Ziarat Park Quetta Cantt Pakistan

Ziarat Park has been planned and developed by Engineers Southern Command on the instructions of Commander Southern Command Lieutenant General Muhammad Alam Khattak. It is the largest park in Quetta Cantonment. The park is on the road leading to Ziarat city, and more than 20,000 square feet of walkways in the park have been constructed with red stone from Ziarat. Therefore, the park has been named Ziarat Park. It is one of the most popular Parks in Quetta.

Lieutenant General Muhammad Alam Khattak inaugurated the park in 2013. It is a neat park with a wonderful ambiance. Pakistan Army maintains the park as it is inside the cantonment premises.

What are the Attractions at Ziarat Park Quetta Cantt, Pakistan?

Ziarat Park Quetta offers an incredible variety of attractions and activities. The entrance theme to the park represents a happy family. Two large arches are symbols of a couple, while two small arches give a resemblance to kids. 

The park was founded to give a wholesome space for families to enjoy the evening with kids 

20,000 Square Feet Walkways

Ziarat Park Quetta is famous for its longest walkways. As mentioned earlier, It has more than 20,000 square feet of walkways. The walkways are constructed with red stone brought from Ziarat, and that’s why the park is also named Ziarat Park. 

Fountains at Ziarat Park

fountain, from the Latin “fons” (genitive “fontis”), meaning source or spring, is an embellishing reservoir used for discharging water. It is also a system that jets water into the air for a decorative and dramatic effect.

Beautiful fountains in the park give a wonderful look, especially at night when they are switched on. Generally, the fountains are switched off during day time. The shooting water is especially attractive for the kids, and you find them crowding up along the sides of the fountains. 


A big trampoline is also part of the Ziarat park. Children till the age of 14 years are allowed inside the trampoline. It’s an amazing activity for the children. It relaxes their muscles, and children enjoy themselves a lot in this jumping castle. You will hear their cheer and amusement as they play on the trampoline.

The trampoline is fully secured from all sides as complete security measures are taken to ensure the proper working of the facility. Staff members are also present there to take care of the children playing inside the trampoline. Bolan Askari Mall, which is adjacent to the Cantt boundary, is just behind the trampoline, and the building is visible from here. 

Tea Cup Swing

For younger kids, they have a teacup swing. The park has a stand for the cups, and there are 4 cups on a tea cup swing stand. Children enjoy being in the cup and raise voices when it moves round and round. You will also witness a Pakistani flag on the cattle, placed in the center of the cups. It is great for toddlers and kids who can’t stand high-speed rides. 

Rides at Ziarat Park

Rides in the Ziarat park are specially placed in a way that they should enhance the kids’ physical activities as it is an open-air park. The rides placed in the park are see-saw swings, bouncing rides, slides, etc. The park also has a castle ride, one of the children’s favorite rides. 

Train for Children

Ziarat Park also has a small train track. It’s a little train but open for all ages. Not just the kids but people of all ages love to take this ride. It is also a great activity for grandparents trying to keep their grandkids entertained. They will not have to run around taking care of the kids.   


A big slide with a few small slides is also placed in the park for the kids. Kids do enjoy this slide as they slip towards the ground. Weekends are the busiest, so you will also find a crowd around the slides. 

800 Meters Jogging Track

Ziarat Park Quetta has 800 meters jogging track for everyone. Jogging is a healthy activity for the human body. The track is also filled up with people of all ages trying to stay fit and fine. The best time on the track is after 5:00 PM when the sun goes down, and the pleasant wind blows. 

Jumper Ride at Ziarat Park

There is no specific jumper ride in the park, but yes trampoline is as same as the jumper ride. The park administration is planning to introduce a jumper ride soon. 

Jungle World

Jungle world is a castle ride for children and one of the most interesting ones. Kids enjoy this a lot. It has all the fun that they want. This is considered to be a safe and secure ride for the children. 

Tuck Shop

Ziarat Park Quetta has a tuck shop as well. As it is a family park with many things to enjoy, having a food shop is a must for such a place. You will find many items in the tuck shop, like cold drinks, juices, snacks, French fries, etc. So many tables and benches are placed in the park to sit and enjoy your snacks. People visiting this park also carry cooked food to enjoy a quick picnic. 

Ziarat Park Ticket Price

Ziarat Park has no entry ticket, but as it is inside the cantonment, so you need to have a Cantt pass to enter the park. There are different rides, so they have very marginal ticket prices. The park is quite economical and suitable for everyone. 

Ziarat Park Timings

Ziarat Park Quetta is open seven days a week, and you can visit it wherever you want. However, if entry to the cantonment is restricted, then you may not be able to visit the park.    

The timings are as under: –

Monday – Sunday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Location & Contact Info

Ziarat Park Quetta Cantt Pakistan is located at Quetta Cantonment Pakistan, Balochistan, Pakistan. The Latitude and longitudes are: –

Latitude: 30.219014046

 Longitude: 67.0092903499

There is no contact no of the park. 


Taking small breaks from our hectic routine is imperative to keep ourselves happy and healthy. Having a facility like Ziarat Park of Quetta is a blessing and a much-needed amenity. The safe environment and cleanliness of the park are the two most striking features. You can take along younger kids and let them wander around so they can explore the world in their way. Ziarat Park is a perfect park with interesting rides and a beautiful setup. It is located in the cantonment area, so you need a pass to access the park. 


Where is Ziarat Park Quetta Cantt, Pakistan? 

Ziarat park is located in Quetta, a city in Pakistan. It is the provincial capital of Pakistan. Ziarat park is a perfect weekend getaway for locals who flock in on weekends and special occasions. It is located inside the cantonment area of the city. 

Where are the coordinates of the Ziarat Park Quetta Cantt, Pakistan? 

The Latitude and longitudes are: –

Latitude: 30.219014046

 Longitude: 67.0092903499

What is the opening hour of ziarat park Quetta?

The opening hours of ziarat park are 9:00 AM. It is open throughout the week. The park may be closed if there are any special instructions from the local government or if any maintenance is being carried out.