Parks In Quetta

Quetta is undoubtedly one of the most popular cities in Pakistan for various reasons. Pleasant weather, good food, and friendly people make the city heaven. Until the 20th century, Quetta remained dormant with minor progress and development of infrastructure. However, the government has planned and executed several unique projects to make Quetta a perfect family station in the last two decades. It offers all amenities like schools, universities, shopping malls, and parks.

Amusement and recreational activities are essential for a healthy body and sound mind. Parks are a perfect place to improve the residents’ quality of life. The livable community must have facilities for people of all ages and economic classes because such opportunities are linked to reducing crime and better growth and development.

Because of climatic change and human interference, many animal and plant species are being wiped off the earth. To ensure their safety and prevent killing, the governments are demarcating national parks and conservancies where hunting and animal killing are strictly prohibited. Quetta is also home to a few species that need our special attention. Interestingly, there has been a significant difference in the threatened species population since the government gave them more importance. Quetta is also home to many National Parks and conservancies.


It has numerous parks and playlands so everyone can enjoy outside, inhale fresh air, and spend their leisure time with their families.

Here are a few best parks of Quetta that are worth a visit.

Fatima Jinnah Park

Women’s participation in Balochi society is quite limited, and they tend to stay at home because of the low amount of family parks in the past. Inaugurated in August 1985, Fatima Jinnah Park was initially known as Askari Park, but after its renovation in 2018, it was renamed Fatima Jinnah Park. Fatima Jinnah is the name of Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s sister. He was the most prominent political figure in South East Asia and the founder of Pakistan.

 Fatima Jinnah Park is a top-rated facility for being the largest amusement park in the city. Kids can enjoy numerous exciting rides while their parents can have tea and snacks. The Park offers multiple facilities like restaurants, a library, swings, rides, and walking tracks.

Fatima Jinnah Park is massive, and since it’s the largest amusement park in not only the city but also the province, you will see it fill up quickly on weekends and national holidays.

Benazir Bhutto Park

Benazir Bhutto Park is also named after a prominent political figure in Pakistan. Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto was the world’s first female prime minister and Pakistan’s 11th and 13th prime minister. She was assassinated in 2007.

The Park was inaugurated in October 2012 with a beautiful statue of Benazir Bhutto at the entrance. Benair Park comprises hectares of land for beautiful green spaces filled with seasonal flowers. It creates the perfect scenery for relaxing and socializing. The Park also has numerous attractions for children, such as slides, train rides, swings, and a pirate ship. To add to the facility’s beauty, a beautiful fountain lights up at night, creating an exquisite view. The jogging track of Benazir Park is fully occupied in the evening because people of different age groups use it to stay fit and healthy. Addressing the needs of older people, the Park also has a comfortable sitting area where the grandparents can rest and look after their grandchildren. The food places of the Park offer delicious snacks, including Samosa, Pakora, French fries, juices, and other drinks. It is a highly affordable facility with 30 to 100 rupees tickets. Benazir Park’s vast parking area only costs 30 rupees for unlimited time.

Ziarat Park

Ziarat Park is another excellent recreational facility for the lovely people of Quetta. Inaugurated by the Pakistan army in 2013, the Park offers a well-maintained environment and a wonderful ambiance. Ziarat Pak is safe and secured as it lies in the cantonment area protected by the armed forces. It is a perfect place to spend an evening out under the sky. The most striking feature of Ziarat Park is that 20000 square feet of walkway constructed with Red Stone brought straight from the Ziarat. Other facilities in the Park are a trampoline, teacup swings, slides, train, jumper ride, jungle world castle ride, and so much more.

There is an 800-meter jogging track which is never seen as less crowded as people walk and jog here in the evening to stay fit.

The Park also has a tuckshop that offers different snacks and light food items. You will also see families bring cooked meals and enjoy the fresh outdoors.

It has no entry ticket, but you must get a cantonment pass to enter the Park. The rides and play area also have marginal ticket prices that are easily affordable. The Park remains open from 9:00 AM  to 9:00 PM.

Hazarganji Chiltan National Park

Hazarganji Chiltan National Park, established in 1980, is one of the most beautiful national reserves in the country. It is easily accessible from Quetta, which is why tourists flock in during summer and enjoy the natural beauty and wildlife of the Park. This National Park is a mountainous area with ravines that divide the Chiltan Hills’ slopes, and Hazar Ganji ranges. There are numerous picnic spots and a rest house in the Park, making it a preferable family getaway destination.

Markhor is also known as the Chiltan wild goat. It is an endangered specie, and to protect and conserve it, the authorities established this national Park. In 1970, the estimated number of markhor was only 200, which has now increased to 800 Chiltan Ibex and about 400 rare Sulaimon markhor.

