murree Hills is renowned for its verdant hills and pine trees. It is a location with plenty to offer to people of all ages in every season, whether it be the green, fresh summers, the snow-covered winters, alluring mountain views, sunsets, or the drifting clouds. Going to Chinar Golf Club Bhurban to take in its beauty and playing Golf is the ideal way to spend some time with loved ones. Everyone can find something to do here, so if you’re searching for a tranquil setting to unwind, or a place to enjoy delicious food, Chinar Golf Club Murree has it all.

We’ll discuss the fascinating features of Chinar Club in this post so that you can pack your belongings and head to Chinar Golf Club for a memorable weekend.

History of Chinar Golf Club

Located in the charming town of Bhurban, Chinar Golf Club is one of the highest golf courses in the world, ranking 11th on the list of the most well-known golf courses. It provides impressive panoramic views for miles around its surroundings. Chinar comes from a combination of Persian words – ‘chi,’ which means what, and ‘Nar,’ which means fire. As the winter approaches, its leaves turn reddish orange making it look like it’s on fire. Colonel Dag of the British Army founded the Club in 1932. Mr. Gulab Khan, a native of the area, contributed his services to the establishment of Chinar Golf Club. Chinar Club Murree has been providing its services to its visitors since 1932. In 1987-1988, the authorities re-established the Chinar Club on 53 acres of land with its current layout. Golfers from various countries visit this golf club close to PC Hotel Bhurban. CGC is a 9-hole golf course, but by adding extra tees and utilizing the identical fairways and greens, it can serve the function of an 18-hole game. This famous golf course was officially opened to the public on April 22nd of the same year and continues to be a popular destination for players today. Standing at an elevation of about 6350 ft above sea level, this lovely and peaceful location will never cease to amaze you.

Weather at Chinar Golf Club

A good rule of thumb when traveling to an unfamiliar place is to check the weather forecast before arrival so you can pack the required belongings. And if anyone wants to know what kind of weather they can expect at Chinar Golf Club, let’s take a look!

Springtime usually lasts between March and May. Spring weather can range from humid to hot depending on the time of year, with temperatures steadily rising from as low as 24 degrees Celsius to over 10 degrees Celsius. It rains about 7-8 days a month – giving tourists ample opportunities for things to do if they are visiting during these months. The best time for visitors is the spring season due to the high number of travelers and tourists who come around these parts.

If you are traveling here during Summer Season between June to August, be aware that accommodation and prices for food may be higher than usual. Though there are only eight to fourteen rainy days each month, this is the time of year when it rains the most; so pack accordingly!

The Fall season, which extends from September through November, typically has an average temperature between 22.4 degrees to 14.8 degrees Celsius. 2-7 days each month, experience some rainfall or snowfall. Tourists are scarce during this time, making accommodations such as hotels and airfare cheaper.

Winter in Chinar Golf Club Murree, lasting from December until February, is too cold for tourists from warmer climates. The typical high temperatures during these months range from 6.7 to 14 degrees Celsius, while it rains or snows approximately 2-9 times each month. Tourist influx usually slows down at this time of year because of the colder weather.

Is Advanced Booking Necessary before Visiting Chinar Golf Club?

It is recommended to book the excursion in advance as the place is highly jam-packed with visitors on weekends. But the booking is not necessary. You can visit without a prior booking; however, as the Chinar Golf Club is under the supervision of the Pakistan Army, permission is required to visit this location.

When is the best time to Visit Chinar Golf Club?

The best time to visit Chinar Club in Bhurban tends to be from June until August. During these months, the weather is usually calm and pleasant, not too cold and not too hot. It is an appropriate time of year for people who want to explore nature or spend quality time with friends and family. However, if you’re going to enjoy snowfall, then you can visit during the winter months.

Attractions at Chinar Golf Club

Chinar Golf Club is not only a golf course; it also offers top-notch opportunities for arranging family and business outings and skiing lessons during the snow season. There are various attractions for the visitors, including jogging on beautiful tracks, hiking, photography of eye-catching scenic views, playing Golf, and whatnot. Let us discuss these attractions in detail.

Peaceful Environment

Benefiting its serene and peaceful environment, the Chinar Club is always bustling with nature-loving people. What makes the Club stand out is its peaceful setting surrounded by nature. The lush green golf course and serene surroundings provide the perfect backdrop for a day of relaxation. All your worries will vanish in the air as you take in the beauty of this spectacular location.

Tall Pine & Chinar Trees

Standing at a staggering height of 1935 meters, surrounded all over by tall pine and chinar trees, the picturesque Chinar Golf Club is a dream come true for nature lovers. With its well-manicured gardens and well-maintained tracks, it feels like a little piece of paradise. Visiting this masterpiece of nature will have an incredibly calming effect on your mind.

Surrounded by Spectacular Green Hills

As you drive towards the Club, the roads become narrower and the surroundings more lush and green. The imposing clubhouse is amidst hills that seem to go on for miles. It’s easy to understand why the Club is such a popular tourist attraction. Not only is it home to one of the best golf courses in Pakistan, but the spectacular green hills that surround it make it a perfect place to relax and enjoy nature. If you’re looking for a peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, the Chinar Golf Club is worth a visit!

