Shaheed Osama Warraich Park

Chitral Shaheed Osama Warraich Park is the first public park made by him for the people of Chitral. He made this park independently without taking any financial aid from the government. This park, also known as DC Park Chitral, is an important recreational place for the residents of Chitral

Shaheed Osama Warraich Park Chitral Attractions, Entry Tickets, Timings, and Location

In this article, we will cover the background of Osama Shaheed Park, the attractions, entry tickets, weather, its view, its adjacent places, activities for kids and elders, its location, and the easiest way to reach there. In short, in this article, you will learn about this fantastic recreational place of Chitral, Shaheed Osama Warraich Park.

Who was Shaheed Osama Warraich?

Shaheed Osama Warraich belonged to Wazirabad Punjab and was Deputy Commissioner Chitral in 2015. He worked hard for the betterment of Chitral. He renewed Civil Hospital Chitral so that residents of Chitral do not have to travel for hours to reach hospitals in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. He took the initiative and helped flood affectees in 2015. Moreover, he also stood for the rights of minorities in Chitral.

One of the best things Shaheed Osama gave to the people of Chitral was Shaheed Osama Warraich Park. Before this, there was no public park where Chitrali people could go and have a good time; this was their first-ever recreational place. This man would have done so much for Chitral, but unfortunately, he died in a plane crash along with his wife and one-year-old daughter in December 2016.

Why was this park named Shaheed Osama Warraich Park? 

Osama Shaheed Park was named after Shaheed Osama Warraich because he built it through his vision and resources. He did not expect even a penny from the government while making this beautiful recreational place for the residents of Chitral; instead, he asked for help from friends and the people of Chitral.

He was keenly involved in this project and visited it every day. It was not an easy project to make a park from barren land, but his enthusiasm and hard work made it possible. Therefore, when Osama Warraich died in a plane crash, this park was named after him so that his name could be kept alive for the years to come.

Weather at DC Park

The weather in DC Park is quite pleasant during day time and cool at night. July is the hottest month in DC Park, where the highest temperature is 26C, and the lowest is known to be 6C. In September, it is known that 22C is the highest temperature in the daytime, while nighttime is pretty cold. Moreover, evenings at Osama Warraich park are superb due to the blowing winds.

Attractions at Shaheed Osama Park 

Shaheed Osama Warraich Park is a worth-it place to visit. There are swings for kids to be entertained while the elders can enjoy their leisure time looking at this place’s scenic beauty and the surrounding areas. A river flows adjacent to it, and elevated peaks on the other side of the park make the place’s location even more beautiful.

It is a go-to place for people fond of photography; they can click beautiful pictures here. In addition, there is a jogging track, a sitting arrangement, benches are everywhere, and families can have a quality picnic in this mesmerizing place. This park is lush green which gives it even a fresh look.

Multiple Swings for Kids 

Osama Shaheed Park is a fun place for the kids to visit since there are many swings in it, and they can enjoy their time here to the fullest. The area for kids is well-established; there are slides and some other swings which do not let kids get bored.

Chitral River View 

The location of Osama Warraich Park is what makes it stand out. This park is away from the hustle and bustle of Chitral town; it is in a calm place on a river bank. This park is in an ideal location where two rivers are combined, i.e., Yarkhoon and Lotkoh. You can also view the high peak of Terich Mir from the park’s area. The perfect location of Osama Shaheed Park also gives a view of Markhors.

Snow Caped Mountains 

High mountains on the side of Shaheed Osama Warraich Park make it even a beautiful place. These mountains are snow-robed, which makes them look eye-catching. Moreover, the highest mountain range is visible from Osama Warraich Park on a clear sunny day.

Jogging Track 

There is a jogging track in Osama Warraich Park where people come to jog and then relax after a hectic day.

Lush Green Lawns 

It is said that people visit this place for its lush green lawns. It gives your mind and soul the kind of peace which is hard to express. Different trees and colorful flowers grow in spring, adding even more colors to Osama Warraich Park. Lush green lawns, a river flowing next to it, and some high mountains on the side attract the residents and travelers to this beautiful place.

Sitting Arrangements 

Sitting on the lush green lawns is a pleasure, but this place offers much more. There are many benches and chairs where you can sit and enjoy your leisure time alone or with your family. Sitting on these benches and looking at the beautiful view is no less than a dream.

Amazing Family Picnic Place 

This is the place in Chitral where you can enjoy a picnic with the family. Before this, there was no public park where the residents of Chitral could go on a picnic and enjoy their free time. On Sunday, this place is open only for families.

Kids can enjoy on the swings while the elders can do photography, enjoy the delicious food, go jogging, or sit with the family and enjoy the calmness of this place. It is no less than a treat for the people of Chitral.

Tuck Shop & Canteen 

There are small Tuck shops and a canteen in this park so visitors can get things to eat while they enjoy their time here. You can enjoy delicious fried food items like spring rolls, samosa, and other snacks. 

How to Reach Shaheed Osama Warraich Park? 

Shaheed Osama Warraich Park is almost 18 kilometers (40 minutes away) from Chitral town. You can take a jeep or a taxi to this place easily.

Shaheed Osama Warraich Park Entry Ticket

The entry ticket to DC Park is minimal, and all the money gathered is used to maintain the place. Entry of one person to Osama Warraich Park is 10 Rupees for everyone. It is kept quite reasonable so that every person can pay for it quickly.

Visiting days and Timings of Shaheed Osama Warraich Park

Sunday is exclusively for families to visit this beautiful place. Other than Sunday, anyone can visit Osama Warraich Park and enjoy their time. It opens around 10 a.m and closes in the evening.

Location of Osama Shaheed Park Chitral

DC Park is located in the Lenik area on Chitral Booni road, opposite the airport. Its surroundings and perfect location add to its beauty, thus making it the ideal choice for the residents and tourists.


Why do people love this park?

People do not just love this park for its beauty, but they are emotionally attached to this place. It was built by a man who thought and empathized with the people of Chitral. Therefore, this place holds a special place in the hearts of the people of Chitral. Moreover, DC Park is one of its kind; it is the first-ever recreational place for the people of Chitral, where they could visit with their families and have a great time. The attractions in this place have made it worth visiting. The gushing of river water, the high snow-capped mountains, and green lands make people want to see this place again and again.

How big is Osama Warraich Park? 

Shaheed Osama Warraich Park is not too big, but it has every facility a park needs. Moreover, it was stated by DC Shaheed Osama Warraich that this park could be extended in the future as it has sufficient space next to it. This extra space would be used to teach horse riding to the people of Chitral.


Shaheed Osama Warraich Park was a dream of that brave man, and he did not let any stones unturned to bring his vision into a reality. People of Chitral love him for his untiring efforts to bring peace and happiness to their lives. This is their safe place where they enjoy their time with or without family.

Therefore, no other place can be this significant to the residents of Chitral. Hence, attention should be given, and it should be upgraded with time in terms of the facilities for the people.