The word Hazar Ganji means ‘of a thousand treasures. It lives by its name when it comes to flora and fauna. The forest has many almonds, pistachio, Pashtun juniper, and ash trees.

 Hazarganji National Park is a biodiversity show with 30 mammals, 30 reptiles, and 120 avifauna species.

Striped hyenas, Balochistan leopards, common Jackals, and Indian crested porcupines are common mammals in the Park. Egyptian vultures, Griffon vultures, and Eurasian sparrowhawks can also be seen in some parts of the Park. Hazarganji is also home to many reptile species like Monitor Lizards, spiny-tailed lizards, and saw-scaled vipers.

The best time to visit the National Park is between March and September when it is not too cold and the weather is pleasant. Spotting these animals, it’s pretty tricky because of the snow and shallow temperature.

Liaquat Park

Located on the circular road, the Liaquat family Park is another great attraction for the people of Quetta. The Park remains open from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. And you will see people pouring in to enjoy, irrespective of which day of the week. The Park has all the typical amenities of any amusement park, like slides, rides, a swaying pirate ship, and much more. However, the two most striking features make Liaquat Park different from the others; the airplane on the ground and the train in the air.

The Pakistan international airline plane is parked on a train track. The track is elevated, and people seem to be encircling the aircraft as they pass through extended branches of trees.

People can sit inside the plane where an instructor tells exciting things about the machine, its history, working, and much more. It is fascinating for children to have a real-time experience in an airplane. The tickets for the Park are pretty reasonable, so you will always find it full. People come here with precooked meals and enjoy a picnic in the green spaces available in the Park. Some people also come to the Park to exercise in a new outdoor environment.

Undoubtedly Liquat Park is one of the unmissable attractions of Quetta and its surroundings.

QDA Park Satellite Town Quetta

Quetta is a dry and dusty place. Finding green patches in the city is not only refreshing but scarce as well. Located in the satellite town, the QDA park is known for its unmatched beauty. It is incredibly green with beautiful trees, bushes, shrubs, and grass. Interestingly the Park also has a sports academy where the members are offered to learn different sports. A proper jogging track also lines the boundary of the Park. The Park becomes exceptionally beautiful during the spring and autumn seasons. With green grass and seasonal flowers, spring brings colors and refreshing vibes, whereas the flame-colored autumn is equally enjoyable. It is a whole new experience to see the tree shed their leaves as they prepare to adapt to the changes brought upon them by nature. QDA Park has many rides, swings, and slides as well.

ZamZam Family Park

ZamZam Family Park is a small recreational facility in Hazara town of Quetta city. It is a simple park with a few swings, slides, seesaws, and a merry-go-round. The most prominent feature of ZamZam Park is its exceptional cleanliness. The lawns, pavements, and walkways are kept clean with regular maintenance and good administration. The painted walls showcase different cartoon characters and exciting color combinations. This gated and walled Park also has a restaurant offering snacks and proper meals. They have a good sitting area so you can enjoy your meal conveniently. Even if parents cannot accompany their children to the Park, ZamZam is a safe and walled facility where children can be left alone. This remains open from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM on all days of the week.

Karkhasa Park

Popular among the locals, Karkahsa Park is still relatively less known to the people coming from outside. Karkhasa Park is a long valley between soaring peaks. It is a beautiful landscape with dusty and brown flora. It may look dry to a few, but those who can feel Mother Nature would love its serenity and depth. Karkhasa is a campground near the Qila Abdullah, whose popularity increased with the construction of the Karkhasa dam. You will see people pouring into the Park, especially on weekends. It is easily accessible through a carpeted road which will take you to the end of the Park.

If you are here for camping, you must bring your gear and everything needed to spend the night. A few swings and slides also make the Park enjoyable for the kids.

Karkhasa becomes even more beautiful during winters when the chill wind blows, and the valley becomes covered with snow. Don’t forget to fly your drone camera if you have one. It gives an accurate view of the beautiful Karkhasa campground.

Hazara Park

Hazara Park may not be as huge as others, but it is perfect for spending an evening with your kids. There are small sections in the Park, each planned perfectly. The Park has concrete pavements and green patches. To ensure the lawns stay fresh and undamaged, benches are installed on the outer boundary of the grounds. Exciting rides include ferries wheels, pirate ships, and swinging tea cups. Small kids can enjoy the fun land and jumping castle.

Moreover, Funland has many kid-friendly attractions and arcade games, keeping the young engaged for quite some time. You will be amazed by the cleanliness and management of the Park. Another aspect that makes Hazara Park unique is the restaurant called Food Point. It offers a perfect fine dining experience offering both Asian and Chinese cuisines. You can easily choose from a wide variety on the menu and begin your weekend with an ideal dine-out with your family. Food Point also offers home delivery services.

