Ormara Beach

Pakistan’s coastal line consists of beautiful seashores with breathtaking views. The serene, undisturbed water gives every visitor peace and relaxation. The coastline of Pakistan is not very developed. Still, after the construction of the Coastal Highway, these beaches are accessible and guarantee peace of mind away from the hustle of urban life. Ormara Beach Gwadar is a small town between Karachi and Gwadar in Makran coastal region. It has a small port where the locals catch fish to make a living. After the construction of the Coastal Highway, the area can be reached quickly and connects Ormara to major urban cities of the country.

Ormara Beach Balochistan Attractions and Location

Ormara Beach is a small beach along the Arabian Sea in Pakistan. It is Pakistan’s most fantastic beach, with beautiful views, stunning scenery, and an attractive vibe. The best time to visit the beach is in winter or early summer. It offers many attractions for tourists with diverse needs in terms of recreation.

When is the Best Time to Visit Ormara Beach?

Ormara is on the coastal belt, with the highest temperature of 109.4℉ recorded in May and June and the lowest temperature of 42.8℉ in January. The most favorable time to visit Ormara is from July to October or February to April. During this time, the weather is neither too hot to make you sweat nor too cold to shiver. This is the best time when most of the activities can be enjoyed, and one can go sightseeing in the nearby areas without being bothered by the smoldering heat. 

Recommended Gears for Ormara Beach

When packing for a trip to Ormara, remember the weather there. If you are planning a trip to this beautiful beach, remember to keep an extra pair of clothes, a swimsuit (the clear water is irresistible to dive in), and sunscreen as the sun rays can be direct) and an insulated water bottle to keep you hydrated with cold water. Also, a beach towel to spread out and relax on the beach, sunglasses, beach slippers, and some snacks even though you can devour on the bbq made from fresh catch from the sea. 

Attractions at Ormara Beach

Let’s take a look at the many attractions of Ormara Beach.

Ormara Beach is not much developed, and if you try to visit the town, you can see traces of how the people lived in ancient times. The port of Ormara is a must-visit for those who like to go fishing as the sea is rich with good quality fish. Kund Malir is a bit far from Ormara but is undoubtedly worth visiting. The mountainous terrain on the way to Ormara beach shows some stunning natural rock formations that give a sense that any skilled sculptor has worked on. Those wild and untouched rock formations include the Princess of Hope, a rock in the shape of a princess, and the Balochistan Sphinx, a lion-shaped rock. Other places to visit near Ormara include the Chandragup Mud volcano, located in Hingol National Park in Balochistan.

Breathtaking View of Water and Mountains

The beaches in Balochistan can leave one mesmerized by nature. On one side, there are mountains and clear water on the other side. The golden sand of Ormara beach will captivate anyone’s mind. Most of the areas are undeveloped, meaning the natural beauty is preserved, and no artificial touches have been made, making it an even more pleasing sight. The mountains along the coast of Balochistan are rocky, but the rugged cliffs along the shore will leave the visitors in awe of God’s creation. 

Safe Space for Visitors at Ormara Beach

Since the development of the Makran Coastal Highway, measures have been taken to keep this route as safe as possible. There are army checkpoints multiple times in Gwadar. This ensures that every passenger on the road is checked. Ormara is quite far from the city area and is secluded, a concern for many visiting people. The best time of the day to travel is immediately after sunrise to reach there before it gets dark to avoid any unpleasant situation. The building of Jinnah Naval Base at Ormara provides a safe and equipped place for tourists, solo travelers, or friends looking for a getaway from the urban chaos. 

Serene Environment

The peace of Ormara is unmatchable. There is no heavy traffic or crowds. The beautiful scenic beauty makes it a serene place to visit.

Cleanest and Most Pristine Beach at Ormara Beach

If you want to visit the blue water and golden sand in Pakistan, Ormara beach is the one for you. Far from an urban area, free of pollution and the hustle and bustle of the city, it is known for its untouched golden sand and crystal blue water. Visitors can enjoy all the serenity here.

Watching the Glittery Sky 

If sunsets are this pretty in an urban setting, we can imagine how sunrise followed by glittery sky would be on a beach. Sunrise is another fantastic sight as the darkness slowly fades away, and light spreads from the horizon. This is one breathtaking sight. And if this is not enough, just after the sunrise rises, you will be able to see the glittery sky and sparkling water. The pinkish shade of the sky will make your heart melt instantly. 

Scenic View of Sunset at Ormara Beach

With the immense beauty of the beach, the cherry on top would be the scenic view of the sunset. This will be an experience you won’t forget easily when the bright sun slowly turns to soft shades of red and orange. This mesmerizing sight will make you forget about pictures, but do not forget to capture an image or two.

Things to do at Ormara Beach 

Visitors to Ormara beach can enjoy the following things.


It would be a shame if you went to a beach and didn’t go for a swim. Adventurers can swim at any time of the day, but the best experience would be at sunrise and sunset. Stride water for a couple of minutes so they can watch the sun’s mesmerizing sight shimmering off the water’s tides. While swimming, feel the sea gliding through your fingers and toes. Live in the moment and also have some fun splashing too. 

