• Places to Visit In Astore

Places to Visit In Astore

Astore is one of the most beautiful valleys in Pakistan, with diverse natural wonders and access to the world’s unique mountains. It offers endless opportunities for trekking and jeep riding activities. The valley is also famous for its cultural and historical activities. If you plan a visit to Astore this summer, we bet you will never regret it.


This valley attracts tourists and visitors because of its lush-green valleys and snowy white glaciers. Its beauty compels tourists to say that Astore valley is one of the most mesmerizing areas of the world. It is situated on the north-western side of Pakistan in Gilgit-Baltistan. This valley runs 150 kilometers along the eastern side of Nanga Parbat and the southeast of Gilgit. The landscape that makes up the Astore valley has enormous attractiveness and beauty.

Astore Weather

The weather of Astore valley is pleasant for visiting its many attractions. The climate is pretty much moderate during summer, while winter is harsh. January is cold, with an average temperature of -7.2°C and 2.8°C. February is the last month of the winter in Astore, while the first month of the spring, March, is chilly. In March and April, the average temperature varies between 8.9°C and 0.9°C. The last month of the spring, May is an enjoyable month for tourists. June, July, and August are moderately hot summer months. In August, the temperature can reach its highest point at 27.1°C (80.8°F). September is still a warm month in Astore, but also enjoyable because of the lower severity of the heat. October and November are fresh months in Astore with a moderate temperature. December is the first severe month of the winter in Astore, with an average temperature varying between 5.3°Cand -4.4°C.


Astore History

Around the 1600 century, there was a Persian adventurer named Ghāzī Mukhpun. He tied the knot with the princess of the Skārdu’s reigning family. After marriage, they were blessed with four sons who became Rās of Astor, Kharmang, Rondu, and Skārdu, respectively. The independence of Astor vanished with the Dogra invasion. For centuries, Gambians used the Astore track to join their town with the Kashmiri market and continue commercial activities.

The Beauty of Astore Valley

Astore valley is a paradise on earth comprising a series of distinct landscapes and a massive range of trekking routes. The beautiful topography, natural resplendency, and stunning mountain ranges make it the most beautiful valley in Pakistan. 5,092 km2 area and 8,500 ft. high altitude increase the charms of Astore valley. The astonishing Siachen glacier is also present here and adds to the beauty of Astore valleyAstore covers around 250 square km of glaciers, a point of attraction for tourists worldwide. Harcho Glacier is the closest glacier when you enter the beautiful Astore valley.


When to Visit Astore

The best months to visit Astore valley are from June to September. This is because of the moderate temperature in these months. Winter season in Astore valley is harsh, with 4 to 5 feet of snowfall in the mountains and 2 to 3 feet in other parts of the valley. So it is up to the tourists to choose the perfect weather for their liking. If they want to enjoy snowfall, the winter season is perfect. However, finding a place to stay is sometimes tricky because of extreme weather conditions. It is good to check the weather forecast before hitting the road toward hilly areas to prevent yourself from any mishap. It has been seen that most tourists and travelers like to visit the Astore valley in September. So pack your bags, and head to Astore valley to enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Things to do in Astore

The beautiful landscape of Astore valley is suitable for trekking and jeep riding. You can enjoy trekking with your family. Tourists worldwide visit this stunning valley to enjoy snowfall and see the eye-catching view of glaciers. Nanga Parbat, locally known as the ‘king of mountains,’ is the dream place to visit for tourists. Tourists also enjoy camping here. The beautiful view of the sky at night time adds to the beauty of Astore valley. Various sports events are held here for the pleasure of visitors and locals. If you want to enjoy camping, hiking, riding, and trekking, then catch a bus to Astore Valley!


Amenities for Tourists in Astore

Astore is the best place for spending holidays because of the amenities it offers for tourists. Beautiful hotels with stunning scenery are there for the visitors to enjoy and relax. Guesthouses are fully furnished, and there is no need to worry about the sanitary condition of the hotels. The staff of the hotels is always there to provide service to tourists. You can enjoy a good internet connection in all hotels of Astore valley. Shopping malls of this stunning valley provide various beautiful and local things that tourists can buy for their loved ones. The splendid scenery around the tracks makes the trip of travelers pleasant. Lush green meadows, snowy peaks, and waterfalls are waiting for you. Be quick to buy a ticket for Astore valley.

10 Best Places To Visit In Astore, Pakistan

Astore valley is populated with almost 100 villages, and all are filled with beauty and greenery. However, there are ten best places to visit in Astore that everyone wants to see again and again. Read on to learn about them.

Allah Wali Lake

Allah wali lake is an attractive village in the Gutumsar district of Astore, Gilgit Baltistan. It takes you one and half hours to reach the lake on a rugged path from the main road. The spectacular lake is surrounded by lush Green Meadows, where you can spot some animals grazing here and there. The area is nearly 5000 m square, surrounded by snow-capped high-altitude mountains. The places are adorned with beautiful wildflowers during the spring months. It is called Allah Wali Lake because if you observe the lake from high above, the zigzag pattern of the flowing river makes the beautiful word “Allah.”

astore lake

The natural beauty of Allah wali lake is enough to take your breath away, and it is a must-visit spot for nature lovers.