Jungle Bagh Quetta

Jungle Bagh is undoubtedly one of the city’s most peaceful and tranquil parks. As you enter the Park, you would feel like you are somewhere in Punjab because of the lush green environment, tall trees, and fresh breeze. The Park is a perfect picnic place for locals. You can come here with your camping gear and stay under the starry sky for a night. Bring your pans and saucers to enjoy a freshly cooked meal, tea, and coffee. Make a stove by piling up some stones to adjust your pan.

Jungle Bagh is also ideal for boys to stroll deep into the woods and explore the Park to the fullest.

Children’s Park

Children’s Park is another excellent recreational facility in Quetta that was made to provide basic amenities and entertainment space to the residents of Quetta. Kids enjoy rides and swings in the Park in a clean environment. Such recreational facilities can help kids have a better cognitive function, self-discipline, and fewer behavior problems. Children’s Park offers a Holistic experience play on the thrilling slides, climb the nets, and sway on swings after a hectic day at school.

Iqra Park

The locals of Quetta remained in their homes because of security reasons. However, now the city’s political environment is relatively stable, which is why you will see people visiting the Park to enjoy their free time. Iqra Park also offers excellent rides and amenities for families. The Park provides a secure environment so children can easily play and their parents can relax. It has become an important gathering place, so you will see families getting together, ladies chit-chatting, and kids making new friends.

Ladies Park

Hyperactivity and workload have made us sluggish. Women are primarily subjected to such a lifestyle `when they care for the house and manage their careers. Ladies Park is an initiative for such ladies who do not want to join spaces that allow both genders. It is only for females, and no men are allowed nearby. Young boys can accompany their mothers, but grown-up boys are prohibited in the Park. The Lady’s Park is an excellent facility for women who want private space for workouts, walking, and jogging. Women with hijabs and abayas can also have a carefree time in the Park.

Garden Town Park

Garden Town is a relatively newer housing society, and people prefer it for its location and property value. A park in a residential community adds to the weight and business of the area. Garden Town Park also offers all the basic amenities of any family park. People from the nearby houses head to the Park when the sun cools. During winter, elder members residing in the society are also seen in the Park in the daytime to bask in the sun and take some time off from the bone-chilling weather.


The government is responsible for creating a space for the community to congregate safely and enjoy their time with their families. Community parks also offer a wide variety of advantages to the surrounding area. It is not only a place to improve individuals’ physical health but also a way to reduce their stress significantly.

Quetta’s administration has devised a proper plan to introduce numerous small parks and accessible amenities in the city. Most family parks have rides, slides, swings, jogging and walking tracks, food stalls, restaurants, and many other attractive facilities to ensure the people of Quetta can genuinely enjoy their time in these parks. The best thing about the amusement parks in Quetta is that they are easily affordable for all economic classes. The rides, food, and other amenities are reasonably priced, which is why people decide to revisit over and over.


How many parks are in Quetta?

Quetta is a lively family station offering numerous recreational facilities for women and children. Each sector and society of the city has small or massive family parks in areas allocated by the government. You will find a lot of parks near every housing society and residential space.

Some popular parks are Fatima Jinnah Park, Benazir Bhutto Park, Ziarat Park, and Karkhasa Park.

What is the biggest Park in Quetta?

Hazarganji Chiltan National Park is the biggest of all that sprawls on 15555 hectares of land. It is a beautiful national park with exceptional flora and fauna. The Park was established in 1980 to conserve the endangered ibex or markhor species.

What is the best Park for a family in Quetta?

Fatima Jinnah Park is considered the best for its diversity and wide range of amenities. It is the largest amusement park in the province that also offers a library, a miles-long walking track, numerous rides, restaurants, and so much more.

Which places provide travelers with the best nature & parks in Quetta?

If you are looking for scenic beauty, Hazarganji Chiltan National Park, Karkhasa Park, and Jungle Bagh are the top attractions. These Three parks properly depict Quetta’s flora and fauna, and Hazarganji chiltan National Park is home to some fantastic wildlife species. In contrast, Karkhasa Park is a typical brown and dusty valley of Quetta. Jungle Bagh depicts how fertile the land of Quetta can grow, such as lush bushes and tall trees.

Which is the most beautiful Park in Quetta?

Undoubtedly jungle Bagh is the most beautiful Park in Quetta regarding scenic beauty. You will see sky-soaring trees and long grass swaying with the wind. It is a perfect campground and a place to have the best picnic experience in the city.