Eye-Catching Scenic View

Located adjacent to Bhurban, the eye-catching scenery at the Golf Club Murree is unbeatable. Walking through tall pine trees, you will feel completely immersed in nature. The Chinar Club’s exquisitely mesmerizing beauty is breathtaking. Nothing can compare to this place of absolute luxury, with the never-ending greenery surrounding it and the clear blue skies overhead.

Beautiful Walking Track

Moreover, the Club offers excellent and well-maintained walking tracks making it the perfect spot for a morning jog or evening walk. Walking through this immense forest of tall pine trees will be enough to put your mind in ecstasy and comfort. With its lush green surroundings and peaceful atmosphere, it’s easy to forget all the negativity prevailing in the outside world.

Things to Do at Chinar Golf Club

Chinar Club Murree offers its visitors many recreational activities for all interests, including golfing with friends, picnicking, Sight-Seeing, and photographing nature’s beauties. There are plenty of fun-filled activities, such as birdwatching or long walks through the lush forested areas. You’re bound to find something according to your taste.

Play Golf

Are you looking for an outdoor activity that’s both challenging and rewarding? Look no further than Chinar Golf Club Bhurban. It is a popular destination for Golf loving people from all over the world. The course is well-maintained and will test your skills. You can improve your game while enjoying nature at its finest.


Chinar Club Murree is a great place to take some fantastic pictures. The scenery is mesmerizing, and there are many different things to capture in your shots. Whether you’re into landscapes or architecture, there’s something for everyone here. Take your camera and get ready for some unforgettable memories.


The Golf Club Bhurban is the perfect place for a day hike. There are many walkways to choose from, and the views are breathtaking. The chinar hills offer more than just hiking trails – they give us a sense of serenity and peace.


You can treat yourself to Sight-Seeing if you are not interested in playing Golf. At Chinar Club, there is always something lovely to behold, no matter what time of year it is. The wildflowers bloom in full spring, and green trees and shrubs line the pathways. The golf course is a sea of green in the summer, and the leaves turn beautiful gold and orange in the fall. Wintertime can be just as beautiful as the other seasons. A layer of soft snow covers the trails, and the air is crisp and clean. Chinar Golf Club Bhurban should be your next stop if you’re looking for an adventure.

How to reach Chinar Golf Club from Islamabad?

You can reach Chinar Golf Club Murree from Islamabad by taking the Dual Islamabad-Murree Expressway. You will need to travel for about 71 km; it would take about an hour and 50 minutes to arrive at your destination.

Facilities at Chinar Golf Club

This spectacular location offers many opportunities to all visitors – those who love adventure and those who prefer relaxation. So let us look at the multiple facilities available at the Club in Bhurban.

Restaurant & Resort

Chinar Family Resort is a relaxing place where you can spend quality time with your family and enjoy spectacular views. The resort also has fantastic tasting menus for lunch or high tea, sure to entice all of your senses. Visitors of Chinar Family Resort can enjoy a two-room suite that is ideal for their comfort and convenience. You can look forward to a complimentary continental breakfast at Family Resort, nine holes of Golf, and a beautiful view of Chinar Club from the terrace. The food here is of excellent quality. A coffee shop/café, a garden, and free in-room WiFi are other amenities available to visitors.


Chinar has plenty of parking spaces for those who wish to visit; however, these spots may fill up quickly during the weekends. The best time to go would be during the weekdays when fewer people are around and fewer cars are parked. Once you’ve found a spot, do yourself a favor, leave your car behind, and venture off into the secluded land surrounding Chinar – there is no shortage of nature here!

High Security

The comfort and security of tourists visiting the Chinar Club are the top priority for its owners. Because of this, Pakistan Army offers tight security to provide a safe environment for visitors.

How Much is the Distance to Reach Chinar Golf Club from Murree?

You will have to cover a distance of approximately 11.1 Kilometers to reach Chinar Golf Club Bhurban from Murree. It will take you about 32 to 35 minutes to reach your destination.

Charges for Staying in Chinar Golf Club

You can stay in various hotels located on the premises of Chinar Golf Club. The prices of hotels and resorts vary, depending on the type of hotel. China Family resort can charge up to 30,000 to 40,000 for a one-night stay. As Chinar Club is near Pearl Continental Bhurban, you can also stay in this 5-star luxurious hotel, charging up to 110 dollars for a one-day and night stay.

Contact Number of Chinar Golf Club

If you want further information about the visiting and booking process, you can contact this number: +92 51 3355598.

Location of Chinar Golf Club Murree

It is located near Bhurban, adjacent to the Pearl Continental Bhurban, on Golf Course Road, Rawalpindi.


Can Families Visit Chinar Golf Club?

Standing amongst the tall pine trees, Chinar Golf Club is an ideal destination to spend quality time with your friends and family.

Can Anyone Play Golf there?

Anyone can enjoy playing Golf in this picturesque location. A round of golf costs approximately Rs 700–800.


If you’re looking for a great outdoorsy adventure, Chinar Golf Club Bhurban is the perfect spot. There’s something for everyone at this Golf Club, with hiking and biking trails and a golf course. And don’t forget, the Club is also a great place to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery. So make sure to visit this picturesque location if you are visiting Murree.