Burzil Pass

Burzil pass is an ancient mountain pass in the Northern region of Pakistan. It is a part of one of the most iconic caravan routes that linked Gilgit and Srinagar. It lies 19 miles north of the control line separating India and Pakistan in Kashmir. The pass is a natural beauty that can make any visitor awe-struck. The crest of the past is covered with lush Alpine vegetation and grass during the summer months. The beautiful and majestic Astore river also originates from the slopes of this stunning pass. If you visit this beautiful pass, you can enjoy the spectacular scenery, fantastic wildlife, and the Astore river. Because of its location, visitors to the Brazil pass can see the fantastic view and beauty of many famous places in the Northern areas of Pakistan, such as the Deosai Plateau, Maikaal, Gorikot, Astore river bridge, and Dad Khitran.

Deosai National Park

Deosai National Park is an Alpine plateau with great ecological value and exceptional beauty near the Karakorum Range and the Himalayas. The plateau has undulating plains that are broken by rolling hills and surrounded by mountains on all sides. The plateau has an area of 358 400 hectares and lies at an altitude of 3500 – 5200 meters. Tourists can spot rare animals like the Tibetan wolf, red Fox, and ibex. The fast-flowing rivers and streams are home to many fish species, such as snow trout.

Deosai National Park

If you visit this beautiful place in summer, you will be amazed by the variety of medicinal and aromatic plants. The plains in summer are covered with sweeps of flowers and wide varieties of butterflies. Desai National Park is a perfect destination for tourists wishing to escape hectic routines and recharge their minds and body with never-ending scenic beauty.

Domel Valley

Domel valley is a piece of heaven on earth located in district Astore Gilgit Baltistan. It contains many famous lakes, lush fields, waterfalls, rivers, and a peaceful ambiance. Due to the interest of many travelers in Domel valley, many facilities are now available here that make this remote place very eye-catching. Domel valley houses the famous rainbow lake, Crystal Lake and Minimarg.


Minimerg is a fantastic village in Astore valley. This eye-catching small and peaceful village is located on the banks of river Neelam. Visitors can reach minimarg through The Deosai Park road or the Burzil pass. The valley itself is gorgeous, with green plains and lakes. However main attractions near this village are Rainbow lake, Domel, and Chota Deosai.


Rainbow Lake

Rainbow Lake is another hidden beauty in the Himalayan region, resting peacefully in the Minimarg Astore valley. The rainbow lake is given the name rainbow because of the variety of colors its water reflects. According to the locals, the combination of algae under the water provides this lake with its characteristic hues, similar to a rainbow. The lake is attractive, peaceful, and calm, and the view is like no other. Rainbow lake is a famous tourist destination, and people from all over Pakistan come here to enjoy its tranquillity and calmness.


Rama valley is another beautiful green Paradise close to the Nanga Parbat. It is known for its beautiful land decorated with meadows and the magnificent Rama Lake. The valley also contains a lush green and a beautiful forest of juniper, pine, and Cedar trees. This beautiful valley is located at an elevation of 3300 m above sea level and remains covered in snow throughout the year except for a few summer months. So keep in touch with some local guides to get there when the temperature is optimal, and you can enjoy it.

Rama Lake

Rama Lake is a spectacular sight because of its crystal clear water that changes color with light and weather changes. With a magnificent backdrop of the Himalayas and the reflection of thick forest on the water, the lake gives a breathtaking view. The lake enjoys a perfect spot at the top of Astore valley, which is nestled on the Eastern slopes of the Nanga Parbat.

Rama Lake


Rupal valley is another picturesque tourist destination in the Astore district. It is located in the southern part of Nanga Parbat and can only be reached through the Astore valley. It is a popular tourist destination because of some famous attractions in the valley, such as Nanga Parbat, Rupal peak, Shaigiri, and Laila peak.

It features a beautiful landscape with orchards, wheat, barley, potato fields, and forests of willow, poplar, and juniper.


Tarishing is a scenic village subdivision of the Astore district in Pakistan. A small and beautiful village is the gateway to the 9th highest mountain on the planet, Nanga Parbat. Among its many attractions, a large glacier and Rupal river beside the town make it attractive for tourists. The climate is ideal from May to October, with warm days and cold nights. Winters are unfavorable for tourists because the temperatures drop to minus 20 degrees Celsius with 6 feet of snowfall.

To visit Tarishing, you must travel on a jeep from Astore, which will take 1.5 hours. Tarishing is worth visiting in summer for its beautiful plains with glaciers and mountains in the backdrop.


What is remarkable in Astore?

The unique thing about the store is its Green Meadows, waterfalls, and mind-blowing lakes.

Is Astore famous?

Astore is famous for many tourist attractions in the valley, such as Domel, Crystal lake, and Rainbow lake.

Why do tourists visit Astore?

Tourist visit Astore to enjoy the natural beauty of the valley, the snow-capped mountains, the beautiful waterfalls, and the flora and fauna of the place.


Astore is an incredible valley adorned with snow-capped mountains, meadows, streams, and forests. Many tourists come here every year to enjoy the beauty of nature. These places have a splendid view that is unavailable in any other region. Astore is the best place to visit if you want inner peace and calm.

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