Camping at Ormara Beach

Another thing to enjoy at the beach is camping. This can be a solo vacation as well as a family one. Both are equally enjoyable. Adventurers can hear the soothing sound of waves crashing and wind blowing during the day and evening. They can enjoy a clear night sky with a great view of the stars at night. Cooking is another exciting adventure, beech chairs around the campfire—cooking pot of beans and sausages in the day and snacking s’mores in the evening. Visitors can go fishing, jet skiing, or boating to make their trip more fun. Riding an ATV, playing frisbee, or running barefoot are fun sports.


Ormara beach is beautiful 24/7, but visitors might want to wait for the clouds if they wish to take professional pictures. Beach without clouds might sound okay, but it won’t look fascinating in pictures. More exciting clouds would automatically mean more exciting beach pictures. Sky plays an essential role in landscape photos, but this doesn’t work on beaches. There are no mountains or thick forests to block the sky. Clouds play a vital role in beach landscape photography. Lastly, beach pictures are all about the sun. They have to use the sun very carefully. Either wait until the sun is low that it turns a lighter shade of orange or red, or wait until the sun goes partly behind a cloud.

Stargazing at Ormara Beach

If you go to a beach, you have to experience the serenity of stargazing. For stargazing, the first thing would be to find a dark spot. Locate the immense sky you can as Buildings and trees block the view. A place where tourists can see from horizon to horizon is ideal for stargazing. Turn off the torches or phone lights for the best experience. Another great tip would be to adjust your eyes to the darkness for 5-7 minutes. You will see better once your eyes become used to the night. Lastly, find a nice comfy place to lie back. Otherwise, they might get a stiff neck from looking up while standing.

How to Reach Ormara Beach?

The way to Oramara is relatively simple. The travelers are checked at various check-posts and are advised to keep their Identity cards and other necessary documents with them. The distance by road to Ormara from Karachi is 344 Km and takes about five hours if one travels straight to the destination. Making stops on the way for a while can extend travel time, but the scenic views of the rocky terrain and crystal water are worth the extra time it takes along the way. Basic amenities are hard to find along the way, so travelers are advised to stock their water and snacks to enjoy on the drive. 

Facilities at Ormara Beach

There are two resorts at Ormara beach. The first is Jinnah Naval Base, and the other is Haft Talar Beach Resort. Both the resorts have facilities to spend a few nights over there. Clean rooms and restaurants provide fresh food. The place is secure with a naval base, and a hospital was also built in 2012 in case of emergency by the Chief of Naval Staff, Admiral Noman Bashir.


The Fifth Talar Beach resort and Jinnah Naval Base will be the most comfortable places to live and enjoy the pristine beaches and transparent waters. The peaceful environment and facilities will make the vacation even more soothing.


The resorts are equipped to provide fresh meals on request. They cater to all kinds of orders made to the preferences of their guests. The specialty of these restaurants is their fresh fish catch from the sea, which they cook into local-style cuisines or barbeque fresh for their visitors. People are incredibly hospitable and offer everything they can to win the hearts of their guests. 


Camping at Ormara is in trend and is becoming well-known to many. Youngsters and families enjoy camping there with the resorts’ musical nights. The camps are provided to the campers, and one has to come free of mind to experience tranquillity at night time at the beach and enjoy the beautiful sunrise unforgettable.

Nearby Places

Nearby places at Ormara are the beaches, Princess of Hope, Balochistan Sphinx, and Kund Malir Beach.

Princess of Hope

Princess of Hope is a naturally sculpted rock in the shape of a princess standing straight on a rock looking towards the horizon. It is located in the Lasbela district near Hingol National Park.

Buzi Pass

When driving on Makran Coastal Highway, crossing the Buzi pass is an experience. One gets to see marvelous rocks carved naturally in distinct shapes. Along this route, the drivers see the Lion of Sphinx and Princess of Hope. Scenic views of the Arabian Sea can be seen during the drive, and climbing up to the top is an experience on its own.

The Sphinx

Balochistan Sphinx, the lion of Balochistan or “Abu-Hol” in the local language, is a natural rock in the form of a lion that attracts many visitors from all corners of the world. It can be seen from the Buzi pass on Makran Coastal Highway.

Kund Malir Beach

Kund Malir Beach is located in Hingol National park. On one side is the calming sea, and on the other are the vast rocky cliffs, making it a perfect picnic spot.

Golden Beach

Golden beach is also known locally as Malan Beach. The pretty, shiny golden sand gives it the name Golden beach and is a must-visit.

How Much is the Distance to Reach Ormara Beach from Karachi?

Ormara is on a straight drive from Karachi, about 344km away.

Location of Ormara Beach Gwadar

The distance from Ormara to Gwadar is around 230km and a straight drive along the Makran Coastal Highway.


Is it safe to go to Ormara Beach? 

Beach is a safe and secure place to visit for a day or two since the Makran Coastal Highway has been built, and the Naval Army is responsible for its security. 

Why is Ormara Beach famous?

The scenic and untouched beauty of Ormara makes it a perfect spot for a getaway from the fast life in the city. The clear sea water and enormous mountainous terrain on the way will refresh your mind and soul.


Ormara beach is a thrilling hotspot for tourists from all over Pakistan to enjoy many activities. The pristine environment, many facilities, and chill vibe of the beach are enough to attract many people.